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Hello, I am having difficulty attaching a PDF file to a SMPT e-mail on the Filemaker Pro 16 Webdirect version. I tried creating a container field for temporary storage of the PDF but the Webdirect solution does not seem to be able to draw the file into the body of the mail. I am also looking at plugins that will allow me to do this, at the moment
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JavaScript is amazingly fast! It can do loop, arrays, data manipulation and numerical calculations much faster than FMcalc. There are already plugins that have a Perform JavaScript, or you could use the web viewer. Both have obvious drawbacks. The perform JavaScript Function would enable the user to write and run JavaScript between the () and
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Is it possible to customize the tool bar button.  I would like to add buttons and icons, but I would settle to just be able to control the Save as PDF.  I have scripts that will name the file according to specific rules and then place it in a particular folder, based on rules.