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PayGoCC is Easy, Free and EMV   Minnesota-based PayGo and California-based Payment Logistics announce the release of PayGoCC powered by Paygistix®. The FileMaker app provides a secure, future-proof payment processing solution that handles EMV/Chip Card, NFC (Apple Pay), and Magnetic Stripe Credit Card payments. It works standalone and is

360Deploy 2 automates your process of making FileMaker changes and migrating the data to a live or production (PROD) database.   Experience an easy and safe tool to make changes to your development (DEV) file and send off the changes with the click of a button. With 360Deploy 2, all you'll need to do is use the configuration tool to set up
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I'm putting this discussion up following the advice of wimdecorte from another thread, where I had a bit of a rant.   Earlier this year I received my renewal for the AVLA I've had with FileMaker for a number of years. This had always been FMS + 5 concurrent connections, 4 FMP 1FMPA. This handled the office staff, development, and a number
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I've been tasked to enhance the performance of a layout with over 200 calculations most of which are unstored and contain the SUM() function.   I noticed the previous developer has used the Sum() function a lot when he wants to get a count of records in a related table. ex. Sum(child::ZK1) where ZK1 is a stored calc field which just has 1 as
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I am currently building a database for our marketing department. They currently have 14 different databases. I am setting up a single database and importing each of those databases into their own table to provide a more consistent interface. I have the layout figured out and want to copy and paste it into each of the table layouts. The one part
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Hi,   I've been using FileMaker mainly for my own purposes for a number of years now. I'm an IT Consultant working for myself offering services across most areas of IT to small - medium sized organisations in the east of the UK.  I have been in the IT industry for 29 years. My passion now is FileMaker and I am booked to take my