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Nickenich, Germany - (May 22nd, 2018) -- MonkeyBread Software today is pleased to announce MBS FileMaker Plugin 8.2 for macOS, iOS, Linux and Windows, the latest update to their product that is easily the most powerful plugin currently available for FileMaker Pro. As the leading database management solution for Windows, macOS, iOS and the web, the
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What are the option for sharing and concurrently collaborate through an iOS SDK app? Is it possible to host it on FMS or would an option be to use the separation model with external data sources? Or is that not supported like it isn't in the framework of runtime?   Also, if an iOS SDK app only works with local storage, are there then any
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At DevCon in August, I will be presenting some fairly easy, straight-forward tips to help keep custom apps performing acceptably. I would like to include a portion of my session to addressing Performance challenges the community has run into. Depending on the feedback received here, I may increase the time I spend on this portion during my
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With being able to format my check amount to create my export, I thought all was well.  I have been creating text files, via script exports, for a few years now.  I use the files to upload data to the accounting software.   This latest file is to upload to our bank, creating a positive pay file.  I create the text file. 
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Is there a way to copy and paste text manually from a document and insert the text into a text field and have the existing formatting removed so the data can use the formatting that is assigned to the field?