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Registration for the 2019 FileMaker Developer's Conference is now open. The conference will take place August 5 – 8, 2019, at the Gaylord Palms Resort in Orlando, FL.


We made some changes to the 2019 conference based on feedback from 2017 and 2018 conference attendees. You can register for a 2 day (Tuesday – Wednesday) or 3 day (Tuesday – Thursday) conference pass.

  • 2 day conference includes the Opening Keynote, Exhibitor Reception, Visionary Keynote, Attendee Party, and two days of sessions for developers of all levels and business leaders who want to learn more about the FileMaker Platform.
  • 3 day conference adds Thursday's Fireside Chat with FileMaker product managers and engineers, Closing Session, and technical sessions targeted to advanced and expert developers who want to explore how the FileMaker platform works under the hood and cutting edge techniques.


The Opening Keynote and Exhibitor Reception will be held on Tuesday: the Keynote in the morning and the reception in the evening.


Finally, we are adding a few hands-on labs to the schedule. These 2-hour afternoon sessions will give you a chance to explore a single topic in a little more depth. Labs will have limited space and admission will be on a first come basis. we will release more details with the full conference program in April.


Follow the DevCon space for conference updates.


Ask questions in DevCon Discussions. eric_evers and I try to answer everything quickly.


I hope to see you at DevCon 2019.

The deadline to submit your DevCon 2019 session proposal is Monday, January 14. If you're thinking about submitting something, please do so.


Download the DevCon 2019 application >


To submit your proposal, you don't need to have the full presentation written or even outlined. When evaluating proposals, we look for a clear idea, why it is valuable to a FileMaker developer, and a few takeaways the audience can put into practice right after DevCon. If you are selected to speak, you'll have about three months to develop your idea into a one hour session. Then we review your session and send feedback. Finally, you'll have at least a month to polish your presentation and practice it.


If you want help crafting a proposal or preparing to speak, the FileMaker Community has several experienced speakers who share their best preparation tips and mentor new speakers every year. If you'd like a mentor to review your proposal, Women Innovating Together can help. If you have some time to mentor a first time proposer this week, please volunteer to mentor someone.


Here are some things that the DevCon selection committee keeps in mind as we review proposals.


The topic

  • Is the topic something the DevCon audience will be interested in learning about?
  • Does the topic fit into the product roadmap and our themes for the year?
  • Is this a topic that can be effectively delivered in an hour? It's not too narrow or too broad.
  • If the session is teaching a specific feature, does it clearly illustrate using that feature to solve a business problem or show how a new feature better solves a longstanding problem?
  • For a case study, how did using the FileMaker Platform solve a business problem or improve a business process?


The video and speaker

  • Is your video engaging?
  • Do you capture our attention and hold it?
  • If you have not spoken at DevCon in the past, do you speak at regional conferences and local meetups?
  • Are you an advocate for the FileMaker Platform on social media or in the FileMaker Community?
  • Do you work with the FileMaker team in your region?


The proposal itself

  • Are there misspelled words and grammatical errors?
  • Do the title, description, and key takeaways flow?


The proposal deadline is Monday, January 14. One of the hardest things the DevCon team does every year is review your session proposals. We spend several days narrowing hundreds of proposals down to the 60-75 sessions you see at DevCon. Please submit your best ideas and keep our job difficult.

Believe it or not, ShariMartinez and I are hard at work planning DevCon 2019. We hope you're planning for it, too.

If you are prepared to speak on a topic that you believe will draw an enthusiastic audience, please apply. Speaking at DevCon increases your exposure, gives you the chance to meet potential customers, and demonstrate your expertise. Speakers receive complimentary admission to DevCon and a five night stay at the host hotel. Speakers selected for technical topics must be FileMaker 17 certified by March 15, 2019.


The 2019 conference tracks reflect the product development themes that RickKalman presented in the FileMaker Product Roadmap last month—Create, Share, and Integrate. In addition, the conference will feature a Business track. Every day of the conference will feature a mix technical and business sessions.


We're looking for sessions at all levels: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, and Expert. Beginner sessions should cover one basic concept in depth; Intermediate includes all of the core skills covered on the certification exam; Advanced and Expert sessions will explore topics and techniques that are beyond the certification exam.


In addition to the traditional 60 minute sessions, DevCon 2019 will feature lightning talks. Lightning talks can be a business or technical topic. The key is to make one point quickly. Each one hour lightning session will feature three or more speakers on related topics and a brief round robin question and answer period.


Please download the DevCon 2018 Request for Proposals app. Once you have filled it out, return it via your favorite file sharing service to by January 14, 2019.


If you have any questions about the application process, please ask it in a comment on this post, because someone else probably has the same question.


Application file updated 3:15 PST December 6, 2018. Please use the updated file.

My head is about to explode. DevCon starts in 6 days. ShariMartinez, the rest of the DevCon team, and I are (mostly) ready for the big event. All that's left is packing our bags, flying to Dallas, and setting up on site. And polishing our cowboy boots. And stuffing all the goodie bags. And practicing a few presentations. And 1000 other things I'll think of over the next few days.


Here are a few last minute announcements and reminders.


  1. I'm thrilled to announce that DevCon2Go18 is ready for prime time. Download it now. Thank you Claus for the months of hard work and for staying up much too late last night to fix the last few issues.
  2. We're inviting everyone into one of the DevCon events this year. If you cannot attend DevCon this year, sign up to watch the Special Session livestream on Tuesday at 9:00 am CDT.
  3. If you are attending Training Day, be sure to download the FileMaker Pro 17 Advanced Trial before Monday morning. You will receive a license key and instructions to convert the trial when you register for the conference.
  4. The Women of FileMaker are sponsoring a buddy program to pair up newcomers with experienced ambassadors to help make that first DevCon less overwhelming. See DevCon Buddy 2018 for details and signup instructions.


If you have any last minute questions, the best thing to do is ask in DevCon Discussions. EricEvers and I will be  watching that space right up until the end of the conference.


I look forward to seeing many of you next week. Please take a moment to say hello and introduce yourself. But be prepared to share one thing that would make you spend more time visiting the FileMaker Community site.

Here are 10 reasons not to miss DevCon this year:


10 – Get a sneak peek of what's on the FileMaker roadmap at the Keynote Address.


9 – Learn all about the brand-new features in the FileMaker 17 Platform.


8 – Take a technical deep dive at any one of 5 Under the Hood sessions.


7 – Perfect your cornhole skills and line dance the night away at the Attendee Party.


6 – Attend a special session with Product Management.


5 – Get answers to your burning questions at the Fireside Chat with Product Development.


4 – Discover, first-hand, the newest products, tools, and services at the Exhibitor Showcase.


3 – Add to your DevCon T-shirt collection with the 2018 edition.


2 – Geek out with the FileMaker Community and see what others are doing with the platform.


And the #1 reason to attend DevCon this year is:


It's the best opportunity to broaden your FileMaker development skills!


DevCon DevCon DEVCON!

Posted by RosemaryTietge Jun 26, 2018

We're getting close to DevCon 2018. ShariMartinez, EricEvers, the rest of the DevCon team, and I cannot wait to see many of you in Dallas in just 6 weeks. As we get close to the event, here are a few things to keep in mind.


The discount rate of $189 / night at the DevCon hotel expires on Saturday, June 30. If you have not booked a room yet, do it this week to get the discounted rate. There are rooms available.


We've added a special session to the schedule for Tuesday, August 7, at 9:00 am. The DevCon Schedule has been updated. Note that all the regular sessions have been rescheduled.


The Women of FileMaker are looking for DevCon Buddies —people to guide first time attendees through their first DevCon. All are encouraged to sign up.


There's still plenty of room in all the Training Day workshops. Spend the day with one or two world class FileMaker trainers to beef up your skills or learn something new. No matter which track you register for, you can select one morning and one afternoon session to build a custom curriculum that fits your needs.


Thank you to everyone who has contributed to the discussions started by our speakers looking to bring ideas and insights from the FileMaker Community into their sessions.


Watch for posts from our speakers with sneak peaks of what they'll be talking about at DevCon.


See you soon!