What makes a good DevCon proposal?

Blog Post created by RosemaryTietge on Jan 8, 2019

The deadline to submit your DevCon 2019 session proposal is Monday, January 14. If you're thinking about submitting something, please do so.


Download the DevCon 2019 application >


To submit your proposal, you don't need to have the full presentation written or even outlined. When evaluating proposals, we look for a clear idea, why it is valuable to a FileMaker developer, and a few takeaways the audience can put into practice right after DevCon. If you are selected to speak, you'll have about three months to develop your idea into a one hour session. Then we review your session and send feedback. Finally, you'll have at least a month to polish your presentation and practice it.


If you want help crafting a proposal or preparing to speak, the FileMaker Community has several experienced speakers who share their best preparation tips and mentor new speakers every year. If you'd like a mentor to review your proposal, Women Innovating Together can help. If you have some time to mentor a first time proposer this week, please volunteer to mentor someone.


Here are some things that the DevCon selection committee keeps in mind as we review proposals.


The topic

  • Is the topic something the DevCon audience will be interested in learning about?
  • Does the topic fit into the product roadmap and our themes for the year?
  • Is this a topic that can be effectively delivered in an hour? It's not too narrow or too broad.
  • If the session is teaching a specific feature, does it clearly illustrate using that feature to solve a business problem or show how a new feature better solves a longstanding problem?
  • For a case study, how did using the FileMaker Platform solve a business problem or improve a business process?


The video and speaker

  • Is your video engaging?
  • Do you capture our attention and hold it?
  • If you have not spoken at DevCon in the past, do you speak at regional conferences and local meetups?
  • Are you an advocate for the FileMaker Platform on social media or in the FileMaker Community?
  • Do you work with the FileMaker team in your region?


The proposal itself

  • Are there misspelled words and grammatical errors?
  • Do the title, description, and key takeaways flow?


The proposal deadline is Monday, January 14. One of the hardest things the DevCon team does every year is review your session proposals. We spend several days narrowing hundreds of proposals down to the 60-75 sessions you see at DevCon. Please submit your best ideas and keep our job difficult.