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Using FMPA on Windows 10.   I have a number field in a record that is empty (no value entered): Isempty(Field)  correctly returns 1 (True) Field = 0  incorrectly returns 1 (True) Field = 1 correctly returns 0 (False)   Obviously the second result is wrong since an empty field is clearly not = 0.   Is this a new bug?
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Hi all!   So I have a layout with multiple tabs, each with a portal within them. Clicking on a button within a portal takes the user to the related record. I'm looking for a way to capture the active tab into a global variable when I leave layout 1, so when the user hits the "back to list" button on the related record's layout, we can go back to… (Show more)
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Hello, I have a really long If then script that I have been writing for a while now.  What I notice now is that for some reason the script will not run correctly when starting up the file every time unless I start it looking for a particular file first.  Once it looks for that file, it then runs correctly every time and finds what I have it… (Show more)
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I just bought a downloadable copy of FMP Advanced 17 from eBay. They claim they are a valid reseller, but is there any way for me to know for sure, based on the software?   It did not come with a license. The installation instructions had me first install it as a trial version, and then replace the file Filemaker Pro Advanced.exe with one by the… (Show more)
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Has anyone seen FM Cloud stop creating snapshots?  One of our FM Cloud instances had stopped creating them so we looked at our others and found several with the same problem. A couple would not allow us to log in with our credentials. Some that we could login to, that had stopped creating snapshots, had not been applying updates also.   We know a… (Show more)
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Hi, I am new to filemaker. I have seen several solutions using multiple key fields in a table. For example, id_text, id_number, uuid, no.(as numbers I think). Each key field is used in different relationships with different tables.   I don't understand why the design is like this. To my knowledge, one key field is used as primary key, if I need a… (Show more)
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The problem I have a notes field in a dashboard to keep notes per day. The database is used by 3 users. So the same record and the same field (notes) is used by the same users. What i am trying to accomplish is seting a different color per user so when each user logs in he will have the same pen color lets say red. By that way when he writes… (Show more)
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Click to view contentGood evening FileMakers,   I'm just getting my feet wet with the BaseElements (plugin, not analysis tool) and am a bit stumped. It's possible I'm using the plugin correctly, and my issues is with another part of my script.   Specifically, I'm using the BE_ExportFieldContents function.   The only way I could figure out how to call the function… (Show more)
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Hi all, recently accepted a new project involving the updating of a fairly complicated multifile system that had grown over the years starting from version 3 and now had been converted over 13 to 17 with which I am working.   Found out that in one of the many database files ther existed data that seemed to originated from a table with a name.… (Show more)
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