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Hi, I am new to filemaker. I am creating return button. I use OnLayoutExit to get the id(global variable) of the current layout, then when I press return button from another layout, I could go back to the previous layout by using the id. However, when some scripts that switch layouts during the script, it will change the global variable.   Is… (Show more)
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So is printing from Wed Direct an impossibility?  Or is you've been able to figure that out and can share the script that is called, I'd really appreciate that.  I was able to do that in FileMaker 16 but not in 17.    Thanks.
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Hi FM community -   I have an old Filemaker 2.1 that I still use on my Windows 7 lap top (with virtual PC/XP). Virtual PC/XP does not seem to run on Windows 10. Any suggestions on how I can get FM 2.1 to work on this new Windows 10 lap top?   All I need is access to the text fields in a contact list of about 15 fields.   Many thanks,  … (Show more)
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I am feeling stuck despite having read several messages on the subject, so I am asking for my specific instance, as I could not understand whether the other similar question matched my situation or not.   I am trying to simulate branching logic by hiding and showing different buttons to navigate to different layouts depending on the contents of… (Show more)
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I took a great deal of time to study ISO Magazine tutorials provided by Matt Petrowsky. I would recommend them to every Filemaker aspirant. I am interested in the dropdown across multiple records that would eliminate all options selected in one record or another. In the attached file the dropdown list is working ok as it should; it eliminate… (Show more)
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I need assistant on how to set a Button that when clicked will go to a empty row in a table.   Thanks Charles
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Hi folks, I have a question on setting Security Privileges. Here's the scenario; 1. We have a set of users in Privilege Set 1. 2. Then we have a supervisor in Privilege Set 2. Question: How do we allow Supervisor to access everything that everyone has in Privilege Set 1? Thank you in advance. Sumith
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Recently updated the old FMP 9 databases to ver 16. All has been working OK for the last 6 months. I was checking one of the scripts incorporating the "show custom dialog" function, when trying to edit the function FMP 16 shuts down. Even when I tried to write a new script to test the "show custom dialog" function (by itself) it still closed the… (Show more)
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I'm about to do some creative work on the web side with output to PDF. The last time I did this was a few years ago and I used the FPDF library. Are there better alternatives currently?   Malcolm
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Hi, I'm looking for someone which did this or can do this and can share the code with a good discount. Following is the functions Connect to the Amazon's API and authenticate. Download all tables available i.e. orders, customers, campaigns, keywords etc. and place the data into a table. The download script shall not create doubles. I DO NOT… (Show more)
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