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Hey guys! I might be an easy task, but I am new and inexperienced user, so please don't be strict with me!   What I would like to do is to “filtering” the portal rows base on the user.   For instance, I have the “User 1” & “User 2” and there is a portal having 10 rows. I would like the User 1 see on the 3 of the 10 rows, while the User 2 can have… (Show more)
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When logging into FileMaker, it comes up with a user's name that is no longer with the company. Can someone please let me know how to change this user's name?
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I have created a Database in Filemaker Pro Advanced 15 and coworker is using Filemaker Pro 15. I have created some look tables, all of them are the same but for different end items.  When I open them some times the table only shows one item, and when my co worker opens some of them she shows the same.  When the person who only see part data… (Show more)
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I do have two kind of crates (1 large, 1 small) to be delivered to x locations (one crate per location). Into each crate I should be able to fit any combination of 7 different sized boxes. FM should know, when one crate is full.   Each box contains specific amounts of products (I have data, how much fits in one box), restricted by the maximum… (Show more)
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I've recently discovered the hard way that the behaviour of fmp url initiated scripts behaves differently on macOS and Windows. In my testing when an existing script is running and updates a Web Viewer which then invokes a fmp url which calls a FileMaker script: on macOS the fmp url script is performed immediately on Windows the fmp url script… (Show more)
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We are an all Mac environment and are attempting to setup FileMaker Server 17 on a Mac computer running OS 10.13.6.  FMP Cloud is not an option, we are required to have an on premise server. We would like to enable the host mac's firewall since the data is considered sensitive.  Since FMPS17 runs as a service and not an application, we do not know… (Show more)
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I have a FM 17 Webdirect solution in which a portal will not refresh consistently. I have one script (delete line item) that can be invoked one of two ways. The first is via a button in the portal row -- this works as expected, meaning that after the portal row has been deleted it is no longer visible. The second method is via an onObjectExit… (Show more)
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Before when I use Mac Sierra with FM 15, remember no sidebar pop up when I open PDF container for preview.   After upgrade, why now using acrobat engine to preview PDF, because sidebar constantly poping, annoying...
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Good Day all Novice level here.  I presently have a text feild for "company website".  I'd like to be ablest click on that field and have my safari browser to open a window of that url.  Is this possible ?   thanks in advance Anton
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Hello everyone.  Here's what I'd like to accomplish.  I would like to run a script when a user pauses typing in a field.  I know about the OnObjectKeystroke trigger, but that runs the script after every keystroke and that seems excessive.  I plan to use OnTimer Install to run a script that runs every X seconds, but would prefer the script run when… (Show more)
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