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I'd like to create a cross platform runtime.   Can some provide a link to a 'Step By Step' set of instructions.   I'm not certain of a few things. Eg: When I create a win and a mac runtime, I assume I will have two separate folders (Win & Mac). Do I combine the folders? Is there a specific method/layout in the way the folders should be… (Show more)
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Hi All,   Please see the attached file for example tables and scripting.   What I am trying to accomplish is to take a Customer record and create a new Lead record from it.  No biggie, as I've got the Set Variable scripting down to do that via the Customer | Detail layout.   Here's where the rub comes in...   That Customer record can have… (Show more)
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This goes back to one of my earlier problems; Layout A requires a separate find from Layout B. These occurs on the same field( Status = 0(first find) and Status = 1(second find)). These finds use the same table and field. can the second find be temporary only as long as the layout is in use? The first find is the of primary concern to the user and… (Show more)
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I am working on a FileMaker solution that will be wrapped with the FileMaker 16 iOS SDK. I am concerned that after updating the app, the users will lose all data stored inside of the FileMaker solution.   A launcher file could be a solution and then go to the actual FileMaker file with FM Cloud or Server? 
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Hi Folks,   I am trying to learn the ExecuteSQL step and its not going too well. I am trying to use this to SUM and COUNT some number fields in a database rewrite. What I would like to do is to Set a Global Field with a COUNT of values contained in a field. The contents in this number field contains a null, zero, or a 1 for a value. I also have a… (Show more)
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I recently converted a solution from FMP11 to FMP16. Now with FMP16 when importing from a csv file, that has a non-standard extension name, all the contents, including the commas, are imported into only one field.  But when I previously imported the same file into FMP11 they are separated into fields as they should be.   My financial solution… (Show more)
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Hi Guys,   I think I have a simple question: I have a layout with only one DB where I save some records like ID number, customer name and sometimes 3 payments/payment this (I will use "-" to separate the fields) ID1 - customer name1 - payment1 -  payment date1 ID2 - customer name2 - payment1 -  payment date1 ID3 - customer name3… (Show more)
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Being rather new to FM, I'm slowly learning my way around the block. I've been working on a db and it contains a number of scripts that appear to work fine -  so far. I'm curious if there are specific steps that other developers include in many of their scripts (disable triggers, Exit Script, use Set Field vs Clear, etc.) that make for good… (Show more)
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Do you know if FM PRO 12 is supported on Mac High Sierra?
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I have searched for information on simple parameter passing via the URL and I am coming up short on debugging information.  We are running FileMaker Server 16   Here is what i have tried but failed to URL:   https://<our server>/fmi/webd/PWDHelp?homeurl=¶m=SuccessFactor   my code to retrieve the… (Show more)
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