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I host my FMP database via FMS16 and I noticed a very huge delay when I enter data on the fields that the auto-complete existing record's check box is checked. However, fields without auto-complete check box checked will have no delay.   Is it normal?   Please see the video from the link below for reference:  … (Show more)
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Hey guys, I have another situation here I can’t figure out. I have a music library layout where the left side is information about the artists (song title, artist name, genre, mood, etc) and 2 of the fields (Genre & Mood) are pop-up menus with 100’s of Values. Every Record will include the above fields.   Now, on the right side of the layout I’d… (Show more)
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I wanna have a special list when a field is selected.For example when in category list BURR is selected I wanna have a A B C in next list. and when the GRAVER is selected I wanna have some thing else.Would you please help me how to do it
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When FMP/FMPA are installed on client computers that are not on the same subnet network as the FileMaker server, then the client computers cannot find and show the hosted files on that server.  After an install or update of FMP/FMPA, the end user of IT has to open the launch center window and add the IP address or complete host name of the server… (Show more)
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Maybe this has been covered but I can't locate a discussion on it.  In FMP 16, the new card windows have animations in iOS but not in MacOS.  By animations I mean slide in from left, right, dissolve, etc.  Does anyone know why this is limited to iOS?  Next, is this coming to MacOS and Windows?  I don't see it mentioned in the FMP roadmap as a… (Show more)
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I'd lock to pop-up a dialogue box when a script of mine shows but I cannot find the error code. #810 isn't it.
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Hi everyone,   Can you please tell me the best way to gather information about a particular field. Information such as: in which layouts the particular field is present, and in which scripts it is used. The general idea being to track down the role that this field plays within the entire architecture. Thank you.
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I have a report that has been requested by one of our users that would collect, summarize, and display summary data from related records in a join table. The idea is to have "page one" of the report generate a dashboard type report (a button bar object, with an icon and a calculation/summary of related data), and the following "pages" (of the pdf)… (Show more)
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Hello everyone. I am hoping for input from experts regarding switching our local Mac FMS to a PC supported by our corporate I.T. department. I'm not, in general, opposed to a PC for our server; it is I.T. involvement and complexity that has me uneasy. This is a huge corporation with an offsite help desk, and two (overworked) local people. (They're… (Show more)
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hi all have been searching through the posts for a while but all seems to get fairly complex and  i dont really understand most of it. what i am looking for is this: when opening a layout i want to perform a filter on my data so that only a selection of the records will show through that layout. I dont know much about writing scripts but my… (Show more)
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