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I think that one of the hardest things to develop is the GUI. We all think different about what's logic and not; should there be colors, tooltips, graphic objects, hand over buttons, hover effects, etc etc? I love a clean and simple interface, but also with much content as long as it's not to messy.   What's bugging me now is buttons in portals.… (Show more)
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Hi, I'm new to FileMaker and I want to know to know the meaning of the following script steps: Set Variable[$$Trigger; Value:"Supresss"] and Set Variable[$$bin; Value:"Si"]   I'm unable to understand their use and why they were declared like this in a project recently given to me.   Also, if possible can anyone recommend some script… (Show more)
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  Tuesday, March 20th @ 10am Pacific: the next batch of tickets goes on sale    There are some great new sessions on the schedule, including... Joanne Bell and Melissa Blanks - "Deploying and Marketing a FileMaker Solution for Resale" Heidi Porter - "Explorations in the Cloud" (FileMaker and AWS) and Joan Bambrick - "Standing… (Show more)
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Anyone has any idea how to learn FMP? I think I already learn the basics but it looks obviously I am even far from being an amateur. I tried some books and some video training but feel quite disappointment. Basically it's just transformed from written instruction into another paper or in video. I want you to show me the "beef". any idea is… (Show more)
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Duplicate a record it does not bring over all the content from all the tabs in tab control.    I have a data base which consists of a tab control with 5 tabs.  When I duplicate a record that is filled out it only brings over the content from the first tab.  I also have a portal within one of the tabs that is not duplicating the contents either.… (Show more)
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I've started playing with the full DDR xml and wanted to find out what kinds of questions users generally want to find a quick answer to.  If you've worked with fmXRaySpecs or fmXRayTables, you'll know that I generally work on small, fast tools that can be of use mid-process, so I'm not trying to build something monolithic that can answer every… (Show more)
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Securing a two-machine deployment with SSL. Must this be done with a single wildcard certificate or can it be done with 2 separate standard SSL certificates, one for the master and one for the worker machine? Or can you just do the worker machine and not the master?
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Magnus Fransson
Hi All,   I don't seem to get around asking it here.   First though: I have done some research on my own. But all suggestions I found had some drawbacks. Therefor I would like your help.   The suggestions I found: • MOOPLUG - Has not been updated since 24th July 2010. - Only works on Windows. • ACME NetTools - Are a "FileMaker Pro v4/5/6/7… (Show more)
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Hi !   Do you know if there is a plugin or a possibility to add a filemaker search view inside outlook?   I have a simple filemaker database of spare parts and I'm looking for the possibility to get a live search in outlook that will return informations about the reference searched (price, qty, ect...).   Maybe someone could help me to script… (Show more)
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Andy Hibbs
I have to post this, for no other reason than being cheerful (Ian Dury variant). We've been testing Microsoft RDC for Mac for months now and have had nothing but great communication with them on a very informal basis - bugs reported, acknowledged and informed of updates very quickly afterwards. Having reported some Remote Resources and SDI bugs… (Show more)
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