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FileMaker 16 introduced a collection of built-in functions for manipulating data serialized as JSON. This makes it easier for FileMaker applications to interact with many web services. This will also…
Wouldn't it be easy if you could specify the cURL options like this:     And take away the need to know the exact syntax and remember which options are supported.   That's where this Custom…
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Do you have a FileMaker solution that you want to sell to other people and are wondering how to maintain and update a solution like that? With FileMaker 16 introducing the ability to dynamically set…
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An interesting "hidden" feature of the new Card Style Window is that you can actually place it outside the parent window. Though, it is still attached to the parent window, but if you are using it…
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I don’t know about you, but we’re all pretty excited about FileMaker 16; it’s a very important release for the platform.   I’ve been working on a demo file that shows off some of the new features…
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DemoKit16 is a collection of tools aimed at helping demonstrate and explore some of the many new features of the FileMaker 16 Platform.   Brought to you by the World Wide Solutions Consulting team…
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In the attached demo file I have an example of using Google Places Auto Complete API for address prediction to help with data entry. As you type in an address, suggestions are provided in a list…
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