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There was a lot of talk at PauseOnError about using the new cURL and the JSON parsing functions in FileMaker 16 to connect to third party apps. (toddgeist showed a great example of connecting to…
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Hi,     I wanted to share a video and an open source demo-file to illustrate how easy it now is with FileMaker 16 to integrate image recognition into you custom apps.     The use case is a casting…
First release of a card-style date picker with a mini and month picker view Works well on iOS as well as FileMaker Pro Uses the new Card Style window and everything else is native FileMaker. All…
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DemoKit16 is a collection of tools aimed at helping demonstrate and explore some of the many new features of the FileMaker 16 Platform.   Brought to you by the World Wide Solutions Consulting team…
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Wouldn't it be easy if you could specify the cURL options like this:     And take away the need to know the exact syntax and remember which options are supported.   That's where this Custom…
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Wim Decorte and I have co-authored two White Papers about some of the new security features in The FileMaker 16 Platform:     Introduction To The Numerous Significant New Security Features In…
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Shared by William-Porter from Discussions3 weeks ago (Show more)
If you're interested in setting up OAuth in FileMaker 16, Google is a good option to get started with. I've posted a detailed step-by-step tutorial that will guide you through the process. The… (Show more)
Do you have a FileMaker solution that you want to sell to other people and are wondering how to maintain and update a solution like that? With FileMaker 16 introducing the ability to dynamically set…
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Shared by radeffect from Discussions3 weeks ago (Show more)
for those of you who are tired of copying your host list from one version of FileMaker to another (like we were), we just released a free tool that does it for you...… (Show more)
Like a few others, I find having to remember to leave a window open hard, and at least once a day I close FM inadvertently. So I decided to create an alternative Launch file using the new FM16…
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