• FileMaker 16 - Dynamic Data Source

    Do you have a FileMaker solution that you want to sell to other people and are wondering how to maintain and update a solution like that? With FileMaker 16 introducing the ability to dynamically set external data sour...
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  • Using FM16 JSON and card windows to build a slick FileMaker Search module

    I don’t know about you, but we’re all pretty excited about FileMaker 16; it’s a very important release for the platform.   I’ve been working on a demo file that shows off some of the new f...
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  • cURL options - no need to remember the syntax

    Wouldn't it be easy if you could specify the cURL options like this:     And take away the need to know the exact syntax and remember which options are supported.   That's where this Custom Function...
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  • New cURL options in Insert from URL

    cURL Specification: https://www.ietf.org/rfc/rfc3986.txt     Getting started with the new cURL options is quite daunting and a steep learning curve.   As there seems to be no good source about the pu...
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  • Card Window - date range picker

    Second release of a card-style date picker with a mini and month picker view, and NEW for this version the ability to select a start and end date as a range. Works well on iOS as well as FileMaker Pro Uses the new Car...
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  • PSBN - Perform Script [ By Name - a module from mrwatson.de

    Perform Script [ "By Name" …A module from mrwatson.de     Ever wanted to Perform Script by Name - natively?   Make FM ←→ FM APIs?   Well, now you can!       Thanks ...
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  • Flexible Value Lists

    Have you ever wanted to sort the values of a value list by a third field, or been annoyed that value lists don’t handle non-indexed data? Maybe you sometimes wished it was possible to group data or to have the v...
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  • Card window - date picker

    First release of a card-style date picker with a mini and month picker view Works well on iOS as well as FileMaker Pro Uses the new Card Style window and everything else is native FileMaker. All elements are in the ...
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  • Handling data type in JSON

    11 votes
    FileMaker 16 introduced a collection of built-in functions for manipulating data serialized as JSON. This makes it easier for FileMaker applications to interact with many web services. This will also make JSON the de ...
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  • Open WebDirect file with user & password using HTTP POST

    Hi everybody,   Since FM16 it is possible to open your WebDirect file with user and password. This can be done with a HTTP POST request.   Also a script, a parameter, homeurl and variables can be passed. ...
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  • New post on Machine in the Middle using card windows

    https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/machine-in-the-middle-model-filemaker-development-john-renfrew   Using Card Windows on top of Card Windows to work in files one step away with no direct external reference
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  • fmDotNet - for Data API

    Way back when, I started fmDotNet, an open source wrapper around the FMS XML API, targeted at .NET developers and similar to what the PHP API offers: instant familiarity for .NET developers, taking away the necessity ...
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  • DemoKit16 - explore the new features of FileMaker 16

    DemoKit16 is a collection of tools aimed at helping demonstrate and explore some of the many new features of the FileMaker 16 Platform.   Brought to you by the World Wide Solutions Consulting team at FileMaker, ...
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  • Challenge 1: FileMaker 16 Platform

    Runs through June 30, 2017. The best contributions (based on likes, helpfuls, stars, and votes) will be recognized during the DevCon 2017 awards ceremony.   Please share the resources you have created for FileM...
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  • Sending SMS messages using Nexmo and curl options!

    Simple template to send SMS messages from Nexmo.com - similar to Plivo.com and Twilio.com Comes with the ability to lookup phone numbers, and verify users by sending them 4 digit numbers. REQUIREMENTS: FileMaker 16 -...
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  • Integrate FM 16 with Artificial Intelligence for image recognition

    3 votes
    Hi,     I wanted to share a video and an open source demo-file to illustrate how easy it now is with FileMaker 16 to integrate image recognition into you custom apps.     The use case is a castin...
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  • Building Location-Aware App on FileMaker Go

    Ever thought about giving your FileMaker Go application location awareness so it can interact with users and trigger actions automatically based on users’s presence and behaviour? This was made possible by a new...
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  • FileMaker Business Intelligence Using Tableau

    Integrate FileMaker 16 with the leading business intelligence software available, Tableau. Tableau allows you to create advanced charts and reports of your data, and create interactive dashboards that let you see tren...
    David Happersberger
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  • "Hidden" feature of Card Style window

    An interesting "hidden" feature of the new Card Style Window is that you can actually place it outside the parent window. Though, it is still attached to the parent window, but if you are using it on desktop and you ...
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  • Example File using cURL and JSON: Schedule GoToMeetings from FileMaker 16

    There was a lot of talk at PauseOnError about using the new cURL and the JSON parsing functions in FileMaker 16 to connect to third party apps. (toddgeist showed a great example of connecting to smartystreets for addr...
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