• How Do You Get FMP’s JDBC Driver Into Your Maven Project Build So You Can Access FMP Data From Your Micro-Service?

    Reading Time: About 6 minutes.   Audience and Assumptions For This Tip  This tip assumes: 1. You have worked through the introductory micro-service tutorial here: https://community.filemaker.com/docs/DOC-8...
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  • JSONGetElementWhere  - A custom function for querying JSON

    This document is to share a FileMaker custom function that I was working on last month called: JSONGetElementWhere.   The function is designed to quickly return matching top-level child elements from large JSON ...
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  • Restore your open windows with this demo file

    If you've ever worked with multiple windows in FileMaker, either as a developer doing some troubleshooting or working in a multi-window database, you know it can be time consuming to open all those windows again, go t...
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  • Just For Fun:  WebDirect with Speech Recognition in FMS 16/17

    Background:   This is a revival of an old project originally realized using v.14 of FileMaker Server:   An integration of HTML5 Speech Recognition with WebDirect, using the Google Chrome browser.   W...
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  • More Enlightened Theme.fmp12

    This is a replacement for the default Enlightened Theme. I've only made simple improvements to it, so it should drop right in to a layout that uses the Enlightened Theme and leave it completely intact.   Old Enl...
    David Weiner
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  • Create Micro-Services Using Java and the Spark Java Framework

    Since problems have been reported with FMS and installed Java versions, please be careful with Java and FMS using this tutorial. There are warnings in the tutorial below. Additionally, the code below is not intended t...
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  • YouTube Topic-Timestamp Tagger (YTTTT)

    This "innovation" is for anyone who wants to more easily hyperlink to several points of time in a long YouTube video for later viewing—videos such as recorded FileMaker webinars, user group meeting recordings, t...
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  • Integrating FileMaker and Gmail

    Introduction SeedCode's jason_young has created a series of blog posts that will get you up and running with the Gmail API. This approach will let you go beyond what's possible with the Send Mail script step, especial...
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  • Just For Fun:  A Gimmick To Scrape the Current Found Set

    Synopsis:   Over the last few days I had fun playing around with a technique for gathering data from the current found set into well-formed JSON.  This post shares some of that experimentation.    ...
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  • Art Con v9.4: iOS + Data API

    A bunch of Swift related stuff now resides at GitHub for anyone who wants to nerd out. GitHub - starsite/SwiftFM: A service class for Swift 4.2 to work with the FileMaker Data API   :: Xcode, Swift, CloudKit, C...
    Brian Hamm
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  • cURL options - no need to remember the syntax

    Wouldn't it be easy if you could specify the cURL options like this:     And take away the need to know the exact syntax and remember which options are supported.   That's where this Custom Function...
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  • Creating and Installing an SSL Certifcate for FMS 17 Using KeyTool

    Installing an SSL Certificate Into FileMaker Server 17 Using KeyTool/KeyStore  Approximately 1,980 words Approximate reading time: 8 minutes   Introduction After all the postings on the FileMaker forum where...
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  • Building Location-Aware App on FileMaker Go

    Ever thought about giving your FileMaker Go application location awareness so it can interact with users and trigger actions automatically based on users’s presence and behaviour? This was made possible by a new...
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  • FileMaker 16 - Dynamic Data Source

    Do you have a FileMaker solution that you want to sell to other people and are wondering how to maintain and update a solution like that? With FileMaker 16 introducing the ability to dynamically set external data sour...
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  • Example File - Integrating FileMaker and Gmail Part 1

    New example file and video from jason_young on using the Gmail API to send HTML emails from FileMaker. Since this uses the Insert From URL script step, it works across the whole platform, including Cloud, Server, Go, ...
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  • Create a Quick Table of DDR (XML) with XSLT

    I will be adding a few of my common XSLT (XML Stylesheet Language Transform). Sometimes I just need a quick table for Custom Functions, ValueList, Layouts, you know ... those places we don't have a "print" button unde...
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  • ConvertToCSV And Merge.app.zip

    Hello everyone.   I got tired of dealing with so many excel files and needing to merge them instead of uploading one at time I decided to do a little apple scripting.   Well after searching around ...
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  • Using found set in SQL queries

    There is currently no direct way to tell SQL to use the current found set as condition for a query. But with the GetNthRecord function from FileMaker and the FM.Loop function in MBS FileMaker Plugin, we can build a li...
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  • Open WebDirect file with user & password using HTTP POST

    Hi everybody,   Since FM16 it is possible to open your WebDirect file with user and password. This can be done with a HTTP POST request.   Also a script, a parameter, homeurl and variables can be passed. ...
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  • Swift 4 and the Data API

    Update: October 13, 2018 This document, and some other Swift-related stuff, now resides at GitHub for anyone who wants to nerd out. GitHub - starsite/SwiftFM: A service class for Swift to work with the FileMaker Dat...
    Brian Hamm
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