• Using ExecuteSQL Case on a Time Field

    I'm using the CASE statement in my executeSQL in order to format my output and display exactly what I want.   This works: case when (Placement > 4 OR Placement is null) then 0 else Placement END as SHOW ...
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  • Data Separation

    After spending too much time and too often in importing data after requested changes into a complex medical multi-language solution I have decided to try moving toward the data separation model. And after reading a f...
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  • Configure Region Monitor Script

    I recently started using FileMaker Pro 16 (was previously using FileMaker Pro 15), but I am having a lot of trouble in running the Configure Region Monitor Script step. I have thoroughly studied all the steps I am usi...
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  • Dwindling value lists - prevent modification/deletion

    Hope you may be able to point me in the right direction to resolve two issues hopefully before they become one. Although it is related to a dwindling value list set up the two issues could probably occur elsewhere. &#...
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  • Ungroup an object without destroying an embedded calculation

    I’m currently studying the layout of the Content Management from the Starter Solution.   Specifically I would like to know how the delete button for the file container works. However I’m unable to up...
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  • Does a Layout exist for a Table Occurrence

    G'day Does anyone have a method of identifying if a Layout exists in a file for a specific Table Occurrence? I'm trying to avoid scripting here and looking for a custom function where I can input the TABLE  and ...
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  • Auto Calc Field Issue

    My db contains a field that allows the user to select an "End Date" from a drop-down calendar. Normally this field would be a Date field. However, as an option to selecting a date, the user can instead, enter their ag...
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  • Creating a layout from filtered result

    Hi, I am relatively new to FM, so I apologize if my question is dumb.   I have a table for Companies with 20+ thousand records. I've got a field called businessUnitnumber, this identifies who in the sales team ...
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  • how to automatically look-up parent-key in same table and copy into foreign-key in another table

    Hello,   I'm new to Filemaker, busy building a music-database, and I have some questions. Hopefully you can help me.   There is a table with Artists, each with a ArtistID_pk, and here is a table with Title...
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  • Parsing data

    I'm trying to create a calculation field that will return the number 2 in the first text line below and the number 1 in the second line.  The number will be in the same location each time.   Ivory Travertin...
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  • Use Or in Case statement

    Why can't I use an "or" operator in Case statement?  ie.   Case ( DocumentName = "Drivers License"  or  "Social Security Card"; "Owner Name"; DocumentName = "Business Taxes" or "Personal Taxes"...
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  • Portal Numbers

    I'm trying to integrate a numbering system that allows users to visually identify related portal rows.    I've successfully developed a portal that allows the user to create new portal rows.  For exam...
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  • Open Record Based off Location

    Hey there..   okay so for my business we disc/mow weeds with a tractor for fire prevention. we do around 30-50 Job locations per day. Every time we get to a new job we must search the work order number to get t...
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  • import PSD into container causes error on Windows

    having an issue importing PSD (Photoshop) files on Windows.   If we drag and drop into a container field, it does import the file, but does not have a preview.  Only a blank white icon and a file name. ...
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  • Round number to next whole number

    Hello Community, How can we round an decimal number to next whole number.   e.g. I have a number 292.2   Round (292.2; 0) returns 292 Round (292.2; 2) Returns 292. 2   What I want this to go to 2...
  • Non-breaking spaces in calculations?

    So I determined that an issue I was having (Autofill in calculation editor doesn't work after a ≠ sign ) is because I type "≠ " too fast, and with "≠" being produce with the mac keycombo alt+=, I'm not releas...
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  • Buttons that modify multiple fields values

    Hello Filemaker community,   I've attempted to solve my problem via google, however since I'm a novice in Filemaker, I don't know what I'm looking for is called, therefore can't search for it very well.   ...
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  • Restarting Serial Values Automatically

    I'm new to developing with FileMaker (v.16) and can't seem to get a field set up how I would like. Hopefully someone can walk me through what is needed.   I am working with a state that requires photos submitted...
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  • GetLayoutObjectName ( Self ) ?

    I think I already know the answer to this, but I'm throwing it out there in case I'm wrong...   I'm doing some creative things with layout object names.   I can, for example, get from Get ( ActiveLayoutObj...
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  • How to put a unique serial number per Print if user enters number of copies to print?

    Hi Everyone,   I am making a solution that puts the unique serial number of a form every time it is printed. I have created a travel order form table with a serialnumber field that auto increment every time it ...
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