• Creating a CSV file with comma separated values to import

    Hi All   I am trying to export a file and then import the data into a 3rd party system   The data is purchasing data and the critical information is   Item, Qty, Price   I have read a number o...
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  • BaseElements, be_smtp_send breaks my attachements

    Version: FM Advanced 14.0.6 System: MacOSX 10.10.5 BE version: 3.3.4     Hello, I am trying something as simple as adding a single attachment to an email via BE. BE plug-in 3.3 and up has an elegant fun...
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  • Navigating Date Finds

    I have a simple checking ledger solution that I need to run reports on.   But I can’t figure out how to get where I need to be  in order to set a variable for the balance amount before I run the repor...
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  • calculations

    Hello...... I hope all is well. Question...I need a report of hours sorted by week, I figured out that part. However, I need to only bill for any hours over 15 hours per week.  i.e. Robert Smith 40 hours - 15 hou...
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  • Counting Sub-Summary

    Hello,   I was wondering if anyone can help me with my problem.  I am working on an utilization screen (and report) for machine inventory.  This report is pretty simple. I am only using the Sub-summar...
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  • FMP - Collapsing multiple records into one, and summing

    I have multiple records in my DB that I want to "collapse" into one record and sum their contents. Specifically, I have a DB of every state school and each of the class periods for that school (along with the enrollme...
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  • Generating QR code on a record, for material ordering

    I need to be able to generate a QR code in each record of a database I have created. Each record represents one item we reorder with frequency, has all the necessary information (order quantity, price, SKU, vendor, ve...
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  • Layout by time calculation

    I want to go to a layout based on the time of day   For example if it is 8:04 AM or later but not yet 9:03 I want it to go to Layout a If it is 9:03 but not yet 10:02   or later  I want it to go ...
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  • Show calculated value during a Find

    I feel a little sheepish asking this question since it's simple enough but the answer somehow escapes me: I have a simple calculation (text) field that shows the value, ZIP, when a user enters a ZIP code in a text fie...
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  • Having a portal / summary / filter conundrum...

    Hi all   I'm having a problem trying to get the functionality I want with a portal and summaries. Allow me to explain...   THE AIM   I'm building a recipe database / shopping list generator. The aim ...
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  • How to calculate fiscal quarters

    I need to calculate fiscal quarters for the year (see attached showing the dates, these will be the same for each year). First I would like to show a calculation field (text) stating what quarter the record falls in. ...
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  • Problem with SQL and finding unique record count in a found set.

    For some reason I'm not grasping the right syntax in my SQL calculation. Here is what I have that is working fine as far as giving me a total count.   ExecuteSQL ("SELECT COUNT ( DISTINCT \"RentalData\".\"Serial...
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  • ExecuteSQL between dates

    I have the following that is working to give me a list of dates (notice first part of WHERE is commented out). I am trying to change it so it gives me a list of records between two dates.   SR_Create_Date - calc...
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  • PrimaryKey

    After reading so many pages about best practice for choosing a PrimaryKey...need to check if I am in a safe way What I have done until now is: a) not visible to the users b) do not use an auto-generated serial numb...
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  • Write data into a file on server

    We have this project, where iOS devices with FmGO are used to make Workhours Stamp-in and Stamp-Out records. Then, at intervals these devices send the data to a central file, on the server called RH. Since we did n...
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  • SQL: Selecting from a script variable

    Can I use something like: ExecuteSQL("SELECT (" & $Tx_nut & ") FROM \"Tox\" WHERE  etc. where $Tx_nut was set earlier in the script?   I'm finding the variable is set OK but using a variable inste...
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  • How to force a calculation between tables when unstored

    Hello,   I have 3 related tables - Measurements, Evaluations and Standards. For each Measurement records there are multiple related Evaluations that compare the measurement to a normative database of numbers and...
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  • Previous week's date

    Hi,   This is what I do to be able to get the range of date that I needed for that week. But I want it to be automated, like in just a press of a button I could grab the date from last week. Monday to Sunday,...
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  • Dynamic Checkbox Filters with Value List

    Hello Guys,   I am implementing the dynamic filtering functions. Here is what I use for filtering a field: 1. Checkbox filter with trigger to filter. Filter selection field is a global field. Filter script is u...
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  • ExecuteSQL: constant with DECLARE and SET

    An arguments list with "?"s in the SQL statement in ExecuteSQL doesn't fit to what I need (I need more flexibility), so I'm looking for a way to define a constant in my SQL query that's used in ExecuteSQL. What I've f...
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