• Active Directory linked with FileMaker table for use in scripts to update ServiceNow API

    Hi All,   I have a FileMaker 16 Go app that users login and authenticate with Active Directory.   Once users login, the app updates a ServiceNow API and requires the same users credentials to modify data i...
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  • Moving files from one Layout to another

    I have ask similar to this before.   I have one Table called ACCOUNTS TABLE with DEPOSIT SLIP, CHECK, CHECK REGISTER, AND ACCOUNTS PAYABLE  as Layouts.   ACCOUNTS PAYABLE is a compilation of Account ...
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  • How to prevent a script from running

    How do I prevent a script from running that opens Dialog Box when opening a particular layout, but is required for other reasons.
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  • Update summary table from related tables using scripts

    I am building a dashboard with charts and summary metrics and have found it easiest when all of the summary data I need is in one file (thanks to posts in this forum). I have figured out how to update summary monthly ...
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  • Capital Gains database - buy date

    Does anyone have experience generating the capital gains "Date Acquired" from a trades (buy/sell) database?   If you have done it before you know what I'm asking. It's a for a cryptocurrency application.   ...
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  • hospital design database

    Is there someone can give me a hospital design database? or referrence for me to study? I'm a newbie, but i will try to learn?
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  • Change a Field based upon entering a value another field

    Hi,   I have two fields   Database::Some (Number)   DataBase::Permit Number (It's Text because the number is formatted as 18-XXXX or 18XXXX)     Some has "1" posted into it by script  ...
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  • Filemaker Diary/Appointment Layout

    Hi, I'm fairly new to filemaker and I am trying to create some form of calendar or diary within my data base. My company has mobile engineers who need to go to multiple appointments per day therefore I need away to bo...
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  • Google Calendar File attachments for the event

    I am able to successfully create calendar events on Google Calendar thanks to the great demo file from DB Services FileMaker Google Calendar Integration | DB Services . I have added an element to also add the location...
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  • how do I substitute text strings for numeric field values?

    New to FM. I have a huge table of data with fields containing numeric values (e.g. 1="Yes", 2= "No" in one field , or 0="Two Lanes", 1="Four Lanes", 2="Six Lanes" in another field).   I currently view the data i...
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  • Duplication script for multi field criteria

    I have a script in a database that searches for duplicate records in one field and it marks another field with an “x” so I can delete them. The data is coming from a manufacturing system and the field I wa...
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  • Set or Change ContainerAttribute

    I have a DB of over 100K PDF files that were imported by reference. It took 36 hours to import all those PDFs.   Now we are replacing the file server these PDFs are stored on and the path is going to change. (No...
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  • Most Recent Date from a list that includes Date and words

    Hello, I get data from another program and process it through FMP.   The field is called Status. When a department enters a status, it is separated by department like this, and then sorted by date:   The...
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  • Updating summary fields

    When you work with FileMaker for so lang there are features which are so ‘normal’ in day-to-day use. As far as I know summary fields are recalculated when there visible on the layout? Now, out of the blu...
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  • Move from FMS 14 to FMS 16 sub summary field woes

    I'd appreciate comments on major performance problems as a result of moving a client from a shared Windows 2012 R2 FileMaker Server 14 server (that had 46 files hosted) to a dedicated Windows 2016 R2 FMS 16 server run...
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  • FMS16 - CWP - Send Mail Script Compatibility

    Hi All,   Is FileMaker Server 16 Custom Web Publish has compatibility for Send Mail Script?   Thanks in advance, Suresh
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  • BaseElements, be_smtp_send breaks my attachements

    Version: FM Advanced 14.0.6 System: MacOSX 10.10.5 BE version: 3.3.4     Hello, I am trying something as simple as adding a single attachment to an email via BE. BE plug-in 3.3 and up has an elegant fun...
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  • How to calculate for billing units based on client/staff ratio throughout the day

    SO I have this unique request from a customer and I'm a little baffled how to elegantly handle. Basically, depending on the ratio of staff to clients throughout the day (ratio changes throughout the day as clients com...
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  • How to verify dates from separate portals

    I have a jobs page, on this page are two portals, "Job by Days" and "Job Kilometres Report". I want a popup to advise to add details to the Job Kilometres Report when I add a job in the Job by Days portal. I was think...
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  • Get (ScriptNames) or Get (ScriptCall)?

    Without updating all the scripts to log themselves or to take parameters, Is there a way to find out if the currently running script is being run while the client is running another script? Or can a script test to s...
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