• FM Cloud - Download backups

    I'm going through a license update to add seats; to implement this, I'm having to terminate my instance and start a new one (license update is via BYOL).  I need to download several of the backups because I've be...
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  • Setting up server with SSL

    Hello Guys,   I followed the instructions and set up the FM 16 sever with my macbook pro, but I cannot access the server from internet.   Here is how I set it:   1. Installed the server on macbook pr...
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  • FM Cloud - terminate instance

    I'm in the middle of upgrading our licensed seats for FM Cloud.  We have a BYOL license and this requires terminating the current subscription and starting a new one with the license upgrade.    The a...
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  • FileMaker and Google Drive

    Has anyone had any luck or insight using Google Drive to store their data from FileMaker to share it with others who have the FM software?  I can't think of why this wouldn't work, but if anyone has any thoughts ...
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  • Data Separation

    After spending too much time and too often in importing data after requested changes into a complex medical multi-language solution I have decided to try moving toward the data separation model. And after reading a f...
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  • FMcloud licensing when switching instance type

    Has anyone had success with FMCloud licensing?     My experience has been that if you switch instance type in the filmmaker admin console for your FMCloud instance then it reverts from an annual licen...
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  • Question about upload database from FMP to FMP Server

    I have been using FMP for a very long time but I never host it on FM Server.   In the near future, I will going to host my FMP database to FM server.   However, I have some questions that need some clari...
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    How can I reset my server's ip address in FMS without reinstalling it? Or how can I organize my connection from two or  more IP?
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  • Filemaker GO not connecting to external DB

    Hey guys,   I have a simple Filemaker solution split into UI and DATA files. The DATA file is hosted on FMPHost, and the UI file is stored on computer and iPad. The path to the DATA file is:   fmnet:/nXXX....
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  • File cannot be uploaded because it does not have the required password protection

    When I want to upload my test project to Server I have this message: File cannot be uploaded because it does not have the required password protection, but I don't want to set password
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  • FileMaker 16 Web Direct Issue

    Hello All,   I've a issue with the FileMaker Web Direct 16 solution and it shows blank page,   see below steps what I did,   - I am using chrome browser. - All Cache and temp file are cleared from begi...
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  • DIGFM: New FileMaker Cloud Admin API  (11/9/2017; Santa Clara, CA)

    November DIGFM MeetingNew FileMaker Cloud Admin APIThe new FileMaker Cloud Admin API allows us to automate many actions that were previously only available in the web based admin console. Use the API to check on conne...
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  • How to attach a pdf with sendMail on FMS

    Hello,   I would like to put a pdf file somewhere on my FileMaker server and use the Send Mail script command to attach this pdf. Where should I put the file and what will be the link? I access the files on my...
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  • Using Filemaker layout as a webform, without having Filemaker server

    I have created a Filemaker file to keep track of freelancers.  I have a layout I can use to collect the information I need from the different freelancers.  I put a lot of effort into making it look great, so...
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  • iCloud Drive and Filemaker Runtimes

    Hi all,   I've had a few people who use iCloud drive have problems with Runtimes (from 13, 14 and 15) on their Macs. All of the Macs affected have been running Sierra. I haven't heard of any problems with < ...
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  • Scheduled Scripts

    I can't get a straight answer can I schedule scripts?   Here's what FileMaker says: "Limited ability to schedule scripts."   Compare FileMaker Cloud with FileMaker Server   What does that actually m...
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  • Filemaker and Salesforce

    I'd like to get information on Opportunities, Accounts, etc out of Salesforce and into Filemaker for better analysis. I'm not familiar with linking other programs to Filemaker with API's. Can anyone advise how I go ab...
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  • I would like to create a database for personal use across my devices.

    New User to FileMaker.    I would like to create a database for personal use across my devices.   Maybe I am missing something but can I not just save to my iCloud account and use everywhere?&...
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  • Promoting Cloud by providing Estimated FileMaker Cloud costs in Admin Console

    We just had our FMPUG monthly meeting and Tom Magolo made the presentation on FileMaker Cloud, which is all well and good.  And while he did a great job, it still left a lot of grumbling that people have no idea ...
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  • Best Medium Sized Deployment options....

    I will be employing a FM expert if i get this contract.   For 10 years I have deployed a solution to a non-profit (with 450 different branches in Australia and NZ - some with only 35 clients, some with 1500)....
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