• WebDirect Cannot Run PSOS Scripts

    I'm getting unexpected behavior when using WebDirect.  I have an account setup with the extended privilege "fmwebdirect" selected.  I do NOT have the privilege "fmapp" selected.  (security reasons; thes...
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  • Solved ("hacked") FMP17 Cloud Printing of Javascript-Intense-Webviewer

    ****INTRO***** This is a bit of a hack that worked for me, and temporarily solves what was a problem for me: Printing Images in the Webviewer that are BIG, downloaded externally, with a bit of added javascript comple...
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  • Loop question

    Hi I'm using Filemaker cloud for the first time and I had some issues with the media on my database. As we are dealing with hundreds of videos, I always import them in batches via file-import-folder. Filemaker only i...
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  • PHP Class for FileMaker Server 17 Data API

    I had a dream that somewhere out there was a well written PHP class that will help me easily interact with the new FMS data API in FMS 17 and I believe also in FileMaker Cloud 17, well that dream came true and I found...
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  • Do I need to do anything to FM Cloud instance re: AWS longer resource IDs?

    Customers are receiving notice from AWS regarding the transition to Longer Resource IDs on 30th July. Will this impact on their FM Cloud server instance and if so, what needs to be done to ensure it will continue to w...
    created by k-meson
  • Combine multiple field contents in one portal column

    Hi everyone! I'm new to FileMaker, so please bear with me.   Alright, I'm in the process of creating an iPad app that will be able to evaluate scenarios in school (I'm in a paramedic program and we need to keep...
    created by folksytitan
  • Filemaker Cloud is slow

    Hello,   I just moved my FileMaker Pro Advanced 17 database to FileMaker Cloud on AWS. It has about 175,000 records and I have a script that exports the most recent 75,000 records. When I run the script locally ...
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  • FileMaker Cloud Not Upgrading To 17

    Hello All,   I am having problems upgrading to FileMaker Cloud 17. I hit the upgrade button and then wait. After around 15 mins or so the server is back online. When I login to the Admin console no upgrade has t...
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  • I want to make a database for a job fair. 

    Using Filemaker go.   The concept would be to have multiple ipads you could hand out to people looking for a job and they fill in the form.  Then it would collaborate the results of the applicants to on...
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  • IAM or Google Oauth

    Hi, I am planning of moving our server FMS17 from a 2010 mini to AWS. I have already played around with AWS EC Instances and managed fine to install, run and test a server. However I stopped at the time to look int...
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  • How to share a database from two locations

    Hello,   My business partner and I use FM 16 Pro to manage data. We don't do anything fancy. We enter data and manipulate the data and view the data. Been doing it this way for years. Right now we dropbox the da...
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  • AWS Cloud Database Upload Dialog Box Issue

    I have set up FM Cloud on AWS and I want to upload a database. I have done this:   Launch FileMaker Pro or FileMaker Pro Advanced Click File > Sharing > Upload to FileMaker Server Choose the FileMaker Cl...
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  • Web Direct in FM17

    Is WD any more efficient in v17 than it was in v16? I know this is a devcon question, but thought some people may have some experience already.   I am also curious to know about FM Cloud and WD performance. CPU/...
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  • Filemaker Cloud 17 Not Working

    The Filemaker Cloud Admin console has a link to upgrade Filemaker Cloud 16 to version 17. I clicked it this morning and the whole process took about 10 min. I then logged in and my database was no longer open and I ca...
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  • don't discontinue cloud service

    I accidentally clicked the Get Info on Discontinue Cloud Subscription button in FMP17 Cloud Server and received an eMail on how to discontinue the service.  I don't want to do that.  The server continues to ...
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  • Auto-Resizing boxes equally on different desktops screen.

    Hello Community,   My FM solution is used by multiple users on different screen size with different resolution. They use on laptops and desktops; on different screen 13inch, 15inch, 17 inch and different resolu...
  • help with affordable hosting

    I imagine this question is asked in multiple ways out, but my problem is sorting through all the information. I am overwhelmed by it. I have a small database  that does not have any images or video and I Have ...
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  • Apple's New ShortCut app

    Hey Filemaker Community! Did everyone see the WWDC 2018 by apple? I am super excited to see the possibilities coming to Filemaker with the new Siri & shortcuts features... I know that Apple purchased the app ...
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  • FM Cloud 1.16 vs FMS 16

    What features and functionality does FM Cloud 1.16 still not have compared to FMS 16?   I would like to be able to move some clients to FM Cloud as it seems it should be a good fit, but I worry anything that mig...
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  • Field encrypt & Decrypt are not working.

    Hello community.   I would like some in field encrypt and decrypt.   I have a field description on layout. I want this to be decrypted. However, when you click in the field, it should become encrypted. A...