• FMS - API - Ports

    Hello,   I try to read a file stored in FMS from another application (JSON). But it does not work (can't access the server).   The instructions says that the ports 3000 and 8989 has to be open to use the ...
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  • hospital design database

    Is there someone can give me a hospital design database? or referrence for me to study? I'm a newbie, but i will try to learn?
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  • Google Calendar File attachments for the event

    I am able to successfully create calendar events on Google Calendar thanks to the great demo file from DB Services FileMaker Google Calendar Integration | DB Services . I have added an element to also add the location...
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  • FileMaker Cloud fonts for WebDirect

    I've just upgraded to FileMaker Cloud 16 and am reworking some scripts to make use of WebDirect's new ability to generate PDF reports.   I'm struggling with fonts, though. The fonts I have set on a report in FM ...
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  • Charting with D3, Google or the the likes

    I’m working on a app that I’m pulling Jason files theough an API. All is good and working great getting information to my forms and I can create a filemaker chart. But I’d like to do more with my cha...
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  • Error in setting up Mirror Sync

    Greetings. I came across MirrorSync recently, found it very interesting so I thought give it a go. I have managed to install it on FM server. However I am having issue setting it up. I have gone through all the docum...
  • Filemaker 14 upgrade?

    I am currently running Filemaker 14.0 on a Windows 7 Pro and the time has come to upgrade. Looking for what the best solution hardware and version to upgrade to for approximately 100 users on Filemaker 14.0 clients, m...
  • Does a Filemaker server have to be dedicated

    I have developed a FileMaker solution for a small nonprofit organization and because we are spread out, from Connecticut to Oklahoma to California, it needs to be available online. We are currently using FileMaker 14 ...
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  • Cloud questions

    Hi All, I am interested in getting my app in the Cloud and I have a few questions:   I plan on using AWS with 25 users. My app is job and user specific, so can I have Job A database running with 5 users logged ...
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  • iCloud contacts as external data source?

    I know there are plug-ins available, but is there no way to just set up iCloud contacts as an external data source? I'm not averse to getting my hands dirty with a little AppleScriptObjC or even Swift if need be.
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  • Load-Balanced FileMaker Cloud with WebDirect

    Product and version: Feb 10th FMCloud 16 - 5 users - 2 instances  Browser and version (for WebDirect only): - Safari and Chrome   I’ve been doing some experiments to get around the 100 user limit on F...
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  • Dynamically turn off field index before/after import?

    We are importing large data sets of 5 fields and 1 million rows. We calculated about a 4x import slowdown when one field is indexed. The question is, has someone be able to dynamically remove the index on field(s), do...
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  • Slow 'share file' upload to FMServer 15.03

    I'm running into some issues with uploading a DB file to an FMS (15.03) instance being extremely slow. * My system (the source of this transfer) I am uploading from says that my network is transferring ~100KBps....
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  • Amazon Filemaker Server Instance Stocked

    I am a old filemaker use, have been use filemaker since filemaker 9 to filemaker 12, about 3 years ago I decided to give up filemaker because I can not find a way for filemaker to connect to other APIs and I can not c...
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  • Database save's in different filename

    When i acces the file on my pc and after i work on my laptop, i get 2 different files. The records i put in my pc will not be entered in the file on my laptop. The first wil save ex. File1 en the other as ex. File1-L...
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  • Filemaker Cloud - Connection Failed

    Hi,   I have been trying to set up Filemaker Cloud and have been following closely the instruction in the filemaker video  on youtube. ( Upload your app to FileMaker Cloud - YouTube )     Everyt...
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  • Send email notification every morning of records modification.

    Hello Community,   I've got interested question to ask you all.   I have built and project management solution for my client. They want to receive email notification every morning if records is been creat...
  • Filemaker Cloud - basic info

    Hi,   my FM version is Filemaker Pro Advance 14. With this can I deploy my app in Filemaker Cloud (I intend to use Web Direct). I was told that only ver 15 and onward can be used for Filemaker Cloud.   M...
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  • See the last record at opening

    Hi,   We are using a web based version of FMP 16 for 20 users. Is there any way anyone of them can see the last record they were working on before they closed when the open the program?   Thanks!
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  • Getting confused between AWS and foxtailtech.com

    hi , could someone please  advice me witch better hosting Solution for my Filemaker app Amazon AWS or other hosting provider like foxtailtech.com   Thanks in advance
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