• FileMaker Server bandwidth consumption

    I am puzzled at why FileMaker server uses very little internet speed, we have fiber optic at 15/15 and a managed network to give at least 10/10 to the server at any time even when there is no other network activity an...
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  • Can FileMaker Go Append to a PDF?

    I have a report script that goes creates a PDF report in several stages.  The first stage creates a PDF/file and subsequent stages append to the PDF.    The scripts in PRO work correctly.  On the...
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  • Need advice in what product should we choose (server or cloud)

    Hi, we are a small company of 4-5 workers (expecting to grow soon), and we developed a first version of our management system with a demo of filemaker pro.   Now that we started using it and inserting data to th...
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  • Pros and Cons of Server Script

    Hi,   I just want to know that what are the advantages and disadvantages of performing script on the server? Please describe and also what those routines should be performing on the server to get the more effic...
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  • Filemaker cloud compatibility, or lack of!!

    I've used a dedicated server for many years, but I thought I'd try the AWS cloud as an alternative. I've set up the instance, ported my AVLA license, and now I find half of my users are not able to connect. Cloud 17 O...
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  • Does FMeasysignature works in WebDirect

    Hello.   Just a quick question about FMeasysignature. If I deploy this easy signature in my project, will it work from the WebDirect. Or it only will work in desktop FileMaker.   I'm looking to ways which al...
  • Life after Runtime

    I am a one horse Runtime Developer, mainly because I live in an area where the Internet is not convenient.   Now, I am not trying to be mean spirited or even argumentative about this, but, needless to say, I am ...
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  • WebViewers in WebDirect.

    Hello Community,   I been having some problems with getting WebViewers to work in WebDirect. I have developed my own small PHP applicaiton and would like to view it on the WebDirect. The WebViewer which show the...
  • iOS SDK and FM Cloud?

    I have been researching deployment options for a contact management solution I am developing using filemaker. Currently, I am using FM cloud to host the solution and it is working really well.   We have des...
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  • Placing registration online

    We have been using FileMaker to manage our annual conference for nearly two decades, so to say that I am vested in it is an understatement. It's time for us to consider making our attendees' information available to t...
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  • EC2 T2-medium to T3-Medium upgrade

    Hi, With FMS17 it was no longer possible to run FMS on a macMini with macOS Server installed. I did just that for 7 years on a Mac mini 2010 and it was a lot of bang for the buck for our 5 user team. In June I mov...
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  • FMS Security - LocalHost vs IP Address?

    My FMS has its own IP address with a URL.  The Server has a current SSL certificate so that when clients and the administrator (me) go to the server site we get the lock key showing and there are no access proble...
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  • FM Cloud 1.16 - WIPD not running

    I'm on  I've been getting the following error message for the last couple of days.  It occurs when the server restarts at night during the normal maintenance cycle.  I suspect that its a resu...
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  • Sample: Receiving Gmail mails with Google API to Filemaker via cURL

    Hi,   I create Receiving Gmail into Filemaker database and I tried to make it simple as much as possible so everyone can be easily implement to its own solution. First, you need BaseElements Plugs-in for Decodi...
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  • Opening Dropbox Files From Filemaker Pro 16

    I am working on a solution that would open up PDF files in a preview that have been uploaded to Dropbox. I have the upload working from a container, but not sure how best to tackle previewing the dropbox files after t...
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  • upgrade woes: filemaker cloud 17 only allowing a single webdirect connection

    Just clicked update to bump my FM cloud instance up to   Now that the update is complete only a single webdirect login seems to work at a time.   Instead I get the message: the maximum number of...
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  • New to FileMaker- What do I need?

    I work for a consulting firm, and one of my clients has asked me to update their price comparison model. In the original model, users could specify distribution points, costs, and two different methods for shipping th...
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  • Work out the cheaper prices out of multiple prices.

    Hello Community,   Got a tricky question.   I have an products table and I have products prices table. Products may have multiple prices. e.g.         ...
  • Filemaker and Salesforce

    I'd like to get information on Opportunities, Accounts, etc out of Salesforce and into Filemaker for better analysis. I'm not familiar with linking other programs to Filemaker with API's. Can anyone advise how I go ab...
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  • Getting HTML Text Out of TinyMCE Editor

    I'm trying to add a wysiwyg editor in my solution. For that I have used a webviewer which loads tinymce into it.   Now the problem is, how can I get the text inside that tinymce editor to the database field? It ...
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