• Read/write from/to shared repository

    Hi, is there a way, somehow to read/write from a shared repos, ie. dropbox or website, without the need of user interaction ? i would like to use script to import a file from shared location, modificate it and final...
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  • Can I run a script after a new record has been created via a twilio service?

    I have a FM database (on Filemaker cloud 17)  integrated with a twilio to sent and receive sms messages. I can send texts no problem to twilio and I receive texts by manually running a script which uses the Inser...
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  • API to Amazon Seller Central API

    Hi, I'm looking for someone which did this or can do this and can share the code with a good discount. Following is the functions Connect to the Amazon's API and authenticate. Download all tables available i.e. or...
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  • popover print

    how can I print the contents of a popover? Is it possible to print it as if it were a format?
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  • Filemaker 11 update to 17 & Lost Master Password

    Hey good afternoon, I have a serious problem... I'm currently yours Filemaker 11 and Im trying to update to Filemeker 17. But I'm not sure how, mainly because the Master password to get into the layout mode and script...
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  • Filemaker Cloud - Network performance, M5 or C4 instances

    I'm trying to be financially prudent whole maximizing performance on a  FMS Cloud BYOL configuration.    I've just bumped my AWS instance to t2.large for right around $70/mo (BYOL). A careful look at ...
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  • Finding out if a record is related to a specific record?

    I am wondering what the best way to tell if a record is related to a specific record in a separate table in which there would a couple of other tables in between. This would need to evaluate to a true or false so as t...
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  • Creating simple Filemaker Android Apps

    I have been experimenting for quite a while with App Inventor 2 from MIT. It is a very simple programming tool and can be used in two ways i.e: Use a single full screen webviewer and set the URL as in webdirect (Webdi...
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  • Erroneous remote "file could not be openedd" message

    Why do I keep getting this message (FMP17 OS X Client, FMS 17WS 2018 host) - after a 30 second wait This is an intermittent problem     When I open it from the hosts dialog it opens in a few seconds:  
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  • FM 17 Server - No "Connectors" Tab

    Not sure what I'm missing - but, as I've started to try and learn how to use FM API to pull data in to a website, I've discovered that I don't have a "Connectors" tab on my FM 17 Server Admin interface. I'm hosting a ...
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  • Subscription Centre in FileMaker Cloud 17

    Why does the Subscription Centre provide download links for FileMaker Pro for User Connections when the version (16.0.5) is not supported by FileMaker Cloud 17?
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  • Is there a way to save records as PDF files on server?

    I'm attempting to move some of my scripting to FM server, but can never seem to get files to save on server.  Is there a different process for this?   The general process of operation is that my solution w...
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  • Can't login to FMCloud Admin Console

    After starting AWS instance, I tried several times to log-in to FMC Admin Console but failed.   E-mail address and password are correct.   I gave up and tried to reset the password, and click "Forgot your ...
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  • How to use Filemaker Go to capture information at a museum for example

    Hi, I am interested in walking into a museum and to take a picture of a painting and the information on the card about the work: artist, title, year, dimensions, and a note for example. Is it possible to create a file...
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  • Minimizing number of calls to server

    I'm accessing filemaker database via filemaker server.   The problem I'm having is with the list view showing records from related table which is making it load very slow..   As far as I understand, the wa...
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  • What do you expect from e-mail integration?

    Do you or would you like to integrate your FileMaker solution with e-mail?   Some of our clients who wanted to integrate their solutions with e-mail have come up with requirements that could not be fulfilled by a...
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  • How to renew FM Cloud subscription? Champagne!

    Hi, Does anyone knows how to renew a FM Cloud subscription? The link in AWS reminder email takes me to a new subscription i.e not renew subscription. Require step by step instruction (should be short for a renewal ...
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  • AWS S3 Presigned URL doesn't display in Webviewer

    I'm putting together a solution that runs Powershell scripts on the backend to manage files in an S3 bucket. My initial development was done using PublicRead on the files I upload. After working out the Upload, Delete...
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  • repeating fields?

    Hi,   I'm in the process of building a database which we'll eventually host on AWS.   Part of the project is building tables to manage data for courses that we run.   Each course can comprise of anyw...
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  • Auto-Resizing of portal, object and card layouts.

    Hello Community,   Still scratching my head about the auto-resize of objects.   I have an layout with portal on. By default portal shows 4 records; however I have applied auto-resize to  portal to al...