• Webdirect completely resolves latency???

    Logging into my Australian clients' databases (from NYC) has always been a bit of a hassle.  The latency just makes navigating painfully slow.  Even LA-NYC is sorta not ideal.   All our clients are hou...
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  • Email: Perform on Server with Attachments

    I am starting a new thread on this to be more specific and uptodate with my experience.     Users need to send emails with attachments. FileMaker is set to export fields contents to a  temp directory ...
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  • Hosting Service

    Anyone care to recommend a FM Hosting service.  I currently use FMPHosting.  Works fine for me, but would like to compare performance of other service.
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  • dayback calendar

    I’m trialing FM & Dayback calendar and have some questions.   For our small company (5 users)I’m composing a custom-made projectmanagement relational database with about 20 tables. At the moment w...
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  • Couldn't find databases on the Cloud

    Hi, everyone I checked Filemaker Cloud for a company yesterday and I couldn't find the databases from the console, there was nothing on the database list, but the weird thing is they can still use those databases fro...
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  • FM Cloud Backups/Restore

    In FMCloud I see "snapshots" which apparently is supposed to serve as a backup. 1) How do i restore? For example let's say a record was accidentally deleted and I need to access yesterday's (or last week's) backup t...
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  • In-App purchase from FileMaker iOS App SDK app

    Hello Everyone,   We have created an iOS app using FileMaker iOS App SDK and planning it to submit to the Apple store. What we want to do is to have an In-App purchase option, so the user can click on a button ...
    Hemant Kumar Patel
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  • Load-Balanced FileMaker Cloud with WebDirect

    Product and version: Feb 10th FMCloud 16 - 5 users - 2 instances  Browser and version (for WebDirect only): - Safari and Chrome   I’ve been doing some experiments to get around the 100 user limit on F...
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  • Filemaker 17 API and Javascript

    I'm trying to open a connection to a database from a web call and I get a cross domain error. Is there a way around this? Here is my javascript. Maybe you guys can tell me what I'm doing wrong. Is this a FileMaker lim...
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  • FileMaker Cloud Costs in the real world

    Hi Everyone -   I'm putting together a bid on a project and am being asked to present both FileMaker Server on Amazon EC2 (something I've done several times) and FileMaker Cloud. In this case, it's for 5 users. ...
    Michael Frankel
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  • FileMaker developper server license on AWS

    Hi   I'm wondering if it is possible to install my developper server license on an AWS instance in order to setup tests ?
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  • Attachments in Emails

    GIVEN   I have scripts that print as pdf to a temp location and insert it into a container field.   I have a SEND Mail script that exports that PDF to a temp location which is then attached to the email. &...
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  • Using filmmaker to scrape a public web site

    Hi All   This may be a long shot but I am trying to get filmmaker to scrape a public website   I have had an app written in Excel by an Indian developer that does perform this function but it is a bit clu...
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  • ExecuteSQL code works on offline backup, but fails on the Cloud files?

    About a month ago, I spent about a week figuring out how to get an SQL code to return all Store Codes associated with one Customer Number with no repeats. Below is the code that currently works on my offline backup. &...
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  • How to save PDF file in container after email

    Hello Community.   I have orders system. After sending the PDF version to customer I would like to save that copy of PDF in orders table in container field. But I get "The file ? could not be opened" error. ...
  • Upgraded to FM17, but my plan on a shared server only goes to 13 ...

    Hi there   I had a database file (which is fine, as it is not active at the moment) that was on a shared server of FM13, that I cant access remotely because the number of versions between the two are too many. ...
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  • FM Cloud 17 backup files

    I am using FM Cloud version   I am trying to access files in a backup. The documentation says to go the Attached Snapshot tab but I don't have one, nor can I mark a backup as Attached.   I noted...
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  • FileMaker Cloud - Total price

    Hi. I want to create a personal server in the cloud where I can store my apps. As this would be by personal I am very focused that the price for this would be right and not too expensive. Did check out the AWS mar...
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  • yum and FileMaker Cloud?

    Hello,   someone knows how to deal with software updates and FileMaker Cloud?   You can login via SSH, you can run yum commands to update package lists and install newer apps.   Is that recommended? ...
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  • FM Server - client machine can ping host but FM connection fails 

    I'm having huge difficulty getting FileMaker Server 17 to work. The server operating system is Windows Server 2016. The client PC is Windows 10. The software installs OK but when I use FM Pro 17 client to connect remo...
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