• Single Sign On (SSO) with Security Assertion Markup Language SAML in Web Viewer

    Sorry in advance for not having a lot of detail, but not getting a lot of help from the third party vendor and not something I have attempted in the past.   I have an application with Single Sign On (SSO) throug...
    created by DSKatSCL
  • Connection not encrypted - FM GO with FM Cloud with cert

    Testing out FM Cloud. I've set up AWS and FMC with the 90 day SSL from Sectigo (Comodo changed names). I downloaded FileMaker Go on my iPhone 8, and can add the host fine <myhostname>.fmi.filemaker-cloud.com bu...
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  • JSON Call from Filemaker Web Form

    Hello experts,   I have to create a web form in Web Direct or a CWP. This web form must call an external API that asks for a JSON, and returns a JSON data.   Is there a way to do it on a Filemaker Solutio...
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  • FileMaker + iCloud

    Hello,   I put a FM personal file on my iCloud Drive. I can access it with my FileMaker client from my iMac or from my MacBook (only one Mac at a time -> good enough for this solution). To use it on FileMak...
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  • Inaccurate modification timestamps when running scripts from FM data API

      Anyone else notice this issue?   Ran a script via the FM data API and the modification timestamp was changed to UTC time, not Central Time (UTC -5 hrs).   Is this a bug or just a missed setting?
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  • Virtual Museum

    HI The Australian Jazz Museum now has a museum management system up and running using FileMaker Pro 17. Presently, the data is stored in Amazon Cloud Services. The collection comprises about 15,000 items of music, (7...
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  • refreshing portals with server / API scripts

    Hi there!   I've got a CRM layout with a portal that shows text messages that are created by the FM Data API (running thru a webhook from a Twilio app I built).   The Data API creates a record for each inb...
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  • Tableau - its tools and the ensuing confusion and frustration for newbies

    We are a 1 week old Tableau (2019.1) user. We are also a 10+ year Filemaker (17) user. Our underlying goal for several years has been to decentralize our operations so that we as a corporation are completely cloud bas...
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  • FMS 16 WebDirect Import directory - Temp files - can they be removed?

    I use secure, external container fields for document storage in our WebDirect solution.  In looking at the server disk utilization, I found a directory:        C:\Program Files\FileMaker...
    created by fred@kca-inc.com
  • FileMaker Cloud - Host Name is Invalid

    I've been trying to specify a host name for a new FileMaker Cloud instance, but so far after half a dozen attempts I keep getting a notification to the effect of:   Your requested host name xxxx is invalid. Rena...
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  • Dynamic DNS and SSL

    Hi,   I am hoping someone could give me some help.   I currently have Filemaker Server set up on a mac mini which is connected to the web on a dynamic ip using DynDns. I move the set up from temporary loca...
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  • NAS et FileMaker

    Pour partager des fichiers FileMaker sur un NAS faut-il obligatoirement une version serveur de FileMaker ou la version FileMaker pro 17 suffit-elle ? Maximum 6 connexions simultanées. Merci pour vos ré...
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  • Renew AWS FileMaker server

    Hi,     I got the following message from AWS Marketplace team for renewal of my existing annual subscription.   "Your annual subscription to following instances of the Product FileMaker Cloud (25 user...
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  • How to read blob field in remote table.

    Hello.   I have FileMaker application which has some MySql remote tables done through ODBC connection.   Now a couple of tables have 'Blob' fields.   In the FileMaker - the 'Blob' is unknown and in...
  • How do I add an Extra "Tab Control" to an existing layout (created from a Template)?

    I have created a database using the "Sophisticated" template that has seven tab controls (each containing a number of seperate fields) relating to each record - as per the attached screen-shot.   I am now wantin...
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  • Problems with iOS SDK URL Scheme

    I am using the FileMaker iOS SDK to turn my FileMaker Go solution into an iOS app we call OSAEMR. Everything is going great, but I have run into a problem I'm not sure how to fix.   In my solution, I want users ...
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  • Accessing a FM app with WebDirect directly by URL

    Hi everyone, I last used FileMaker when it was maybe version 15 or so.  I remember back then with WebDirect in the limited time I used it, you'd access a specific site like ourdomain.com/fmi/webd or something alo...
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  • Transition off of FM Cloud to just Filemaker Server on AWS

    Currently, we are hosting our FileMaker Server on FM Cloud. I'm starting to develop some web apps that interact with our FileMaker data on the server but FM Cloud is closed and won't allow us to access the data from a...
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  • Save as PDF not working fine

    Hi, I am using a custom privilege set and in that, I am also Allowing Printing. But whenever I am moving into the preview mode Save as PDF and Save as Excel is disabled.   How I would be able to enable the Sav...
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  • Export Files Using Server Scripts

    Is it possible to export an excel file using a server script? I found some mention that doing this would move the file to the Server Files, but I can't find these. We're using cloud based hosting.
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