• Help with table/field structure

    I have a data file that I get from our third party online sales system; I have no control over this data, and it looks like this in one big table:   SaleDate, SaleTime, ProductName, Qty, NetRevenue, CustomerInfo...
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  • FM Data API and Containers

    I'm working with the FM Data API and absolutely loving how easy it is to use. One huge let down was the ability to insert documents into container fields.   We're playing on making a web app that utilizes this ...
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  • Following on from the master-detail portal

    Following on from the new master detail portal, would it not be logical to develop it to work with detail portals as well.   I have modified a Sales Ledger to remove the script required to show the detail of...
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  • Cannot export fmp12 via PSOS

    Hi All - I have an error exporting records in fmp12 format via PSOS.   I have successfully been able to export records using PSOS, saving the an .xlsx file in the documents folder on the server and then import t...
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  • Padding for txt export file

    Hi,   I have to create a text file that is always 750 characters long. Most of the records are 750 characters long but the header and footer records have spaces padding them out of 720 and 713 characters each. H...
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  • Matching records exactly - not all that are similiar

    I have an issue with the wrong records updating. In the screen shot below, the idea is to enter a roll number (pertains to a roll of paper in inventory) and all the other fields automatically fill in. At the end of ...
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  • Set Invoice Due Date to 1st every new invoice???

    So, after having mental breakdown, and running around like a chicken without a head. I turn to the really you guys for help!!!....   In the solution I am building, I only generate invoices/statements at the 1st ...
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  • Automatic generation of ID number, upon satisfying a condition from another field

    Hi I am a relatively new user of FM, and have been tasked with developing a data base for a volunteer run archive. This archive manages the history of Australian Jazz. To date it has used a rudimentary data base to re...
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  • How do I create an ever present user notification icon

    I want to create a notification icon that signifies pending notifications unique only to the user. This icon will display in the upper left hand corner of the user's nav bar as seen in fig.1 (dashboard nav).   ...
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  • FileMaker breaks the API binary response

    I'm making an API call where the response is in binary format(datamax programming language) intended solely for my printer.   How can I save the response without ''breaking'' it? (filemaker seems to format it) I...
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  • SQL Result - Line up data

    Hello,   I have been looking at SQL examples. Basic ones. I can get data with the SELECT FROM but the lining up the data evenly in columns with "Option Tab" seems to not working like I was hoping. The reason for...
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  • Filtered dropdown list across multiple records using multi-keys

    I took a great deal of time to study ISO Magazine tutorials provided by Matt Petrowsky. I would recommend them to every Filemaker aspirant. I am interested in the dropdown across multiple records that would eliminate ...
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  • FM thinks two number values are not the same, when they are.

    Hello,   I am in a situation where I'm trying to compare two number values in two different fields in the same table, for testing purposes. One value is in a calculation field the result of which is set to be ...
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  • Filter out same record in two different portals

    Afternoon everyone!   Hope everyone is having a great day, I do have a quick question for anyone who is willing to help. I have two separate portals in my database and they both show records from the same table....
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  • Insert File on Server trigged by Filemaker GO script Perform on Server

    The first file is hosted on server with a table where I have a container. My other file is on mobile device (iPad) wo have wifi access to the server. I need to from the ipad run a script with "Perform Script on Serv...
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  • Calculating Month

    Hello all,   I am trying to build a sales forecasting layout and I have a field for the forecast for the "starting month".  Is there a way, based on the month that is entered in this field, to fill in the n...
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  • Repeating field behavior with Server?

    New to Filemaker, I have some basic questions about Repeating Fields:   1.  A Repeating Field is a single pre-specified one-dimensional array stored in single Filemaker field?   2.  Retrieving fr...
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  • PHP Class for FileMaker Server 17 Data API

    I had a dream that somewhere out there was a well written PHP class that will help me easily interact with the new FMS data API in FMS 17 and I believe also in FileMaker Cloud 17, well that dream came true and I found...
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  • Find records as per username

    Hi,   I have a button which should go to another layout and just display the records of the user by searching the user first name from tblUsers by their username and matching this first name with sample record f...
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  • Speed of adding file to container extreme slow

    Hi, When i want to add a file to a container this takes up to 1:30 for 250KB doc, when i do this remotely over the internet. When i do it locale in the same network it is seconds. - the server is connected to a 100 ...
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