• What determines the date format accepted for imports? XML; then again any date formatting in FileMaker data vs layout

    I have this issue with not only having US as language for my computers; different users and all. Even though this is not an XML issue, rather a FileMaker formatting issue, I give this example using XML; then again any...
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  • How to calculate fiscal quarters

    I need to calculate fiscal quarters for the year (see attached showing the dates, these will be the same for each year). First I would like to show a calculation field (text) stating what quarter the record falls in. ...
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  • High Traffic Website using fms17 Data API causing slow speed

    Hello,   I recently completed a new project for a client in collaboration with a local web developer that displays event data from our database to the website for visitors to register against. A couple weeks hav...
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  • Database Password Reset

    Good morning,   I inherited a database that nobody seems to know the admin username/password.  I have tried their many admin passwords in many different formats however I am not able to get in to create se...
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  • PrimaryKey

    After reading so many pages about best practice for choosing a PrimaryKey...need to check if I am in a safe way What I have done until now is: a) not visible to the users b) do not use an auto-generated serial numb...
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  • FMCalendar

    Has anyone ever worked with FMCalendar?   This one to be specific:   https://www.myfmbutler.com/en/products/fmcalendar/1
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  • mySQL

    Hello, just looking for some general thoughts / being pointed in the right direction.   We are a music school and manage our student database via FileMaker. We have a local server and a number of  clients f...
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  • Generating QR code on a record, for material ordering

    I need to be able to generate a QR code in each record of a database I have created. Each record represents one item we reorder with frequency, has all the necessary information (order quantity, price, SKU, vendor, ve...
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  • Match single ID with a list of IDs in fields

    I have a field with a list of group IDs, in this form: 5261|7046|7051|7056|7061|7066|7606   I need to match each of these numbers to a table that has a field with a single number to let me know of a new group nu...
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  • FileMaker won't import Emails addresses from Excel File

    I was sent an Excel File. I added Headers and Format file the saved. I decided it would work much better as FileMaker Database. I used these headers: Name Address City_State_Zip Email Phone Phone 2 I created t...
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  • Search Giving Wrong Results

    When searching a word that matches other entries' contents in a specific field I get one result, in addition to the matching results, that does not match my search. I have tried deleting the field contents and rewriti...
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  • How to force a calculation between tables when unstored

    Hello,   I have 3 related tables - Measurements, Evaluations and Standards. For each Measurement records there are multiple related Evaluations that compare the measurement to a normative database of numbers and...
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  • Previous week's date

    Hi,   This is what I do to be able to get the range of date that I needed for that week. But I want it to be automated, like in just a press of a button I could grab the date from last week. Monday to Sunday,...
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  • Looping thought empty portals

    I have a script that loops through a portal and exits after last record.   The portal is filtered.   If the portal has no records then is just loops endlessly.   Before I rewrite this complex script ...
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  • Small Data Transfer Between Tables

    Good morning FileMakers.   I know this question has been posted before, but I thought since some of the new data features with 17 and the growth of JSON, I thought I would ask it again.   What is the best ...
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  • Parse from Execute SQL

    I am preparing a schedule system and I need to show well format like ( 16:00 - 18:00 / Rhinoplasti ) returns value from ExecuteSQL as follows;   ExecuteSQL ( "SELECT \"Time Start\", \"Time End\", \"İslem_Turu\" ...
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  • Counting Duplicate Values at Creation

    Good morning FileMakers,   I have a field, we'll call it FIELD.  I allow duplicate values in this and I would like to create another field ( DUP_COUNTER ) that is a serial number that increments up one ever...
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  • Error with a Windows Authentication ODBC Connection for Filemaker

    Hi,   We are running FileMaker version Currently the FileMaker application successfully pulls data from MS SQL 2008 R2 tables/views via an ODBC connection hard-coded to use a special read-only SQL S...
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  • FileMaker and Teradata Intetgration

    Hello All, I have need to connect to a Teradata source to view (read-only) or import data into a single table of hosted FileMaker Pro database. Although Teradata provides ODBC drivers for most platforms, there is no s...
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  • Convert CSV to JSON

    How do I convert a CSV text to JSON?  I have a CSV list created using the ExecuteSQL function and I need to be able to parse out all of the data. This data is based on our invoice table so it is pulling the invoi...
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