• [FileMaker][FileMaker JDBC]  (802): Unable to open file when trying to connect from "client" application

    Resolved: Faulty license key. Reinstalled with a different key and is now working. Just to be sure it was the key and not something else resolved by a clean install, I reinstalled again with the bad key and had the sa...
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  • Delete message long forever!

    Hi community,   When I delete a records with several tables linked, with the 'Delete related records' checked, this popup last for ever (2 hours waited). On a local file using FMP 17 latest.   Any clues ...
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  • Filemaker 17 ODBC Update Repetition field?

    How do I do an ODBC update to a repetition field? Documentation seems off.   Trying to do this ODBC command where CustAddress is a repetition   Query: UPDATE custTable SET \"CustAddress[2]\" = 'X' WHERE ...
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  • Merge Records

    I have inherited a database, which happens to be related to Musicians. Each musician has a separate ID. This data is included in New Bands, as they record new music.   Unfortunately, each musician has not alwa...
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  • Filemaker 17 API and Javascript

    I'm trying to open a connection to a database from a web call and I get a cross domain error. Is there a way around this? Here is my javascript. Maybe you guys can tell me what I'm doing wrong. Is this a FileMaker lim...
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  • MS SQL - FMP_CURSOR does not exist

    I am attempting to update a field via a TO from a MS SQL server database.  When I do, I get the error 'A cursor with the name FMP_CURSOR does not exist' as discussed in this thread. I found a post indicating I sh...
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  • Child-Grandchild filtering problem

    Database relevant fields   UNIT:: (parent) UNIT::ID__Unit (UUID)   OWNER:: (Child) OWNER::ID__Owner (UUID) OWNER::id_unit  =  UNIT::ID__Unit    PRICE:: (Grandchild) PRICE::ID__Price (...
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  • File size changes during migration (with DataMigrationTool)

    Have somebody else noticed change of filesize before and after data migration? I've had one file that I've updated approx once a week with data migration tool and it's filesize has been going up and down. The clone fi...
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  • Email: Perform on Server with Attachments

    I am starting a new thread on this to be more specific and uptodate with my experience.     Users need to send emails with attachments. FileMaker is set to export fields contents to a  temp directory ...
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  • New fonts does not work from the FM server

    Hello Community, I am generating some reports for customers and I send reports to customer every month. Recently I re-styled the report and installed new font (exo 2.0) on my computer. All seems to work fine.  ...
  • How do I get all items from portal to show in a report?

    I feel like this question as been asked a number of times, but I haven't been able to use any of the suggestions to work for my problem. I'm using Filemaker Pro Advanced 16 and am trying to get all items listed in a p...
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  • FM API for PHP

    Hey Everyone! I have an issue. I know how to use PHP API for filemaker and pull records and add records etc. In the screenshot is a list of records. Each one is unique. I pull that from the services table by the newFi...
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  • White Paper: FileMaker Development Conventions | FileMaker 13?

    Where can I find an updated version of this? White Paper: FileMaker Development Conventions | FileMaker   This information appears to be several years out of date.   Can I begin field names with underscore...
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  • XSLT stylesheet for XML from Parsed email?

    Hi,   I am attempting to ingest into a database, via RSS, content created by both Google Alerts and Google Scholar. These are my priorities but eventually this will expand to other feeds and by which time I hope...
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  • import error

    Hi, I created two files in FileMaker pro 4 years ago, file A and file B. I have been working with the same two files weekly since then. I create new records in file A which has a field BTB #  that populates with...
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  • Andere Funktion neben "Hole (AusschnittZeileNr)"

    Hallo, ich habe eine DB mit zwei Tabellen. In Tabelle 1 ist ein Ausschnitt zu Tabelle 2 mit Bezugsdatensätzen. Kann ich in diesem Ausschnitt jeden Datensatz von 1 bis ... durchnummerieren indem ich eine Formel i...
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  • Find out the difference of two set of data

    Hi I am new to filemaker. Is there any ways to find out the difference of two set of data?   It should be almost same except the primary key and creation date/time.   Could filemaker differentiate the diff...
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  • Importe Tabelle zu Tabelle

    Hallo zusammen Ich wickle meine Aufträge uns Adressen in einer Fm Daten bank ab   In der Vorkalkulation ( Tabelle ) generiere ich Daten die in einer Offerte ( Tabelle ) dargestellt werden die Nachkalku...
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  • Attachments in Emails

    GIVEN   I have scripts that print as pdf to a temp location and insert it into a container field.   I have a SEND Mail script that exports that PDF to a temp location which is then attached to the email. &...
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  • Download from server error

    I tried to download a file today, and it downloaded damaged. I ran recover and get this message:   Timestamp Filename Error Message 2018-12-02 20:45:22.862 -0500 YouthServices_Master.fmp12 0 *** Started consisten...
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