• Exporting and importing 89,000 unique key

    Hello,   I'm exporting 89,000 unique key from ESS - MySQL to .CSV local. Take's less then a minute. Perfect. Then I'm importing then back into a FMP DB locally stored (empty DB). Take's forever, saying the numb...
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  • Select Records in sequence from sorted file

    I'm in brain lock..... I have the following table:   Category 1           Tool 1              ...
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  • Creating Folders

    I have a PO system with a container for a PDF of the vendor invoice. FileMaker will take that PDF and export it to a specific folder on their file server. This work very nicely.   The script builds the path ba...
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  • How can I find which fields are no longer used?

    I have a database that I use for my business.  I created the original version about 20 years ago.  It has grown like it has a life of it's own.    Over the years I've added and deleted (probably)...
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  • How to find only the first starting letter of a word?

    How do you perform a find for all words in a field that start with a particular letter? For instance, I would like to be able to see all vendors that begin with the letter C   Thanks in advance. Jimmy
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  • Chiusura improvvisa di Filemaker su iMac

    Salve a tutti, sono nuovo del forum, scusate se posto questa domanda in questa sezione. Ho un problema di questo tipo, da qualche tempo sul mio iMac, il programma Filemaker pro 11 mi si chiude dopo ogni modifica in m...
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  • Bank Balance

    How to: I need my Bank Balance to retain previous record amount. Can I do this without a Script or is that the best way?
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  • Error displaying data on layout using ODBC connection to SQL server database.

    Has anyone seen this error before [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]The multi-part identifier "Untitled.dat" could not be bound? Windows 10 Pro with FM Pro 16 using a 64x bit ODBC SQL Server Connection. T...
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  • FMP 16.04 crashing under APFS

    Hello,   I have a new customer that just brought a new MBPro 15 ( 16 go Ram 1 To SSD ). SSD is formatted using APFS.   We have installed our solution ( Auction solution ) and FMP is crashing .... once a w...
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  • Dynamic fields name

    Hello community,   I'm doing a conversion process that can be hook to any external ODBC source. So I wrote 'Connector' script that let me dynamically define the source fields names and layout name to read the v...
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  • Populating Multiple Join Table Records with Single Related Field

    This is my first question and my first project in the FileMaker Community, so please go easy on me   I'm working on a solution for a nonprofit involving the relationships one would expect: Persons can make gif...
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  • Creating line items based on vendor

    In my solution I have a portal that needs to display a list of line items for a particular order. These line items are grabbed from a vendor's list which is stored in a separate table. I have gotten this same operatio...
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  • Date issues with imported CSV file

    By script I import a daily sales file output by our corporate computer in CSV format. Dates are stored in this file as YYYY-MMM-DD. The dates come into a FM Date field, but show a question mark until clicking in the d...
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  • E-Mail aus FMP 15 mit Outlook 2016

    Einen guten Tag (resp. Abend) allen   Aus FMP 15 Advanced und Windows 10 mit Outlook 2016 schicke ich via Scriptschritt "E-Mail senden" eine E-Mail mit Text und Beilage. Nach dem Auslösen des Scriptschritte...
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  • Is it possible to lock records to prevent accidental changes?

    We use filemaker 8.5 to also make invoices and actually want a button when we are ready to lock or open the record, is that possible and if so how?
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  • How to not show data before search

    Hi! This might be hard to explain, but i’ll give it a try. the starter solution invoice has a web layout called invoices. I would like to strip this to only have a search field and show hits of that search. &#...
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  • Updating summary fields

    When you work with FileMaker for so lang there are features which are so ‘normal’ in day-to-day use. As far as I know summary fields are recalculated when there visible on the layout? Now, out of the blu...
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  • Create Temp Table from Sort Break Field

    Is there an easy way to create a temporary table from sort break fields?   For example, sort the weather for a month or year by type and at each break build a temporary table such as this five row table? Then w...
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  • Online Connected Users count display in Web Publish Layout Screen

    Hi All,   How to do this Count Connected Users on my Web Publish page (below) & how to import this on my WP Page(including login, inside layout)?   TIA, Suresh
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  • Relationships problem

    I have two tables. First LOCATION with fields: -Name -Аddress -CU serial number - communication unit:device type   Second COMMUNICATION UNIT with fields -manufacturer (ABB, SIEMENS,.........) -serial numb...
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