• FileMaker Product Roadmap 2019 (sortable with video time sigs)

    This might be futile, but would anyone else be interested in helping edit an alternate table of the key areas of investment for the FileMaker Product Roadmap? This might work as an easier reference if there were vid...
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  • PDF from WebDirect

    Sometimes, as much as I like Filemaker for its ability to do most anything, I get frustrated at being able to find out how to do the simplest things.   For example, I know that one cannot Print from WebDirect.&#...
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  • Mojave Compatibility

    I'm writing this out of complete frustration. I have been an active and daily FileMaker developer for almost 10 years now. I think this needs to be said. Because no one seems to be saying it.   When talking abo...
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  • Why doesn't auto login work on FileMaker Cloud?

    Hi.   I'm experiencing an issue with files hosted on FileMaker Cloud.   In File Options, I have "Log in using:" set with a valid user name and password.   However, when I launch it in WebDirect or...
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  • Building an Audit Log

    I ran into a situation today when a record was deleted and the client wanted to know who deleted it.   So now I want to build an audit log.  For this situation it will record who deleted a record.   I...
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  • HELP!!! - FileMaker Web Direct Solution Crashing

    Hi,   We have a file that works perfectly on web direct and then all of a sudden randomly becomes unusable. The file loads and you can see the layout but you cannot click any objects on the page and cannot see ...
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  • fmsadmin account 'overwritten' as user account by IT dept(!)

    Before installed FMS 17 on the Mac my new client purchased, IT created a second User (admin) account "fmsadmin", which I discovered after installation (but before setting up the migrated files). So, shall I assume th...
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  • FMS: Change secure database folder path

    Can the default and/or secure database folder paths be changed to a different folder and/or volume via the cli, console, or api?   Thanks.
    created by smith7180
  • Base elements for Server

    Hi,   I use base elements, the free version.   I have always installed it on each individual user's system.   Can it be installed on the FM Server instead?   FM16, Mac
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  • QuickBooks Desktop

    Most of my clients use QBO.  And I have a nice solution to push invoices from FileMaker.   I have 2 clients on QB Desktop and for them I use Transaction Pro Importer.   It works, but it is extremely c...
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  • FMS 17 Web Publishing Engine Fails to Start. New Install

    New installation of FMS 17 on Windows Server 2016 Standard.   Web Publishing engine fails to start even though in IIS the standard FileMaker website appears both on ports 80 and 443.   Web Direct fully sw...
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  • Excel Import Best Practices to Prevent Slow Import

    Hello,   I'm importing ~100,000 contact records from Excel using FMs import feature. It took 16 hours. I'm sure calc fields and indexes have a lot to do with that, but was wondering if there is anything that can...
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  • FMS 16 - WebDirect access but not FMS nor OpenRemote? (1 vs 2 machine)

    Hi all   We've been using FM for a long time, with FMS, FMP, FMGo, WebDirect and CWP. For years we had a 2-machine FMS setup so that we could keep the DB server behind the firewall, and the WPE outside. This wor...
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  • List Format

    Hello,   How is it possible to format a list?   I have a field (I call it for the explanation Acts) whith a drop down list. People are not rigorous when they type into Acts, they type in lowercase, upperc...
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  • Re: FileMaker Server - updating IP address

    We have installed a new router with faster internet.  The new router requires the server computer to change its fixed IP address.  That I have done.  I now want the FileMaker Server 14 IP address to upd...
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  • AWS AMI with FMS

    I would like to have a FMS AMI in AWS so I can quickly deploy new FileMaker Servers.   I started with a new Windows Server 2012 R2 instance, installed FMS 17 and a wildcard certificate. Then I stopped the databa...
    Jason Wood
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  • Out of Space, Backups skip Remote Containers

    I had a client's server machine run out of disk space.  They had a lot of backups stored, but I noted that the backups did not have remote container data.  It seems that if the server runs out of disk space,...
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  • Mac, PC, and the Great Linux Hope

    I love the Mac however the most recent update to the Mac Mini has left me pondering where to go from here.   As a FMS machine, a midrange 2018 Mini with decent specs will make a good FMP server. It will also mak...
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  • ODBC Connection with Integrated Windows Authentication

    Hello   We have a server using FMS14 and needs to connect to a SQL Server using Windows Authentication to ensure PCI Compliance. Whilst the DSN itself test correctly, with or without SPN filled in, whenever thi...
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  • Apple Pay and FileMaker SDK

    Hey was wondering if anyone has played around successfully with trying to incorporate Apple Pay in their FileMaker app , for in app purchases?
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