• WebViewer blink

    Hi I have create a calendar with fullcallendar and I have implemented in my app. I have a problem when I am adding event to the calendar, the refreshing is blinking the calendar. I am using a recursive custom func...
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  • Setting static ip address in server 16

    We have just moved from server 11 to server 16. New install on a new machine. We shut down and removed the old machine from the network. Followed the manual for the set-up of 16. However, I cannot find where to set my...
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  • How do i keep track of a specific client Total purchases with a chart

    I have a PERSON-TABLE which is for my clients info, and FINANCIAL-TABLE for clients transactions, i developed a chart that shows the first 10 clients based on transactions made in DESC, only one clients took over the ...
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  • Layout Autosizing on Rotate in FM16 WebDirect

    I have some layouts optimized for iPhone portrait mode, but with all four autoresizing anchors checked/turned on.   The resizing works fine, of course, when you manually re-size the window in FMP 16 for Mac/Wind...
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  • FileMaker to Xero Intergration

    In the future we may switch accountancy packages. I've been researching to see if there are any free demo's that I can use with a test database.   I've found an article by DBservices (FileMaker Xero Integration ...
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  • FMS 16: Admin Console--Log Viewer -- Web Publishing Core

    FMServer 16.0.3 is currently running with Webdirect, SSL WildCard Certificate, Windows 2012 Server R2.   I noticed that the Log Viewer for the Web Publishing Core is actually empty.  Everything is running ...
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  • External data sources based on variable. Again...

    Hi all. Maybe someone of you remembers my previous post ( How to avoid FM looking for External data sources ) about an issue related to the use of variables in External data sources.     To go clean, I cre...
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  • Runtime Prefs - Permitted Hosts - why

    I have just tested building a runtime, using FileMaker Pro Advanced 16.0.3 After launching the runtime, you can navigate to the Preference menu. When you do this, the "Permitted Hosts" tab is visible and editable. ...
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  • Barcode Creator || Trouble scanning Barcode

    Using the Geist Barcode Generator to make packaging labels.  Will make hundreds of thousands annually.  The print result I'm getting is not scannable.  The QR code works every time, but I must be missin...
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  • Export Record to Excel

    Hello everyone,   Happy holidays!   Currently sitting and battling with a database, since our customer wants to export records via WebDirect. Now, since WebDirect does not support the script step "Export ...
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  • FileMaker hosting company, does anyone have a recommendation?

    I have a client who is pretty light on infrastructure.  I would like them to consider a cloud-based hosting company for their FileMaker application.  They are somewhat skeptical of the reliability of a cloud...
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  • FileMaker Cloud 16 Update

    Learn about FileMaker Cloud 16, which brings the full power of FileMaker Server to the cloud. With the release of the FileMaker Cloud 1.16, several features that were exclusive to on-premise FileMaker Server are now a...
    David Happersberger
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  • Remove FM logo in splash screen - legal way

    Hi,   I am just wondering if there is a licensing option that makes it possible to change the visibility of the FM Logo in splash screen after user use the application for extra fee.   Does anyone know FM ...
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  • How do i show the 10 highest paying clients in my Graph

    I developed a graph in filmmaker, that shows client payments ,  but now that the clients are more than 5000 and the graph is pretty useless right now, so i am trying to limited the clients to just 10, using ...
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  • Can anyone provide a definite answer on whether Office365 SMTP can be used in FileMaker 16?

    We have a solution where we have setup the SMTP settings with server: smpt.office365.com / port: 587 / authentication: Plain / TLS / We use an actual mailbox account to sign in with the appropriate username and passwo...
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  • reinstall filemaker pro advanced 13

    Hi all, i experienced a corrupted apps (filemaker pro advanced 13) and need to reinstall the apps. However can not find where/how to get the original file/apps for reinstalling it... anyone can advise? Thank you ..
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  • Multiple Processors and NUMA Nodes

    FM 16 Server Windows 2016 Server Std.   When i go into the FileMaker server, and look at task manager, i notice a disparity on utilization from processor one and two.  When i look at the process affinity, ...
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  • Deployment during development options

    I am at the beginning stages of migrating a system from FMS 13 to FMS 16. There is a significant FM GO component with iPhones. I need some suggestions to discuss with the team as I work through this evolution especi...
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  • Import and Exporting between a Runtime and Go Solutions

    I have been using the .fmpur format for import and exports between a Runtime and Go solutions.   Forgive my ignorance, but this seems to be lacking in subject matter in the FileMaker documentation.   I wou...
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  • Developers subscription kit

    Okay so I am just getting the fact that two of FileMakers salesmen lied to me about the contents of the developers subscription . I called twice before purchasing and was told both times that this subscription include...
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