• Multiple users Same app differentt data

    I am fairly new to Fm and have been reading as much as I can about the data separation model and the 360Deploy but have not yet figured out the best way(and I think there may be a few) to achieve my goal, below, and a...
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  • Data Separation

    After spending too much time and too often in importing data after requested changes into a complex medical multi-language solution I have decided to try moving toward the data separation model. And after reading a f...
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  • Question about FMS 16

    I just installed FMS16 few hours ago. I am totally new with this, so please bear with me...   Since my FMPA 16 and FMS16 is currently under same area network, so it's very easy for me to connect to FMS16 using e...
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  • Java 8 151 and FMS 16v3

    By the way, this week I had a Windows 2012 Server do an automatic upgrade Java to 8 rev 151 and it killed WebDirect.  The shipping version with FileMaker 16 is Java 8 rev 144.  So don't upgrade Java to 151 i...
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  • Open Record Based off Location

    Hey there..   okay so for my business we disc/mow weeds with a tractor for fire prevention. we do around 30-50 Job locations per day. Every time we get to a new job we must search the work order number to get t...
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  • WebDirect hung sessions causing problems

    I have a client who is using a copy center program I developed which allows 1200 teachers to submit print jobs over the internet using WebDirect.  Teachers insert PDF files into a container field ... but each day...
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  • Inspector button state issue

    For awhile I've noticed that the drop down on inspector to change button states has an issue where it stretches all of the options to the bottom of the page making it hard to choose.   Sometimes clicking and clo...
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  • Google/OAuth setup error

    I and my team are trying to deploy FileMaker Server using OAuth with Google. But, something was wrong and we don't know why this happen. That is the problem's screenshot:   Could someone help us, please? Do you...
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  • <Field Missing> after updating file

    I'm using a data separated model to manage the same solution on 2 servers, with each server having its own data file. In the past this has worked great, but recently I've run into an issue where a new field that I cre...
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  • Limitations of using the Data Separation Model in FileMaker 13?

    I am about to start rewriting a large complex solution and over the past few days I have been experimenting with some of the new features in FileMaker 13. Before I start my rewrite I am trying to get a clear understan...
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  • Distributing Runtime Solutions

    Runtime Solution. Hi all   I haver created a FileMaker 16 pro advanced database and now need to distribute it.  I have successfully created the runtime solution and all is well on my iMac.  I have tri...
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  • 2018 FM Roadmap Question - Any details as to iOS SDK for HealthKit and HomeKit

    In the 2018 FM Roadmap webinar there was a comment (and slide) about integration with the iOS SDK being able to integrate with HealthKit and HomeKit.   Are there any other details about what this will include an...
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  • Runtime customization

    Hello, I have a folder with: Main solution (single file) and two subfolders with a Runtime of that solution for OSX and a Runtime for Windows. The all package goes to teachers which will distribute the runtimes to s...
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  • Changing the default backup folder in FMS

    I'm unable to change the default backup folder in FileMaker Server. Validation of the specified path works allright, but I can't save the changes. Anyone who has a solution or an explanation for this?
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  • FileMaker 16 Web Direct Issue

    Hello All,   I've a issue with the FileMaker Web Direct 16 solution and it shows blank page,   see below steps what I did,   - I am using chrome browser. - All Cache and temp file are cleared from begi...
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  • Has anything changed in WD in 14 that would allow us to use SAML auth to pass user credentials?

    Still trying to find a way where we can use our standard SAML auth via CWP or with WD to allow users to get the normal authentication experience when entering a WD site?   I know with v13 and WD you could not pa...
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  • Server busy error message

    Using FM15.0.4 on Windows 10 and files hosted via internal network on Windows Server 2012.     For our internal company sales dashboard, we have a file with just two layouts.  One is a series of portal...
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  • FMS 16 / Win Svr 2016 / Sophos AV

    Hi,   I have installed FMS 16 on to Windows Server 2016 and all is running good locally.   I tried to access my db from a remote client and although I followed the guide for the required ports in the Windo...
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  • Gmail API integration on Filemaker16

    Hi Community, I'm here because we have need to integrate the Gmail API with our Filemaker 16 solution: we have already done integration with Google Calendar API and we tried to add Gmail now.   We have Google O...
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  • DIGFM: New FileMaker Cloud Admin API  (11/9/2017; Santa Clara, CA)

    November DIGFM MeetingNew FileMaker Cloud Admin APIThe new FileMaker Cloud Admin API allows us to automate many actions that were previously only available in the web based admin console. Use the API to check on conne...
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