• No scripts are available for the specified account - that old saw

    Hello,   I have been struggling with this on a new install of FileMaker and running the default Java 8 update 171 on WIndows Server 2016. I am working with file that I am migrating from a FileMaker 13...
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  • Experience with New FileMaker Data Migration tool?

    Hello All,   I was thinking to use the new FileMaker Data Migration tool for one of my clients and want to know how reliable is it in terms of data integrity? Have anyone of you tried it on live projects? How w...
    Hemant Kumar Patel
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  • Tracking each user's login

    Hello, I have a database with tasks and when creating a task, its status becomes New, after viewing this task (moving to the page with details about the task) by one of the users who can see this task, it has me to an...
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  • Tracking each user's login

    Hello, I have a database with tasks and when creating a task, its status becomes New, after viewing this task (moving to the page with details about the task) by one of the users who can see this task, it has me to an...
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  • FMS problem after Windows update

    This system (FMS14, Windows Server 12 R2) has been running for years.  After the latest Windows update, clents can see the server but no longer see the files.  Also, noticed that Remote Desktop doesn't work ...
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  • FileMaker Network Security

    Dear FileMaker community,   Today I set up a local server for WebDirect access. After setting the SSL, I asked the network IT guy to open ports 80 and 443. His responded so arrogantly that opening ports <1000...
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  • Best way to use FileMaker as a backend for a website

    I have made a database in FileMaker that I have been giving access to users with FileMaker go. The demand for access though was much higher then I expected I would like to meet the demand. I am assuming that the best ...
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  • Cant open a pdf of a folder of FM-Server PC

    Hello everybody, I wanted to ban all data from the containers directly to the FM-Server's File-folder. My Server is installed on a macOS Sierra (mac Mini).   I use the FM Pro Advanced 16 and the MBS plugin ...
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  • Microsoft Remote Desktop 10 For Mac Released

    Previous discussions regarding Remote Desktop 10 Beta for Mac were buried in an earlier post Microsoft Update 1805 Breaks Remote Desktop for Windows but Remote Desktop for Mac has now been officially released on the A...
    Andy Hibbs
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  • FM Go 17 works but ...

    Posted an earlier piece about FM17 not working on AWS but as a test, I tried FMGo17 connecting to AWS even though FM17 says there are no files being hosted (not true, AWS console shows 3 are hosted) and it works thoug...
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  • Clickable Map of FileMaker user groups

    Hi All, Here is a clickable map of FileMaker user groups... http://www.twdesigns.com/resources/filemaker-user-groups.html ...built using FileMaker.   Here is a NON-clickable screenshot for your pre-viewing en...
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  • Authentication on External Server

    Reserved today to upgrade our FMS to v17 and install our new SSL certificate. I was previously running FMS on a MacPro (El Capitan) but upgraded to High Sierra out of necessity. I was also running macOS Server 5.6 and...
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  • About a windows runtime

    I have created a windows runtime to run on a 32bit windows installation. The runtime works completely on the machine I created it on that is a 64bit windows machine with both 32bit and 64bit FM installed. I created th...
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  • Possible to have filemaker data api engine load plugins?

    I have two plugins I use extensively for my filemaker solutions:   TroiFile: Troi File Plug-in for FileMaker Pro - File Manipulation FileMaker Pro Base Elements: BaseElements Plugin – BaseElements Plugin...
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  • Opener Button with Custom Logo

    I have a client who would like to open their solution on the iPad home screen with a button that has their logo on it. Is there any way to do this, other than SDK?
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  • FMS 16 Server Backup to NAS location

    I'm aware that FMS can not be backed up to a remote network path. Our IT consultants have suggesting using a Synology Network Attached Storage device that would technically be on the network, but appear as a local dri...
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  • New Server - PC or Mac

    Hey team! I'm about to purchase a new machine for my server. My company is growing fast with a lot of web clients.   I am leaning toward a Mac Pro (maxed out) since all of my non-web-based employees are 100% ...
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  • Development Timeframes

    Hi,   I am having trouble giving development timeframes when asked to build something. My boss will say "I need X, how long will that take to build". I am frequently left guessing, is there a rule of thumb etc. ...
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  • How Do I set max. no. of script sessions on FMS17

    I know it is via CLI and command is   fmsadmin set serverconfig scriptsessions  However I can not find the parameters listed anywhere so far.   I tried both:- fmsadmin set serverconfig scriptsessions...
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  • I.T. wants us to move Filemaker Server from local Mac to corporate PC

    Hello everyone. I am hoping for input from experts regarding switching our local Mac FMS to a PC supported by our corporate I.T. department. I'm not, in general, opposed to a PC for our server; it is I.T. involvement ...
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