• FM iOS SDK Open Remote 802 Error - SSL Required?

    I recently started working with the FM iOS SDK (version 16.0.4) and am trying to use a launcher file to run the Open Remote script step to access a file hosted on FileMaker Server (version 15).   When building t...
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  • Security for Separated Solutions

    There's quite a good discussion going on in another thread (A Conversation About '2 Factor Authentication') regarding the dangers of attempting to use so-called "ersatz" security measures. Rather than derail that thre...
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  • combining the AWS FileMaker Cloud host cost with other AWS costs in a single account

    We had some other matters get in the way of our FileMaker project, so we had to put it on hold temporarily. We think we're about ready to get started now, but now we have another question.  First some background:...
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  • Customising the FM WebDirect Home Page

    Now that WebDirect is so much more useable, much faster and requires much less RAM - I imagine that some more folk will use it and want to customise the WebDirect HomePage to suit their customers.   I attach a s...
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  • FileMaker WebDirect URL Link with Script

    I'm trying to run a solution that runs a script upon opening in WebDirect.  Here is my link: https://fm.campgreenacres.com/fmi/webd/Filename?script=ScriptName   I keep getting the following error message: ...
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    I have an entry field that automatically completes the entry from a Value List of names.   It works just fine in FM Pro, but does not work in FM Go or Webdirect.     You can access the field ...
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  • Server IP AddressES

    In the admin console status I can see that several labels say "IP Addresses" (plural), but I only ever see one IP address in those fields even though our servers have several names and numbers each.   I guess I ...
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  • Custom Web Publishing Crashes (But WebDirect Stays Online) - FMS15

    Hi All,   I have a two-machine deployment of Filemaker Server 15, one machine acting as the database server and the other machine acting as the "worker" web server machine. We run both a WebDirect site on the Fi...
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  • Which type of SSL Certificate

    Hi seen a number of posts on SSL Certs and i have my FM16 server up and running. I want to add SSL certification from Go daddy but i am unsure of which to go for everything is on one domain but i have two sites both r...
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  • Runtime haunted ? unable to find it's primary file

    Hello from France. Please excuse my bad english. FMP Advanced v 16.0.5 - MacOS High Sierra 13.3.4 I have no problem to compile a runtime and make it run locally. If i zip the folder of the runtime, copy it to an u...
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  • filemaker go

    i  made a FileMaker solution and sent it via email to my iPad. When i try to  modify the contents with the FileMaker go app on the iPad i get this error: This action cannot be performed because this file is ...
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  • iOS SDK Wrapped Solution in App Store - Is data lost after an update?

    I am working on a FileMaker solution that will be wrapped with the FileMaker 16 iOS SDK. I am concerned that after updating the app, the users will lose all data stored inside of the FileMaker solution.   A laun...
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  • Installing FileMaker Server 14 on Windows Server 2012 R2 without Internet Access

    I had quite the experience attempting to install FM Server 14 on a server with intranet. I went back and forth with FM Support on the issue. Eventually with a combination of their suggestions and searching Microsoft S...
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  • RESTfm POST not working, all else works

    Hola amigos,   I got RESTfm installed in FM Server 16, so far I have used it to GET records and perform scripts, all that works great, installation report from RESTfm shows all items in green telling me it is wo...
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  • FileMaker Prime

    Hi All,   Just get a idea to combine development for FileMaker Pro Advanced with Server Development.   Is there any FileMaker Pro + Advanced + Server Development Version will be developed in the future which...
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  • How long should a server be kept online?

    Just throwing this out to the community to see what others feel is a reasonable amount of time for a server to be online. We have a number of mini servers that we've been running for three years then rotating them out...
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  • Popup/ dialog box reminder with multiple informations

    Dear all   I have prepared a popup reminder which turns on every time a specific amount of days come to end for different events. I did use LOOP value because, without it, my script stops on first found. Now I ...
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  • after 16.04 server update, Web Direct very slow (15 seconds) to load first screen, fine after that

    I updated my server to 16.v04 last night and now the web direct first page is loading ever so slow at about 15-20 seconds. Any ideas?
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  • Getting error 3 when it does not make sense

    How about a new mysterious case - at least for me ?   Error 3 is "Command is unavailable (for example, wrong operating system or mode)", pretty easy to understand isn't it ? Thing is I am getting this error wher...
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  • Setup remote access to my home solution?

    I want to use FMGO to remotely access my solution on my home Win10 computer... how do I set it up? It's working as long as I am at home... but I want to use my iPad to get to it when I'm at remote locations. I've used...
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