• Data Separation

    After spending too much time and too often in importing data after requested changes into a complex medical multi-language solution I have decided to try moving toward the data separation model. And after reading a f...
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  • FileMaker Cloud and AWS

    I am planning to move the FileMaker server 16 to FileMaker Cloud Before I start the process I though I'd ask if there is any other service that I would need from AWS other than the one mentioned below: EC2 Instanc...
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  • Web Direct to PHP conversion companies?

    Looking for recommendations of good companies that efficiently can convert Web Direct projects to a full PHP-based web interface.
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  • Layout for FileMaker Go

    I have created a layout specific for iPad based on the main layout.   But now, when I opened my database from my iPad using FileMaker Go, it will open in my main layout which is for desktop view only, so I need...
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  • Access FMS16 Question Part II

    OK. I have setup FMS16 and I can remote access it without any issue.   However, when come back home (hosting server at home), I will not be able to access FMS if my computer is connected to the internet via anot...
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  • ODBC using Windows.

    Keep as a reminder and save many hours!   Well I haven’t done this for a while, but I needed to set up a Windows Server 2008 R2 to connect by ODBC to a FileMaker server 13.  Easy right, done it loads o...
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  • FileMaker WebDirect error (Server Err in '/' Application)

    I finally get my FMS16 & FMP 16 working~~~ spend nearly 72 hours on this! Thank you for bigtom & wimdecorte & CarlSchwarz's help!!!!   Next challenge is to make FileMaker WebDirect working. Now when ...
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  • Question about FMS 16

    I just installed FMS16 few hours ago. I am totally new with this, so please bear with me...   Since my FMPA 16 and FMS16 is currently under same area network, so it's very easy for me to connect to FMS16 using e...
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  • FMS 15 - Additional Database Folders does not work.

    OS: Win2012SrvR2 FMS   After adding the correct path to the console field for Additions database folder 1   a. The validate path button does nothing. You click it and it's like clicking on a pi...
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  • import PSD into container causes error on Windows

    having an issue importing PSD (Photoshop) files on Windows.   If we drag and drop into a container field, it does import the file, but does not have a preview.  Only a blank white icon and a file name. ...
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  • Filling Fields in Find Mode

    On my layout I have a dropdown and a field beside it displaying the value from the dropdown. How do I replicate this behaviour in Find Mode? My dropdown is set as pick ID but show 2nd field (Site name) only with the s...
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  • Why PDF content field showing blank, after reinstall acrobat, showing additional page thumbnails?

    I wanna show the simple preview page, just like open in Mac Preview.app, is PDF interactive field associated with Acrobat.app, can I change to Preview.app?  
    created by jiang_aq
  • Production line counter, to count passing widgets

    I'm looking for a device that can count, say, 100 bottles per minute passing down a manufacturing production line in a factory.   The device needs to send the count 'live' into FileMaker.   Some kind of US...
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  • Help!!! Need to create conditional pop-up or drop-down lists

    I want to create a product database with three conditional value lists for my Product's category, sub-category, and type. However, it's been awhile since I created the database using FileMaker Pro, so I am kinda lost ...
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  • Importing XML file using XSLT - Not working but no error message

    Using Filemaker 14 on Windows.   I am missing something and I cannot see what. there is no error but nothing is imported either. This is my XML file     <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> ...
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  • Runtime customization

    Hello, I have a folder with: Main solution (single file) and two subfolders with a Runtime of that solution for OSX and a Runtime for Windows. The all package goes to teachers which will distribute the runtimes to s...
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  • Displaying Local Images in Webview using FileMaker 16

    I have recently had an issue display locally stored images (through external container storage method) in Webview. The goal is to use the images stored in the container to generate dynamic HTML content in the Webviewe...
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  • timelineslider

    Hi, Looking for a solution i would like to ask you all if you can help me.   I have to fill a timeline with 1 of 3 options for every quarter of an hour during a day (24H).   option 1 = 1 = White option 2...
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  • Customize Label on Graph

    How do I customize label on a graph?   The graph I'm trying to control, shows how a particular business "business x" is doing compared to competitors.  Lets say  "business x" is number 1, the graph...
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  • Creating new Campaign in MailChimp.

    Hi All, I have used a cURL to create a new campaign in Mailchimp. The code is given below.   Url https://us16.api.mailchimp.com/3.0/campaigns —X POST --user 'somevalue:xxxxxxxxxxApikeyxxxxxxxxxxx-us16'--h...
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