• General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and Testing

    While I was researching for a new hosting provider, I was confronted with a really intriguing question:   What will happen when the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into force?   For th...
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  • Enter record button scripting error

    Hello everyone,   I am having trouble with one of my scripts (picture attached).   This script is supposed to do the following things. I have buttons to save record. 1) This script saves new record. 2) ...
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  • Trying to print PDFs on a schedule.

    I have tried to schedule a local FMP file to open at the same time everyday.  This file, upon open, calls a script in a file hosted on the server.  The script on the hosted file creates PDFs and saves them t...
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  • Importing from a Filemaker Table using WebDirect

    I can successfully import records from a Filemaker table using Filemaker Go - the file is on a server.   In the situation where users are using an Android tablet, I cannot do it when I use WebDirect.   I f...
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  • Set Invoice Due Date to 1st every new invoice???

    So, after having mental breakdown, and running around like a chicken without a head. I turn to the really you guys for help!!!....   In the solution I am building, I only generate invoices/statements at the 1st ...
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  • Popover button mystery

    Hi all,   I have this funny problem, well, funny is not the right word. Anyway, I need your help.   I have a popover button in a portal row that just display information. The portal can have 1 to x rows. &...
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  • Los privilegios de acceso de este archivo están dañados o han sido manipulados

    Tengo una base de datos .fmp12, la cual estaba compartida con 3 usuarios usando la opción de "Compartir Filemaker". Durante varios días he venido trabajando en modificaciones, en las cuales he invertido ma...
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  • Calculating Month

    Hello all,   I am trying to build a sales forecasting layout and I have a field for the forecast for the "starting month".  Is there a way, based on the month that is entered in this field, to fill in the n...
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  • Printing a single barcode label and getting all of them instead.

    Here is my script that I am using to try to print just 1 barcode label 1"x2" my layout has already been designed to be the perfect size: And it is set to form view only and form view default to prevent a LIST of ...
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  • How do I get an alert to flash on and off

    Hi Team, I have an alert which copies and pastes into a container field. Is it possible to get this alert to flash on and off? Many thanks Scott
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  • Script CHECK, UNCHECKED Check Box and Vice Versa?

    Hello everyone,   I am having a difficult time trying to figure and overcome this, relative simple, problem. - And yes, I have already been going through the Forum, but couldn't find any exact answer to my ques...
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  • Server Licensing

    I've seen under the new filemaker user licensing that you can install FMS on up to 3 servers.   Currently we host 3 databases, 1 being our own and 2 of our sister companies solutions.   Does this mean I co...
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  • How to count summary based on drop down menu item

    I have a sheet with a problem types field , set as drop-down menu, and a value list selected from the field "Problem Types". The data what i've input can be classificated into  6 types of Prolem. I want to coun...
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  • Replace Send DDE script step

    I am looking for a way to replace Send DDE Execute to merge fields into Microsoft Words 2016 (Office 365). I have a FMS 17 running on Windows 2012 R2 Essentials and users are all running FMPA17 on Windows 10. It loo...
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  • Combine multiple field contents in one portal column

    Hi everyone! I'm new to FileMaker, so please bear with me.   Alright, I'm in the process of creating an iPad app that will be able to evaluate scenarios in school (I'm in a paramedic program and we need to keep...
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  • DefaultFields.xml

    Some nice guy know if exist a syntax guide about the specs?   I'm looking for: - serial number with auto-increment (yes, I don't plan to use it as a KP) apparently, using something like: <AutoEnter type="S...
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  • HTML Emails from FileMaker with multiple attachments

    Hi folks,   I had a few clients in the past that asked me to develop a solution for their CRM solutions that makes them able to send HTML emails directly from Filemaker. After doing this task a few times, I just...
    Siroos Jafary
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  • Connect Remotely (different network) to Filemaker Pro via Go

    Hi All,   I'm stuck.  I have read all of the articles on here, on FM's support page, and am at a loss.  (yes, the answer is probably in front of my face)  I am trying to set up my FMPA solution to...
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  • Help with setting a time to the nearest 15 minutes

    Ok, my brain is breaking on this one.  I have a graph for our anesthetic record app that shows time as the x axis and vital signs (BP, pulse, etc) on the Y axis.   I would like to have the minimum of the Y ...
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  • Fill multiple fields with a variable color code

    What are people's ideas on how to have the following execute properly?  I have a series of layouts that run that I would like to change the color of the fill color and text color of the field.  I would like ...
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