• FileMaker + iCloud

    Hello,   I put a FM personal file on my iCloud Drive. I can access it with my FileMaker client from my iMac or from my MacBook (only one Mac at a time -> good enough for this solution). To use it on FileMak...
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  • How do you create an unsort Value list?

    Im am using FMPADV 14, I have a "field1" with data in the order I want it to display in a value list.  This field is generated frequently via a script.   I have another field that uses "field1" to display a...
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  • Average

    Hello, I have two tables Clients            Values p_key----------<f_key   The Values table has 2 specific numeric fields: Speed_Right Speed_Left I...
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  • Calculate daily average from sub-summaries

    I have subsummaries by year, half, quarter, month, week, etc.   The tricky part is that if it's summary by half, it summarizes trades taken (number field) from 1st and 2nd half, regardless of the year. So it ca...
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  • Get(DesktopPath) empty on Windows 10

    Weird thing: Get(DesktopPath) returns empty, as does get(DocumentPath). Get(TemporaryPath) works.   Same behaviour in FileMaker 15/16/17, so I assume it is Windows related. However looking at the system envir...
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  • [FM Weetbicks] A Variable Way of Writing Recursion

    Hi all,   We've just published a new article at FileMaker Weetbicks about recursive custom functions.  In the article we give a beginners introduction to what recursion is, why you'd use it, and show an exa...
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  • from FileMaker17, Only FMPA.?! No more FMP?

    Hi All,   Yes, FMPA has some more features that Create custom functions, Data viewer / Script debugger, Developer Utilities than FMP.   FMPA is recommend for developers and FMP is recommend for users of th...
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  • Stock Take

    We are looking at converting our stock take from a paper system to using FM.   I've already developed a stock system so this is all is place. What is puzzling me slightly is the method in which we allocate it ou...
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  • Data Migration Tool caveats

    I'm using this post to collect some things that are not clear or trivial when using the Data Migration Tool (DMT) - and its companion FM GUI database. I'm referring to a "current database", and a "new version databas...
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  • List of records

    Is there a way to get a list of records in a variable if it equals a certain thing. For example, I have  several people trying to merge a lot of duplicate records. I had a relationship where if they checked a bo...
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  • Let's Encrypt (free SSL certs) - creating a community project

    All --   I've been corresponding with David Nahodyl from Blue Feather group about his experiences using the free Let's Encrypt SSL certificates with FMServer (references below).  I'm hoping to modify the wo...
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  • FMS 16 WebDirect Import directory - Temp files - can they be removed?

    I use secure, external container fields for document storage in our WebDirect solution.  In looking at the server disk utilization, I found a directory:        C:\Program Files\FileMaker...
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  • Looking into record events: can we have a rules-based system to avoid hard-coding?

    I'm trying to see if in FM we can use/build a sort of event listener.   Wishlist My ideal flow would be: user changes some values in a record using e.g. OnRecordCommit trigger, a script detects what has chang...
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  • How to get latitude and longitude value from google location URL Link

    Hi Guys,   I need help from you, Please advise me,  I am using filemaker latest version,  my staff went to different place,where ever he is going, that place take whatsapp location (i.e Google Maps ), ...
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  • Copy Supercontainer Images

    I am wondering if anyone has advice or know of a way to safely copy SuperContainer images from one record to another. We used to scan images on one associated record but now our boss would like to scan images to all o...
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  • Closing port 80 for filemaker server 17

    hello my client is requesting to close port 80 , for security reason ill use a SSL from symantec for his project   is there any way to configure Filemaker Server with another port ? or is it possible to clos...
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  • FileMaker Go and FM Pro Advanced can't connect outside network

    Currently using a Mac Mini Late 2014 running Mojave with FMS 16. When on my "home" network on the same WiFi, all FMP16 (on MacBook Pro's) and FMGo16 (iPhone/iPad)both connect with no issues. But, when I turn off WiFi ...
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  • FMS 16.0.4 - Mac 10.12.6: Port 16001 not activated after update

    System: Mac Mini Server 10.12.6 (16G1815) Mac OS Server App 5.3.1 (16S4128) FileMaker Server 16.0.4 (Last version)   Dear Readers and Experts   I do help a friend in supporting the Apple Mac hardware and inf...
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  • Compound Summary on Same Line of Report

    Long post to provide details, sorry.   I’m looking for an efficient (performant) way to generate a report which will be required monthly (mostly). It’s rather simple in terms of content, but once the...
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  • Transition off of FM Cloud to just Filemaker Server on AWS

    Currently, we are hosting our FileMaker Server on FM Cloud. I'm starting to develop some web apps that interact with our FileMaker data on the server but FM Cloud is closed and won't allow us to access the data from a...
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