• For a FM Developer why Windows Admin Account Privilege required?

    Dear Team,   Is it possible to develop FileMaker Application By Local Windows User? If No, Why?   Advantages of having Windows Administrator account to develop FileMaker with FM Server Administration! ...
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  • FMS - API - Ports

    Hello,   I try to read a file stored in FMS from another application (JSON). But it does not work (can't access the server).   The instructions says that the ports 3000 and 8989 has to be open to use the ...
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  • How to prevent a script from running

    How do I prevent a script from running that opens Dialog Box when opening a particular layout, but is required for other reasons.
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  • Authenticate with Active Directory after native FM Go login?

    Hi All,   I have a FileMaker 16 Go app that users login and authenticate with Active Directory.   Once users login, the app updates a ServiceNow API and requires the same users credentials to modify data i...
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  • Capital Gains database - buy date

    Does anyone have experience generating the capital gains "Date Acquired" from a trades (buy/sell) database?   If you have done it before you know what I'm asking. It's a for a cryptocurrency application.   ...
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  • hospital design database

    Is there someone can give me a hospital design database? or referrence for me to study? I'm a newbie, but i will try to learn?
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  • CSI : reconstructing the events

    Our system predates me by a big chunk and I have been tasked to make a report about it for the new Chair. I'm trying to be factual but I have only pieces of info and I need to extrapolate the story. Trying to reconstr...
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  • Web Publishing Engine IP Addresses Wrong

    We recently had a power cut and since then the web publishing engine IP address has changed and is saying it is a worker machine when it isn't, this has stopped our Mirrorsync working and also stopped web direct conne...
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  • Terminal Homepage for all my FM Solutions

    Dear All,   I have almost 20 solutions in my server which all Live.   Is it possible to make one homepage for all my solution via FileMaker UI or IWP(not WebDirect, Sorry!)   If yes, suggest me the b...
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  • FMS16 - CWP - Send Mail Script Compatibility

    Hi All,   Is FileMaker Server 16 Custom Web Publish has compatibility for Send Mail Script?   Thanks in advance, Suresh
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  • BaseElements, be_smtp_send breaks my attachements

    Version: FM Advanced 14.0.6 System: MacOSX 10.10.5 BE version: 3.3.4     Hello, I am trying something as simple as adding a single attachment to an email via BE. BE plug-in 3.3 and up has an elegant fun...
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  • JSON String aus Tabelle erstellen

    Hallo,     ich möchte aus einer Tabelle ein json string erstellen lassen und habe das problem das ich nicht über mehr als einem array hinauskomme. Ziel des ganzen ist es eine Art Baumstruktur in F...
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  • How to verify dates from separate portals

    I have a jobs page, on this page are two portals, "Job by Days" and "Job Kilometres Report". I want a popup to advise to add details to the Job Kilometres Report when I add a job in the Job by Days portal. I was think...
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  • What is best way to process large data files (many GB).

    I'm processing large financial data files.  We have about 600GB of text files (tick data) that are being imported into around 32 FileMaker files.  The next step is to merge the FileMaker files into several c...
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  • Error in setting up Mirror Sync

    Greetings. I came across MirrorSync recently, found it very interesting so I thought give it a go. I have managed to install it on FM server. However I am having issue setting it up. I have gone through all the docum...
  • Compatibility with HMRC's new gateway and Sage 50 (v24) integration to FileMaker

    Hi All   HMRC in the UK started a new gateway on 14 February 2018 which has resulted in Sage 50 users having to upgrade to the latest version v24 ( http://ask.sage.co.uk/scripts/ask.cfg/php.exe/enduser/std_adp.p...
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  • Google maps do not work on webdirect

    Greetings.   I've got google maps on couple of my layout which works fine in filemaker. However google maps do not work in web direct.   I have done some research; Filemaker webdirect tutorial  clea...
  • ESET security causes SMTP Email to fail

    Hello, Because of changes in our desktop security, SMTP email isn't working when a user hits a send mail script step. Now getting a 1506 error because of security changes. I put the send mail step into its own scrip...
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  • Thin Text Boxes in layout mode

    This is bothering me for years, saw it happening to other developers too, but today I saw it happening even to Matt Patrowsky in his latest video FileMaker Overview: Text Formatting Functions - ISO FileMaker Magazine ...
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  • FileMaker 16 Product Specs PDF

    Hi,   Anybody know of a PDF version of the FileMaker 16 specs? FileMaker Server 16 Technical Specifications   The version on the FMI website looks nice on screen but does not print well.   I need har...
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