• Oh FMSE, oh FMSE, how convoluted are thy behaviours

    Hi   Gathering a few threads on this topic into this one - perhaps to make a toque to cover up this annoying mess. https://community.filemaker.com/thread/176454 https://community.filemaker.com/thread/186610 htt...
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  • mySQL

    Hello, just looking for some general thoughts / being pointed in the right direction.   We are a music school and manage our student database via FileMaker. We have a local server and a number of  clients f...
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  • .jpg logo Image does not show In global field in PDF iPad

    I have a .jpg logo in a global container field that shows on invoices and such. Works great. But when I print or save as a PDF the invoice the logo does not appear. I am using an iPad and FMGO. I have changed the lo...
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  • SES vs MailChimp AND Plugin vs SelfCoded solution

    Hi there!  I'm not new to FM, but am new to coding in the sense I'm graduating from making an Arduino turn a motor to building a solution in FM.   I've currently taken it upon myself to code a CRM for m...
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  • [FileMaker][FileMaker JDBC]  (802): Unable to open file when trying to connect from "client" application

    Resolved: Faulty license key. Reinstalled with a different key and is now working. Just to be sure it was the key and not something else resolved by a clean install, I reinstalled again with the bad key and had the sa...
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  • Connect JavaScript with DataAPI FMS17. Help.

    Hello Everyone!   I had been working with Google Maps on FIleMaker. I had the solution working perfect with FM Pro Advanced 17, using FMUrlScript (FMP). So, the last week I worked with the implementation with W...
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  • Example File - Integrating FileMaker and Gmail Part 1

    New example file and video from jason_young on using the Gmail API to send HTML emails from FileMaker. Since this uses the Insert From URL script step, it works across the whole platform, including Cloud, Server, Go, ...
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  • In-App purchase from FileMaker iOS App SDK app

    Hello Everyone,   We have created an iOS app using FileMaker iOS App SDK and planning it to submit to the Apple store. What we want to do is to have an In-App purchase option, so the user can click on a button ...
    Hemant Kumar Patel
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  • FileMaker with Facebook

    Hi all, Is it possible to integrate the FileMaker with Facebook Marketing? If, Yes Please send me the reference link. Thanks
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  • Load-Balanced FileMaker Cloud with WebDirect

    Product and version: Feb 10th FMCloud 16 - 5 users - 2 instances  Browser and version (for WebDirect only): - Safari and Chrome   I’ve been doing some experiments to get around the 100 user limit on F...
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  • Filemaker 17 ODBC Update Repetition field?

    How do I do an ODBC update to a repetition field? Documentation seems off.   Trying to do this ODBC command where CustAddress is a repetition   Query: UPDATE custTable SET \"CustAddress[2]\" = 'X' WHERE ...
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  • Filemaker 17 API and Javascript

    I'm trying to open a connection to a database from a web call and I get a cross domain error. Is there a way around this? Here is my javascript. Maybe you guys can tell me what I'm doing wrong. Is this a FileMaker lim...
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  • MS SQL - FMP_CURSOR does not exist

    I am attempting to update a field via a TO from a MS SQL server database.  When I do, I get the error 'A cursor with the name FMP_CURSOR does not exist' as discussed in this thread. I found a post indicating I sh...
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  • Connecting to FEDEX over SOAP

    I have been tasked with trying to connect our Filemaker 16 database to Fedex via their API. The trouble is that the more I study the documentation out there...the more confused I get. I have successfully integrated ou...
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  • XSLT stylesheet for XML from Parsed email?

    Hi,   I am attempting to ingest into a database, via RSS, content created by both Google Alerts and Google Scholar. These are my priorities but eventually this will expand to other feeds and by which time I hope...
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  • How to Configure the 'Send EMail' client

    Hi all,   I'm using Filemaker Pro Advanced 17 (Mac OS)   I've been using the Send email function for a little while now using SMTP with no real issues. I now want to up the functionality a bit and add a s...
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  • How do I get records from a portal into script array

    I am trying to get all the addresses i have showing in a portal to display in a map.     This is the Script which generates the array. but not sure how to modify it to get the data from the portal. As obtai...
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  • How to lock calculation so It does not change

    Hello Community,   I have built an quotation system. It has a products which is an 'REMOTE TABLE'. I have other tables such as customers, quotes, quotesLineItems etc..   When user select product, it will ...
  • Seeking "Snap2fm" installer

    A developer said they had developed a plug in to acquire scans from Fujitsu ScanSnap scanners directly from within Filemaker:   http://fullcityconsulting.com/snap2fm-scanning-directly-into-filemaker-with-scansna...
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  • Call for PSOS from WebViewer in WebDirect. It is possible?

    Hello!   I have a solution with GoogleMaps JavaScript API and FileMaker Pro Advanced 17.   In my code of JS, I use calls of FMSurlScript to interact the Map and the solution. This Works perfect, but now,...
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