• mySQL

    Hello, just looking for some general thoughts / being pointed in the right direction.   We are a music school and manage our student database via FileMaker. We have a local server and a number of  clients f...
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  • Solution that is Synchronized with a Website

    I would like to make a solution that is synchronized with a website. MySQL is the websites database. I want the FileMaker 17 solution to be able to update when a change is made on the website and vice-versa. I am very...
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  • Active Directory from a different domain

    My production server is hosted in a different domain, which I do not have control over. I have a different domain where I have set up groups and can authenticate against on my dev server.   I believe that in FM...
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  • How do I accept payments in FileMaker?

    I'm trying to add the ability to accept payments to my solution, and I've been told that using 360Works Plastic with PayPal Payflow Pro is the best way to accept payments in FileMaker. Is this the case? Are there any ...
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  • Can I use Unix/Linux-style symbolic home path in Insert File

    As I continue to construct ever more successful (thanks to help from this forum) scripts that use Unix shell commands to process video files, I am now here:   - A Unix (Mac Terminal) command (actually, the wonde...
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  • My Curl options are right?

    -X POST https://restapi.e-conomic.com/journals-experimental/1/vouchers  \ --header "X-AppSecretToken: Mytoken"  \ --header"X-AgreementGrantToken: Mytoken"  \ --header "Content-Type: application/json"...
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  • Can a field be excluded from the scope of a record's "mod stamp"?

    In a very high-activity system that syncs with a SQL database to drive a website, I'm trying to build a bullet-proof, non-UI-based way to flag only the records that have been updated in FileMaker and need to be update...
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  • Error with a Windows Authentication ODBC Connection for Filemaker

    Hi,   We are running FileMaker version Currently the FileMaker application successfully pulls data from MS SQL 2008 R2 tables/views via an ODBC connection hard-coded to use a special read-only SQL S...
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  • FileMaker and Teradata Intetgration

    Hello All, I have need to connect to a Teradata source to view (read-only) or import data into a single table of hosted FileMaker Pro database. Although Teradata provides ODBC drivers for most platforms, there is no s...
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  • Filemaker and SIP

    Hello everyone,   I'm looking for upgrading my phone solutions in my company.   We have 25 phone and a central.   All vendors said you have to use IP Phone for getting data back like caller number fo...
    created by tomassia_fm
  • Changing General Preferences through Scripts

    Hi all,   I am new to this community. I would like to Change the FM's General User Interface Options using Scipts for My app. ie., Changing User Name, Notify options and to enable or disable Use Advanced to...
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  • Write data into a file on server

    We have this project, where iOS devices with FmGO are used to make Workhours Stamp-in and Stamp-Out records. Then, at intervals these devices send the data to a central file, on the server called RH. Since we did n...
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  • Gant Chart in Filemaker 17

    Hi There -   Can anyone advise me where I can go to find a template or guidance on how to create a dynamic Gant chart for a filemaker 17 project management application? Thanks - Bob    
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  • SQL Server Drivers Setup

    Hello everybody,   Just wondering what the heck are those drivers listed in Microsoft's page here. Could not resist to give it a try, which resulted in some file installations. However the driver is not seen by...
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  • How to handle filename quotes in Applescript Do Shell Script ... script step

    Asking for help on running Unix shell commands from Filemaker on a Mac. Apologies for the complicated and lengthy form of my question. I know there are previous discussions of this question but I must not have found t...
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  • How to make public a filemaker solution?

    Hi,   I have a solution mounted on FileMaker Server 17, which depends 100% on MS SQL Server; actually we access through WebDirect an Filemaker Go, in both cases typing local address, for example: Webdirect: IPS...
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  • Building a appointment booking system

    Hi All,   I wonder if anyone can point me in the right direction.   I am trying to build a Salon booking system for my Partner.   I need to be able to book in 2 hour slots from 9-5 Monday-Saturday, ...
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  • Fetch mail attachment with AppleScript

    Hello, I use a simple AppleScript to get one or more email from Mail.app in FileMaker. It runs pretty well, except for rich text which is unfortunately "lost" in the process but I can live with it. I try to add the...
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  • Modal widow is changing the size of original window

    Hi all, I have a set a modal window and giving an action using a button from the original window(layout) to open. On button, I have attached the script for opening the modal window and made it like a dialogue box(I h...
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  • I want to store a PDF in my Filemaker 17 File so that i can then open the PDF in my file  to view by clicking on the container?

    I want to store a PDF or excel file in a container so that i can then open the PDF / excel / word file to view by clicking on the container?  I understand that i have to have some sort of variable filepath, but i...
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