• A method for iOS Device to use USB camera for container input?

    Am looking for a method of telling an iOS device to access a wired input device (USB camera) for container field input.   Anybody played in this sandbox?
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  • Set Username in Preferences?

    Hi All,   Is there a way to set the Preferences/Username for each user? Easiest would be a script step from filemaker, but really anything would work, primarily running on Windows and Mac not to worried about fm...
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  • HTML Emails from FileMaker with multiple attachments

    Hi folks,   I had a few clients in the past that asked me to develop a solution for their CRM solutions that makes them able to send HTML emails directly from Filemaker. After doing this task a few times, I just...
    Siroos Jafary
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  • Micro-Services and FileMaker

    There are some threads about micro-services in this forums and very good tutorials written by fmpdude   It looks like an incredible, terrific, powerfull toolbox   on the other hand, I’m puzzeled - J...
    Markus Schneider
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  • FileMaker server 10 MAX OS compatibility

    Is anyone aware of maximum OS compatibility of FileMaker Server 10? I have a customer looking to upgrade to a new server. I'm going to be suggesting to them upgrading their FM install, but they seem reluctant. Just ge...
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  • Editable re-populating fields??

    Hello. I am using Filemaker as a database. For the project, I have different tests forms and each form is given at 3 different times. I have created a tab for each form with sub-tabs for each measurement point. I am w...
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  • Send Mail with SMTP on O365

    Hi,   Does anyone know if the STARTTLS issue that has been commented on in many different posts on here (as far as I can tell) is sorted in v17?   I'm in the middle of a migration from Gmail to O365 and ne...
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  • How do I get focus back from FileMaker in VBA?

    I've created a VBA macro that is initiated from Autodesk Inventor.  The macro calls for a FileMaker script to be run on the user's machine.   After the FileMaker script runs, Inventor gets the result and th...
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  • SumUp Card Payment and FileMaker URL callback

    Hi FileMaker friends,   I am trying to integrate this new payment method into a FileMaker Go solution - so far with limited success. https://sumup.com   URL schema can be found here https://github.com/su...
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  • Can you add Icons to Customized Started Solution Template

    I made a few changes to some of the starter solutions, first by duplicating the original then renaming the template to name + modified.  These new newly created templates show when viewing the advanced solutions ...
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  • Integrating FM13.3 with FM17

    This is a general question, but I can't find any answer in this forum. I have been working in FM13.3 for some considerable time. Like other longer-term FM users, I have been gazumped by upgrading my Mac operating sy...
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  • FM17Go access FM17Server

    In my business I have several solutions where a local database in FM Go interacts with a hosted database in FM Server.   I have had no problem at all with this setup. The server have been upgraded from version 1...
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  • I want to make a database for a job fair. 

    Using Filemaker go.   The concept would be to have multiple ipads you could hand out to people looking for a job and they fill in the form.  Then it would collaborate the results of the applicants to on...
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  • Angular, React, NodeJs, FileMaker Rest API

    Hello FM Community, I can't seem to find any information on how to integrate Angular (Not AngularJS) and FileMakers Rest API. Is anyone using FileMaker and Angular or React?  If so, can you please share any inf...
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  • FMGo read data from BLE device?

    We are self hosting FMS 16 and use FMG on iPads to collect data during a quality inspection of a product.  During this inspection, we use a gauge that is also connected to the iPad via BLE.  This device has ...
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  • External Process causes Hanging?

    I am using an external process with FileMaker Pro 17. I mean I am using the Send Event script step to run something from the command line. I do this sometimes with BE_SendEvent or even use the Troi File Plugin to do i...
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  • FMPA17 How to create a Summary DefaultField?

    I have this now manually done, a summary field. How do I get it into xml for the DefaultFields.xml? (Yes, this screenshot if from fmpa16). Thx
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  • Relational Database working only for ONE entry

    The SETUP:   I'm trying to setup preset options for a form, so when one field is selected in the drop-down, the other look-up fields will be auto-populated (Main)     Within this, I've also nested a...
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  • How to migrate external container data?

    I'm working on a data migration project, moving records from a table within file A to a similar table in file B. Both files are hosted on FMS 16. I scripted the import and the records all came across fine, except for ...
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  • Filemaker 17  New Window question ?

    I need your help on this: I want open file with the close button disabled do you have a way to do this ? I tried when the file open to open a new windows without close button but if I try to close the first windows ...
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