• FileMaker MFA with local Active Directory

    Could someone briefly outline, how such services would be integrated into an Active Directory and FileMaker Server? What communicates with what? And how?   I spent quite some time googling this, but can't seem to...
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  • Filemaker cloud compatibility, or lack of!!

    I've used a dedicated server for many years, but I thought I'd try the AWS cloud as an alternative. I've set up the instance, ported my AVLA license, and now I find half of my users are not able to connect. Cloud 17 O...
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  • 2018 Tableau Conference

    Hi Everyone,   I was wondering if any other FileMaker developers are planning to attend the 2018 Tableau conference next week in New Orleans?  Our Tableau rep mentioned they are expecting over 16k attendees...
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  • Does FMeasysignature works in WebDirect

    Hello.   Just a quick question about FMeasysignature. If I deploy this easy signature in my project, will it work from the WebDirect. Or it only will work in desktop FileMaker.   I'm looking to ways which al...
  • Scheduled Extracts using Web Data Connector for Tableau

    A lot of people attended my session at DevCon where I talked about Tableau and FileMaker and what is possible with combining these 2 great platforms - here is the recording if you want to listen to it.   FileMak...
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  • DIGFM: Leveraging LiveCode (10/12/2017; Santa Clara, CA)

    October DIGFM MeetingLeveraging LiveCode  Kevin Miller will provide a live demo of the LiveCode for FM product, recently released at FileMaker DevCon 2017 in Phoenix, Arizona with a successful demo to a standing-...
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  • Issue with 'update found set' import option

    Hi,   Anyone have any idea what would keep FM13 from correctly updating a record through the 'update found set' option?    I have a step in a script which calls for finding certain records, then upd...
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  • updating Word Template from filemaker fields

    I want to complete a number of different documents that are word documents eg quotes, invoices, agreements etc. Is there a way or sample where i can get data from the filemaker database and fill in these forms as usi...
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  • Allow creation of records in this table via this relationship

    Hello there,   I have a database with many tables related between them by account number. One of these tables contains the general data and demographics of all the records, but the other tables only contain a su...
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  • FileMaker, Office 365 and Emails : Anyone got it working together ?

    I have a client using Office 365 for their emails, and would like to be able to use FM to initiate an email. Having looked through the discussion here, there is not many clear success stories. When we tried, using t...
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  • HTML Emails from FileMaker with multiple attachments

    Hi folks,   I had a few clients in the past that asked me to develop a solution for their CRM solutions that makes them able to send HTML emails directly from Filemaker. After doing this task a few times, I just...
    Siroos Jafary
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  • Google Maps Integration with FMP

    I manage a variety of real estate and have created a FMP file to run the business.  I would like to integrate google maps into my file.  Is there a simple tutorial that anyone can recommend to help me get st...
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  • How to setup an API Key for Google Maps ?

    I used FM Starting Point (FMSP) Ver 6.0 from Richard Carlton Consulting website, as an example for a solution that requires displaying several location points in a map. (Not the simplest map) I copied all the CF's, Sc...
    Alejandro Felix
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  • Two identical JSON-strings isn't identical

    I have the following JSON-strings:   String 1: {"Order_Array":[{"Adress_Adressrad_ett":"Kungsgatan 34","Adress_Adressrad_tva":"","Adress_Foretag_EllerPerson":"Ronny Berglund","Adress_Land":"Sverige","Adress_Or...
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  • 411 Length Required error on Insert from URL vs Postman

      I've tried about two dozen combinations of headers to try and connect to a local FM database with Insert from URL, adding and deleting individual headers to try and get the magic combination that will return t...
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  • Create folder in Dropbox

    Does anyone have a script example of creating a folder in Dropbox?   Also - Does the user have to be logged into Dropbox in a browser or where are they logged in?    Using the token generated here...
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  • Office 365 integration help

    We have moved to Office 365 and now our Filemaker Pro Database will not allow us to send emails or excel reports. Is there a setting in Filemaker that will allow it to choose Outlook and Excel in Office 365?  ...
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  • Bento 4.1.2 to Filemaker 16

    How do I get my Bento database converted to Filemaker 16? The Bento to Filemaker tool does not work, and converting to version 12 is unsatisfactory. If I can translate my Bento database to Filemaker within the templa...
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  • FMS SSL - Nightmare for beginner FMS admins?

    Hi All,   Why this SSL Certification Implementation is bit complicated for Beginner FMS Admins?   What is the advantages & why this concept is mandate from some few versions and above?   Will it ...
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  • Shell Script to Copy Files

    Hi, I know this should be easy but I am beating my head against it.  I know it is like a 2 second job for somebody who knows shell script.    So, I want to copy all files (but not subfolders) from: ...
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