• Proper cURL options to get an access token from RingCentral

    -Get a (free) ringcentral developer account. -Create/Register an "app" from your dev account panel.  Set it up so you can use "Password Flow" Authentication -In Filemaker use the  "Insert from URL" scrip s...
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  • SSL Cert Help

    Morning   Completely new to SSL Certs. I have managed to complete all the steps of generating a request etc. and sending of to our CA which is CSC.   I have received 4 files back:   My_Domain.CCC Ad...
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  • FM16+ and SendGrid v3 API basic Send Mail integration file.

    Basic integration with SendGrid v3 API. Works with SendGrid free tier account.   Has an API key and a mail account setup to test sending mail with plain text, formatted text or html. Attachments are currently lim...
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  • Chart js does not load in web viewer on first load

    I observed a weird thing when I first opened the file chart did not load than I created an other record but when I browsed to previous record it just stated working as expected. I closed and opened file many time but ...
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  • FileMaker Error 1506: Email message(s) could not be sent successfully.

    Good day, I'm running FM Pro advanced 14 and I have a solution with a script that sends mails to lots of users. For the last weeks I've been presenting trouble with the SMTP script step, it might send one or two mail...
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  • How to use custom icon without Launch Center?

    Our company has designed a custom icon with our logo that will start our solution from within launch center on FM v14.   Is there anyway we can have the custom icon outside of launch center like on the deskt...
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  • FMUrlScript Issues with FM 16 & 17.

    Hello Community!   I have a big issue with FMURLScript, let me tell you.   FileMaker Version: Pro Advanced 17 Plataform: Windows 7, 10 and MacOs Sierra & HighSierra   My first problem is, from M...
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  • YouTube Topical Timestamp Links Script/Function/Service?

    This is not really a FileMaker question, but its purpose is to help us support a lot of FileMaker-related content.   In this age of YouTube, we are getting a lot of content that requires sequential access and do...
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  • JSONSetElement bug with more than 18 digits numbers?

    Not sure if this has been reported, or if I am missing something really obvious, or if I am going crazy!   This calculation: JSONSetElement (  "" ; "number" ; 1111111111111111111  ; JSONNumber ) ...
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  • Importing from Container Field

    Morning FileMakers....   I recently heard from a fellow developer that it is possible to import data from container fields.  Meaning, you can insert an excel spreadsheet into a container and then, either lo...
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  • API's

    Here in the UK out tax collector, HMRC are haphazardly trying to introduce "Making Tax Digital" (MTD). I believe there is a similar thing in the USA. The objective is that all accounting records should be held digital...
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  • Chart js presents data from another table records

    jbrown I just made a test file. I am happy with the look of chartsjs in the webviewer but I want to use this webviewer on another table layout to reflect its records. Is that possible?
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  • Chart js with background image

    I want to render a chart in webviewer based on chartjs with a background image. I have done it in html file but I am wondering with data:text/html method how this background image will load?
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  • Integrating Google Drive into FM

    Hello everyone!   I'm relatively new to the community. I only started working with FileMaker programming this year and I've been specializing in integrating API and JSON into FM applications. Well, I've been hit...
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  • ODBC import - PSoS and datasource

    Hello.  I am looking into using the ODBC import to build a local "cache" table for items in my database.  When I setup the script in my server published database, I don't see the ODBC connection I have setup...
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  • Getting Save as PDF to add number to filename

    Hi,   I have Save to PDF working as I would like, however if I have an existing save to pdf open (in pdf application) and they click save to a pdf again in filemaker I get a prompt stating the pdf could not be ...
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  • Crashing and lags with ESS MS SQL connection (FMPA/Server 17)

    Hi-   I am just now (for the first time) trying to get ESS to work with a SQL Server table on a different server.  The table holds about 3300 records.  I have the link working fine and am pulling the re...
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  • Consulting help transitioning away from FileMaker

    The recent pricing change has made it impossible for my organization to be able to stick with FileMaker. Does anyone know of a consulting firm that would have good FileMaker experience as well as the ability to create...
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  • Conditional Formatting to Auto Populate Field

    I have 2 fields, one is customer ID and the other is Customer Service ID-     I would like users to be able to select CustomerID and based on their selection CustomerServiceID auto populates with the corr...
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  • Default Times in FullCalendar

    Hey Everybody,   I had a question a couple of weeks ago regarding the FullCalendar use in FileMaker.  Thank you for those who helped me with this.  Now I have another, I am wanting to change the Defaul...
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