• What Firewall ports are required for Container fields?

    I have a database that displays PDFs from container fields in a Global container field.  When the Firewall is turned on my local/internal Mac Mini development server,  the Global field does not display the P...
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  • Unselect a segment from a button bar

    Hello,   FileMaker Pro Advanced 16 and 17. When I click on a segment of a button bar, this segment is active. Is it possible to set this segment inactive by script without clicking on an other segment of the b...
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  • Following on from the master-detail portal

    Following on from the new master detail portal, would it not be logical to develop it to work with detail portals as well.   I have modified a Sales Ledger to remove the script required to show the detail of...
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  • FM17 Speed?

    I'm finding FM17 a bit more sluggish than FM16, especially in Layout mode.  I think the new fixed tools on the side are imposing a bit more startup time building the object browser and field lists.  But I'm ...
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  • v17 Strange Dropdown List behavior

    Regarding v17, Windows 10 PC.  Has anyone else experienced an issue with scrolling in drop down menus in files that were created in previous versions. I am seeing that some newer files are not affected and some t...
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  • Blind Accessibility

    Hi Everyone,   I found out today that we are interviewing a unique candidate next week for an open position within our organization. She is blind (no sight), and our needs requires the position to data enter inf...
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  • Set Invoice Due Date to 1st every new invoice???

    So, after having mental breakdown, and running around like a chicken without a head. I turn to the really you guys for help!!!....   In the solution I am building, I only generate invoices/statements at the 1st ...
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  • Tip: Photographs Of Reflective Surfaces

    I wrote a FileMaker database to manage and track vehicles, that also has the ability to request trespass tows, which are usually requested after dusk and before dawn on iOS to avoid irate trespassers or violators. The...
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  • FileMaker Go 17 Other New Features

    Yesterday, I was using FileMaker Go 17 and discovered a new icon in a dropdown menu field. The dropdown menu is populated with the field's contents across all of the records. I noticed the icon, but wasn't sure what i...
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  • Why the up/down arrows on fields in FM17

    I'm definitely having problems adjusting to FM17!   All the new fields are now showing up/down arrows on the right hand side.  I would like to remove them as I like a nice clean field.  And it uses unn...
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  • How do you sort the new master-detail thing?

    When I create a portal to current table in 17 for the master-detail view, the data in the portal takes the same sort order as the found set. Is there some way to make the portal sort alphabetically (without changing t...
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  • Filtered dropdown list across multiple records using multi-keys

    I took a great deal of time to study ISO Magazine tutorials provided by Matt Petrowsky. I would recommend them to every Filemaker aspirant. I am interested in the dropdown across multiple records that would eliminate ...
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  • Webdirect rendering issues with mobile browsers after rotation

    We use WebDirect extensively and are currently working on a mobile-specific interface for a particular solution.   We're finding that certain anchoring options are breaking WebDirect's ability to correctly fit o...
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  • Tab control in portal. Why can't I get it to work?

    I know I've done this before (I'm pretty sure), but I'm not able to get a tab control into a portal.   I'm trying to show more info on a record in a portal by using a tab control, but for some reason the portal ...
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  • Set Username in Preferences?

    Hi All,   Is there a way to set the Preferences/Username for each user? Easiest would be a script step from filemaker, but really anything would work, primarily running on Windows and Mac not to worried about fm...
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  • Slick Boolean Checkbox

    Hi All - I am chasing down ideas and examples of simple Boolean value layout objects.   I want to not use a Check or Tick for a checkbox object on a portal row or layout, they look ugly and I was wondering what ...
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  • Resource-Calendar

    Here's a cleaned up and a bit enhanced version of my landscape-timeline web viewer-based calendar. Improved FM Go touch-handling   • double-click/long-touch into grid for new event • click on row-t...
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  • Calculating Month

    Hello all,   I am trying to build a sales forecasting layout and I have a field for the forecast for the "starting month".  Is there a way, based on the month that is entered in this field, to fill in the n...
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  • I keep getting this "Can't modify this record because .....

    This used to work but recently I been getting this error message.  I can't identify what other window it is talking about. In this case is use a script to bring up this card to collect information about smoking ...
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  • FMGo read data from BLE device?

    We are self hosting FMS 16 and use FMG on iPads to collect data during a quality inspection of a product.  During this inspection, we use a gauge that is also connected to the iPad via BLE.  This device has ...
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