• Web Direct to PHP conversion companies?

    Looking for recommendations of good companies that efficiently can convert Web Direct projects to a full PHP-based web interface.
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  • Symbols appearing instead of text

    On one of the client computers is replacing some of the text on a layout to symbols. When the computer gets restarted this problem goes away but then comes back the next day. I've checked all other computers connec...
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  • Creating basic navigation in File Maker

    I'm new to File Maker and looking to do what I assume is a relatively straightforward task. I have a table of Users and a table of Tasks. Each user can have multiple tasks associated with him/her but every task can ha...
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  • script to send login user to specific layout specific to that user.

    Anyone have a simple script that when a user logs in to FM through a custom login in sends that User to a layout that specifies that specific User's files? As in, John logs in and I want to send him to a dashboard tha...
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  • Running Multiple Instances of FileMaker.exe on Windows 10

    Is there a simple workaround to opening multiple instances of the FileMaker app itself under Windows?   I've looked around and the behavior on Mac is a bit different than Windows, where you can have multiple win...
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  • Unreadable Font FileMaker

    We noticed with a lot of customers of ours, that there was a Adobe update whereby the fonts in FileMaker became unreadable. I found the following link: FileMaker - Fonts Display Incorrectly - Knowledgebase - Michigan ...
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  • Java and FMP 15 and 16

    Hi   Just updated my MBPro from OS X 10.11 to 10.12.  When I opened FMPA16 I got a request to download legacy Java.  So I did.  Now, whenever I run FMPA16, I get a little Java icon in the dock....
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  • WebDirect - go to object - bug report

    This may be specific but seems reproducible (FileMaker 16) Go to Object for a popover button or an object on it doesn't work if used after New record or Duplicate record. _________ Edited (added info) from here ____...
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  • Filemaker Server - What is the reaction when user enters incorrect authentication/password

    I am looking for information on how Filemaker Server responds in an invalid authentication situation. (A user enters a wrong password - how many wrong passwords are allowed before action is taken, and what action(s) a...
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  • Disappearing field in find mode

    I'm currently playing with the Content Management solution from the Starter Kit. I noticed when I'm in find mode, the Notes field would disappear.   Does this mean I can't find the content in the Notes field? Th...
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  • Script Debugger, Data Viewer Open, Running Script, Drag Data Viewer to new window crashes

    I'm curious if anyone else can reproduce this issue.    If you are debugging a script and have the Debugger open and the Data Viewer open and the script is running (e.g., long loop) and you're just watchin...
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  • Select and Move from One Portal to Another

    Hello,   I am in the process of creating a layout where users select employees from one portal, click a button, and they add that employee ID to another portal.   See image below:     The left por...
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  • Found Set records lost when returning to layout

    We are having a strange and concerning issue within our accounting department only.  The simplest description is that the user starts with 10 records in the found set of Layout A, runs a script that uses a Go to ...
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  • FMS 15 - Additional Database Folders does not work.

    OS: Win2012SrvR2 FMS   After adding the correct path to the console field for Additions database folder 1   a. The validate path button does nothing. You click it and it's like clicking on a pi...
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  • About text wrapping

    I guess that I have hit an unknown-to-me key combination:   My field was wrapping by character. That is, characters within a word would drop to the next line. Now the field is wrapping by word. That is, the full...
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  • Multiple users Same app differentt data

    I am fairly new to Fm and have been reading as much as I can about the data separation model and the 360Deploy but have not yet figured out the best way(and I think there may be a few) to achieve my goal, below, and a...
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  • can a sub summary be repeated on next printed page

    Is it possible to repeat a sub summary to the next page when?   I have tried everything and find it very peculiar that there doesn't seem to be an obvious way of accomplishing.   using Pro 13
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  • Specify Field Current Table fields not sorted

    Specify Field Current Table fields not sorted   Why is it that when I right click on a field and click specify field, the pop-up window shows the current table with the list of fields in random order. There is n...
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  • Best solution for providing contextual information to the user.

    Within the app i wish to provide  information within the context of individual layouts or specific fields. For example there could be a small info button next to a question of a more complex nature where some add...
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  • Data Separation

    After spending too much time and too often in importing data after requested changes into a complex medical multi-language solution I have decided to try moving toward the data separation model. And after reading a f...
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