• Google Charts In FileMaker

    FileMaker offers many different options for charting, but if you need a chart that is not available in FileMaker, you should consider using Google Charts. Google Charts is a free Javascript framework that can be used ...
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  • More on Apple Maps from FileMaker 16

    Hi All, There have been several previous threads on accessing Apple Maps from FileMaker and we found some good ideas. Previously, in VetFM (our veterinary practice management system), we have been using a link to Go...
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  • Startup script messing up another startup script

    I have two scripts I plan to run at startup.   The first, License Key Script, prompts the entry of a code to unlock the file with a combination of the PersistentID, a name and an email. The other, Splash Screen ...
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  • Line Graph Find Menus to Total Amount Spent Per Year

    I’m extremely new to filemaker and struggling to complete a layout that my supervisor needs.   We work at a theater and are building a database of past budget numbers. There’s a number of variables ...
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  • Card Window's Parent Layout

    I'm wanting to know the parent of a card window that is entered from various layouts and it would be convenient while the Card window is open to know what the parent Window is.  Right now I'm doing this with glob...
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  • Dropdown List where the Second Field is shown First?

    Hi - not hopeful about this but maybe someone has a clever way to do this?   I'm creating a date entry layout for sales orders, and the users would like to be able to add items three ways: From a search box pop...
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  • For a FM Developer why Windows Admin Account Privilege required?

    Dear Team,   Is it possible to develop FileMaker Application By Local Windows User? If No, Why?   Advantages of having Windows Administrator account to develop FileMaker with FM Server Administration! ...
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  • Webdirect rendering issues with mobile browsers after rotation

    We use WebDirect extensively and are currently working on a mobile-specific interface for a particular solution.   We're finding that certain anchoring options are breaking WebDirect's ability to correctly fit o...
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  • My fields won't populated from dropdown unless I click somewhere else

    Hey guys, something silly is driving me crazy. I have a client look field that uses a dropdown list (i'm using the PK and the client name fields) As you can see I have the associated fields conditional hidden if...
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  • FileMaker via Citrix - popups and user name

    Hi there   Our remote sites access FileMaker Pro via Citrix to access centralised databases.  Users authenticate with AD credentials.  Since upgrading the version 15 of FileMaker Pro, users receive upg...
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  • Only see newly created records (Prevent Existing Records Modification)

    Dear All,   I had a form fill type solution. Master layout page has multiple privileges as Admin, Manager, Entry User.   Every-time Entry user creates new record as per FM Standards Records adding one by o...
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  • Pages double when in Preview mode with some layouts

    When I enter preview mode my layouts show as I designed them, but somehow some layouts "turn into" 2 pages when I enter preview mode - so in preview mode I have the correct layout alternating with an unwanted page. (T...
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  • Filemaker Diary/Appointment Layout

    Hi, I'm fairly new to filemaker and I am trying to create some form of calendar or diary within my data base. My company has mobile engineers who need to go to multiple appointments per day therefore I need away to bo...
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  • Chiusura improvvisa di Filemaker su iMac

    Salve a tutti, sono nuovo del forum, scusate se posto questa domanda in questa sezione. Ho un problema di questo tipo, da qualche tempo sul mio iMac, il programma Filemaker pro 11 mi si chiude dopo ogni modifica in m...
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  • CAD Software

    Hello Has anyone had experience of linking FileMaker Pro with CAD software? The software is CET Designer from Design spaces - Configuration made simple | Configurahttps://www.configura.com/ It appears to link to Sa...
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  • Multiple Relationships Between Tables

    I am having trouble setting up Portal B as defined below. Does anyone have any ideas regarding how to setup the secondary relationships and portal?   I am editing an existing DB that has 2 tables- Table 1 : Co...
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  • How can I decrease field heights?

    New user here - How can I decrease the height of all of my fields (and set as default) while keeping the font size? I'd like to decrease the space between lines/fields. I tried inspector but was only able to decrease ...
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  • How can I script Filemaker to open a certain window if I've earlier clicked a related link?

    Let's say that I am making a Filemaker app about sandwiches. The users is given a first screen with the option to choose three sandwiches:   1: Choose a sandwich you love: Chicken Turkey Tuna   The user...
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  • Positioning Card Windows - Different on iPad vs. Desktop

    Good day, all. I'm having a very odd issue with positioning a card window. Here's the script I use to do it (in part):     Set Variable [ $param; Value:Get ( ScriptParameter ) ] Set Variable [ $windowName...
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  • Crash of runtime 16.04,0403

    The runtime crash often when opening a popover with a external table on last MacOS 10.13. Many users report crash
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