• How to keep an optimal window size on PC ?

    Hi,   Since FileMaker PRO 16, it seem to be difficult to keep an optimal window size on PC's, because of the *smart* alternative display of scroll bars. In other words, the scroll bar is now only visible when ne...
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  • Adding a value to a value list

    I have a layout with a field for selecting a Job, therefore the field has a value list of all open jobs.   If this is a new job they need to select the NEW JOB button.   I was wondering if there was a way ...
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  • FMP Go 17 Web Viewer with JS not working

    Hi   I have the following simple html code in a webviewer that displays a pdf with some simple javascript that scrolls the pdf. THis all works great on FMP but on Filemaker GO the webviewer is blank. Can anyone ...
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  • problem delay with mouseover in the rows portal

    in the portal design I activated the mouse over to highlight the line when the mouse passes over it My portal must show 15 fields and the problem I find is a long delay in highlighting the line when the mouse is moved...
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  • Show calculated value during a Find

    I feel a little sheepish asking this question since it's simple enough but the answer somehow escapes me: I have a simple calculation (text) field that shows the value, ZIP, when a user enters a ZIP code in a text fie...
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  • Smart Sort List View

    Hello,   I do not know if this is the appropriate area for this.   I have uploaded a simple technique for sorting list views. It consists of 1 script with no dependencies. Sorts occur dynamically, each colum...
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  • How to appear in portal related pop up records

    Hello,   My question is; in portal, when i select a unit from pop up menu, how to automatically appear related records in their edit box. In sample picture you can see what i mean..   I need, when I select...
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  • Form Moves on iPad Screen !

    I managed to get the the right Form size (via zoom) for my DB Form to fit the iPad screen, but I find that on the iPad when I swipe my finger on the screen down, up or sideways the entire form will move momentarily an...
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  • Unwanted dialogue box

    I have an app that makes significant use of the Insert from URL step.   It works perfectly.  My problem is that a warning box  URL Data Transfer. pops up.  I can't find a way to suppress or hi...
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  • Sync calendar using exported .ics on FMServer

    Hi guys,   Need an idea on how this thing is possible or even if it is possible. So I have a FM Server 17 up and running with a FM solution that has the option to export a calendar file .ics that you can use t...
  • How to Resize DB Form Interchangeably from Large Screen to iPad Size .

    I am returning back to FM after several years and need to re-learn how to create most everything.  Having just purchased FM Pro Advanced 17, I have been able to import my old files that were made with FM 12. ...
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  • Themes for Sale (or FREE)

    Writing an article about themes and want to include web sites where custom themes are being sold or given away for free. So far, I've only found:   Themes for FileMaker Pro - filemakerthemes.com   While IS...
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  • Filemaker and SIP

    Hello everyone,   I'm looking for upgrading my phone solutions in my company.   We have 25 phone and a central.   All vendors said you have to use IP Phone for getting data back like caller number fo...
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  • DIY Security Audit

    If you have a DDR-processing tool that does all this, please share how you would assist a security audit. Or if you are a developer of a DDR-processing tool, please take note.   We had an audit that requires da...
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  • DIGFM: The 2.6 Million Dollar Dev  (12/14/2017; Santa Clara, CA)

    December DIGFM MeetingThe 2.6 Million Dollar Dev  This presentation is the saga of how, in a single year, an in-house FileMaker developer successfully fulfilled the major promises of an unsuccessful 7-year, $2.6...
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  • Calendar for iPad & tablets

    Hello!   I'm trying to find a way to make the pop-up calendar a bit more thumb friendly, for a layout designed for the iPad.   Is it possible to enlarge the calendar? Would be a bit odd if this wasn't an o...
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  • mySQL

    Hello, just looking for some general thoughts / being pointed in the right direction.   We are a music school and manage our student database via FileMaker. We have a local server and a number of  clients f...
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  • Clearing Guide Line

    Is there a way to clear all the guide lines? 
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  • List view color

    How can I get the colors in list view to be transparent?  I'm using an underlying graphic for an invoice, and in form view, I can see the graphic, but in list view (which is needed), the graphic is covered by gra...
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  • In-App purchase from FileMaker iOS App SDK app

    Hello Everyone,   We have created an iOS app using FileMaker iOS App SDK and planning it to submit to the Apple store. What we want to do is to have an In-App purchase option, so the user can click on a button ...
    Hemant Kumar Patel
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