• Top Call Stats - What is meant by up to 25?

    I downloaded the log file once from FMS15 and it had at least 34 rows.  I've read that it's supposed to show the 25 slowest client requests, but the one I downloaded seemed to be describing at least 34 client req...
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  • Adjusted desktop icon & fonts size, now layout is too big

    After re-configuring our desk officers work station I set the (windows10) desktop to enlarge the icons & fonts to 125% since the monitors are now further away.  Now when we open FM (16 pro) it's huge and spil...
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  • Why am I getting "running out of memory" notices from web publishing?

    We are running FileMaker Server 15 with Web Publishing, single machine deployment.  We recently had to recover from backups, and we did a clean install on a fresh server machine, then loaded our backup DBs, and w...
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  • Damaged File Message

    I keep getting error messages that my file has been damaged or is not found. When I open it, it appears that the most recent records or changes I have made are missing. Has any one else had this experience? I'm wonder...
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  • Help with Contact Picker for Database

    Hi guys,   I have been making progress with the database I have inherited, and many of the functions are now running and improved. There is however an issue I am having, and I'm completely stuck.   The iss...
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  • Any Substitute for Runtime Solution

    Hello All,   We have been using FileMaker Runtime solution to give a trial of our products to new customers. Since Runtime is now deprecated and lacks several new features of latest FileMaker versions now it's n...
    Hemant Kumar Patel
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  • iOS Apps on the Apple App Store (created with FileMaker iOS App SDK)

    FileMaker Inc. released very powerfull tool for making native iOS apps and the best thing it can be placed on the Apple App Store. I thought it might be a big inspiration for all developers to see what kind of apps ca...
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  • Anyone else having issues with Filemaker 11 Pro Advanced and Mojave?

    Process:          FileMaker Pro [43341] Path:             /Applications/FileMaker Pro 11 Advanced/FileMaker Pr...
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  • new primary key Get (IDUU)

    when I create a table, with the new FM I create a primary key field with the calculation "new primary key Get (IDUU)". I have a very old db where even there are no primary keys, but everything works because it is ver...
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  • Filemaker Server 17 Slow Web Direct

    Hi Everyone,   After updating our server from filemaker 2015 to filemaker 2017, it was noted that there was a significant increase in the load time for webdirect connections. Upon closer inspection, it seems tha...
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  • FMS - Kafka

    Hello, I would like that FMS continuously listen to a Kafka streaming data bus to access some data concerned by his FM files. Anyone get a solution or idea? Thank you   Ben
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  • FileMaker Server Cloud 17 API with Postman error?

    I have downloaded the latest FMS Admin API 17 Collection for Postman (for Windows, up to date) and I cannot get the "Log In" Post to work. I  consistently get "503 Service Unavailable" when trying to connect to m...
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  • Directory of programmers?

    Is there a place on this site (or other) to find FM programmers to hire?   I need and entry level person. Need to be able to work onsite in Los Angeles Part Time / Project Based
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  • Running two FM sessions at the same time

    When working on access control I have to   log in FULL ACCESS log out log in as a user would Test access Repeat as necessary.   Is there a way to have two FM Session running at the same time.  One...
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  • Currency Fonts Issue

    Hello Friends I Have an issue in currency font which is not showing while in previewing in pdf form but itself in filemaker it is showing in both ways (Browse mode as well as preview mode). I want to ask it is an iss...
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  • A way to check if a server script is stuck?

    I had a server script hang and didn't notice (wasn't looking). What can I do to 'check' automated wise? Anything or should I just peek from time-to-time?
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  • FM16 client access FM14 Server

    Hi,   I have a client on FM14.   I currently am using FM16 and for the last 6 months have had zero issue with running their FM14 Hosted file.   They are now ready to go up to FM16.   Based on m...
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  • Add Auto-Enter Serial Numbers Posthumously

    Background (skippable): I recently began working here, and my current project involves working with a linguistics research department who has done all of their FileMaker development on their own. I'm implementing join...
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  • Use of licenses

    Hello i need to know exactly how many licenses have to buy... my needs are : develop the application on my Mac , computer A On other Mac computer B , i need also to import the application that i develop, make othe...
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  • Advice when creating a User Guide

    Hi Folks!   Just a quick one, as part of my role I am to create a user guide for the solution I have to generate a user guide, so the organisation I work for have a reference document after I move on and go to U...
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