• Avoid Database Corruption ?

    Hi guys,   I'm developing a database, and it has been auto closed twice for me. When I re-opened it, it's working fine. I always close the database, before close FM. How do I avoid corruption and how do I re...
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  • When hiding an object, how do you string multiple conditions together?

    I'm hiding an object useless it has certain numbers. Can I string these numbers together? See what I have below. It also seems that after 5 "xor" conditions it starts to generate the opposite effect (i.e. will hide th...
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  • Freezing when selecting Script

    Is anyone else getting this problem? When I try to select a script from a list such as when selecting a script when using the Preform Script function or when setting script triggers. Each time I click and the menu sho...
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  • External data sources based on variable. Again...

    Hi all. Maybe someone of you remembers my previous post ( How to avoid FM looking for External data sources ) about an issue related to the use of variables in External data sources.     To go clean, I cre...
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  • Alternative Backup Solution?

    I’m interested in using CCC on a Mac hosting an active FileMaker server.   Are there any concern about data integrity issues under a scenario like this?
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  • Remove FM logo in splash screen - legal way

    Hi,   I am just wondering if there is a licensing option that makes it possible to change the visibility of the FM Logo in splash screen after user use the application for extra fee.   Does anyone know FM ...
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  • reinstall filemaker pro advanced 13

    Hi all, i experienced a corrupted apps (filemaker pro advanced 13) and need to reinstall the apps. However can not find where/how to get the original file/apps for reinstalling it... anyone can advise? Thank you ..
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  • Calendar System issue with FM Server/WebDirect

    Dear Community,   We are running Filemaker Server on a Windows Server in Bangkok and are having two issues with the calendar system:   1) When trying to schedule a backup in the Admin Console of Filemaker ...
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  • FM Webviewer not refreshing the page

    Hello Community.   I have build an small webpage using PHP and HTML. This page has SQL Query which updates my SQL database, because I use MYSQL database with FileMaker.   I am viewing the webpage in the ...
  • License keys don't work

    I use FMPro 14 on a Macintosh with High Sierra. I have just moved the system and my apps to a new startup disk. FileMaker now asks for the license key. I have this on record, and it corresponds to the key shown in the...
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  • FileMaker Pro 14 won't launch on Windows 10

    Hi, I recently upgraded 2 of our work stations from Windows 7 Professional to Windows 10 Professional, and I can't get FM 14 64bit to run. I've uninstalled and reinstalled the program several times, and made sure wi...
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  • Best practice for off site backups

    I have a business critical database hosted on a Windows server in the cloud with a Filemaker hosting company. It currently backs up on the server both nightly and weekly.  I want a recent backup stored in my hand...
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  • I cannot upload fm12 to server ater removing the same filename on the server

    After removing the database on the server,then two issues come below: 1. When opening this database locally, appear “ filemake network sharing is turn off" 2.When uploading this database to server again, appea...
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  • AM I right in assuming that runtime apps can not send information to another computer to store the data that it creates?

    When using an iPhone with low space for storage (16 gb), of data created by the processing of info gathered, of the accumulated processed data I would like to transfer this data to my home computer then delete it of m...
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  • 8461 "Deleted invalid field data, ID or repetition invalid" in Recovery.log

    Hi All, I have a large system that has crashed 2 times in the past 2 days. We swapped out hardware and it is running now. Meanwhile, I am running some tests on the FileMaker system. Verify block structure = OK &...
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  • How do I delete draft FMP files using FMP 16

    I apologize that this has probably been answered a hundred times, but I have searched to no avail.   Using Finder,  I can't find the files on my Mac ... I don't see a menu option within FMP ... I started wi...
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  • Possible Bug Report: FMS 15 Server Shutdown on ODBC Connection Failure

    Possible bug report: Over the last couple weeks, our FMS 15 has spontaneously shut off.  To be explicit, the serving of files by FMS has been deactivated while the rest of FMS remains active (WPE, ODBC, etc.).&#...
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  • Look up value? Or Calculation? Enter value from a field in a related table

    Hi there,   I am trying to have a value from a related table populate a field. The tables are related based on related field, but I would also like to grab another value from the related table and populate the f...
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  • Does FMeasysignature works in WebDirect

    Hello.   Just a quick question about FMeasysignature. If I deploy this easy signature in my project, will it work from the WebDirect. Or it only will work in desktop FileMaker.   I'm looking to ways which al...
  • FileMaker Pro 13 suddenly crashing.  I run on MacOS High Sierra 10.13.2

    I've seen other comments about FileMaker Pro 13 crashing because is not compatible with High Sierra.  This appears very strange to me, as I've been running High Sierra for several months without any problems usin...
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