• Finds, rebuild index?

    I was looking up invoices in my table, using the amount field.  I got to number 4 or 5, and got a "not found".  I looked it up by the invoice number and it was there, but the amount I had just queried. ...
    created by TKnTexas55
  • Installing FileMaker Server 14 on Windows Server 2012 R2 without Internet Access

    I had quite the experience attempting to install FM Server 14 on a server with intranet. I went back and forth with FM Support on the issue. Eventually with a combination of their suggestions and searching Microsoft S...
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  • How long should a server be kept online?

    Just throwing this out to the community to see what others feel is a reasonable amount of time for a server to be online. We have a number of mini servers that we've been running for three years then rotating them out...
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  • How can I verify if my FileMaker Developer Subscription is still active?

    Where have they moved the login and benefits download page?
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  • Text Formatting with Copy and Paste

    My coworkers frequently cut and paste data to put into our Filemaker system (names and companies, addresses, email addresses, etc).  The formatting of the pasted data rarely matches the data field formatting in t...
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  • Can't Delete Record / one or more relationships invalid

    I have a single file solution that is running on cloud server FM Cloud using mac and win7 clients using 15 & 16 pro.   Schema: Customers > Locations > Orders > Line Items (Customers has n...
    last modified by sawhat
  • Two Machine Configuration SSL Cert Confusion

    I have a scenario which should be a very common one, it is a two machine configuration, where the web machine resides in a corporate DMZ network and a Database Server that resides within the protected Corporate networ...
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  • WV Startup Animations and System Profile (MBS)

    some window flickering still to fix, but the SystemProfile informations is a great help when doing Customer Support via Remote Access: MBS_SysInfo on Vimeo   check Brian Dunning for some CustomFunctions: FileM...
    Benjamin Fehr
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  • FileMaker Cloud - Change Subscription

    Hi there.   Is it possible to change a FileMaker Cloud subscription from monthly to yearly? Even tough we bought an annual FileMaker license, and used the Bring Your Own License (BYOL) option, the FileMaker Cl...
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  • Active Directory Sign on Partially Working

    Hello, I've created a dummy application to try out the features of filemakerserver. One of the selling points on buying the server is at my university is that we can use Activedirectory for authentication. I followed...
    created by frnkthtnk112
  • automate hosted file recovery and backup

    Hi,   I have a pretty big filemaker Project - that I am planning to roll out to a majority of our sites. Every morning - I run a scheduled backup, get the backup copy and copy it to a different server - run the...
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  • Efficiently manage large backups

    Hi all,   I have a few databases hosted on FMS with a pretty large number of files stored in container fields. These are all externally stored and secure. As a result there is a very large number of folders, tha...
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  • FileMaker Cloud - Automatic delete preserved backups

    Hi. Is there a way to set up a auto deletion of preserved backup in FileMaker Cloud? Or do the admin need to manually delete the oldest preserved backup at any given time?   Thanks
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  • Death cross on FilemakerSupport Site

    in the site FileMaker Server 16 Technical Specifications | FileMaker is written for system requirements for Filemaker Server 16: Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 Standard and Enterprise Editions†   What doe...
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  • There is a form of version control, similar to GIT for FileMaker?

    There is a form of version control, similar to GIT for FileMaker?
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  • Crashing on file open

    Hello   I'm using Filemaker Pro Advanced 13 and run my solution on a windows computers, I sometimes open the file on my Mac. When I try to open the file on the Mac it Immediately shuts down the Filemaker applica...
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  • Database Password Reset

    Good morning,   I inherited a database that nobody seems to know the admin username/password.  I have tried their many admin passwords in many different formats however I am not able to get in to create se...
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  • FileMaker locked a record, can I unlock?

    I have a bug in my app and I do not know the cause of it or what kind of behaviour of my employees triggered this. But I might find out if I learn more about locked and unlocked records. Normally when you alter a re...
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  • Coffee-cup when entering manage database

    Many times when I open my main solution database (hosted via FM Server on a LAN), once open, and I do File>Manage>database, I get the dreaded coffee-cup. Sometimes I get it just clicking a "Specify" button to ad...
    last modified by jdevans
  • auto-pop serial fields on imported tables..

    I'm working on a solution that's in the field already (on 3 continents), with hundreds of units (each one being it's own server or a small shared network (no servers).   I'm fully expecting that within a year we...
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