• User input of repetition: field set up

    In blue, I have 2 instances of the field, one defined to only take rep 1 and two only takes rep 2 In green I have 1 field defined to show rep 1 to 2.   Is there any best way to set up that field destined to use...
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  • FM db ID field and Acomba ID field

    My client's accounting is done using Acomba. I don't have the exact configuration but what I got from him the first time I asked for a product table export was ( ! ): 3YRP500 Adaptateur VGA ADAPTEUR MURAL AdtranSFP+3M...
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  • Uninstall Server 16 takes ages

    I’m uninstalling FileMaker Server 16 (on a Windows server) to be able to install FMS17. I know the (un)installers always tell you lies when showing the remaining time they need… but I’m waiting for...
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  • Does FMeasysignature works in WebDirect

    Hello.   Just a quick question about FMeasysignature. If I deploy this easy signature in my project, will it work from the WebDirect. Or it only will work in desktop FileMaker.   I'm looking to ways which al...
  • Long integer primary keys and JSON

    TLDR: If you use long integers as primary keys then encode them as JSONString (not JSONNumber) to prevent a loss of precision.   I have found that if you encode long integers (I believe more than 15 digits) as J...
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  • Send field data as a script parameter?

    Hello,   I have dozens of layouts with the same (navigation) button bar in the header. I have 1 "Navigation" script that captures a script parameters with the value of the assigned window, Works great. The scrip...
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  • FMS 17 Auto-Backup

    Is there a limit to how many auto-backups can be stored?   If there isn't, how can I turn this off so we can use a backup schedule instead.
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  • Need advice in what product should we choose (server or cloud)

    Hi, we are a small company of 4-5 workers (expecting to grow soon), and we developed a first version of our management system with a demo of filemaker pro.   Now that we started using it and inserting data to th...
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  • Can you tell when a User has the Advanced Tools enabled

    I am wondering if there is a way to tell when a User logs in, if they have the Advanced Tools option selected in Preferences. I am worried that the tools may be opened and used by people who are unsure of the conseque...
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  • FMS 16 Not Starting after macOS 10.14 upgrade

    FMS 16 Not Starting after macOS 10.14 upgrade   Server not found when accessing "localhost:16001/admin-console", after restart Normally after a system update it is business as usual.  But not this time. &#...
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  • Layout Name By Calculation

    Hi,   If I have a layout 'ABC ENTRY' and I just want that I should get only the name 'ABC' by calculation, what type of functions and calculations will be used?
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  • List View Tab Order

    Note: For this list view I am using modal window. I have a number of records listed in the list view. On the right side of the corner, there is a checkbox. My all fields are not in browse mode except that checkbox. ...
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  • Invalid table key - Error 8493

    Any time I run a recovery on our database, I get this bazar message...   there are problems found, but the errors it lists are all 0 found.   Then I go into the recovery log and find Resetting inva...
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  • Card window screen center positioning

    Hi, I have created a card window, I am using it for the dialogue box purpose. I just want that when a user clicks the button card window appear just same like the dialogue box. Now everything is done but I just to p...
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  • Lost Value Lists

    I was doing some development work and went to apply a value list to a field and there were zero value lists showing in the window when using File/Manage/Value Lists... . I tried closing and reopening FileMaker Pro Adv...
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  • Text Turned White!!!

    Anyone know how I can get the text in the button setup back to black?   I just downloaded the most recent Mac OS.  Any connection as this showed up the same day.
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  • FYI: "Admin()" is modifying these items.

    Over the weekend I got a client request to update an account in their database.  FMP16 on Server16.  Went into Security and got this message when I tried to update the password.  "Admin()" is modifying ...
    created by StephenWonfor
  • Repeating field modification

    Hi,   I have a table Table A having fields ID,  Select (Repeating fields [50]) Table A ID          Select 1        &...
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  • FMS SSL - Nightmare for beginner FMS admins?

    Hi All,   Why this SSL Certification Implementation is bit complicated for Beginner FMS Admins?   What is the advantages & why this concept is mandate from some few versions and above?   Will it ...
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  • How do I upgrade from Filemaker 11 to 17 (32bit to 64bit) Windows 7 to 10

    I currently have Filemaker 11 on a 32bit Windows 7 system. I want to migrate to Windows 10 64 bit and a new computer and upgrade to the latest version of Filemaker. Is there a procedure to follow to do this without br...
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