• Data Separation

    After spending too much time and too often in importing data after requested changes into a complex medical multi-language solution I have decided to try moving toward the data separation model. And after reading a f...
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  • Lost Value Lists

    I was doing some development work and went to apply a value list to a field and there were zero value lists showing in the window when using File/Manage/Value Lists... . I tried closing and reopening FileMaker Pro Adv...
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  • Value Lists DELETED

    My multiuser solution that's been running for many years started acting funny towards the end of Friday. Scripts and sorting wasn't working all of a sudden, and after 30 minutes of checking the scripts, I found out th...
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  • <Field Missing> after updating file

    I'm using a data separated model to manage the same solution on 2 servers, with each server having its own data file. In the past this has worked great, but recently I've run into an issue where a new field that I cre...
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  • Limitations of using the Data Separation Model in FileMaker 13?

    I am about to start rewriting a large complex solution and over the past few days I have been experimenting with some of the new features in FileMaker 13. Before I start my rewrite I am trying to get a clear understan...
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  • FMP16v3 MSP Update

    Hi,   I was wondering, how can I update via GPO the new FMP16v3 .msp update ?   This msp file type is so not user friendly to me... Adobe as the same file type for update and I never was ale to "patch" the...
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  • FileMaker 16 Web Direct Issue

    Hello All,   I've a issue with the FileMaker Web Direct 16 solution and it shows blank page,   see below steps what I did,   - I am using chrome browser. - All Cache and temp file are cleared from begi...
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  • DIGFM: New FileMaker Cloud Admin API  (11/9/2017; Santa Clara, CA)

    November DIGFM MeetingNew FileMaker Cloud Admin APIThe new FileMaker Cloud Admin API allows us to automate many actions that were previously only available in the web based admin console. Use the API to check on conne...
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  • Customizing A Server-Stored Filemaker Solution's Status Toolbar?

    I was curious to know whether or not it was possible to customize the status toolbar in a Filemaker custom solution. I'm fine using the custom menus up across the top, but I would really love to customize the status t...
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  • FileMaker Pro 12 Running on El Capitan or Sierra

    My goal here: To start a thread on using FileMaker Pro 12 on El Capitan or Sierra: Installation, use, limitations, bugs, and warnings. My Status & Report of 1 Minor Bug: I installed FileMaker Pro 12 years ago o...
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  • Why wont our FM15 upgrade to FM16?

    No one in our office is able to upgrade to 16.   When we go into FM15 and "Check for Updates", it will close our FM but not reopen it.   When we download the files and attempt to install manually, the pr...
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  • Can this script be made to run any faster?

    So we are setting up a database that among other things will take in a record for each call made on our VoIP network. This is ultimately used to calculate how much these calls are costing us each month and how much ar...
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  • Contract Job offer in Brisbane Australia for someone with limited experience. Initially role is to update existing mobile data capture forms but may develop into much larger role if all goes well. Would suit someone currently doing study or just finished

    We are looking for someone with limited experience to help us update and redesign our current mobile data capture forms that are designed in FileMakerPro. We are based in Brisbane (Australia) and the role will initial...
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  • Multiple Record 'Reservation' (present / future)

    Asking a lot of questions these days,   Building a storage unit database, with each unit as a separate record in the "Units" table.   I would like the database to be able to handle multiple future reservat...
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  • Record Locking / Record Not-Searchable in same table, different privileges

    Hi guys, So I am asked to figure out a solution where users are to lock customer and related customer records, furthermore the records must not be searchable, although the records are placed in the same table.  ...
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  • Filemaker Server, Daily Backup, latest backup does not contain data

    Hi everyone,   I've set up, a Daily Backup schedule, lasting 7 days back, but encountered an odd behavior from our Filemaker Server.   I have been checking in on the FileMaker Server backup the last couple...
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  • FM Server 16 - Windows Server 16 Install - Error - The following ports are in use: 80

    I am currently trying to reinstall FMServer 16 on a virtual machine running Windows Server 16 and I'm getting the following error:   The following ports are in use: 80.   I was able to install it initiall...
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  • Recover ...

    I have a database that died mid-stream yesterday.  Users were in the database and one user was running a large import and the file closed on the server.  Tried multiple times, but failed to reopen the file o...
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  • Last night FM Server update - issues

    Our managed hosting did the update on our FM 15 server last night and since this morning, there are several issues but I am so underwater with the regular work flow that I don't have time nor the capacity to change ha...
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  • Value Lists and Custom Menus gone AWOL

    Hey,   I have an issue with a database I manage.   At some point we have lost all the value lists in the system and all the custom menus that have been created.   The weird thing though is that on al...
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