• Page Margins FIleMaker Go

    When my users print from FileMaker Go, the image is always slammed all the way up into the upper left-hand corner of the page. Is there a way to get FileMaker Go to either use the custom page setup defined for the lay...
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  • Form Moves on iPad Screen !

    I managed to get the the right Form size (via zoom) for my DB Form to fit the iPad screen, but I find that on the iPad when I swipe my finger on the screen down, up or sideways the entire form will move momentarily an...
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  • Sync calendar using exported .ics on FMServer

    Hi guys,   Need an idea on how this thing is possible or even if it is possible. So I have a FM Server 17 up and running with a FM solution that has the option to export a calendar file .ics that you can use t...
  • How to Resize DB Form Interchangeably from Large Screen to iPad Size .

    I am returning back to FM after several years and need to re-learn how to create most everything.  Having just purchased FM Pro Advanced 17, I have been able to import my old files that were made with FM 12. ...
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  • Filemaker and SIP

    Hello everyone,   I'm looking for upgrading my phone solutions in my company.   We have 25 phone and a central.   All vendors said you have to use IP Phone for getting data back like caller number fo...
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  • stepcount

    both GetSensor("stepCount"; 800) and GetSensor("stepCount") returns 0 on my iphone while health app returns correct values. Do I need any specific settings ? Thanks. 
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  • Solution that is Synchronized with a Website

    I would like to make a solution that is synchronized with a website. MySQL is the websites database. I want the FileMaker 17 solution to be able to update when a change is made on the website and vice-versa. I am very...
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  • Print Receipts iOS APP SDK and EPSON ePOS SDK

    I am trying to print receipts with an EPSON bluetooth printer from an iPad, I created the App using the FM iOS App SDK v17 and we want to use the EPSON ePOS SDK to communicate our FM App with the printer, but I have n...
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  • Missing LSSupportsOpeningDocumentsInPlace for iOS Apps

    If you recently submitted a FileMaker iOS app to the App Store, you may have got the following message from Apple: Invalid Document Configuration - Document Based Apps should support either the Document Browser (UISup...
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  • Modal view for the single slide control

    Is that possible to make the modal view of the slide control?
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  • FM Go and MobiPrint Issue

    I'm experiencing a strange problem with FM Go 16 and MobiPrint. We have set up a process to print labels to a Zebra printer via MobiPrint. The printing part works fine. The label pops out as expected and after a short...
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  • How to Create an Attendance Capture Database

    I was asked today to see if I could design a quick and easy tool to use to capture student involvement in events. The base idea is that at an event registration desk, there would be a QR code. The student would use th...
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  • iOS 12 compatibility with FMGo 15, 16, 17 ?

    Just wondering if there are any known issues with iOS 12 for FMGo. Be nice to know this for current and a couple of versions back 15, 16, & 17. I have a client with a broad user base that may update iOS but not ...
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  • Opening maps with Filemaker Go

    I am trying to open the Maps app on my IPad via Filemaker's open url command. However I have been unable to find the file path for anything. I also haven't been able to find any resources that would help to find the f...
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  • Video's in Containers - Streaming issues

    We have developed a training database that has a container field for us to put our training videos.  Our training video's are between 10-15 minutes long which means the file size is about 200mb-250mb in size ( si...
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  • FM Go and Bluetooth devices

    Has anyone any knowledge about how I would go about using FMGo or SDK to interface with a bluetooth enabled animal tag reader (or in fact even reading the tags)?
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  • FileMaker locally shared - connections from iOS devices?

    So, have a user that wants to create a local shared FileMaker database for a small off-site conference with no internet... so looks like we setup a local small LAN and the MacBook Pros all running FMP can connect as w...
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  • iOS Notifications

    Hello Community, I am excited about utilizing the new iOS Notification feature in 17 but struggling to find its usefulness if I can't get notifications to appear while the user is in the app. Is anybody already using ...
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  • Location updates

    hello, Friendsiu!   this topic should be interesting for fias developers. sinse the new fm 17 was released, it became impossible to build Xcode project without enabling location updates. 4 months passed, 17.0.3...
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  • Experiencing Data Loss during tablet upload

    I have a tablet app that downloads data from the server every morning and then uploads the new updated data from the tablet back to the server every night, Is there a way to confirm that all of the data was uploaded f...
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