• Webdirect Pinch to Zoom

    The "pinch to zoom" works fine in IOS Safari but we would like to use a custom app to display webdirect without the toolbars.   It works fine except for the zoom. Pinching has no effect.   I used  PWA...
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  • Importing from a Filemaker Table using WebDirect

    I can successfully import records from a Filemaker table using Filemaker Go - the file is on a server.   In the situation where users are using an Android tablet, I cannot do it when I use WebDirect.   I f...
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  • Filemaker Go 17 won't connect to FM Server 17, but Go 16 does

    Hi there   I have updated / installed the new FMS 17 on my server. There are several databases up and running (access trough Filemaker, WEebdirect and FM Go 16 approved).   Strangely GO 17 won't access the...
    Andreas Franz
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  • Tip: Photographs Of Reflective Surfaces

    I wrote a FileMaker database to manage and track vehicles, that also has the ability to request trespass tows, which are usually requested after dusk and before dawn on iOS to avoid irate trespassers or violators. The...
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  • FileMaker Go 17 Other New Features

    Yesterday, I was using FileMaker Go 17 and discovered a new icon in a dropdown menu field. The dropdown menu is populated with the field's contents across all of the records. I noticed the icon, but wasn't sure what i...
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  • Webdirect rendering issues with mobile browsers after rotation

    We use WebDirect extensively and are currently working on a mobile-specific interface for a particular solution.   We're finding that certain anchoring options are breaking WebDirect's ability to correctly fit o...
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  • Insert File on Server trigged by Filemaker GO script Perform on Server

    The first file is hosted on server with a table where I have a container. My other file is on mobile device (iPad) wo have wifi access to the server. I need to from the ipad run a script with "Perform Script on Serv...
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  • Repeating field behavior with Server?

    New to Filemaker, I have some basic questions about Repeating Fields:   1.  A Repeating Field is a single pre-specified one-dimensional array stored in single Filemaker field?   2.  Retrieving fr...
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  • iOS App SDK now available with FileMaker Developer Subscription

    Create iOS apps for your team   Use the FileMaker Platform and the iOS App SDK to create iOS apps for your business. Then, deploy these apps to your team through mobile device management (MDM).   The iOS A...
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  • FileMaker Go 17 battery usage.

    I am currently testing a server based database on FileMaker Go 17. I have noticed that FileMaker Go 17 uses double the battery power that FileMaker Go 16 uses. Has anyone else noticed this?
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  • GetSensor (Attitude)

    I want to use the function GetSensor (Attitude) to get the angle of the device when the button is pushed. think digital level direct input. I can do the radians to degrees conversion easily enough the problem I am hav...
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  • Monitor More than 20 Regions

    I have a list of a couple hundred addresses. Would like to monitor when I am nearby. Is there a way to do this. I understand  You can monitor up to 20 regions at a time. Is there a way to monitor more than 20 reg...
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  • 5x Size Difference with Drag and Drop

    I am using LumaFusion to create videos from my clips. I discovered an unusual event and am not sure what the cause is.   Two things happen when I split the screen on my iPad Pro 12.9 and drag a video into a cont...
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  • Trigger When Movement

    Is there a way with Filemaker Go to initiate a script when movement is detected?
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  • Monthly savings database

    Hi all,   I have created a database for monitoring my monthly savings. It has 3 records (for the last 3 months) and each record has line items of what I'm putting my money towards (see attached).   How do ...
    created by RyanAshton
  • How to round up time to hour.

    Hello Community,   I thought this is easy but it turned out to be taking forever to resolve this.   I have a time field. I would like to round time up nearest to 1 hour ONLY IF THE TIME IS LESS THAN AN HO...
  • Formatting Issues Printing from iPad

    I'm currently experiencing issues when printing using FMGo 17 on my iPad via AirPrint...   Right now, I have (landscape) layouts (and themes) for iPad and (portrait) layouts (and themes) for Desktop (most of whi...
    created by christophsawyer

    Greetings!   I was very exited after the great news about Filemaker platform upgrade! first of all because of FM Go notifications. Unfortunately I received strange error           ==...
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  • Combine multiple field contents in one portal column

    Hi everyone! I'm new to FileMaker, so please bear with me.   Alright, I'm in the process of creating an iPad app that will be able to evaluate scenarios in school (I'm in a paramedic program and we need to keep...
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  • How to 'Open URL' to a separate provider from WebDirect on tablet?

    Background Info - Foundation I have created a separate web page, programmed in Javascript, to capture signatures ( for use on Android tablets ). The Web Direct layout does not allow the "moving finger" to write on t...
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