• Authenticate with Active Directory after native FM Go login?

    Hi All,   I have a FileMaker 16 Go app that users login and authenticate with Active Directory.   Once users login, the app updates a ServiceNow API and requires the same users credentials to modify data i...
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  • hospital design database

    Is there someone can give me a hospital design database? or referrence for me to study? I'm a newbie, but i will try to learn?
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  • Draw or Edit an image with FileMaker

    Hello!   I was looking for few hours for an Plugin to edit photos with the iPad and FileMaker Go 16.   The only way that i've found to solve it, is using a web browser and edit in browser. But maybe this...
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  • Possible bug on Set Tab Order on FMS15 WebDirect using iOS browser?

    I think this is a possible bug in FMS15 WebDirect.   For some reason, when browsing the database using my iPhone browser, tabbing to the next field doesn't follow the Set Tab Order that I set on Layout Mode. ...
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  • FilerMaker Go Download Message "file doesn't exist"

    I was using Filemaker Pro 12 until a few days ago when I updated to Pro 16. My file was made in Pro 12 and opens with no problems in Pro 16. What I can't get it to do is open in Filemaker Go on my Ipad. I resaved it b...
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  • FMS16 - CWP - Send Mail Script Compatibility

    Hi All,   Is FileMaker Server 16 Custom Web Publish has compatibility for Send Mail Script?   Thanks in advance, Suresh
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  • Avec une connections au serveur en WIFI, les rubriques conteneur contenant un PDF ne sont pas interactive.

    Nous travaillons avec Filemaker Server 16. Avec une connections au serveur en WIFI, les rubriques conteneur contenant un PDF ne sont pas interactive. Un clic droit sur le rubrique ouvre un message "recharger", mais ...
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  • Military Time picker

    This a two part question with Im assuming multiple possible answers. First I love that filemaker now allows you to remove the : and add a 0 to hours.  So as far as displaying military time I'm pretty happy. ...
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  • Filemaker Go 16 & iPhone X container orientation issue

    I have an issue with Filemaker Go 16 and inserting a photo into the container field.  All of our field techs are using Filemaker Go 16 (latest edition to my knowledge) and the iPhone X.  When tapping the con...
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  • Google maps do not work on webdirect

    Greetings.   I've got google maps on couple of my layout which works fine in filemaker. However google maps do not work in web direct.   I have done some research; Filemaker webdirect tutorial  clea...
  • Default screen sizes for iPad layouts

    Hello,   Retina iPad's screen is 2048x1536 resolution.   Why is FileMaker's default layout sizes are smaller? i.e. Landscape -  1024x660   thank you
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  • FileMaker Commercial?

    Just found this    Apple-owned FileMaker debuts ad campaign starring ‘The Office’ cast | 9to5Mac
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  • FileMaker server 13 to 16

    Hi, One of our client have FileMaker server 13 license. Can we upgrade the server to FileMaker server 16 with the same license or we need to buy a new licensing for FileMaker server 16? Please let us know.
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  • FM Go 15 iOS 9.3.5 Insert from URL issue

    1. I am currently experiencing an issue with Insert from URL on 9.3.5 with FM Go 15. This works perfectly on iOS 11 using FM Go 16. Is there anything I can do to make this work on 9.3.5?   There was another disc...
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  • Filemaker Cloud - basic info

    Hi,   my FM version is Filemaker Pro Advance 14. With this can I deploy my app in Filemaker Cloud (I intend to use Web Direct). I was told that only ver 15 and onward can be used for Filemaker Cloud.   M...
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  • Prevent "dynamic type" in iOS SDK

    Does anyone know how to prevent the iPhone/iPad dynamic type setting to affect a FM Go or iOS SDK solution?  I have some users who prefer to utilize the Accessibility - Larger Text setting (aka Dynamic Type) on t...
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  • How to create a QR Code in FileMaker Go now that CNS Barcode is gone?

    I have a solution that I created back on FileMaker Go 12, which used CNS Barcode to generate QR Codes as well as read them. Not on 15/16 my solution reads them natively, but I have no way to generate them on an iPad. ...
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  • Scanning qr codes

    I am trying to use FM Go to scan qr codes which contain job names and addresses, but it seems to only take a photo of the QR and not scan it. I have a container on the form that I tap and hit the barcode option, so I ...
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  • Is the slide control feature compatible with iPhone 5s? Yes.

    Is the slide control feature compatible with iPhone 5s? I am trying to deploy an app to an iPhone 5s using the iOS SDK. The slide control feature is working on all other iPhones except the 5s. I am using a button and ...
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  • FM iOS SDK 15.0.4 + Insert from URL • Issue

    Hi All,   I have an issue that I haven't encountered before where a standalone FM iOS SDK app uses Insert from URL do various tasks, sync (RESTfmSync) and send SMS's. The FM iOS SDK's I have used in the past hav...
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