• Ongoing Saga of Documents

    So I think it is clear, based on what everyone has suggested, that in this instance it is best to store documents externally and export when needed.   Now the thing is, I'd like to open the document in the temp ...
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  • RangeBeacons function

    How many iBeacons will be returned by RangeBeacons function if we have more than hundred of iBeacon with same UUID nearby ?
    Michael Leung
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  • How to create a QR Code in FileMaker Go now that CNS Barcode is gone?

    I have a solution that I created back on FileMaker Go 12, which used CNS Barcode to generate QR Codes as well as read them. Not on 15/16 my solution reads them natively, but I have no way to generate them on an iPad. ...
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  • Open iOS Flashlight with OpenURL

    I know OpenURL has become more powerful with FileMaker Pro/Go 16. I have used OpenURL to launch some apps, but have not been able to figure how to open the iOS Flashlight (app) or the Control Center. Any thoughts to f...
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  • iOS SDK only supports SSL?

    I am working on a FileMaker Server 16 based solution which supports iOS, Windows and OSX clients.  The workshop iOS clients are currently managed via an MDM with FileMaker Go set to be the Single App.  I'd l...
    created by Alchemist
  • Open Record Based off Location

    Hey there..   okay so for my business we disc/mow weeds with a tractor for fire prevention. we do around 30-50 Job locations per day. Every time we get to a new job we must search the work order number to get t...
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  • FMgo Open URL prepends http:// in script result

    FMGo 16 on iPad ios 11x opening hosted DB I am working on an old Colibri Mobi Print => Zebra receipt printer solution, but have changed some things so that it uses Star Micronics PassPrnt => Star Micronics prin...
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  • [BLOG] Leveraging the Computer in Everbody's Pocket

    Using FileMaker WebDirect technology, organizations can effectively leverage anyone's smartphone as a powerful computer and data acquisition tool.   Colibri Solutions needed to develop a means of for ad hoc user...
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  • FileMaker iOS - field copy & paste

    Its not big issue, but the same time we must able to do copy paste while using iPhone. There is simple text field where i can able to do enter. But not able to paste the text which I copied from other sources. same wa...
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  • import von excel-Datei direkt aus www

    Ist es möglich, und wenn ja wie, Daten aus einer Exel Datei im www mit nur filemaker ( go ) zu importieren? Schlussendlich sollte es mit filemaker go auf iOS funktionieren!
    created by swisli
  • 2018 FM Roadmap Question - Any details as to iOS SDK for HealthKit and HomeKit

    In the 2018 FM Roadmap webinar there was a comment (and slide) about integration with the iOS SDK being able to integrate with HealthKit and HomeKit.   Are there any other details about what this will include an...
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  • OnTimer Script and Time-lapse on iPhone

    Hey everyone,   I am trying to send by using filemaker GO and Email a Foto of a Time-Lapse that is running on my iPhone. Does anyone know if the OnTimer Script will be still running if I exit file maker and star...
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  • question about command button

    FileMaker server 15   Made a command button that allows users to download and save the file as an excel file on their desktop. The button works on my computer. But, if uploaded it to the FileMaker server, the co...
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  • FileMaker 16 Web Direct Issue

    Hello All,   I've a issue with the FileMaker Web Direct 16 solution and it shows blank page,   see below steps what I did,   - I am using chrome browser. - All Cache and temp file are cleared from begi...
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  • Tracking stock control of inventory for multiple locations

    I'm new to using FileMaker and am in charge of creating and deploying an app that will track inventory and stock control in order to determine when to order new products.   Here is what my project is: How...
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  • Scan Barcode and Add to List

    I have a simple database of equipment that I've created.  Sometimes I need to create a specific list of items from that database.  So what I want to do is scan specific items and have them added to a list or...
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  • Problems with Star Micronics TSP650IIBTi Bluetooth Receipt Printer

    I purchased a Star Micronics TSP650IIBTi Bluetooth Receipt Printer that said it was iOS capable, which I assumed would be fine with FMPro-Go running on an iPad, but apparently GO only prints with Apple AIRPRINT which ...
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  • Instant Search on Mobile App

    Hello everyone,     I have a trouble about creating user friendly search on file maker for mobile app.     As you can see on the attached picture below, i create quick search field the top of the...
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  • "Set Allowed Orientations" no longer supported in FMGO 16?

    Just opened up my first solution in FMGO 16 and it's returning an error when it tries to run the "Set Allowed Orientations" script step.   Is this feature no longer supported?
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  • iOS SDK X-Code Incompatible Project Version

    Hi everybody,   I am new to iOS SDK but it sounds very promising. I have performed all the steps as specified in this tutorial video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4LhXLwzsoJg   but it looks like that ther...
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