• problem delay with mouseover in the rows portal

    in the portal design I activated the mouse over to highlight the line when the mouse passes over it My portal must show 15 fields and the problem I find is a long delay in highlighting the line when the mouse is moved...
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  • Form Moves on iPad Screen !

    I managed to get the the right Form size (via zoom) for my DB Form to fit the iPad screen, but I find that on the iPad when I swipe my finger on the screen down, up or sideways the entire form will move momentarily an...
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  • Sync calendar using exported .ics on FMServer

    Hi guys,   Need an idea on how this thing is possible or even if it is possible. So I have a FM Server 17 up and running with a FM solution that has the option to export a calendar file .ics that you can use t...
  • Concurrent Request against RESTFm / JSON API

    My team has a FM Database, running on server 16, which utilizes a RESTFm / JSON API to support a web application. The API only passes 15 - 20 fields per record, and at the high side 1200-2000 records for a single requ...
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  • How to Resize DB Form Interchangeably from Large Screen to iPad Size .

    I am returning back to FM after several years and need to re-learn how to create most everything.  Having just purchased FM Pro Advanced 17, I have been able to import my old files that were made with FM 12. ...
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  • High Traffic Website using fms17 Data API causing slow speed

    Hello,   I recently completed a new project for a client in collaboration with a local web developer that displays event data from our database to the website for visitors to register against. A couple weeks hav...
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  • Install OnTimer

    I have never used Install OnTimer. I want to simply exit the application after a set specified amount of time.   I have been using this as a test can't get it to fire. Install OnTimer Script [ "Exit Applicatio...
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  • PrimaryKey

    After reading so many pages about best practice for choosing a PrimaryKey...need to check if I am in a safe way What I have done until now is: a) not visible to the users b) do not use an auto-generated serial numb...
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  • Can a field be excluded from the scope of a record's "mod stamp"?

    In a very high-activity system that syncs with a SQL database to drive a website, I'm trying to build a bullet-proof, non-UI-based way to flag only the records that have been updated in FileMaker and need to be update...
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  • Convert CSV to JSON

    How do I convert a CSV text to JSON?  I have a CSV list created using the ExecuteSQL function and I need to be able to parse out all of the data. This data is based on our invoice table so it is pulling the invoi...
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  • Gant Chart in Filemaker 17

    Hi There -   Can anyone advise me where I can go to find a template or guidance on how to create a dynamic Gant chart for a filemaker 17 project management application? Thanks - Bob    
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  • List View Tab Order

    Note: For this list view I am using modal window. I have a number of records listed in the list view. On the right side of the corner, there is a checkbox. My all fields are not in browse mode except that checkbox. ...
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  • Search by day/week/trimester

    I have the follow dashboard:   Each table don't have exactly the same dates, some have dates of  a month ago while some have today's date. So, I research a lot, but always is the same message "no results ...
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  • NEW FM Videos

    IMHO Certainly not money well spent.  Who in their right mind would use those to sell their business or the platform to a client.  In every case it appears that FM is the losing party and loses to Moe from t...
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  • Get releated table layout name

    Hi, I have two  inter-related tables and having their layouts as well:      Table A, Layout A and Table B, Layout B Now, please assume that you are on Layout A (Having table A), by using th...
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  • Check delete action

    It is possible to check using a script that the user has clicked the delete or new record button of FM pro for deleting a record? I just want to apply the condition on this that if user press/click the delete or new ...
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  • Modal widow is changing the size of original window

    Hi all, I have a set a modal window and giving an action using a button from the original window(layout) to open. On button, I have attached the script for opening the modal window and made it like a dialogue box(I h...
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  • I want to store a PDF in my Filemaker 17 File so that i can then open the PDF in my file  to view by clicking on the container?

    I want to store a PDF or excel file in a container so that i can then open the PDF / excel / word file to view by clicking on the container?  I understand that i have to have some sort of variable filepath, but i...
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  • Sort Records Based on a Checkbox List.

    Hi, I have a checkbox list, which contains A, B, C, D....   i want to sort the records based on this checkbox list ( the name of the fileds and checkbox values are equal ). means, I have 4 fields  A, B...
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  • Thousands of "single sign-on authentication failed on database "

    Since updating to FileMaker Server 17 (Windows*), we have experienced a number of instances were we lose control of the server and need to reboot the hardware. We have a support ticket in with FileMaker, but have not ...
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