• FM17 Speed?

    I'm finding FM17 a bit more sluggish than FM16, especially in Layout mode.  I think the new fixed tools on the side are imposing a bit more startup time building the object browser and field lists.  But I'm ...
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  • Slow record creation mystery

    Hi,   I've a table were it's very slow to create records (In standalone local also same thing if on LAN server). To create 250 records with 2 populated fields (main keys) it take 1 min 30 seconds. To create th...
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  • Matching records exactly - not all that are similiar

    I have an issue with the wrong records updating. In the screen shot below, the idea is to enter a roll number (pertains to a roll of paper in inventory) and all the other fields automatically fill in. At the end of ...
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  • How do I create an ever present user notification icon

    I want to create a notification icon that signifies pending notifications unique only to the user. This icon will display in the upper left hand corner of the user's nav bar as seen in fig.1 (dashboard nav).   ...
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  • FM 16/17 Web Direct and the "real world"

    Hello everyone. I would like some opinions on how well FileMaker 16/17 works in a real world application.   My objective:   I want to open access to certain parts of a FileMaker database (to be developed)...
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  • Better performance, text or number?

    I have a simple question regarding performance.  I am building a customizable "dashboard" style interface for a task manager.  Each task has a type and category.  For example, one of our categories is "...
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  • Is there a single place to find concurrent user count max?

    I can't find it in server admin. Must I just check the 80% warning and that is all I can do? I want to know my max and maybe even average users. fms16
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  • Repeating field behavior with Server?

    New to Filemaker, I have some basic questions about Repeating Fields:   1.  A Repeating Field is a single pre-specified one-dimensional array stored in single Filemaker field?   2.  Retrieving fr...
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  • FileMaker Go 17 battery usage.

    I am currently testing a server based database on FileMaker Go 17. I have noticed that FileMaker Go 17 uses double the battery power that FileMaker Go 16 uses. Has anyone else noticed this?
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  • Disconnect idle users - Filemaker Server 15 windows

    Hello, Is there a way to disconnect automatically idle user every night?   We have FileMaker Server 15 on Windows and 5 users that forget frequently to logout or quit FileMaker.   Regards Phil
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  • Speed of adding file to container extreme slow

    Hi, When i want to add a file to a container this takes up to 1:30 for 250KB doc, when i do this remotely over the internet. When i do it locale in the same network it is seconds. - the server is connected to a 100 ...
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  • 5x Size Difference with Drag and Drop

    I am using LumaFusion to create videos from my clips. I discovered an unusual event and am not sure what the cause is.   Two things happen when I split the screen on my iPad Pro 12.9 and drag a video into a cont...
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  • How do I get an alert to flash on and off

    Hi Team, I have an alert which copies and pastes into a container field. Is it possible to get this alert to flash on and off? Many thanks Scott
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  • How to round up time to hour.

    Hello Community,   I thought this is easy but it turned out to be taking forever to resolve this.   I have a time field. I would like to round time up nearest to 1 hour ONLY IF THE TIME IS LESS THAN AN HO...
  • Formatting Issues Printing from iPad

    I'm currently experiencing issues when printing using FMGo 17 on my iPad via AirPrint...   Right now, I have (landscape) layouts (and themes) for iPad and (portrait) layouts (and themes) for Desktop (most of whi...
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  • Speed differences 16 -> 17 for large tables

    We were initially very happy with the overall speed results of switching server from 16 to 17, but have found one potential problem that we do not think has been an issue prior.   We have one huge table with 300...
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  • Filemaker Cloud is slow

    Hello,   I just moved my FileMaker Pro Advanced 17 database to FileMaker Cloud on AWS. It has about 175,000 records and I have a script that exports the most recent 75,000 records. When I run the script locally ...
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  • Is APFS now ready for prime time (10.13.5)?

    Ourselves, and others, have had catastrophic file system failures writing large files to disk under APFS.   We reverted back to HFS+ running on mission critical SSDs last Dec.   The problem was reported on...
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  • Error Logging and Data Migration Tool

    I am looking forward to making use of the Data Migration Tool in our projects. We have been discussing internally how our process will change and how we ( along with the client/customer ) go about validating that ever...
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  • Filemaker vs Google AppMaker vs Microsoft PowerApps

    Since the big giants like google and microsoft have launched their own app makers, I'm wondering how they compares with filemaker?   Filemaker is awesome but it lacks in current modern scenarios like: * slow wh...
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