• ExecuteSQL JOINs and rant

    I've posted before who I broke up a large looped Find() into 6 smaller ExecuteSQL queries and brought it down from several hours to just under one. The data I deal with is mainly text fields, and I have a lot of it. P...
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  • Top call statistics

    Does it include perform script on server also? On what basis does it take the top 25 remote calls? please mention it
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  • For a FM Developer why Windows Admin Account Privilege required?

    Dear Team,   Is it possible to develop FileMaker Application By Local Windows User? If No, Why?   Advantages of having Windows Administrator account to develop FileMaker with FM Server Administration! ...
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  • Only see newly created records (Prevent Existing Records Modification)

    Dear All,   I had a form fill type solution. Master layout page has multiple privileges as Admin, Manager, Entry User.   Every-time Entry user creates new record as per FM Standards Records adding one by o...
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  • Relating tables with auto populating data

    Hello,   I'm trying to relate two separate tables into one new table. I have a Contacts table and a Properties table.  I'm wanting to take fields from both tables and make a new one that auto-populates data...
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  • Chiusura improvvisa di Filemaker su iMac

    Salve a tutti, sono nuovo del forum, scusate se posto questa domanda in questa sezione. Ho un problema di questo tipo, da qualche tempo sul mio iMac, il programma Filemaker pro 11 mi si chiude dopo ogni modifica in m...
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  • Name of week of day

    Dear all,   Resenly I see that english has been change from Icelandi name of week of day, i think it happen when i upgrade to High Sierra. How do i fix this.
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  • server performances

    Hi,   I have an FM16 server with 32GB of RAM, 16 core 2.2Ghz, 15k SAS disks, 1 gigabit ethernet.   The server host a single 10GB file-maker file with a lot of related tables.  Every tables have a lo...
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  • Crash of runtime 16.04,0403

    The runtime crash often when opening a popover with a external table on last MacOS 10.13. Many users report crash
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  • Moving files from one Layout to another

    I have ask similar to this before.   I have one Table called ACCOUNTS TABLE with DEPOSIT SLIP, CHECK, CHECK REGISTER, AND ACCOUNTS PAYABLE  as Layouts.   ACCOUNTS PAYABLE is a compilation of Account ...
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  • Restarting Numbering Sequence, Drop Down Functionality

    This question is a tangent from a previous post but since it's different in the goal I decided a new post would be best.    Tables involved: Enrollment, Courses, Sessions   I have course 30001. ...
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  • Scripting for Popover "Form"

    I am wanting to create a related record via a popover.  I usually do this with Global fields, but I want to use variables this time since I have heard these are easier and faster to work with.    I ha...
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  • FM Go 15 iOS 9.3.5 Insert from URL issue

    1. I am currently experiencing an issue with Insert from URL on 9.3.5 with FM Go 15. This works perfectly on iOS 11 using FM Go 16. Is there anything I can do to make this work on 9.3.5?   There was another disc...
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  • Error in setting up Mirror Sync

    Greetings. I came across MirrorSync recently, found it very interesting so I thought give it a go. I have managed to install it on FM server. However I am having issue setting it up. I have gone through all the docum...
  • Thai Language Support

    So I ran across an address that I need to be in the database in Thai. There seems to be no support for Thai and data entry. I ran across an issue report from 2010 and it seems this issue has been overlooked. Anyone ha...
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  • Scheduling calender for courses

    Hi! Am working on a project where I need to display a calender week view, and from another layout register new courses that will allocate the room selected to that course in that time periode. How would you guys su...
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  • Database Structure

    Hello all, luckily I haven't had to be on in a while, but I am trying to tweak a section of my database.   The primary function of the solution is to register users for education programs/courses.  Each cou...
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  • hospital design database

    Is there someone can give me a hospital design database? or referrence for me to study? I'm a newbie, but i will try to learn?
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  • Customize FMS16 Web Publish Homepage

    Dear All,   How to customize My FMS16 Web Publish Homepage professionally?   Suggestions & Solutions much appreciated!   Thanks, Suresh
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  • HELP: Webdirect freezes at loading.

    Hi, I have a problem with my Databases published on Webdirect.   After various attempts to login the app crashes and freezes at Loading, the only thing I could do to fix the problem is closing and reopen the fil...
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