• Compare year in columns

    Hello! I am at my wits end here. I have no clue if I'm missing something and I really need help.   So I'm building this database, meant to keep record of a business's revenue from multiple departments. It's pre...
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  • Dashboard Creation

    Good day Developers?  I am in need of a one on one coach that will teach how to build Filemaker dashboards without using any 3rd party software! Any expert out there?   Kindly note this will be done online a...
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  • Compile a list view with 2 different fields from the same table

    Hey guys, I’m trying to get a dynamic list view in a report. Basically, it’s a report for a survey app I’ve developed.   Desired outcome: A list of questions and answers, (they are from the sa...
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  • Calculating related records

    Hello,   I have an application where you can generate a purchase order to buy rolls of paper. Each purchase order can have more than one type/size of paper. The line items are a portal to the line items table. A...
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  • SMTP+GMAIL+"Sorry"

    I am trying to send a pdf report to a gmail account via SMTP (through script actions). It is failing with a "There was an error with SSL" popup. I'm sorry for having to post this up. There are so many threads, both h...
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  • FileMaker Server Cloud 17 API with Postman error?

    I have downloaded the latest FMS Admin API 17 Collection for Postman (for Windows, up to date) and I cannot get the "Log In" Post to work. I  consistently get "503 Service Unavailable" when trying to connect to m...
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  • Work Hours

    Here in Brasil, workers have to log their hours. We wrote a program, where one can punch in his PIN on an iOS device and a Timestamp with his name is created. So.. Worker X has logged in today at 08:04, out on Lun...
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  • Web viewer in Preview Mode

    I want to start by saying that although this is my first time posting to this community I've spent a considerable amount of time reading over the years. Many of the posts/solutions I've found here have been tremendous...
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  • Summary Listview

    I have a new solution.  We loaded the data.  And to validate it tied out to the General Ledger... my co-worker printed the Aging Report-Summary.  He did not get the same results that I did.  This i...
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  • Currency Fonts Issue

    Hello Friends I Have an issue in currency font which is not showing while in previewing in pdf form but itself in filemaker it is showing in both ways (Browse mode as well as preview mode). I want to ask it is an iss...
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  • Save record to PDF, filesize to large

    A record I am trying to save to pdf contains photos. The original jpg photos I have imported in Filemaker are approximately 3mb all together. But the pdf created from the record is 37mb. I took a closer look at the...
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  • Linked ODBC Records

    Good morning, I have a need to link to an ODBC source and prefer to have all of the related fields occupied by the records from the one dropdown source I will be using.   Example: Select company name and have...
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  • Double Join between Tables?

    How do I populate my Country column of Table 2 by Joining with Table 1?   The Join is not simple.  Join on Phrase_1 then if needed Join on Phrase_2, to get the country from Table 1.   I am using FM 14...
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  • ¿Como usar la libreria UBL 2.0 de documentos XML en FileMaker?

    Por favor alguien tiene información acerca de como usar en FileMaker el Librería standard UBL 2.0 de documentos XML.   En mi país se ha establecido el uso de la facturación electró...
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  • Export Filemaker Pro Database to excel

    I need to export my data to an excel spreadsheet and I need to make sure that the data being exported starts at row 8 in the excel spreadsheet. The first 7 rows are filled with text that are latter mapped to the expor...
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  • sub-summary report help

    Hello Group, I have no idea how to approach the following:   I have a file with student records used in a sub-summary report.  The sub-summary report uses the school's name for the break field.  ...
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  • How to get field data of previous month.

    Hello Community,   I would like to build timesheet solution. so each customer will have projects and projects will have timesheet. so my relationship is like this   customers ->Projects->Timesheet...
  • Dymo LabelWriter 450 Twin

    Has anyone printed labels using a Dymo LabelWriter 450 Twin Turbo printer?  This model supports two different size label rolls.  The App I am working on has the need to utilize this feature.   So here'...
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  • Please Help with this one...

    I am running FM11 on Server 11 and the server went down last Friday. Sice getting it back up I am having a weird problem. FileMaker is doing a search and sort of client records. When it does it inserts this record at ...
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  • [BLOG] Virtual List Reporting with JSON Arrays

    (Forward:) https://filemakerhacks.com/2018/06/29/virtual-list-reporting-with-json-arrays/ Excerpt: As a follow up to my recent “Virtual List on Steroids” presentations at DIG-FM and dotFMP, today I want ...
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