• Can I have an item in different categories?

    Hi. I have a list of products (one table) where the whole items (records) are group by some categories.   My doubt is if it's possible to have the same item in different categories so if I want to delete that it...
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  • Child related record is not updating based on parent record

    Hello Community,   I have and quotation system.   So I have this table structure.   Customers--->Quotes-->QuotesLineItem.   I have added duplicated order feature so user can duplicated th...
  • Work Attendance

    Hey, guys! I need help for a work attendance solution I'm trying to incorporate in my database.. Any help, input, suggestion, will be greatly appreciated!   In my head this is how I will go about it.. 2 table...
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  • filter parent and child

    I have a parent table and a child (Donors -> donations)   I need to report all donors who have not yet donated   like:   where year(deposit_date) = current year and sum(donations)=0   how ca...
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  • Text cut off at top or bottom

    Hello   I have a problem with some text fields and I already tried so many different things. If I make a PDF there is always some text which is cut off at the top, have a look at this picture (you can see it on...
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  • Customized pdf export

    Hi all, this is my first post on this community. Hi would like to know if is possibile and how is possible to customize a pdf export. Suppose that I have a product list... I would like to export this product list a...
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  • Does FMeasysignature works in WebDirect

    Hello.   Just a quick question about FMeasysignature. If I deploy this easy signature in my project, will it work from the WebDirect. Or it only will work in desktop FileMaker.   I'm looking to ways which al...

    I have customers on every usnstate and international customers in over 100 countries. I would like to add a feature in my filemaker based admin solution that would display the current time on the customer page for tha...
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  • Filtered List view sub summary report & printing

    Hello everyone and thank you for accepting me within your community! I am new to the Filemaker Platform and i would really appreciate it if a more experienced user could help me out a bit. Thank you!   Details: ...
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  • Epic Interoperability with Filemaker Pro

    Has anyone had any luck with Filemaker pro exporting data from Epic?   Our surgery team would love to auto-populate our FMP from EPIC (as well as search consult and surgical notes with NLP but lets not get gree...
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  • Epic EHR Interoperability with Filemaker Pro

    Has anyone had any luck with Filemaker pro exporting data from EPIC?   Our surgery team would love to auto-populate our FMP from EPIC (as well as search consult and surgical notes with NLP but lets not get gree...
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  • Best Price algorithm

    Hello,   I am working on this best price algorithm. It works out the cheapest price.   I have an Orders, OrdersLineTable, Products & ProductsPriceBreaks table.   User may buy a product in bug q...
  • Help needed in generating a list report

    Running FMP Adv 16. Looking for the best way to handle this situation. Examples are simplified.   I have a list of stores: Red Blue Yellow Green   Each store has a number for sales in each month (Jan, ...
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  • ExecuteSQL using GROUP WITH ROLLUP or equiv.

    I'm looking to produce something like a subsummary result from ExecuteSQL. MySQL has this neat modifier for GROUP called WITH ROLLUP, that does exactly that. It doesn't look like FileMaker supports this modifier and ...
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  • Developing a Time Clock and Project-Time-Costing app/database

    We're discussing ways of using Filemaker to develop a time clock database (or, perhaps, app) for our business to use. We haven't started building anything in Filemaker yet, not quite sure where to start. I have a work...
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  • Avoid searching for > in relationships or eSQL in "big" tables

    At a client with about 500'000 records in the agenda - appointments table, about 20 users hitting it every 20 seconds, I was getting the UUID of a clicked appointment with   ExecuteSQL("SELECT UUID FROM Appointm...
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  • PSOS fails unless manually triggered - why?

    I'd LOVE very much for someone to advise what I've done wrong on this.  I'm sure it's a simple one - I just can't seem to see why..    So this triggers reports for a number of technician production re...
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  • Summary Calendar

    Hi   Just wondering if anyone could help. I want to design a summary calendar which shows just the total number of type of people are off for anygiven day. One table has employee info in the other has holiday re...
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  • Work hours in a sub-summary

    Hello,   I've been asked at my company to create a replacement Time & Holiday booking solution for our employees. I've been using Filemaker for many years but I'm definitely not an experienced user.   ...
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  • Relationship structure and report layout

    Hello community members,   I consider myself as a beginner in FileMaker, with around 8 months of experience on the software. I am working on a solution to store, maintain and report data describing the assembly ...
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