• Creating a Monthly and Year To Date Report with Filtered Portal Rows

    Hello all,   I have to create a report that pulls data from multiple tables for (in rows): Total Last Month, Total Same Month Last year, Total year-to-date and Total Year-To-Date Last Year.    The i...
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  • Charts and Data

    I want to create a chart that is dynamic when pulling information from a value list and contained within a certain date range. I am utilizing the Let function to create series for the information but am stuck on the c...
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  • Printing unstored calculations / global variable

    I  want to print (to PDF) a letter to multiple people.   The names of these people are calculated by "Title", "Initials", "middle name" and "last name"  into $$fullName, using the IF function. On my l...
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  • report not grouping values

    FM16, new Windows 10 Issue: Report not grouping and subtotaling results as expected. Desired result: Report like this, with categories and subtotals, not just a simple list.   I'm having a real problem with ...
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  • I need help with creating a field calculation-Please!

    I have put together a program to keep track of running races which states the race date, the name of the runner, the type of race, and the race points each runner received for their race finish. I want to create a fie...
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  • German text in filemaker to pdf to word or html

    Hi hi,   I have a  database with part German text in text fields that i export to a PDF so far so good. However when i convert that to Word the German text has all sorts of *(#&$ signs within the text....
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  • Filtering records in portal to receive totals

    Hello,   I have made a FM DB with a invoice. We use diferrent VAT such as 6%, 12% and 21% all in 1 invoice. How do i filter the records to get the totals of each VAT (6, 12 or 21) ? I have tried to filter the por...
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  • Using tabs in "body" section for list layout

    Hello everyone, this is my first post on this great community. I have a list layout created and working with a table to spit out all my records. I am wanting to have different tabs for this type of equipment but am ha...
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  • Count of unique records

    I have question on how to get the correct count of records. My table may have duplicate records because of a date change.  I don't care about the date change just need to show one of each name on the report. ...
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  • Report is always printed 3 times (PDF or hard copy)

    My report consist of a header and a body, the report with multiple fields is showing perfectly on each page. So far so good, but when I do a print preview it shows the report three times. In fact even if I do a print ...
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  • Get summary based on remote fields

    IN my Profit & Loss reporting I need to calculate margin in the summary lines.   To do this I need to use the GetSummary. getsum(Cost_Sum, Client name) / gets(Revenue_Sum, Client name)   But ....if t...
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  • Creating Sub Summary With Field That Has Multiple Values

    I have a set of Sales Opportunities, that contains the normal sales prospect information, sales amount, product of interest, Account name etc. Each Sales Opportunity has a sequence of sales stages associated with it....
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  • The calculation field with is not auto updating at table level

    Hello. I have an calculation field in my table which has ExecuteSQL statement. It basically does an count of status field. So I want to know how many item have supported status?   The problem is, the calculati...
  • Need to add a "source" field for every existing field

    I am building a custom database for a law firm. I am rapidly approaching 60 tables, as it records everything you could possibly imagine related to plaintiffs, defendants, judges, courtrooms, filing dates, home address...
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  • Upside down chart

    Is it possible to reverse a chat so that the higher values are near the bottom and lower values are near the top, like you can do in Excel?
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  • Text cut off at top or bottom

    Hello   I have a problem with some text fields and I already tried so many different things. If I make a PDF there is always some text which is cut off at the top, have a look at this picture (you can see it on...
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  • New Window Using Layout Script Step Bug in FMP16?

    Is there a bug in the New Window using a specific layout script step?  Here is what I'm experiencing:   I have a script ( used to print reports ) that I want to use to open a new window in Landscape orienta...
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  • AM I right in assuming that runtime apps can not send information to another computer to store the data that it creates?

    When using an iPhone with low space for storage (16 gb), of data created by the processing of info gathered, of the accumulated processed data I would like to transfer this data to my home computer then delete it of m...
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  • FileMaker Pro 11 shuts down unexpectedly whenever I cancel a command

    If I need to cancel out of a search or anything, it shuts down.  Not sure what's up.  Just recently started happening.
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  • Time vs Timestamp Charting

    I have a chart that is a graphic display of a patient's vital signs observations - blood pressure, heart rate, etc.  The x-axis is the time of the observation, the y-axis is the measurement.   When I do all...
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