• Issue with Base64Decode - FileMaker 16 on MacOS and FMGo 16 iPad

    Hello Everyone.   Today, after two days of hard working with Google Charts, I finally could export content of the WebViewer to a Filemaker Field and next, decode the Base64 of the field to a image.   I'm u...
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  • Best practice advice for associating records from a lookup table to a parent table.

    I have read a lot of discussion posts about topics that are very similar to this but there always seems to a knowledge gap or there is a practice being used that is advised against and a "for dummies" translation isn'...
  • Sub-Sub-summaries

    I know what I am about to ask is not really "fair play". As usually I ask question after I tortured myself and researched and tried before asking. I'm in  a panick right now because I have to deliver "something" ...
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  • Finally, append to PDF for FileMaker Go

    There have been a couple of recent posts on how to append to PDF on an iOS device.  Using FileMaker Server 16 provides an option to do this but what if you are not using FileMaker Server 16.  I've attached a...
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  • How do I flatten related records? Or just do double loop?

    I have a tablet of subscribers and a related table of email addresses for each subscriber. I have been trying to create a flat form/report like:   subscriber1 email1 subscribe1 email2 ... subscriber2 email1 ...
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  • Runtime haunted ? unable to find it's primary file

    Hello from France. Please excuse my bad english. FMP Advanced v 16.0.5 - MacOS High Sierra 13.3.4 I have no problem to compile a runtime and make it run locally. If i zip the folder of the runtime, copy it to an u...
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  • Layout Design for Multiple Tables

    I am creating a scorecard application and needing some advice on the best setup for this application. This is the scenario: One club has multiple courses. Each course has exactly 18 holes with specific information abo...
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  • filemaker go

    i  made a FileMaker solution and sent it via email to my iPad. When i try to  modify the contents with the FileMaker go app on the iPad i get this error: This action cannot be performed because this file is ...
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  • Shortest calculation for Page count in Preview mode

    Dear Community,   I have a big and complex report to print for which I need to print the classic "Page {x} of pages {n}" footer and it takes more than 10 seconds to go to last page and make the total pages calcu...
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  • Days of the Week/ Hourly Report

    I'm trying to make a report that will show how many people picked up at each hour throughout the day for each day of the week. I thought it would be best to do 5 different reports, one for each day of the week, with a...
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  • Sorting By Time

         I am trying to create a report that will chart out the frequency of order pickups into time ranges. We've collected the time of pick up for all of our orders, and I want to create a graph that...
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  • Text Formatting with Copy and Paste

    My coworkers frequently cut and paste data to put into our Filemaker system (names and companies, addresses, email addresses, etc).  The formatting of the pasted data rarely matches the data field formatting in t...
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  • Restaurant Sales and Labour Tracking

    Hello,   I opened a new restaurant recently and I'm looking to use filemaker to track and report on sales and labour. I'm currently looking to develop a baseline database that, if/when I need/want I can develop ...
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  • Problems exporting a summary report

    I have a database with 4 fields (date,name,description,amount), and I have about 300 records in it for 2017.   I have created a report with a sub-summary and a grand total of the amounts paid to each name.  ...
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  • List report showing portal data only showing 1st record, How do i show all?

    I am creating a report that shows all tasks with a status of NOT "Archived"  (Thanks everyone for helping on this) My issue is when i go to do the report only the 1st user in the list shows on the report, not ...
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  • Popover button

    Hello friend, Can we add a popover button(already containing portal table) in portal table portal row and appears only if field data is empty in portal table. Thanks
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  • Adding multiple records from one list to a single record on a portal

    Hi All, Not sure if this can be done but what I need is to select multiple records from a list view and add them to a single record in a portal wish is in another related table see attachments. ideally I would like t...
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  • Solution for Vertical Column Lines Regardless of Sliding Data

    This may be something that others are already doing, but since it's often an issue, I thought I'd share a solution to this age old issue with columnar reports and sliding in preview mode.   The issue is when th...
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  • Page X of Y, page counter per record

    Howdy, all:   I know how create the Page X of Y using {{PageNumber}} and the ol' "store the last page number in a global field while in Preview mode", but where I'm getting stuck is if when there's multiple page...
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  • Address labels 24 on A4 sheet

    Hello all, in the international English version of Pro  or Pro Advanced 16 can't find a template for printing 24 labels (8 rows of 3).    I cannot find it in the list of Avery templates. Or am I...
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