• many global fields vs. many global variables

    Referencing to an other question recently posted Database structure   I think that the framework of the problem should be quite common for those who work on complex professional solutions: there is a need of ha...
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  • Insert from URL to access Xero API

    I currently use the BaseElements plugin and would prefer to access Xero natively using FM16.   I have a Xero private application set up in the API. With BaseElements I can access it as follows, which returns the...
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  • How do i keep track of a specific client Total purchases with a chart

    I have a PERSON-TABLE which is for my clients info, and FINANCIAL-TABLE for clients transactions, i developed a chart that shows the first 10 clients based on transactions made in DESC, only one clients took over the ...
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  • Repeating field cell count

    Missing for 30 years is a Get that says the max number of repetitions assigned to a field.  I can derive this number by an indirect method (I think) or using the define field tool.   Odd that hat there is ...
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  • WebViewer blink

    Hi I have create a calendar with fullcallendar and I have implemented in my app. I have a problem when I am adding event to the calendar, the refreshing is blinking the calendar. I am using a recursive custom func...
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  • FileMaker to Xero Intergration

    In the future we may switch accountancy packages. I've been researching to see if there are any free demo's that I can use with a test database.   I've found an article by DBservices (FileMaker Xero Integration ...
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  • Insert from URL losing connection

    HI there,   I need to find out if I am using the Insert from URL script correctly. I need to get a PDF off a website, and the web developer sent me a link to download the pdf. The link comes to me like this, &#...
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  • Database structure

    I have a Table_Labels with 3 fields (LabelName/LabelValue/Language) where I store text that is used inside scripts, messages, layouts, field labels, etc.: one record for each LabelName. I do this for a number of reas...
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  • "Delete empty records" script question.

    "Delete empty records" using a script works fine when there are empty records, however when there are no empty records a dialog box opens (because the find did not yield results).  How do I avoid that situation ?...
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  • Need guidance on summarizing data for dashboard

    I am a patent attorney. I work for a corporation. Executives don't care to read my patent applications, but they do want to know how many are filed and for which business units. They want this information quarterly. M...
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  • Count Unique Value of a List that doesnt repeat in any of the records

    Hi guys!   I have a hard to word question in my mind.  I want to generate a report that counts the unique value of a list of people that only appears once throughout that search.   So, for instance i...
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  • When hiding an object, how do you string multiple conditions together?

    I'm hiding an object useless it has certain numbers. Can I string these numbers together? See what I have below. It also seems that after 5 "xor" conditions it starts to generate the opposite effect (i.e. will hide th...
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  • Automatic change a file name using script

    Please help me to create a script that allows the user to select a folder with files. Then loops through the files, makes a copy of the file in a new folder and automatic renames each file with the prefix as "1234"...
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  • Freezing when selecting Script

    Is anyone else getting this problem? When I try to select a script from a list such as when selecting a script when using the Preform Script function or when setting script triggers. Each time I click and the menu sho...
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  • Menu bar is hidden and I don't know how to get it back?

    I'm fairly new to Filemaker 16 and have been developing a product. So my question is... when your on a main window and you click new... the script is set to open New Window, Hide Toolbars, Hide Text Ruler. When I did ...
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  • Email address validation by external api

    Hi,   We need to pre-validate when entering an email address that mails to that address will be delivered and not returned.   To do this requires an external api  like from 'Zero Bounce' or similar s...
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  • Export file types / Delimiter

    Is there a way to change the delimiter on export records?   I'm trying to create an export that uses | as the delimiter (see screenshot, there needs to be a | after every row.). This is an export to be imported ...
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  • highlight portal rows with matching field value

    Has anyone worked this one out ? Aware of custom function ? the portal involved is heavily filtered and won't show more than a couple dozen records.     general plan:  ... one way or another > high...
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  • Export Record to Excel

    Hello everyone,   Happy holidays!   Currently sitting and battling with a database, since our customer wants to export records via WebDirect. Now, since WebDirect does not support the script step "Export ...
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  • [FMP Tip-n-Trick] Hierarchical JSON Viewer / Editor

    Hierarchical JSON Viewer / EditorBy Andy Persons & Doug WestOne of the standout new features of FileMaker Pro 16 is native support for the JSON data-interchange format. In addition to providing easy integration wi...
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