• Trying to use Send Mail to send an email via the Outlook client

    I am trying to use Send Mail to send an email via the Outlook client.  When I run my script, nothing happens for a number of minutes and then a small Outlook dialog comes up behind my other windows saying that a ...
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  • Printing a single barcode label and getting all of them instead.

    Here is my script that I am using to try to print just 1 barcode label 1"x2" my layout has already been designed to be the perfect size: And it is set to form view only and form view default to prevent a LIST of ...
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  • Filter out same record in two different portals

    Afternoon everyone!   Hope everyone is having a great day, I do have a quick question for anyone who is willing to help. I have two separate portals in my database and they both show records from the same table....
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  • Setting default value for field in portal (to current year based on other table)

    Hello.   I am using the contacts quick start app to produce a personnel evaluation database.  In the tabs section, I have a goals tab.  I'd like managers to be able to enter new goals and have it defau...
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  • Adding NEW to a drop down list

    I am sur the answer is NO, but it is worth asking.   I have a drop down list based on OPEN JOB.  If it is a new job (and therefore not on the list) user needs to exit the drop down list and click the NEW bu...
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  • FM Chess

    Hello,   I recently started developing a FileMaker chess desktop app, mainly for myself, and I was wondering if others might like to try it.   I have attached the latest version, and I uploaded some screen...
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  • Insert File on Server trigged by Filemaker GO script Perform on Server

    The first file is hosted on server with a table where I have a container. My other file is on mobile device (iPad) wo have wifi access to the server. I need to from the ipad run a script with "Perform Script on Serv...
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  • VCRuntime140.ddl: What do you do with Visual Studio 2015?

    I want to get the 'VCRuntime140.dll' into my runtime, ultimately using InnoSetup. Am using FM17.
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  • Sum fields in a portal based on ID

    Hi everyone,   Lets get straight to it   I would like to sum the quantities of added products to an invoice of the same ID in the portal   To make it more clear, so it would be like Sum( Invoice::Pr...
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  • Import matching records script

    Good afternoon,   I've been having trouble with importing from an excel spreadsheet using matching records and adding remaining as new. I would like to import a list of items to a portal, the matching field is ...
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  • Export csv file locked error

    Hi All   I am exporting data to a csv file using the same name each day. Occasionally the file is open for use and a script error dialog is generated that the file is locked. I am unable to find an error trappin...
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  • Creating a pdf from 2 tables and using GTRR

    I have created a script that saves a report to pdf on the desktop of the user. The text for the report is from one table (main table) and the images/photographs from the second table (related)   I am using the G...
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  • Get Upcoming date of Saturday and sunday!

    Hi,   I have 3 Date fields and 1 text field Category start_Date End_Date Celebration_Date. I entered current date in start_Date and inserted a date from december 2018 on End_Date. If Category field = "DJ" ...
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  • How do I get an alert to flash on and off

    Hi Team, I have an alert which copies and pastes into a container field. Is it possible to get this alert to flash on and off? Many thanks Scott
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  • Monthly savings database

    Hi all,   I have created a database for monitoring my monthly savings. It has 3 records (for the last 3 months) and each record has line items of what I'm putting my money towards (see attached).   How do ...
    created by RyanAshton
  • How to round up time to hour.

    Hello Community,   I thought this is easy but it turned out to be taking forever to resolve this.   I have a time field. I would like to round time up nearest to 1 hour ONLY IF THE TIME IS LESS THAN AN HO...
  • Script CHECK, UNCHECKED Check Box and Vice Versa?

    Hello everyone,   I am having a difficult time trying to figure and overcome this, relative simple, problem. - And yes, I have already been going through the Forum, but couldn't find any exact answer to my ques...
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  • How can I copy texts and image from container field to Mac system clipboard?

    Any easy way?   If have to use plugin, could you let me know what the name it is?   Thank you in advance!
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  • Formatting Issues Printing from iPad

    I'm currently experiencing issues when printing using FMGo 17 on my iPad via AirPrint...   Right now, I have (landscape) layouts (and themes) for iPad and (portrait) layouts (and themes) for Desktop (most of whi...
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  • How to count summary based on drop down menu item

    I have a sheet with a problem types field , set as drop-down menu, and a value list selected from the field "Problem Types". The data what i've input can be classificated into  6 types of Prolem. I want to coun...
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