• Can it be done in ExecuteSQL() alone?

    I have a table where I need to extract two fields and one of them have several values. The first field is an IP address and the second field is an application.   IP Address      ...
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  • Example: How to do online serial number checks and upgrade notifications

    Note: I do not by ANY mean call myself a pro, I learn this stuff from this and other forums. thanks for not beating me up to bad   Attached is a Filemaker 12 example database of how I validate serial numbers in...
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  • Image Capture via Webcam

    Hi All,   I thought it would be simple to write a Vistor Management system for my job. Name, Time in and Time Out and Photo of Visitor. I started out and got stuck. Is there a way to capture a photo with Webcam...
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  • FM17 Import behavior different than previous versions

    I have a solution I have been using in my business for many years, and I have dutifully updated it with each new version of Filemaker. As part of the way I built this, I have order line items that are stored in repeat...
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  • Looping through 2 Value lists (1 set, 1 dynamic)

    Okay let me see if I can properly address this question.   I have a table of properties.  In this table I have property names and its associated pCode which is just an internal abbreviation for each propert...
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  • WebDirect Session Remains Open After User Quits

    I have a database where a user logs in, selects a date range, and the database creates a summary report and makes a PDF and then sends the PDF to the user. However, The WebDirect sessions is remaining open on the serv...
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  • .fmpsl attachments

    I have a script that creates a .fmpsl doc which it then emails.   The person receiving the email they double click on the attachment and their MAC opens Filemaker and bring them directly to the record.   B...
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  • Scripting difficulties

    I have a file that is nothing more than an ODBC connection to the accounting software data.  I have set up the relationship between several GP2015 tables.  I have to export to Excel to get the general ledger...
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  • Why If Function Is Not Working

    I've written a small script to compare two values and then set a field if the condition is verified.   If [ TableName:BdFt < TableName:InitialBdFt ]      Set Field [ TableName:Discrepancy...
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  • How do you pick up auto-entered serialized number from old record and store in a new field in a new record?

    Basically, I have a database that stores job tickets. Each job ticket has an auto-entered serial number that serves as the Job Ticket ID number.   When I go to duplicate a previous record into a new record, I've...
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  • Use "Insert Calculated Result" to concatenate strings! <= Groundbreaking Performance Leap!

    OMG! => I just found a super-fast method of concatenating strings in FileMaker!*   With "Insert Calculated Result" (append to variable) FileMaker concatenates strings in linear time O(n). "Set Variable" on ...
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  • ExitModeTrigger question

    Hello FM Community,   I have a Form layout that automatically enters into "Find mode" that allows the user to enter their search data. Once the user fills in the data they want to search and clicks the default "...
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  • PSoS question

    Hello FM Community,   I'm trying to set up a simple PSoS to perform finds on the Server side, but the error I'm getting is: "[400] find criteria are empty". I'm completely new to PSoS, so does this mean that I h...
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  • Script Inputs Wrong Values, But Not In Debug Mode

    I am having an issue with a script that I am writing, which will grow into a much bigger script, but as I am testing the basics of the first parts it isn't working as it should.  I have scripts very similar to th...
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  • Json Set Element not pulling data from fields

    I have this variable in my script and the response that is being sent is not correct.  It is sending the values without the values in the table only sending the value name. Current variable "[" & JSONSetEle...
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  • Locking a data field so it will not duplicate

    For those of you that have responded to past posts, I'mmm Baaaackk, lol.   So, My client has to be able to print an application that shows what was captured at time of initial intake, and then print an applicat...
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  • Read/write from/to shared repository

    Hi, is there a way, somehow to read/write from a shared repos, ie. dropbox or website, without the need of user interaction ? i would like to use script to import a file from shared location, modificate it and final...
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  • Looping through portals fun

    Posted a question earlier about this and thought we had it solved but in the end, i realised in making one part of the script work another had broken.     Above we have 2 portals on one layout. One for '...
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  • Formatting Issues Printing from iPad

    I'm currently experiencing issues when printing using FMGo 17 on my iPad via AirPrint...   Right now, I have (landscape) layouts (and themes) for iPad and (portrait) layouts (and themes) for Desktop (most of whi...
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  • How Do I set max. no. of script sessions on FMS17

    I know it is via CLI and command is   fmsadmin set serverconfig scriptsessions  However I can not find the parameters listed anywhere so far.   I tried both:- fmsadmin set serverconfig scriptsessions...
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