• Can a script parameter be used on first window open start up?

    Can a script parameter be used on first window open start up?   I can't seem to find  the same window --like when I create a button with a script parameter.   thanks
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  • Is this normal for "Export Field Contents" in FM with windows ?

    My scrip uses the Export Field Contents applied to a container, and exported to the Temp folder.   Using this script:   Set Variable [ $$Temp; Value:Get ( TemporaryPath ) & GetContainerAttribute ( Import...
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  • Measuring Beats Per Minute

    I’m attempting to develop an app (FMGo) that will allow children to tap a button at a given tempo and record their accuracy. In our study, we will be using prerecorded music and the child will need to tap a butt...
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  • How do I generate a Data Matrix barcode in FMP Pro 16 Advanced?

    I've seen a lot of discussion on this but they all seem to apply to older versions of FMP. I've installed the IDAutomation_FileMakerFontEncoderFunctions, but I have no idea how to use it to generate the data matrix ba...
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  • Dynamically hide and show fields

    Hello, there are tens of thousands of entries and about 30 fields Is it possible to hide fields in such a way that a shift occurs when one field is hidden There is something similar with ButtonBar in this discussion...
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  • Creating a script to save found set

    Hi, I am new to filemaker. I am creating a script to save the found set as record. The relationship is main<-->listname<-->list main::userName_g(global field)<-->listname::createdBy listname::id&l...
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  • Bring FMP window in front of other applications

    I have filemaker running in the background, monitoring a folder for new files, when the new file is picked up and processed, I need the filemaker window to pop up in front of another non-filemaker window (Internet Exp...
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  • Add & manage records in sub table from main table layout

    I have the following situation:   Order Table - Order number - Order info   Sub Table: Print Data - Order number (to create a link to Order Table) - Print Data   Now, a single order can have mult...
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  • Perform Find driving me crazy

    I've been working with Filemaker for over 6 years now and scripting finds still drives me up the wall.   I have a table which lists all orders. The first thing I want, is to filter the orders based on time so I ...
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  • How to exclude weekends from date calculation

    I have an order date and order sent date.   I have a report where I am calculating what is the time lapse between order date and order sent date.   My calculation simply says 'OrderSentDate' - 'OrderDate...
  • Handling repeat events in a filemaker calendar? How do you do it?

    Trying to figure out the best way to handle repeating events. What to know what others have done.   I have a single table of events at present and run a script that will create the next booking at the correct in...
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  • Serial Script Execution and Logging as a stand-alone File

    I want to explore how to script a script into a field of a server scripts logger stand-alone file that would be executed serially by FMS as a scheduled script.   I can imagine either a button that when clicked &...
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  • file cannot be created on this disk

    I made a script to export the contents of a container field from all records into separate files. See attachment. It seems that the files are created allright but... The message I get is.... the files cannot be crea...
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  • FMP and Excel

    Hello All, I'm trying to create a database with FMP from an Excel sheet. we use this excel sheet for storing our Wire Numbers with their location and other info as it shows. I can import it with no issue. My prob...
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  • How can I create a sorted & filtered portal.

    Hello,   I need to create a portal of my same table data that is sorted from higher to lower value and filtered based upon if it has value to display and if it has no value to not display.   I need to t...
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  • FMGo, bluetooth scanners and script triggers

    I have come across a problem in setting up ipads to work with bluetooth scanners to check products as they are loaded into boxes. We want to check that the scanned code is contained within a given list of barcodes....
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  • Scripted PDF not view-able in a dynamic container field

    I have script that saves a record as a pdf and then inserts it into a container field for and work quite well. See script. I can export the file and open the PDF without any issues, but if I try to view it as a dy...
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  • .fmpsl to html

    I have a script that creates a fmpsl link, attaches it to an email and send.   Now they want me convert this process to text messaging with Google Hangouts.   I got all the API setup and everything works.....
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  • External Data Storage/Archiving

    I have a Filemaker solution that is growing too large for my Mac-mini server.  I write a lot of engineering reports and add multiple photos to those reports.  I'm pretty sure the photos (in container fields)...
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  • SQL Statement for count

    Data is being collected in a portal, and is working just fine. I have created a list layout to print a report based on attendees on a specific date.   example: Name: Smith,  Date Signed Up For: 1/1/2019, A...
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