• Where can I store a value in a layout?

    I have a layout with a portal and need a place to store whether the sort in the portal is ascending or descending. I can create a global field in the main table of the portal but seems like I am going to crowd that ta...
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  • Can a script change a layout's table

    I have a layout that is designed to be completely interchangeable with regard to which table it shows records from. Now I seek a quick way to make that change: is it possible to write a script that changes a layout's ...
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  • Via Michelin and FileMaker Integration

    Hello,   instead of scripting Google Maps, i'd like to script Via Michelin. does anyone already have done it ? As in the filemaker solution with Google Maps, I just want to send departure and arrival adress in...
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  • Avoid searching for > in relationships or eSQL in "big" tables

    At a client with about 500'000 records in the agenda - appointments table, about 20 users hitting it every 20 seconds, I was getting the UUID of a clicked appointment with   ExecuteSQL("SELECT UUID FROM Appointm...
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  • PSOS fails unless manually triggered - why?

    I'd LOVE very much for someone to advise what I've done wrong on this.  I'm sure it's a simple one - I just can't seem to see why..    So this triggers reports for a number of technician production re...
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  • Repeating Schedule Scripts in 17

    Good afternoon FileMakers,   I just migrated to 17 Server and am loving it.  One issue has popped up with my schedules.  In my 16 server, I had a script scheduled to run every 30 minutes.   O...
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  • Anyone missing the "+", "-" etc from Calculations with Mojave

    Hi, Since I updated to Mojave, Specify Calculation area when adding calculations to a field, the +, -, /, * etc list that usual appears on the right of the calculation panel is missing. does anyone else have that prob...
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  • Can you tell when a User has the Advanced Tools enabled

    I am wondering if there is a way to tell when a User logs in, if they have the Advanced Tools option selected in Preferences. I am worried that the tools may be opened and used by people who are unsure of the conseque...
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  • Is it possible to copy scripts and paste to text editor app?

    When I use Ctrl C+Ctrl V, it only works in filemaker, doesn't work when I'm going to paste into my other text editor app? How can I extract them out?   Thank you!
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  • Building a table link

    I just imported a table from another source, ProjData that has several thousand records. I want to link it to an existing table, ProjList, that also has several thousand records. Here is a short version of what I am w...
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  • Summary Calendar

    Hi   Just wondering if anyone could help. I want to design a summary calendar which shows just the total number of type of people are off for anygiven day. One table has employee info in the other has holiday re...
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  • Filemaker Server Schedule Import CSV File

    Is there a way to have Filemaker server on say a schedule import a CSV file? Any solutions that can detect a new file in a directory and import once detected?
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  • Setting a Script Trigger as the Running of Another Script?

    I want to record the start time and end time of the scripts I run so I can know how long it takes for some of the longer ones to run.  I created a script to record the start time and a separate one to record the ...
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  • Pros and Cons of Server Script

    Hi,   I just want to know that what are the advantages and disadvantages of performing script on the server? Please describe and also what those routines should be performing on the server to get the more effic...
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  • Summary & Sub-Summary

    I can't solve myself this problem and I have been browsing similar questions but I did not find the one fitting my need. Please help me in the following situation. Three tables: Companies, one record for each compa...
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  • Webdirect and insert picture

    In a webdirect solution running a script to insert picture is it possible to map the path to folder and insert the latest file based on the date and time stamp?
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  • How does one duplicate a record multiple times?

    I'm trying to find a way to setup a button in a filemaker database that when pressed will duplicate the current record multiple times. My hope is that all the user needs to do is enter how many duplicates they would l...
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  • FMPA 15 to FMPA 17 Import Script Step Bug

    Hello,   We are experiencing a bug where the import order from FMPA 15.0.4 changes when the script is opened in FMPA 17.0.2. The import is set to Last Order. If I change the import order to Custom Import Order i...
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  • Insert text script issue

    I have problems with the default insert text script.   I want to set the following:     1. image in the layout functions as a button;   2. when clicking the button, the insert text script mus...
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  • Keystroke Navigation with Objects - Creating One Script

    I have a portal layout with horizontal rows of 4 images. Each portal is named and currently I am using a unique OnObjectKeystroke script trigger to allow the user to use the arrow keys to navigate up/down/next/previou...
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