• When to Specify that a Script Runs with Full Access

    New member, first post, beginner-to-intermediate level.   I am creating my first multi-user solution.   A few of my scripts create a record and/or delete a record, and therefore some basic users might need...
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  • How to get margin per product from portal records and combine

    Hi! I have been using starter solutions Estimates and have done some changes to send offers to customers. I would like to know on each offer what my margin are on that specific offer. So, i have the margin on each pr...
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  • Send event script step forgets file paths when FileMaker quits

    Filemaker advanced Send Event script step forgets about file path window contents after quitting. A Send event script step with file: encode ( the file to run ) performs perfectly while FileMaker is open. Y...
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  • Multiple search values in one field

    Good afternoon all,   I hope that your week started off well =)   I'm currently working on a solution. The company that I work for focuses on repairing consumer computers and various electronics. Our team ...
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  • Perform Find with a variable table

    Hi,   Recently I asked a question that I wished I had asked many years ago.  How to have multiple script parameters?  This has revolutionized my programming.  Literally hundreds of script being re...
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  • Email -Pilcrow fails to LF

    I have the following calculated field that returns the Line Items for an order. When I use the SEND MAIL script step with email client option if there is more than 1 line item in the result then the rest of the items ...
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  • Multi Email Address Issue

    I am stumped.   I have many solution that use the SEND MAIL feature. Using Client Email: Apple Mail They will auto populate with all the required emails address Each name is collected and formatted as:  ...
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  • Unstored Calculations.

    I have two questions regarding Unstored Calculations.   Q1. Do Unstored Calculations field re evaluate if used with ExecuteSQL? and, Q2. Do Unstored Calculations field used in any script step(such as Set Field...
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  • Best practice advice for associating records from a lookup table to a parent table.

    I have read a lot of discussion posts about topics that are very similar to this but there always seems to a knowledge gap or there is a practice being used that is advised against and a "for dummies" translation isn'...
  • HTTP requests (GET, PUT, POST, etc.)

    Hi everybody,   I am starting a new project to connect my main FmPro 16 (server and users) to a client website to retrieve jobs and provide feedback during processing and when completed. The document provided b...
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  • Finally, append to PDF for FileMaker Go

    There have been a couple of recent posts on how to append to PDF on an iOS device.  Using FileMaker Server 16 provides an option to do this but what if you are not using FileMaker Server 16.  I've attached a...
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  • Scripting a Find with Extend found set

    I've moved on from my last problem!! Hope I can find help with this. I have a list of fields: Name 1 and Name 2 and its data. I need to produce a list of all fields in N1 that are “Joe“ AND all fields in N...
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  • Help.... New to scripting, trying hard but failing miserably

    Hi Guys   I'm new to scripting with FMPA.  I'm trying to append field contents from an excel s/sheet to existing records with same field names in a FMP Db.  It is only a small db (approx. 40000 records...
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  • User entry of Code returns confirmation Name

    Hi All   I have written a script to allocate items to users - part of the script enables data to be completed in an Allocation Table to retain as record. As part of the routine I have created a Show Custom Dialo...
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  • How do I flatten related records? Or just do double loop?

    I have a tablet of subscribers and a related table of email addresses for each subscriber. I have been trying to create a flat form/report like:   subscriber1 email1 subscribe1 email2 ... subscriber2 email1 ...
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  • Why can't I do this?

    So I have been using Filemaker since the first day it came out under the Deneba name. Just switched to FMP 16. Assume I am in the middle of a text field and I drag over and highlight 3 words in the middle of the text....
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  • Integration with JavaScript APIs that are Asynchronous

    How is inegation to an API provider possible when either the API provider is asynchronous or a NodeJS library uses the ASYNC process.   Any ideas?
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  • How does one go to a specific found set record as follows ...?

    Thank you for any advice on how to do the following ...   Objective: List a found set in a related Card Window, then go to the selected record form without altering the overall found set.   The is, for ex...
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  • Simulate Multipart match relationship with Find

    It there an easy way to simulate a multipart match relationship using find instead?   If I have   Owners::State < - > Restrictions::RestrictedStates   How can I simulate this using find instead?
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  • Using ExecuteSQL to sum a record in another table

    Hi I am trying to use ExecuteSQL to perform a simple sum of record in a table and clearly I cannot seem to get it to work so I am missing something basic   So I have a field in a table called total_qty_received ...
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