• Remote App for remote clients

    In my previous thread I discuss a client with office in NY and LA.    Hosted in LA, NY is too slow Host in NY, LA is too slow   I talked with FMPHosting and we setup connection via Remote App.  ...
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  • FM Go with Active Directory Authentication

    Hi,   One of our clients wants to use their existing Active Directory FileMaker Login. Most of the application is going to be accessed via iPads/FM Go. Does FMGo works with Active Directory / External Server Au...
  • How to prolong InstallONTimer with other script triggers / calculation for record locking

    Hello,   I have a timesheet layout that I intend to have for each user with their own privilege settings etc.   Currently: -Every user has their own login/pw and they can only see the timesheet layout - n...
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  • FM Cloud Backups/Restore

    In FMCloud I see "snapshots" which apparently is supposed to serve as a backup. 1) How do i restore? For example let's say a record was accidentally deleted and I need to access yesterday's (or last week's) backup t...
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  • [FileMaker][FileMaker JDBC]  (802): Unable to open file when trying to connect from "client" application

    Resolved: Faulty license key. Reinstalled with a different key and is now working. Just to be sure it was the key and not something else resolved by a clean install, I reinstalled again with the bad key and had the sa...
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  • Limit access to Manage submenu items - can it  be done?

    I  want to give add into a custom menu just one and only one particular submenu item, File>Manage>Value Lists.  But I don't want to allow access to the other File>Manage submenu items. Can this be...
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  • Filemaker 17 API and Javascript

    I'm trying to open a connection to a database from a web call and I get a cross domain error. Is there a way around this? Here is my javascript. Maybe you guys can tell me what I'm doing wrong. Is this a FileMaker lim...
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  • Connecting to FEDEX over SOAP

    I have been tasked with trying to connect our Filemaker 16 database to Fedex via their API. The trouble is that the more I study the documentation out there...the more confused I get. I have successfully integrated ou...
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  • Open Directory on Mac OS X possibly going away?

    There are some reasons to believe that Apple will be abandoning Open Directory on their OS in future versions.  Right now you can manage it through the Server.app on Mac OS X.  And while the grandaddy and bu...
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  • Does adding security slow things down?

    I try to be cognizant of adding layers of security into systems I design. (privilege sets and all that) However, it can be quite cumbersome when adding security it can slow things down (on a network) in the system. &...
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  • Legal Signatures

    Hi All,   I just found this software pDoc Signer for iPad's by topazsystems.com.  It allows signatures completed on iPads to be legally bound to PDF's.   Is it possible with FileMaker Go 16 to:   E...
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  • Transactional Concerns – Global Variable ‘Shadow’ Model

    Way back in FMP5 days, I did the following to ensure that users couldn’t edit records by accident:   a) Hid FM menus from the user (using a plug-in), b) Permitted navigation, finds, etc via buttons exclus...
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  • How to prevent users from accessing the Tools menu and its menu items

    Please correct me if I'm wrong in my statement here:   There is no way to completely prevent a user from running a DDR (Database Design Report) via the Tools menu, thus completely unveiling your FileMaker soluti...
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  • Preventing brute force attacks at the authentication stage with Web Direct?

    We are undergoing penetration testing on one of our solutions by a third party.   They have nearly completed the testing and raised one medium severity finding which concerns me. The finding is that there is not...
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  • Modification in privileged set field

    Hi all,   I have a user by the name 'User 1'. I have allocated some privileges set to 'User 1'. In the privilege set, I limited the 'User 1' for the editing record using the following calculation 'not table:: f...
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  • Data breach at Devcon hotel?

    Given that the annual FileMaker Developer Conference is held at Marriott properties, this might be of interest if you've attended in the past four years:   Marriott Breach Exposes Data of Up to 500 Million Guest...
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  • FM17 Server What is special about the "Secure" Folder?

    I don't know why I didn't pick up on this before, but just noticed in the FM17 Setup there is a special "Secure" data folder.   The docs explain that this is for Encrypted Data files with specific passwords ...
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  • Server 16 and SSL

    Can you have a fully functioning SSL certificate on a Filemaker 16 server that is behind a firewall and does not have ports open to the Internet?   How is this accomplished, if you do not have the server on the ...
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  • A Conversation About '2 Factor Authentication'

    Security is always a big topic when it involves data, or people, or possessions. Recently, over on the FileMaker Community, there was a very beneficial discussion regarding security. Unfortunately, that discussion was...
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  • SSL Cert Help

    Morning   Completely new to SSL Certs. I have managed to complete all the steps of generating a request etc. and sending of to our CA which is CSC.   I have received 4 files back:   My_Domain.CCC Ad...
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