• Has anyone successfully imported a godaddy SSL certificate in FM 16 and gotten it to work?

    I have read numerous discussion threads on this, but cannot find anyone who has definitively gotten this to work.  I created my CSR in FM 16 admin console, I received my godaddy zip file that contains the signed ...
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  • Cracking Passwords

    So I got a couple of old DBs from a client that doesn't know the full access password to (I didn't build this). No record of it! Anyway they want to  know if I can crack this for them. Any idea how I can get this...
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  • Multi-domain SSL Certificate and FileMaker Server 15+?

    When you generate a certificate request using FileMaker Server, you must provide either a FQDN or a wildcard request based on a specific domain (*.domain.com, for example.)   Does anyone know if there is a way t...
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  • Launch Center locks with VPN

    I've just upgraded our office from FileMaker 12 to 16.  I have some issues with the Launch Center the most critical is that it simply locks after about a quarter of a revolution of the spinner when coming in via ...
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  • Startup script messing up another startup script

    I have two scripts I plan to run at startup.   The first, License Key Script, prompts the entry of a code to unlock the file with a combination of the PersistentID, a name and an email. The other, Splash Screen ...
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  • WebDirect Session Timeout

    It is being reported by my user community that they are being closed out of their sessions sooner than the 60 minutes I have the Web Direct (Web Publishing - FileMakerWebDirect -Session Time) timeout set.  Is the...
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  • Privilege Sets - Access to related record

    Hi. I have a set of related records am trying to make make availeble for users with in a Privilege set. This users should see the records if they are assigned the Project. So I set the custom record privileges in view...
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  • Only see newly created records (Prevent Existing Records Modification)

    Dear All,   I had a form fill type solution. Master layout page has multiple privileges as Admin, Manager, Entry User.   Every-time Entry user creates new record as per FM Standards Records adding one by o...
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  • Trouble,editing,privilege,set

    With full access, and able to create a Data Entry Only privilege set, I am unable to edit that set to remove ability to delete records. I do; Manage, Security, enter my passwords, select the set, edit, edit and bingo,...
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  • Disconnect from Server Idle

    Hi   I went into a FM 14 server to set the log out users when idle.   I went to Database Server, FM Client Tab.   And the setting for idle time was not there.   It is on FM 13.   Can anyo...
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  • hospital design database

    Is there someone can give me a hospital design database? or referrence for me to study? I'm a newbie, but i will try to learn?
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  • What does FMI expect Developers to do regarding FileMaker Accounts in multi-file solutions?

    So I've worked on a few solutions that contain multiple files and CWP or WebDirect and have noticed that there is a general tendency among developers to use a shared login approach to related files.  That is, sto...
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  • How to enable search for accounts with read-only privilege set?

    When I define an account as read-only, "Search" appears to be disabled on both mac and FMgo. How do I specify a read-only privilege set, that also allows "Search" ?
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  • FMS16 - CWP - Send Mail Script Compatibility

    Hi All,   Is FileMaker Server 16 Custom Web Publish has compatibility for Send Mail Script?   Thanks in advance, Suresh
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  • Webdirect URL not working correctly in Server 16

    I have a database that is currently running under Filemaker Server 15 and being accessed by web clients via Webdirect. This has worked fine from Server 13-15, but not so under Server 16.   This is what the UR lo...
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  • How to install ssl certificates for multiple domains FM15webserver?

    I have installed a ssl certificate for the FMServer for the primary domain via the admin console. That worked fine. Also the webserver does what it has to do. I am also hosting several websites (on the same ip) and i...
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  • Wufoo RSS/XML import into FM16

    Hello all,   First time posting here. I'm trying to make my life a bit easier by importing from a regular data source (wufoo.com). In particular, they have a nifty RSS feed for new posts (i.e. new form submissio...
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  • Google maps do not work on webdirect

    Greetings.   I've got google maps on couple of my layout which works fine in filemaker. However google maps do not work in web direct.   I have done some research; Filemaker webdirect tutorial  clea...
  • ESET security causes SMTP Email to fail

    Hello, Because of changes in our desktop security, SMTP email isn't working when a user hits a send mail script step. Now getting a 1506 error because of security changes. I put the send mail step into its own scrip...
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  • Restrict data exporting

    I want to prevent the exporting of data from my DB. I have set the privileges for everyone except myself to not allow exporting but it doesn't seem to work. Is there something else I have to do?
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