• Admin log out/ sign in

    Not to sound paranoid, but what's the point of this Apple dictate? Is it so that in some future version (once we've got used to putting up with it) we're forced to upgrade immediately with every version or we won't be...
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  • What Firewall ports are required for Container fields?

    I have a database that displays PDFs from container fields in a Global container field.  When the Firewall is turned on my local/internal Mac Mini development server,  the Global field does not display the P...
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  • General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and Testing

    While I was researching for a new hosting provider, I was confronted with a really intriguing question:   What will happen when the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into force?   For th...
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  • Password issues with FM Go.

    Why am I getting an error message on FMGO on a password to FM Cloud while the same password works without issue for Web Direct on a laptop? This is becoming a real problem when I want to add users to a system running ...
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  • Los privilegios de acceso de este archivo están dañados o han sido manipulados

    Tengo una base de datos .fmp12, la cual estaba compartida con 3 usuarios usando la opción de "Compartir Filemaker". Durante varios días he venido trabajando en modificaciones, en las cuales he invertido ma...
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  • Trying to install a v16 SSL Cert after initial failure

    OK,   I've installed a certificate on one server and it worked exactly as it should, no problems.   But now I'm setting up another server and have gotten failures each time I've tried.   Time to sta...
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  • Save Databse on NAS via Internet

    Hi,   I have uploaded my solution to the server of my customer. The customer gave me his admin account for administration the FM accounts.   My problem, I want to save the backups directly or indirectly on...
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  • Repeating field behavior with Server?

    New to Filemaker, I have some basic questions about Repeating Fields:   1.  A Repeating Field is a single pre-specified one-dimensional array stored in single Filemaker field?   2.  Retrieving fr...
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  • Disconnect idle users - Filemaker Server 15 windows

    Hello, Is there a way to disconnect automatically idle user every night?   We have FileMaker Server 15 on Windows and 5 users that forget frequently to logout or quit FileMaker.   Regards Phil
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  • FMS 17 Admin API: Open Database, save EAR password

    The Admin API allows you to open a Database and the instructions are below.  What is missing is when a database is Encrypted at Rest, the ability to save the password in the Admin Console so that the next time it...
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  • Detect FMP17 advanced tools

    Does anyone know if you can distinguish via calc field if the current user is opening FMP17 with the advanced tools active?   Maybe I´m a bit old school, but what I am trying to prevent is any basic user o...
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  • Best method customer connection

    For some time it has been our goal to provide a way for customers to be able to log into our database and modify rental records to show the current location for each piece of rental equipment. Not being a professional...
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  • Connect Remotely (different network) to Filemaker Pro via Go

    Hi All,   I'm stuck.  I have read all of the articles on here, on FM's support page, and am at a loss.  (yes, the answer is probably in front of my face)  I am trying to set up my FMPA solution to...
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  • How to disable HSTS in FMS17?

    Hi   I’ve just upgraded one server to FMS17. It has a valid SSL certificate and I can see the green lock icon if i connect from FM. However, if i connect from WebDirect then i get a SSL error.   Thi...
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  • Error Message - “Admin ()” is modifying this layout.  You cannot use this layout until “Admin ()” is finished.

    Hi Folks,   I logged into the database today to make some adjustments to some buttons which call scripts, and as soon as I clicked on the button I got this error message:     I had a look to see wh...
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  • FM17Go access FM17Server

    In my business I have several solutions where a local database in FM Go interacts with a hosted database in FM Server.   I have had no problem at all with this setup. The server have been upgraded from version 1...
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  • Penetration Testing

    Hi,   Not sure if this is the correct place to post this, but I'm wondering if anyone out there could help me out by penetration testing a web-direct solution for me?   I'd need to send you a login link to...
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  • Filemaker 17  New Window question ?

    I need your help on this: I want open file with the close button disabled do you have a way to do this ? I tried when the file open to open a new windows without close button but if I try to close the first windows ...
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  • AD username

    Hi, I'm hoping someone had run into this issue.  Our users login via remote desktop to access Filemaker and the login credentials are through active directory authentication.  Let's say I have a username "To...
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  • Filemaker Cloud SSL renewal, after expiration

    Hi - we have setup Filemaker Cloud, and we let the renewal of the SSL cert expire (were out of town and all the other excuses).   Does anyone know how/what to do to renew/purchase/install the SSL cert to get th...
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