• DIY Security Audit

    If you have a DDR-processing tool that does all this, please share how you would assist a security audit. Or if you are a developer of a DDR-processing tool, please take note.   We had an audit that requires da...
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  • Database Password Reset

    Good morning,   I inherited a database that nobody seems to know the admin username/password.  I have tried their many admin passwords in many different formats however I am not able to get in to create se...
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  • FileMaker 17 GoDaddy Cert Installation Issues

    Unable to properly get a GoDaddy SSL cert to install.   Mac OS 10.13.6 FileMaker 17.02.203   FileMaker 17 Server installed as 17.02 after uninstalling FileMaker 16 Server and removed cstore folder for in...
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  • Connecting to FEDEX over SOAP

    I have been tasked with trying to connect our Filemaker 16 database to Fedex via their API. The trouble is that the more I study the documentation out there...the more confused I get. I have successfully integrated ou...
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  • Active Directory from a different domain

    My production server is hosted in a different domain, which I do not have control over. I have a different domain where I have set up groups and can authenticate against on my dev server.   I believe that in FM...
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  • Retrieving an SSL Certificate for FMS17

    Does anyone have advice on specifying a "server software" when retrieving the Certificate. Network Solutions is providing these choices. FMS17 is installed on a Microsoft Windows 2016 Standard.   When I have per...
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  • Error with a Windows Authentication ODBC Connection for Filemaker

    Hi,   We are running FileMaker version Currently the FileMaker application successfully pulls data from MS SQL 2008 R2 tables/views via an ODBC connection hard-coded to use a special read-only SQL S...
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  • Encryption password for the private key file is not specified error

    I want to place a complete new SSL for my clients server. Firstly i clicked, in the admin console, on the 'start over' button. The FMS has the default FMI certificate now. I also did, in the terminal, the "fmsadmin ...
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  • ODBC Confusion

    I am still confused with FileMaker connecting to my accounting SQL tables.  In a new file I created a local table.  Then in the Relationship graph, I created the 6 table occurrences that I need to get the da...
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  • Signed URLs for Amazon S3 in Filemaker

    Here is my dilemma.   I have JPG images stored in S3 Amazon, which require signed URLs (time delimited) for security purposes.   CURRENTLY, I programmatically determine the URL address using Javascript wit...
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  • Security, structure and file size for multiple clients

    Brief Background I have been using FileMaker for 5+ years since FM12 and have created multiple solutions for use by Engineers / Manufacturing at the company I work for. A couple of years ago, I moved all of the file...
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  • OnObjectLayout Trigger

    Hi, On a popover, I just want that when it gets open, my script executes for a single time. For that purpose, I am using a trigger onobjectenter but by using a debugger, I found that when a popover is active(loaded)...
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  • Controlling Visibility Based on Privileges

    Is there no way to determine a user’s ability to create new or delete existing records prior to trying?   Somehow I thought the function Get ( RecordAccess) would provide more detail about this, but it is ...
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  • Alternative to Signatures

    In my system I had a container field in Staff card for this signature which would then be placed on Time Card, NDA, and other document managed by FM.   I do not know if they will stand-up in court if there was e...
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  • option + open to login with a different user ID

    FileMaker 12 Advanced Mac OS 10.7.4   I created a simple file and in File>>File Options... When Opening this File I unchecked the "Log in using" option. I added a password to the Admin account and created...
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  • Implementing CORS headers

    I'm trying to get information from another system via XML and it is reporting and error when making its call to the FM server:   No 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin' header is present on the requested resource. Orig...
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  • How do you host an encrypted database?

    I want to use encryption at rest for my hosted databases. I found some documentation on how to encrypt my databases, and that went fine. But when I try to host my encrypted databases, they fail to open. The log says "...
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  • GoDaddy Cert could not be Imported

    How to fix SSL error using GoDaddy Cert, FM Server 16 on Mac High Sierra.   Unable to import new GoDaddy Cert:   Certificate could not be Imported: Config_DBServer_CertificateDialog_ErrorGo Daddy Secure Cer...
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  • Taking GDPR too far...

    When new FMI license codes are send to my licensees, I used to be included in the cc so that I would know that the codes were being made available. As a SOP, I follow this up with an email to the CEO, not to worry, I ...
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  • Generate CSR for Worker Machine?

    I'm in the process of upgrading a client's two-machine system to version 17.  Previously, they'd had a certificate for the web (worker) machine, but they were using the FileMaker default certificate on the master...
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