• SSL "yellow padlock" on 16, everything fine on 15

    There might be some obvious answer to this but I cannot find it.  THANKS in advance for help.   I have a FMS 16.  Recently upgraded to 16.  Installed certificate from 15.  Everything seems ab...
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  • Filemaker Server - What is the reaction when user enters incorrect authentication/password

    I am looking for information on how Filemaker Server responds in an invalid authentication situation. (A user enters a wrong password - how many wrong passwords are allowed before action is taken, and what action(s) a...
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  • Data Separation

    After spending too much time and too often in importing data after requested changes into a complex medical multi-language solution I have decided to try moving toward the data separation model. And after reading a f...
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  • script to send login user to specific layout specific to that user.

    Anyone have a simple script that when a user logs in to FM through a custom login in sends that User to a layout that specifies that specific User's files? As in, John logs in and I want to send him to a dashboard tha...
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  • Exchanging encrypted content to web services

    I'm thinking about how to exchange some data (like a JSON object) to a server securely, and I'm not talking about SSL/TLS, but the impossibility to forge a fake request.   FM16 provides an encryption function, w...
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  • Question about FMS 16

    I just installed FMS16 few hours ago. I am totally new with this, so please bear with me...   Since my FMPA 16 and FMS16 is currently under same area network, so it's very easy for me to connect to FMS16 using e...
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  • FMS 15 - Additional Database Folders does not work.

    OS: Win2012SrvR2 FMS   After adding the correct path to the console field for Additions database folder 1   a. The validate path button does nothing. You click it and it's like clicking on a pi...
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  • FileMaker Server 15 - HSTS nightmare

    I have just resolved a recent nightmare where our server suddenly stopped accepting access to any http addresses. It suddenly started rerouting any traffic hitting our domain to https addresses.   Because FileMa...
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  • Setting up server with SSL

    Hello Guys,   I followed the instructions and set up the FM 16 sever with my macbook pro, but I cannot access the server from internet.   Here is how I set it:   1. Installed the server on macbook pr...
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  • FileMaker and Google Drive

    Has anyone had any luck or insight using Google Drive to store their data from FileMaker to share it with others who have the FM software?  I can't think of why this wouldn't work, but if anyone has any thoughts ...
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  • iOS SDK only supports SSL?

    I am working on a FileMaker Server 16 based solution which supports iOS, Windows and OSX clients.  The workshop iOS clients are currently managed via an MDM with FileMaker Go set to be the Single App.  I'd l...
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  • Google/OAuth setup error

    I and my team are trying to deploy FileMaker Server using OAuth with Google. But, something was wrong and we don't know why this happen. That is the problem's screenshot:   Could someone help us, please? Do you...
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  • Symantec certificates in FMS 15 invalid after march 2018

    Hi,   Filemaker has tested 5 certificates in combination with FMS 15     GeoTrust True BusinessID Comodo Comodo Elite SSL Certificate EV SSL Symantec Secure Site SSL Certificate Thawte SSL123...
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  • FileMaker 16 Web Direct Issue

    Hello All,   I've a issue with the FileMaker Web Direct 16 solution and it shows blank page,   see below steps what I did,   - I am using chrome browser. - All Cache and temp file are cleared from begi...
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  • Has anything changed in WD in 14 that would allow us to use SAML auth to pass user credentials?

    Still trying to find a way where we can use our standard SAML auth via CWP or with WD to allow users to get the normal authentication experience when entering a WD site?   I know with v13 and WD you could not pa...
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  • How to skip prompt for external data source authentication

    I have two database hosted on separate servers. They both are interrelated through tables. Now when I try to open one of the layouts on one database, it prompts me every time to enter account name and password. If I d...
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  • Restrict Auto-Complete to Privilege Set

    Does anyone know if it is possible to restrict the Auto-Complete feature of a given field to a specific privilege set?
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  • Filemaker 16 Server SSL for XML API

    Hi, I've just upgraded to Filemaker Server 16 and installed an SSL certificate for client/server communications. However, I am confused by the documentation when it comes to communication between the Server and the Fi...
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  • How to attach a pdf with sendMail on FMS

    Hello,   I would like to put a pdf file somewhere on my FileMaker server and use the Send Mail script command to attach this pdf. Where should I put the file and what will be the link? I access the files on my...
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  • Windows authentification to access windows network share

    I have an application on Filemaker Go on iPad who communicate with our Filemaker Server and in the application we have a table where we have link to documents on windows share but we can't from the iPad open them beca...
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