• Looking for someone to write a cURL request for us

    Hi There,   I'm not sure if this is the appropriate place to ask for this.   We have some databases here that I have developed and work fine. However, I need to download from Magento 2 using an insert from...
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  • FileMaker Network Security

    Dear FileMaker community,   Today I set up a local server for WebDirect access. After setting the SSL, I asked the network IT guy to open ports 80 and 443. His responded so arrogantly that opening ports <1000...
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  • WebDirect WYSIWYG Editor Options

    Hi all,   I'm looking for a very simple WYSIWYG editor to use in WebDirect. The intent is to allow users to apply (and preserve) the following styles: Bold Italic Underline Uppercase The idea is that users ...
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  • Resource-Calendar

    Here's a cleaned up and a bit enhanced version of my landscape-timeline web viewer-based calendar. Improved FM Go touch-handling   • double-click/long-touch into grid for new event • click on row-t...
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  • Clickable Map of FileMaker user groups

    Hi All, Here is a clickable map of FileMaker user groups... http://www.twdesigns.com/resources/filemaker-user-groups.html ...built using FileMaker.   Here is a NON-clickable screenshot for your pre-viewing en...
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  • Shareware

    Hello! My database is free access for application applications but I would like it when a person would apply for a layout asking for a key if the key was correct it would go to layout A and could continue the applica...
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  • PHP Undefined Index

    I have a CWP on a two server setup on FileMaker server 14. Both servers are Windows 2012R2. It was developed on FileMaker 9 and as gone through several FileMaker upgrades. The core of the site code has not been modifi...
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  • Best way to use FileMaker as a backend for a website

    I have made a database in FileMaker that I have been giving access to users with FileMaker go. The demand for access though was much higher then I expected I would like to meet the demand. I am assuming that the best ...
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  • Rest API can't use plugins

    Hi there. We're testing the new FM Data-API. The problem we came across: REST calls don't seem to have access to plugin functions. We use a simple auto-enter field that performs a simple calculation using the MBS-Plu...
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  • [BLOG] - FileMaker PHP API : an Open Source project

      I (well, Google, mostly) finally translated airmoi's stunning blog post about his rewriting of the php API into English. This is an amazing project, entirely developed here and made Open Source for you.  ...
    Fabrice Nordmann
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  • webdirect object animations not working

    Hey Guys,   I'm experiencing some trouble with my layout object animations on webdirect.  I'm whipping up a VERY simple layout to give my non-fmGO users a mobile, app-like, interface to work in. I'm simp...
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  • Read/write from/to shared repository

    Hi, is there a way, somehow to read/write from a shared repos, ie. dropbox or website, without the need of user interaction ? i would like to use script to import a file from shared location, modificate it and final...
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  • PHP API - checking that find must match BOTH addFindCriterion...

    Hi all,   With the find example below - I am just checking that BOTH addFindCriterion must be exact match for the find to be successful (and not just one or the other)?     $cmd = $fm->newFindComma...
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  • Issues With Base64Encode and CryptAuthCode

    Hi Folks:   I need some help from you Web page gurus.   I am building a REST API interface to a system that requires I send an Encrypted/Encoded key in the header for security.  I have it mostly w...
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  • FileMaker Error 1506: Email message(s) could not be sent successfully.

    Good day, I'm running FM Pro advanced 14 and I have a solution with a script that sends mails to lots of users. For the last weeks I've been presenting trouble with the SMTP script step, it might send one or two mail...
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  • cURL not working when using FM Webdirect?

    Hi,   I would like to be able to run this cURL script on FM WebDirect but I always get the error message "1631: Connection failed". Running this script in FM Pro works, so I assume it is a problem with Webdirect...
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  • Capturing Signature In Windows using Webviewer

    I have implemented an module where i need to capture signature in windows .I have tried many solutions but nothing is working with Windows System,rest they are working well on MAC OS.Please suggest how can i achieve t...
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  • FMS 17 ghost webdirect connections with same IP address

    I just switched over from FMS 16 to FMS 17.0.2. I am running on WIndows Server Standard 2016 with 16GB ram with 6 cores. I have started getting multiple ghost webdirect connections per user login, all with the same ip...
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  • Simple webDirect URL param passing

    I have searched for information on simple parameter passing via the URL and I am coming up short on debugging information.  We are running FileMaker Server 16   Here is what i have tried but failed to accom...
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  • FM17 and CWP ( PHP ) connections

            We upgraded to FMS17 last weekend, and have a small PHP website using CWP that we upgraded as part of the process.   After upgrading we are noticing that the pages ...
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