• FileMaker Pro 16 JSON functions and cURL options

    I am writing this quick note to inform the community that encountered problems with FileMaker Pro 16 JSON functions.   I am currently developing cURL and JSON scripts to exchange data with a client who built its...
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  • FileMaker WebDirect URL Link with Script

    I'm trying to run a solution that runs a script upon opening in WebDirect.  Here is my link: https://fm.campgreenacres.com/fmi/webd/Filename?script=ScriptName   I keep getting the following error message: ...
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  • Soft Line Break / Word Wrap from Template to Email

    Hey All,   I tried to ask this question in another thread but it may have gotten lost.  I have seen similar issues, but unable to find a solution to my issue. I am trying to find a way to have soft returns...
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  • Public access to Local Solution-Security work arounds?

    I was wondering if any of the professional developers have experienced a Solution situation where a "public" webDirect solution needs to work with data contained in a private/government solution.   If so, wh...
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  • Creating a Facebook Stalking Page

    A year ago, I used the Web Viewer to create what I affectionately refer to as a Facebook stalking page, so we can better recognize people who have attended our conference. ("Was that the tall dude or the guy with the ...
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  • Server IP AddressES

    In the admin console status I can see that several labels say "IP Addresses" (plural), but I only ever see one IP address in those fields even though our servers have several names and numbers each.   I guess I ...
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  • Issue with Base64Decode - FileMaker 16 on MacOS and FMGo 16 iPad

    Hello Everyone.   Today, after two days of hard working with Google Charts, I finally could export content of the WebViewer to a Filemaker Field and next, decode the Base64 of the field to a image.   I'm u...
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  • Custom Web Publishing Crashes (But WebDirect Stays Online) - FMS15

    Hi All,   I have a two-machine deployment of Filemaker Server 15, one machine acting as the database server and the other machine acting as the "worker" web server machine. We run both a WebDirect site on the Fi...
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  • HTTP requests (GET, PUT, POST, etc.)

    Hi everybody,   I am starting a new project to connect my main FmPro 16 (server and users) to a client website to retrieve jobs and provide feedback during processing and when completed. The document provided b...
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  • Integration with JavaScript APIs that are Asynchronous

    How is inegation to an API provider possible when either the API provider is asynchronous or a NodeJS library uses the ASYNC process.   Any ideas?
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  • Resource-Calendar

    Here's a cleaned up and a bit enhanced version of my landscape-timeline web viewer-based calendar. Improved FM Go touch-handling   • double-click/long-touch into grid for new event • click on row-t...
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  • Show login without files webdirect

    Hi, i want to know how on webdirect when going to the link it shows the login page without ant clicking on files to open, i only have one db and want it to open on load ,,   thanks
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  • Google reCAPTCHA not working with Web Viewer

    Google reCAPTCHA does not work anymore with Web Viewer on Mac OS X 10.9, 10.10, 10.11 and using Safari or Firefox as default.   Instead on Windows it continues to work as usual.   Any solutions? Thanks S...
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  • Mini Web Publishing Support

    Hi,   I am seeking assistance and looking for the right person. I Need someone that understands the web-publishing  or Mysql part of FM. I am looking to do a simple task:   Have users long into the s...
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  • Web Viewer - Simple Tagging Module Integration

    Tagging Module FileMaker's web viewer has been proven countless times to be an amazing tool to output JavaScript. That is why I decided to adapt this nice and simple tagging module to FileMaker. The point of this mod...
  • Web direct list view w/ missing fields

    Hi all,   I created a list view questionnaire with a sub summary sorted by question groups. It displays fine in FMPA 16.   However, when I view the same layout in webdirect, I can only enter answers to the...
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  • Email from FMP16

    Newbie Here. What is simplest way to send a email out of record on FMP16(through existing Gmail acct)? Script? Any and all help would be greatly appreciated!
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  • after 16.04 server update, Web Direct very slow (15 seconds) to load first screen, fine after that

    I updated my server to 16.v04 last night and now the web direct first page is loading ever so slow at about 15-20 seconds. Any ideas?
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  • cURL proper syntax

    Hi everybody:   I am fighting for 10 to 12 hours now on what I think is just a syntax problem and it is getting on my nerves. Can somebody please answer the following: When using FMP16 to Insert URL with cURL ...
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  • FMI/Webd solutions visible but won't open

    Software: FileMaker Pro 16 desktops & laptops (currently one user/dev), Filemaker Server 16, both are running 64-bit setup Server: Internally hosted, not cloud hosted Desktop/Laptop Systems: Windows 10 with fall...
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