• Filemaker to Aftership using JSON

    Hi There,   I'm looking to integrate between Filemaker (v17) to a service called Aftership. Basically you send them a courier's tracking number etc and it lets your customers track their shipment on a custom pag...
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  • API Integration

    Hi,   How to integrate your FileMaker API with php Please guide to me for use your api in php
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  • FileMaker Product Roadmap 2019 (sortable with video time sigs)

    This might be futile, but would anyone else be interested in helping edit an alternate table of the key areas of investment for the FileMaker Product Roadmap? This might work as an easier reference if there were vid...
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  • NAS and Filemaker

    Compatibilidad de Filemaker con un NAS de Synology ?   Filemakers and NAS synology Disk,  compatibility?
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  • Designating Printer Tray

    Working on a solution that needs the ability to define which paper tray is being used per page. For example, if we have a letter layout in our FM (currently using FileMaker Server 16 on a Windows 2012 R2 server) solut...
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  • Why doesn't auto login work on FileMaker Cloud?

    Hi.   I'm experiencing an issue with files hosted on FileMaker Cloud.   In File Options, I have "Log in using:" set with a valid user name and password.   However, when I launch it in WebDirect or...
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  • SAXParseException using XSL stylesheet

    I'm on FMP17 standalone on a Mac, and am trying to export a set of records to use in an xml file using an xsl stylesheet. Output needs to look like this:   <channel> <item> <irctitle>Bad Movie...
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  • Video's in Containers - Streaming issues

    We have developed a training database that has a container field for us to put our training videos.  Our training video's are between 10-15 minutes long which means the file size is about 200mb-250mb in size ( si...
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  • FMS https Folder is Missing?

    Hello everyone, I installed a new server. There is not any problem with the installation and it works well.   http://localhost shows the page which Filemaker Database Server Website. But, https://localhost giv...
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  • HELP!!! - FileMaker Web Direct Solution Crashing

    Hi,   We have a file that works perfectly on web direct and then all of a sudden randomly becomes unusable. The file loads and you can see the layout but you cannot click any objects on the page and cannot see ...
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  • Notarize filemaker runtime

    Has any body notarize runtime yet? If so please share the steps.
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  • Resource-Calendar

    Here's a cleaned up and a bit enhanced version of my landscape-timeline web viewer-based calendar. Improved FM Go touch-handling   • double-click/long-touch into grid for new event • click on row-t...
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  • FileMaker Server 17 - CWP user

      I took a snapshot out of Clients in FMSAC for FMS17. A php-user running a script where the users IP is [:   This looks more to me like a smile face then some useful information. Is there a reason for the...
    Johan Hedman
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  • Surveys into FM

    I am working on a solution to collect fairly short, weekly surveys from students using a web interface. Web hosting resources are limited to a WordPress blog site. I have access to the full Qualtrics suite as well as ...
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  • webdirect  vs  fmpa( with vpn)

    Hi, I must create a solution consisting of : - 20000 mother records. - each mother record, consists of 150 to 300 fields to be entered manually (related records - children) - the digitizers (25) are outside the org...
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  • For API

    Hi,   We have to need to use your API to create a new or update existing user, So plz let me know which API I use? & We need to create any new developer account for use API? and we need any API KEY?
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  • Hide Button Logic.

    Any FM gurus willing to share some logic I can use to hide a print button when WebDirect printing is unavailable? Not sure what results I should be looking for with "Get ( HostApplicationVersion )"
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  • FMS 16 - WebDirect access but not FMS nor OpenRemote? (1 vs 2 machine)

    Hi all   We've been using FM for a long time, with FMS, FMP, FMGo, WebDirect and CWP. For years we had a 2-machine FMS setup so that we could keep the DB server behind the firewall, and the WPE outside. This wor...
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  • Scripted moves from Pane to Pane in slider object

    I have a solution using Web Direct.I want to script to move from one pane to the next. The panes (object) are numbered 1 to 45.  I've tried using   Get ( ActiveLayoutObjectName ) to set a variable. ...
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  • Client side web app direct to FM Rest API

    Hi All I'm looking to build a web interface to access small parts of a Filemaker application.   The main scenario: Supervising staff being able enter information about daily activities, any issues, times on si...
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