• Data Migrator 1.0.fmp12

    Hi all,   I put this little file together to assist with the new data migration tool. It has room for improvement but I figured I'd share it with everyone and see what happens. I've used this for updating my pro...
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  • Data API + Swift 4 (examples)

    I took the Data API (v.17) for a spin recently. Here are a couple examples for anyone who wants to see a working auth/token and query call in Swift 4. The other request types (create, edit, delete) are pretty similar,...
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  • iOS App SDK 17 + Swift App Delegate (walkthrough)

    What You'll Learn How to build a simple FIAS project in Xcode with a Swift App Delegate. How to trigger a script from the App Delegate.   What This Post Is /Not/ A tutorial on Xcode A tutorial on Swift A tutorial...
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  • Resource-Calendar

    Here's a cleaned up and a bit enhanced version of my landscape-timeline web viewer-based calendar. Improved FM Go touch-handling   • double-click/long-touch into grid for new event • click on row-t...
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  • FileMaker Admin API Demo for FMS/FMC17

    This is example of how to create an own custom FileMaker Admin Console using the FileMaker Admin API. The demo includes XML/PHP and Server settings, Clients/Databases and schedule managements.  The database is op...
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  • FM17 Licensing Facts

    This is a Doc about the new FM17 FUL and Data API Licensing and how things change for existing contracts along with new licensing features. Most of this is very good news. A few threads have gotten so long the good bi...
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  • Find FileMaker Answers (aka Knowledge Base, or KB)

    Did you know there are suplimental notes on the Help topics that may span multiple versions? That's the KB at FMI. The latest 20 articles are here: Configuring Security for FileMaker 17If security is important to you...
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  • iOS App SDK now available with FileMaker Developer Subscription

    Create iOS apps for your team   Use the FileMaker Platform and the iOS App SDK to create iOS apps for your business. Then, deploy these apps to your team through mobile device management (MDM).   The iOS A...
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  • Convert office documents to PDF with LibreOffice

    Did you know you can use LibreOffice to convert your Word, Excel or Powerpoint documents to PDF files?   You can learn about command line commands in the help: Starting the LibreOffice Software With Parameters. ...
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  • Crash FM 17.0.1 Advanced on Mac OS X 10.13.4 (17E202) on mouse gesture in Layout Mode

    While in Layout Mode right clicking on a Grouped object in the Object (left) Pane cause an immediate termination. Object was in a named Object which is a Popover Button which contained a Panel. Could not duplicate o...
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  • Clear and Lock Filemaker DB cache Files Applescript Tool released to fix slow launches

    Hi,   Filemaker 15 (and later)  introduced a persistent cache mechanism to speed up solution launching times. But, as shown here, Fix Filemaker 16 Cache getting ultra-slow  instead it can slow down s...
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  • InsuranceClaims.fmp12

    See the layout InsuranceClaims portal in tab Scroll Claims...
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  • Foreign exchange rates and currency conversion API to FM16

    By using Filemaker 16 features with new JSON functions and Insert URL option. I'm be able to pull an API data from fixer.io to try out   Credit: Fixer.io is a JSON API for current and historical foreign exchange ...
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  • Checkbox Record Selector

    This is a followup to my Friday Fun: Select Records / Checkboxes with Scrollbars post from last Friday. It seems I'm unable to attach files to the original post there or even to comments.   Anyway,here's a PDF d...
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  • Run FileMaker in different language on your Mac

    Sometimes we need to make screenshots or present with FileMaker in other languages and you can have at least eleven languages:     (you know all the languages for the menubars?)   I made a couple of...
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  • New FileMaker.zip

    Ever wanted to open a second instance of FileMaker to work on the same file with the Manage Database open in 2 different places so you dont have to open and close each time or simply put you just want to have "another...
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  • Sign up for European FileMaker Conferences 2018

    Please join 500+ FileMaker developers at the European developer conferences this year:   Conference Name Language Location Date Registration FM Summit Dutch Gent, Belgium 15 - 17 October Website FileMaker Italian...
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  • FMListToJSONArray ( key ; fmList ).calc

    Usage:   FileMaker 16 Pro Advanced and later, FileMaker List, JSON Array, Javascript  Purpose: Translate a FileMaker 16 list into a proper JSON Array without iterative     looping, a c...
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  • Using Sensors in FM Go

    Have been waiting for 4 yrs to be able to do this with FM Go. That is, access the sensors in with FM Go, and finally here we have. I Offer the attached file for your use.   Duration:     ...
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  • JSON Parsing Strategy

    I am writing this document to share my findings regarding the recent development of a "Bridge" between a proprietary REST API and FMP16. Our community has many documents and questions pertaining to the subjects, never...
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