APPLE EVENT HANDLING DOES NOT WORK WITH FMP 17.0v3 RUNTIME UNDER MOJAVE   There is a major problem with FMP 17.0v3 runtimes under macOS Mojave 10.14:   FMP 17 runtimes (signed and notarized) do not respond...
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  • FileMaker iOS App SDK to public App Store

    Hello All,   We are thinking to launch one of our business solution built in FileMaker to launch on iOS App Store using FileMaker iOS App SDK. Want to hear from people who already done this to see what things t...
    Hemant Kumar Patel
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  • <Table Missing> for specific user

    Hi,   Our FM application is hosted on one UK hosting server. One of the user is accessing from China. She was accessing it from Windows Laptop using FileMaker pro Client 15 version. Now she changed her laptop ...
  • FM Go with Active Directory Authentication

    Hi,   One of our clients wants to use their existing Active Directory FileMaker Login. Most of the application is going to be accessed via iPads/FM Go. Does FMGo works with Active Directory / External Server Au...
  • A must read by anyone producing software platforms

    And by developers. Our talented geniuses here could bring a lot to that vision. FileMaker has already one foot in the door. The leap would be fabulous.   It is a long article but well worth the read. If you don'...
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  • Print barcodes to EPL(2) Label printer(s) without plugins

    We've typically have needed plugins to get barcodes to print well on label printers. On the old Eltron as well as newer Zebra printers we've variously we've used barcode fonts, barcode image generation plugins, and pr...
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  • mySQL

    Hello, just looking for some general thoughts / being pointed in the right direction.   We are a music school and manage our student database via FileMaker. We have a local server and a number of  clients f...
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  • FileMaker Go 16 "The file could not be opened (Not Found)"

    Hi,   I've recently been having an issue with FileMaker Go 16 (running on an iPad Pro 9.7 iOS 11) and my externally hosted FileMaker Server 16 (running on Server 2012R2).   When trying to open the latest ...
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  • .jpg logo Image does not show In global field in PDF iPad

    I have a .jpg logo in a global container field that shows on invoices and such. Works great. But when I print or save as a PDF the invoice the logo does not appear. I am using an iPad and FMGO. I have changed the lo...
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  • Filemaker server without static ip

    Hi, Sorry for asking this again. I wanted to make small/non profitable online database with filemaker. I wanted to install filemaker server in a  MacMini and make that mac mini as a server only for this purpos...
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  • API's: Any "Take You Through It" Tutorials?

    I’ve used Filemaker for a few years now.   Basically, I’ve used FM as an island.  It can do a lot on its own, and it can do it quickly. The logical next step is going into API’s.  Pe...
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  • Example File - Integrating FileMaker and Gmail Part 1

    New example file and video from jason_young on using the Gmail API to send HTML emails from FileMaker. Since this uses the Insert From URL script step, it works across the whole platform, including Cloud, Server, Go, ...
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  • iOS SDK 17.0.4 still requires 'Location updates' Background Mode to be turned on

    So I just gave the new iOS SDK 17.0.4 a quick whirl using only the 'Hello World' example, and it looks like it still requires the 'Location updates' Background Mode to be enabled (which it is by default), otherwise it...
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  • Find in progress delay and Topcall Statistics log

    Thanks to all who contribute to this forum! I have used this forum for a lot of help, tips and direction that has save much time. This is my first time creating a discussion.   I had a problem long wait times. ...
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  • FileMaker DevCon 2019 Scholarship Application

    Never been to a FileMaker DevCon? Well here is your chance! Women Innovating Together (formally Women of FileMaker) is excited to offer 4 first time attendees the opportunity to attend the Developer Conference held ne...
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  • Issue with updating a SQL Server ODBC record, cursor problem

    Hi - a FileMaker newbie here.   I'm using FileMaker Pro Advanced 12 (on Windows 7 Pro x64) and have added an ODBC connection to my project. I can see all of the tables from my local SQL Server Express install, ...
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  • FM API for PHP

    Hey Everyone! I have an issue. I know how to use PHP API for filemaker and pull records and add records etc. In the screenshot is a list of records. Each one is unique. I pull that from the services table by the newFi...
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  • Field naming standard/conventions

    Currently I'm doing a bit of 'gardening' on my database.   As I've learnt filemaker while developing my solution I've noticed 'some' of inconsistencies within the tables. I have read up quiet a few different s...
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  • Printing a Popover

    My table is a check register.  I have placed a button on the record to display the Remittance (list of invoices) that are being paid on that particular check.  It works great, my coworkers love the button.&#...
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  • Locked Records and Search Issues

    Hi All Main issue - Locked Records and Search Issues I have attached a document that outlines my issue with screen shots of the scripts being applied and relevant error messages. This is my main issue and is a resu...
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