• Error Logging and Data Migration Tool

    I am looking forward to making use of the Data Migration Tool in our projects. We have been discussing internally how our process will change and how we ( along with the client/customer ) go about validating that ever...
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  • Asking for Help on Adding Multiple COUNT(*) from Multiple Tables. (ExecuteSQL)

    I have tried to follow SQL answers online on how to do this. I'm not sure if this is a FileMaker limitation, but I can't add COUNT(*) from two tables, in a GROUP BY clause. Whenever I try to use parentheses, I get syn...
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  • Micro-Services and FileMaker

    There are some threads about micro-services in this forums and very good tutorials written by fmpdude   It looks like an incredible, terrific, powerfull toolbox   on the other hand, I’m puzzeled - J...
    Markus Schneider
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  • Print Multiple Portal Pages

    Hi How to pring a portal which has more than one page. In the print preview appearing only first Page. I am using filemaker 16. Is there any option to make it print like multiple list page. The portal values are fil...
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  • Can you add Icons to Customized Started Solution Template

    I made a few changes to some of the starter solutions, first by duplicating the original then renaming the template to name + modified.  These new newly created templates show when viewing the advanced solutions ...
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  • Validated by Calculation

    I have two fields that names are "Onay" and "Onaylayan" (These means are "Approved" and "Approved By" in English). I want to validate by calculation of "Onaylayan" field depend on "Onay" field whether Yes or No. Like...
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  • Filemaker vs Google AppMaker vs Microsoft PowerApps

    Since the big giants like google and microsoft have launched their own app makers, I'm wondering how they compares with filemaker?   Filemaker is awesome but it lacks in current modern scenarios like: * slow wh...
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  • FileMaker Licensing is Expensive!  No,not really!

    I've been developing solutions with FileMaker™ for 31 years now and, for my money, it is, by far, the best solution there is. Those who don't know any better, or are fixated on industrial strength solutions (Ora...
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  • HTML Emails from FileMaker with multiple attachments

    Hi folks,   I had a few clients in the past that asked me to develop a solution for their CRM solutions that makes them able to send HTML emails directly from Filemaker. After doing this task a few times, I just...
    Siroos Jafary
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  • Fill multiple fields with a variable color code

    What are people's ideas on how to have the following execute properly?  I have a series of layouts that run that I would like to change the color of the fill color and text color of the field.  I would like ...
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  • FMPA 16 Modifier Keys Fails

    Running FMPA on Mac OS 10.12.5.  Experiencing erratic behavior with the Get (ActiveModifierKeys) Script Step.  It'll work for an extended period, then stop returning a value on later script runs.&...
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  • Wayfinding in the Gaylord Texan Resort & Convention Center

    For DevCon 2018 attendees, here are a couple of useful tools to help you get oriented in this big space.   The floor plans are here: http://assets.gaylordhotelsmarketing.com/group/facility-guides/GT-Facility-Gu...
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  • Add to container in FMGo 17

    I want to control the size of the photo that is added to a container in FMGo 17. By default, if tap to insert and take a photo it uses the original camera size so we get very big phots. and on cellular sometimes that ...
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  • DefaultFields.xml

    Some nice guy know if exist a syntax guide about the specs?   I'm looking for: - serial number with auto-increment (yes, I don't plan to use it as a KP) apparently, using something like: <AutoEnter type="S...
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  • WebDirect not working with FileMaker Server 17 + MacOS 10.13

    Has anyone gotten WebDirect working with FileMaker Server 17 + MacOS 10.13?   I get the WebD login page, but when I click on the database I get this:   HTTP Status 503 - Service unavailable: The worker mach...
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  • Filter Portal with 3 global fileds (Real time filtering)

    Hi i have 2 tables table 1 and table2. I wanted to show portal list of table1 in table 2 and i have 3 global fields in table2 for filtering the portal (year, month, name). so i linked table1 and table2 with these 3 f...
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  • Speed differences 16 -> 17 for large tables

    We were initially very happy with the overall speed results of switching server from 16 to 17, but have found one potential problem that we do not think has been an issue prior.   We have one huge table with 300...
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  • Microsoft Update 1805 Breaks Remote Desktop for Windows

    We're receiving many reports from our customers on our RemoteApp servers that their FileMaker solutions have slowed down to a point of being unusable.   This has been acknowledged by Microsoft and they are activ...
    Andy Hibbs
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  • Should the Community have a Document Repository

    After participating actively few months in the Community, I realize that some questions are coming back almost every day. It is certainly because people do not understand their problem so they have a hard time to form...
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  • Avoiding the Web Direct Launch window

    I have an app using Web Direct.  It is designed for a user to do a single transaction and then leave COMPLETLY.  I don't want the user to end up at the Web direct launch window.  The closing script redi...
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