• Show Custom Dialog Variables in FileMaker® 17

    When FileMaker 17 launched this was one of our new favorite features. What part of FileMaker 17 do you guys love? Show Custom Dialog Variables in FileMaker® 17 - The Scarpetta Group, Inc.
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  • Solution that is Synchronized with a Website

    I would like to make a solution that is synchronized with a website. MySQL is the websites database. I want the FileMaker 17 solution to be able to update when a change is made on the website and vice-versa. I am very...
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  • Price change for concurrent connections

    A client contacted me the other day saying they were notified that the price for concurrent connections is going up in May by 3x. Have any of you heard this? It seems like quite a jump—so big in fact that I wond...
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  • ANOTHER problem with IOS SDK 17.0.3

    Well, I'm frustrated AGAIN with IOS SDK 17.0.3.   I created a use for "Location Updates" in the program. It works well, and will pass the sniff test for Apple. Everything is fine.   I went to upload the bi...
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  • Validate by calculation truthiness

    I am trying to do some validation by calculation and getting very odd and inconsistent results on FM16 and FM17. Here are a set of validation calculations I have tried in debugging, all work except the last one, which...
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  • Google Maps API

    Using Filemaker Pro 16.  Had a developer create a Filemaker script that passes a zip code to google maps through the API and returns the lat and long coordinates so that we can calculate local time from the time ...
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  • Submit Ideas for New Name for the Women of FileMaker

    As you may or may not know, Women of FileMaker is looking to create an official non-profit. Since we are handling money now for the scholarship donations, it is not only the next logical step but a necessary one. As w...
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  • Error with a Windows Authentication ODBC Connection for Filemaker

    Hi,   We are running FileMaker version Currently the FileMaker application successfully pulls data from MS SQL 2008 R2 tables/views via an ODBC connection hard-coded to use a special read-only SQL S...
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  • Filemaker and SIP

    Hello everyone,   I'm looking for upgrading my phone solutions in my company.   We have 25 phone and a central.   All vendors said you have to use IP Phone for getting data back like caller number fo...
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  • Changing General Preferences through Scripts

    Hi all,   I am new to this community. I would like to Change the FM's General User Interface Options using Scipts for My app. ie., Changing User Name, Notify options and to enable or disable Use Advanced to...
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  • Worker machine is not running?

    I tried a standard Web Direct URL to FMS 17. Ports 80 and 443 are allowed.   Previously, I had a URL like the one below which I believe worked: https://<domain>:9001/fmi/webd/<database_name>   ...
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  • How to count every visitors (Check in & check out)?

    Nice day for all,   I am creating a VMS (Visitors Management System) database . I need to help me for count visitors (Check in & check out)? kindly find below all details.   Example:   total visi...
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  • Filemaker Server 17 questions

    I installed Filemaker Server 17 for the first time this week.   I see in the manual that we can disable the automatic nightly backup with the command, "fmsadmin disable schedule 1". Can you confirm that this set...
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  • Finding records with an invalid relation

    Let's say you have TableA and TableB TableA is linked to TableB (TableA_Indexed_Field=TableB_Unstored_Calculation_Field) You can't display a TableB field on the TableA Layout because TableB_Unstored_Calculation_Fiel...
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  • Check Writing in FMP

    I am currently using filemaker to write checks.  The calculation to convert the check amount to words seemed to be working fine, however, on certain occasions it does not translate correctly.  For example, f...
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  • LiveCode for FM - does it work for you?

    I was excited to read about and purchase LiveCode for FM. Several customers would love a native way to access their filemaker app fro android.   It errors - alot. But I can re-run the same command and it will fi...
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  • List View Tab Order

    Note: For this list view I am using modal window. I have a number of records listed in the list view. On the right side of the corner, there is a checkbox. My all fields are not in browse mode except that checkbox. ...
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  • Secure Container storage and duplicate records

    So I stumbled across something that seems to be a potential bug with relation to stored external containers(secure) As you know, when you select that choice in storage, you do not have the ability to change anything ...
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  • Issue with Filemaker WebDirect  using a WAN port other than 443

    Hi, At work, we have a problem with our Filemaker WebDirect 14 solution since we have installed an SSL certificate with the PDF viewing.. Before installing it we used http connection and we don't have any problems. ...
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  • How Can change the logo (Show Custom Dialog)

    I hope Nice day to all   I was wondering how i can change the logo (Show Custom Dialog) appearing when user put username and password. . kindly find below it.  
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