• Primary Key Best Practice

    Some say ALWAYS "number field: auto-enter, serial number, increment by one, cannot override". Others go with "Get (UUID)". But some say Get (UUID) slows things down in large DBs. So some say Get (UUID) with a custo...
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  • Smart Sort List View

    Hello,   I do not know if this is the appropriate area for this.   I have uploaded a simple technique for sorting list views. It consists of 1 script with no dependencies. Sorts occur dynamically, each colum...
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  • Duplicate a set records?

    I have created several tables in my database... One of the tables is where you post a piece of art and then attach different sizes, media and prices for each piece of art through a relationship. I would like to make a...
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  • Summary Calculations?

    I have a sub-summary field "week HR Sum" that calculates the total hours for the week. I want to have a calculation determine the Overtime hours (something like if >40, "week HR sum" - 40) to give me X over time ho...
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  • What does FMI expect Developers to do regarding FileMaker Accounts in multi-file solutions?

    So I've worked on a few solutions that contain multiple files and CWP or WebDirect and have noticed that there is a general tendency among developers to use a shared login approach to related files.  That is, sto...
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  • Filemaker Diary/Appointment Layout

    Hi, I'm fairly new to filemaker and I am trying to create some form of calendar or diary within my data base. My company has mobile engineers who need to go to multiple appointments per day therefore I need away to bo...
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  • Look-up / Find records from other table

    I try to make a new database, where certain fields can be found in an other external database. So I make a related database with table one: my new items, and table two: available items in other (exgernal) database. ...
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  • Setting issues

    I'm trying to figure out two issues (which are bugging me) that have come across since I began helping a friend update/upgrade his FMP database.  I hate not being able to figure things like this out.   He's...
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  • Calendar

    Hello. I am wondering if anyone has ever attempted a layout calendar that would work similar to google or outlook? Doesn't need to have all the bells and whistles , but a calendar that users of a database could all us...
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  • FileMaker 14 - Native Gantt Chart

    I was playing around with new FileMaker 14 features and discovered that button bars works great for gantt charts. I've created a little demo file. It's half baked, but thought I would post it on here and see if the co...
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  • Server Console - Tiny Window

    Good evening.   In Safari, when I open Server Console, it creates a very tiny viewable area in the middle of the screen.   When using Firefox (not my first choice on MAC), the Server Console does open in a...
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  • GDPR - Ostriches with our heads buried in the sand?

    I find it incredible that searching on GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) within this forum provides 3 results. These new regulations being introduced by the European Parliament will take effect on 25th May 201...
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  • Updating summary fields

    When you work with FileMaker for so lang there are features which are so ‘normal’ in day-to-day use. As far as I know summary fields are recalculated when there visible on the layout? Now, out of the blu...
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  • Move from FMS 14 to FMS 16 sub summary field woes

    I'd appreciate comments on major performance problems as a result of moving a client from a shared Windows 2012 R2 FileMaker Server 14 server (that had 46 files hosted) to a dedicated Windows 2016 R2 FMS 16 server run...
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  • Migrate from FileMaker Server 11 to 16

    Hello,     I have an old FileMaker Server 11 running, with clients connecting using version 11.  I plan on building a new FileMaker Server 16 rather than replacing the existing server.  As I under...
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  • Container Sliding Up Issue

    Sliding Up Issue FMA 16.03.   I reviewed past posts but have been unable to get this to work.   I have a SubSummary report. Title Header - Header - Two Sub Summary Parts - Body Part - and a Trailing Gra...
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  • Filemaker Performance on Entreprise Level

    I have a service operation job that is 400 (I think concurrent 60) users and about 200.000 record. I am thinking develop this job on Filemaker platform but I am not sure performance issue. Is there anyone with some id...
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  • Phantom Record

    There's a record that shows up in a portal that doesn't actually exist. The record has an ID associated with it and an amount, but when searched or clicking to go to the record filemaker reports that there are no reco...
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  • Theme not displaying WebDirect

    Good afternoon,   I have two separate databases that I am using the Contrast - Blue theme that I am outputting to WebDirect.  Both are Tab Controlled db's.  One works fine, and the other only displays...
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  • How to find only the first starting letter of a word?

    How do you perform a find for all words in a field that start with a particular letter? For instance, I would like to be able to see all vendors that begin with the letter C   Thanks in advance. Jimmy
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