• FileMaker Go 17 in landscape cuts off last column of the Body part

    I have had this problem for quite some time in FileMaker Go, so it is not new. I have a listing view that works fine in MacOS, Windows, and in iOS on the iPhone in Portrait orientation. When I turn the phone to landsc...
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  • Portal summary field

    Hi,   I am trying to set a field to contain a set of fields in a Portal.   i.e.   Portal_item1 Portal_item2 Portal_item3 Portal_item4   Would be put into a fields as something like -  ...
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  • ADO / Excel and FileMaker ODBC

    I have written a VBA script with ADO to create a new record in FileMaker via ODBC. I can pull data with no issue but I can't seem to write and I'm not sure if the issue is my script or the driver, can anyone help (thi...
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  • Hosting Service

    Anyone care to recommend a FM Hosting service.  I currently use FMPHosting.  Works fine for me, but would like to compare performance of other service.
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  • Script "If" step not working

    why won't this script work from the "IF" on to the end??  I'm trying to have Full Access users go to one layout, all others to another........................screenshot of script is attached.
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  • Can the Execute SQL function handle complex queries for a Find?

    I have a pretty complex SQL statement that I would like to use as a Perform Find on a button. I've been able to do some simple ones, but can FMP handle a CASE statement with all of these parameters?   SELECT (C...
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  • WebDirect for Mobile Use

    We have a large, commercial WebDirect app.  We would like to have a cross-platform mobile version for a few of the screens.  Ideally, we'd like to be able to detect the mobile browser (Safari or Chrome) and ...
    created by fred@kca-inc.com
  • Oh FMSE, oh FMSE, how convoluted are thy behaviours

    Hi   Gathering a few threads on this topic into this one - perhaps to make a toque to cover up this annoying mess. https://community.filemaker.com/thread/176454 https://community.filemaker.com/thread/186610 htt...
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    APPLE EVENT HANDLING DOES NOT WORK WITH FMP 17.0v3 RUNTIME UNDER MOJAVE   There is a major problem with FMP 17.0v3 runtimes under macOS Mojave 10.14:   FMP 17 runtimes (signed and notarized) do not respond...
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  • Windows 10 update blocks server connection

    Apologies in advance for limited info, tough to get accurate information from my client. Last night 2 or 3 of the desktops runnings Windows 10 had an auto update , today none of this can connect to the FileMaker serv...
    created by TimAnderson
  • Resource-Calendar

    Here's a cleaned up and a bit enhanced version of my landscape-timeline web viewer-based calendar. Improved FM Go touch-handling   • double-click/long-touch into grid for new event • click on row-t...
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  • Filemaker 12v3

    Hi All   I’m reaching out to the Filemaker community for assistance/guidance, I’ve been approached by a business unit in our organisation requesting us to migrate all data from Filemaker 12v3 (Stan...
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  • How does one sort a grand total?

    We have a report where we have subsummaries sorted by product type, some metrics about each product, and these are sorted by stores. For instance:   PRODUCT          ...
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  • Distribution from Development to Production

    My Filemaker Solution consist of a Database for the Layouts and a 2nd Database with the data-tables, so I can easily distribute new updates to then GUI. I've only one problem: When I add some new fields in the Data-Da...
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  • Need some script help.

    Hi all,   I have a DB (published via IWP (FileMaker 12)) that emails user provided input and all is working well but I would like to add an improvement based on user feedback:   I would like to add a layou...
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  • Set Multi-User script step

    I'm curious about if/how people use the "Set Multi-User" script step nowadays.   Anyone who wants to share?
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  • Color Schema Diagram

    Is it possible to color a diagram with our own colors or must we use the predefined color schemas provided by filemaker?
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  • dayback calendar

    I’m trialing FM & Dayback calendar and have some questions.   For our small company (5 users)I’m composing a custom-made projectmanagement relational database with about 20 tables. At the moment w...
    created by reneez
  • script for creating records with a location assigned and date assigned

    So I have a work schedule and I'm looking to be able to press a button and it assign the locations from my locations table to each day so when a new day is created the locations are auto populated with those locations...
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  • Radio button text color is gray in webdirect but black in FM Advanced

    Hi everyone,   I have got a problem. In this FileMaker solution I use a lot of radio buttons and check boxes. In FileMaker 17 advanced they show just fine as black text. But within webdirect the color is weirdly...
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