• User input of repetition: field set up

    In blue, I have 2 instances of the field, one defined to only take rep 1 and two only takes rep 2 In green I have 1 field defined to show rep 1 to 2.   Is there any best way to set up that field destined to use...
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  • Script Cleanup

    In doing my annual housekeeping, I continue to be frustrated by the Script Workspace. If I try to delete a field that is used by a script or by another field, I am warned about that. If I try to delete a script that i...
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  • MDM Configuration settings

    Hello Are there any configuration settings available for Filemaker Go for MDM settings? I would like to deploy FmGo with MDM and also add the host in the configurations so I dont have to go to each user and add the...
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  • Button Bar Problem

    Hi, I am new to filemaker.   I found that when I press the button bar in browse mode(list), when I use script debugger to check the script run by the button. All button bars of all records change color at the sa...
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  • Keeping 2 same fields on different windows in sync?

    Is there a way to keep the same text field that appears in 2 windows in sync all the time? The second window opens after pressing a button and it does show the text field correctly, but when I type in one of the win...
    created by AndreasvanHaren
  • JSONSetElement - Object and array

    Can anybody please enlighten me on why this does not work?   Evaluated from Table1 as a calculation.   JSONSetElement ( "" ; "contactNumbers" ; Substitute ( List ( Table2::JSON ) ;  "}¶{" ; "},{"...
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  • WinServer 2016 slows down BEFORE install Windows Update

    Hello there,   I´m observing now for a while that every time a cumulative update is released and downloaded, but not installed, FM Server 16 Performance is impacted. Latest the second day after downloadi...
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  • Disappearing Portal Records

    Having an issue with items in a portal disappearing. There doesn't seem to be any reason for it. The schema of the database hasn't changed. It's all Windows 10 clients with a mix of FileMaker 16 and FileMaker 17. Ther...
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  • Date Picker on FM GO

    Hello, I'm using a date field with drop down-calendar on IOS (iPhone) My desire in TOTALLY HIDE the section in red color (see attached picture) Is there any way to obtain this result? Thank you   Pierluigi
    created by pierluigideioris
  • Work Attendance

    Hey, guys! I need help for a work attendance solution I'm trying to incorporate in my database.. Any help, input, suggestion, will be greatly appreciated!   In my head this is how I will go about it.. 2 table...
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  • Child related record is not updating based on parent record

    Hello Community,   I have and quotation system.   So I have this table structure.   Customers--->Quotes-->QuotesLineItem.   I have added duplicated order feature so user can duplicated th...
  • Responding to a user's request from another FMPro client

    I would like to store video clips on an external drive using a container field with externally stored contents. However, my database is served, not local. As far as I understand from my testing and reading the manual,...
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  • Any historians around?

    I find FMP a very good place to start for historians who want to build their own relational database . It's easy to start with - deceivingly easy - and allows to move up to more complex and challenging applications. T...
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  • Cannot export content of container field

    Hi I am new to filemaker. I am facing a problem that I cannot export the content of a container field of copy of the file. it is set as externally storage in server. I have modified the copy and run a script, the debu...
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  • Printing a PDF using PSOS

    My client requires printing of PDFs to various printers but the printer may not be one of the users available printers so I need the server to print it instead using PSOS when a user clicks a button.   Running o...
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  • snapshot links

    I have several scripts the generate a snapshot link and send it as an email.   Changes in security in the entertainment industry broken this process.  User who connect to the production network must be isol...
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  • cfield=field1 OR cfield=field0 (modifier value in unrelated table)

    TABLES:   CLIENTS    PRODUCTS   ESTIMATE_LINES   CONTACTS   CONTACTS_INFO, etc. Some of these tables are related to each other. The main actors of this problem w...
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  • FMS 17 PHP page won't load (get permission error instead)

    Just move to FMS 17 (from FMS14). Clean installed OS and FMS17. Copied over databases and http files. Changed permissions to fmserver:fmsadmin. I can open databases using either FM16 client or WebDirect, but when I tr...
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  • App Crashes

    Hi   I have a weird issue going on with my filemaker database. When the user opens the App for the first time, it tries to connect to a server file via a Open File Script step. this step fails the first time a...
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  • Server 17 Error

    I am using filemaker developer version on MAC Server (3 GHz 8-Core Intel Xeon E5, 64 GB ram).   It has run perfectly but I restart the machine starting the error as follows from browser.   What should I do...
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