• Inventory Transaction Solution

    I am new to FileMaker. I currently have an eCommerce solution that tracks sales, purchase orders and inventory for my online store. When entering in purchase orders, you are given a scripted button that adds a record ...
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  • FileMaker Server 16 error: Additional database folder is invalid or could not be set

    One of our servers has spontaneously lost connection to the additional database folder we had specified.  This server has been working fine for months, and no one has changed any settings.  It's running on w...
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  • Filemaker Server 16 'Open Remote...' response time

    I have installed FM Server 16 on an iMac 14.4 (and I'm not a Mac user, sorry).  It is running: Sierra 10.12.5 1.4 GHz Core i5 8GB RAM 1600MHz DDR3   I have FM Pro installed on a Core i5 Windows 10 Pro m...
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  • Relationship Model for Complex Product Variations

    Hello,   I'm looking for some assistance with my data model regarding multi-level parts + variable parts. I've reviewed the various starter files (FM Starting Point and FMIS) but was not able to see the followin...
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  • Leerbereich im Bericht

    Hallo,   ich habe im FileMaker (v11) einen Bericht angelegt. Wenn ich diesen öffne wird unten eine große, leere, weiße Fläche angezeigt. Das sind keine Datensätze mehr o.ä. Fuß...
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  • K is for Keychain

    K is for Keychain: with Troi Encryptor Plug-in for filemaker Pro you can save passwords in the keychain, with the "Save Password to Keychain" script step. filemakeralphabet https://www.troi.com/online-help/encrp7323/
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  • Worldcloud Hosting

    Is anyone currently having issues with Worldcloud hosting?  We have used them for the past seven years, and have had a few interruptions in service, most of which were resolved soon enough.  This time servic...
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  • Is there a format conflict between FileMaker Pro's 11, 16 & 17?

    Has anyone had a problem with having FileMaker Pro 11, FileMaker Pro 16 and FileMaker Pro 17 Advanced when going from FileMaker 11 to FileMaker Pro 17 Advanced and having extra data indicated on 17 which really does n...
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  • Use Schedule Script on Server For External Data Source

    I have two filemaker files which are connected via external data source and resides in the same filemaker server.   I noticed the scheduled script on the server can't access the external data source. Is there an...
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  • Perform Script on Server Time Limit

    I know you can set a script time limit on a scheduled script on FileMaker Server, but is there a place to do it when you run Perform Script on Server? I cannot find it and do not want the client to wait for it to comp...
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  • Issue with importing numbers from Excel spreadsheet.

    Issue with importing numbers from Excel spreadsheet.  Example: The data on the Excel spreadsheet is 1.100 but it imports 1.1000000000000000888 in to the field in Filemaker.  Why is this happening?
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  • Converting RTF data to plain text

    Hello FM Community,   I have imported RTF data into an FM solution text field. How can I convert the RTF data into a plain text to be more readable? Would this require a script and using something like TextStyle...
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  • Counting groups in list view

    I have a list of sorted data in a sub summary list view that looks something like this:   Apples    Apples Apples ----------------------------- Nuts ---------------------------- Pears Pears ------...
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  • PDF's still not available to view in containers?

    It looks like there has been no resolution to viewing PDF's in container fields in either FM16 or 17.  Do we know if there will be a solution to this in future updates?  Or do we need to create alternative s...
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  • Worker server and Filemaker Pro

    Hi,   I am trying to setup a local multi server installation. One Worker server in DMZ and the master server in local network. Adding the worker server to the master server works fine, I see the worker server in...
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  • Printout left to right!

    I need to take data from a relating field (ex. field1 23,  field1 45, field1 788) put it into a grouped field and print out a report. The problem is that this is a list of serial numbers and they print top to bot...
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  • If Then calculation help

    I want to create a calculation or script that will help me get a count. So If the company's name is "...." and the state of the record is "Active" Then there is a count of #   I want that final number and I wa...
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  • Perform Script only if user modifies existing record

    Hi, I'm using FMP 17 Advanced.  I have a child table with looked up values from a parent table.  When data from the parent table changes, I want to relookup the data and update the corresponding child data....
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  • Help with Contact Picker for Database

    Hi guys,   I have been making progress with the database I have inherited, and many of the functions are now running and improved. There is however an issue I am having, and I'm completely stuck.   The iss...
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  • Post From FM

    Hello,   I want to post to get a token from an API REST. When I post it with Postman it works. From my FM file I get "Internal server error". I use the Insert url function.   I gess the problem is my cU...
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