• Firewall ports for FMPS17 on a Mac computer running OS 10.13.6?

    We are an all Mac environment and are attempting to setup FileMaker Server 17 on a Mac computer running OS 10.13.6.  FMP Cloud is not an option, we are required to have an on premise server. We would like to enab...
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  • Checkbox to filter out records in a portal

    I see a lot of question on how to use the checkbox to filter records to display in a portal but I'm not sure how to use the checkbox to filter out records. I would like to omit (filter) out records in a portal based o...
    created by akoydaman
  • Best combinaton of different sized boxes for food delivery?

    I do have two kind of crates (1 large, 1 small) to be delivered to x locations (one crate per location). Into each crate I should be able to fit any combination of 7 different sized boxes. FM should know, when one cra...
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  • Summary calculation

    Hi all, need help with a summary calculation. I have a simple table with: event | category | person | date The table is populated by name of persons that belong to a category that belong to an event Example: Eve...
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  • Hover state and Card window

    Hi,   Win10pro x64 FMA17v4   I have notice that the hover state of a button stay ON when the pointer leave the active window to wonder around in the greyed out (or not dim) portion around the card window....
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  • edit colour (color) of theme background below form view

    hi I'd like to change the grey background on this layout. it's in form view the form is filled with white the bottom grey section is below the form   I realise this is not directly editable and is part of my ...
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  • How to change default PDF engine from Acrobat PDF to the alternative because sidebar constantly poping?

    Before when I use Mac Sierra with FM 15, remember no sidebar pop up when I open PDF container for preview.   After upgrade, why now using acrobat engine to preview PDF, because sidebar constantly poping, annoyin...
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  • Which training session should be attended?

    Hi, I am planning to attend Devcon this year. I am wondering which training session I should register? I have 3 years working experience in filemaker. I have a background in science.   Data API and Javascript se...
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  • Help with If, then..I think

    I have a course card for our students that I want to make sure all selections are made before they submit. What they fill out is based on their test scores. Relevant Fields: Reading Score Elective Choice A1 Electi...
    created by cmackland
  • Filtering portals based on user

    Hey guys! I might be an easy task, but I am new and inexperienced user, so please don't be strict with me!   What I would like to do is to “filtering” the portal rows base on the user.   For ins...
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  • Some guidance with json extraction

    For most of what i want i can get without issues, however i have 2 problems i am trying to sort out.   1) i have this script Source and am Trying to get 1 piece of info Namely the invitation link. (I have cut ou...
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  • opening url

    Good Day all Novice level here.  I presently have a text feild for "company website".  I'd like to be ablest click on that field and have my safari browser to open a window of that url.  Is this possib...
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  • Date Range Relationship not working

    Hello all,   I have a simple data base with two tables, and I'm trying to marry the data between the two data sets. The first table has a timestamp of when something happened. The second table has a start timest...
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  • When logging into FileMaker, it comes up with a user's name that is no longer with the company. Can someone please let me know how to change this user's name?

    When logging into FileMaker, it comes up with a user's name that is no longer with the company. Can someone please let me know how to change this user's name?
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  • shared,tables,do,not,show,same,data*

    I have created a Database in Filemaker Pro Advanced 15 and coworker is using Filemaker Pro 15. I have created some look tables, all of them are the same but for different end items.  When I open them some times ...
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  • Advice on Server Computer with External Storage

    Hello,   It's time for us to upgrade to a new server computer, and I'm hoping for some advice. I called filemaker support, but they suggested getting advice from the community.   Our current situation: F...
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  • fmp URL script and running scripts

    I've recently discovered the hard way that the behaviour of fmp url initiated scripts behaves differently on macOS and Windows. In my testing when an existing script is running and updates a Web Viewer which then invo...
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  • Webdirect Portal Doesn't Refresh When Portal Row Deleted

    I have a FM 17 Webdirect solution in which a portal will not refresh consistently. I have one script (delete line item) that can be invoked one of two ways. The first is via a button in the portal row -- this works as...
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  • FileMaker and SendGrid integration

    I posted a community document with a basic integration using Insert from URL and JSON functions. Has an API key and a bogus mail account setup to test sending mail with plain text, formatted text or html. Attachments ...
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  • Newbie question about fields from multiple tables in one layout

    Hello ! I'm new to Filemaker but I have been working with databases since the '90s coding in C/Pascal and SQL directly or using an obscure tool called Genexus.   I have a very simple problem but I'm struggling ...
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