• Getting error 3 when it does not make sense

    How about a new mysterious case - at least for me ?   Error 3 is "Command is unavailable (for example, wrong operating system or mode)", pretty easy to understand isn't it ? Thing is I am getting this error wher...
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  • REST API - Insert including foreign table relationship

    I'm using REST Data API in FileMaker 16 and  trying to insert a new row into a table which has a related table. There is an Order and the Order has Line Items which is stored in another table/database. (I'm new t...
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  • "HIDE OBJECT WHEN" Problem

    When I was creating the FTP example today (see screenshot below), I had originally set the Result field that displays "File uploaded successfully" to not be visible (HIDE WHEN) if the text field was empty. But I found...
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  • List calculation with additional criteria

    I will do my best to explain what I'm trying to do.   Talent Table This table holds information for people I hire.  I have a table for the different skills, and then a Ranking Table which joins the talent ...
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  • Using Deep Learning Models in Filemaker

    Apple has made it relatively easy to integrate deep learning models into xCode for App development.   I would like to use deep learning models within filemaker. For instance to auto-tag photos and, ideally, in ...
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  • Related tables question?

    I have a database composed of multiple projects. Each project has a number of objects attached to it (models, drawings, photographs). These objects appear in exhibitions, often more than one.   I am trying to co...
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  • YouTube Embed Links No Longer Working

    One year ago I created a video & script database for a TV show. We archive our shows on YouTube and scripts at DropBox and view each in the database via a web viewer. Each record contains a field with a YouTube em...
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  • Dynamic Button Bars. Friday FileMaker Challenge

    Question? How did I make this button bar that can dynamically show its segments without the segments resizing to use all the space.     There is only one button bar, one layout and there are no scripts. &...
    Todd Geist
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  • Change AND to OR in Edit Relationship

    How can I setup OR in edit relationship? I have values set in global table. Thank you in advance.  
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  • cURL proper syntax

    Hi everybody:   I am fighting for 10 to 12 hours now on what I think is just a syntax problem and it is getting on my nerves. Can somebody please answer the following: When using FMP16 to Insert URL with cURL ...
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  • FileMaker 16 Lockup Puzzle

    SHORT VERSION: Only one “Problem machine” locks up FileMaker 16 when the mission critical FileMaker file is opened from FileMaker Server 16. However same file runs fine from network/server on four other m...
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  • How to remove buttons?

    how to remove buttons but not hide "done" button" in app sdk for iOS        
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  • Script for user input of file password?

    I have written some scripts to assist staff with an import/export to file match Excel data for another system. The scripting in FMP works great for this, however, one of the Excel files comes to us password-protected....
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  • Migrating data from one container field to another?

    I have a container field that stores a cover image for each record. I would like to replace this container field all together with a second container field and transfer all the data of one to the other.   I have...
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  • More than two fields in a value list

    Hi,   I have multiple tables, one is an actor list, with their names, surnames, initial, adress, etc. Another one that is an event execution table, where I have an Id for the execution, an IdActor that is linke...
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  • Field not printing in footer but does in header

    Inserting a global text field into the footer of a list layout, as a standard entry field or as a merge field, allows it to be seen in browse but not in preview and of course it does not print.  The field attribu...
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  • Multiple Filemaker Sessions

    Title Multiple Filemaker Sessions Post Is there a way to have multiple Filemaker sessions open on the same computer? Since I have two monitors, I want to be able to reference different databases on each monitor, inst...
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  • GDPR - Ostriches with our heads buried in the sand?

    I find it incredible that searching on GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) within this forum provides 3 results. These new regulations being introduced by the European Parliament will take effect on 25th May 201...
    Andy Hibbs
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  • How to rid container field of .pdf icon

    A key layout of my application has a container field into which a design diagram is loaded.  A script dynamically retrieves the diagram as a .pdf file.  If there is no file for this particular record, a .pdf...
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  • using FMP16 with DotLoop

    Does anyone use DotLoop real estate transaction website? Utilize DotLoop data in Filemaker to prevent tedious double entry of data?
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