• many global fields vs. many global variables

    Referencing to an other question recently posted Database structure   I think that the framework of the problem should be quite common for those who work on complex professional solutions: there is a need of ha...
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  • Database structure

    I have a Table_Labels with 3 fields (LabelName/LabelValue/Language) where I store text that is used inside scripts, messages, layouts, field labels, etc.: one record for each LabelName. I do this for a number of reas...
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  • Avoid Database Corruption ?

    Hi guys,   I'm developing a database, and it has been auto closed twice for me. When I re-opened it, it's working fine. I always close the database, before close FM. How do I avoid corruption and how do I re...
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  • WebViewer blink

    Hi I have create a calendar with fullcallendar and I have implemented in my app. I have a problem when I am adding event to the calendar, the refreshing is blinking the calendar. I am using a recursive custom func...
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  • How do i keep track of a specific client Total purchases with a chart

    I have a PERSON-TABLE which is for my clients info, and FINANCIAL-TABLE for clients transactions, i developed a chart that shows the first 10 clients based on transactions made in DESC, only one clients took over the ...
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  • Help With Global Fields

    I am having issues with global fields Example I have a child table with the customer # as the relationship.  The child table has only global records (other then the CUS#)  that are used for pricing calcula...
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  • "Delete empty records" script question.

    "Delete empty records" using a script works fine when there are empty records, however when there are no empty records a dialog box opens (because the find did not yield results).  How do I avoid that situation ?...
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  • Calculation from portal data

    Hello, I have a Donations portal, In the portal I have date given field, donated amount field, and event name.  How can I pull out the years with totals.  Example in the portal I have data from 2015, 2016 an...
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  • Need guidance on summarizing data for dashboard

    I am a patent attorney. I work for a corporation. Executives don't care to read my patent applications, but they do want to know how many are filed and for which business units. They want this information quarterly. M...
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  • Value list and copy/paste in a script

    I have Fliemaker Pro 9 and am trying to copy from a value list (format: radio buttons) from a field in one table, then copy it to the same value list in a field in another table (also formatted radio buttons).  I...
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  • Controlling Visibility Based on Privileges

    Is there no way to determine a user’s ability to create new or delete existing records prior to trying?   Somehow I thought the function Get ( RecordAccess) would provide more detail about this, but it is ...
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  • Count Unique Value of a List that doesnt repeat in any of the records

    Hi guys!   I have a hard to word question in my mind.  I want to generate a report that counts the unique value of a list of people that only appears once throughout that search.   So, for instance i...
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  • List names of related records

    I'm creating a freelance database to track freelancers we work with.  I have a table for the freelancers, and all their information, and then another table for skills.  Modeling, Animation, Lighting, Directi...
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  • FileMaker technical support issues

    We have issues with FileMaker technical support. A typical example was a reply I got today to a question I asked online a while ago about some problem we are having. I have a few of these support requests out.   ...
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  • When hiding an object, how do you string multiple conditions together?

    I'm hiding an object useless it has certain numbers. Can I string these numbers together? See what I have below. It also seems that after 5 "xor" conditions it starts to generate the opposite effect (i.e. will hide th...
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  • Automatic change a file name using script

    Please help me to create a script that allows the user to select a folder with files. Then loops through the files, makes a copy of the file in a new folder and automatic renames each file with the prefix as "1234"...
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  • Freezing when selecting Script

    Is anyone else getting this problem? When I try to select a script from a list such as when selecting a script when using the Preform Script function or when setting script triggers. Each time I click and the menu sho...
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  • Menu bar is hidden and I don't know how to get it back?

    I'm fairly new to Filemaker 16 and have been developing a product. So my question is... when your on a main window and you click new... the script is set to open New Window, Hide Toolbars, Hide Text Ruler. When I did ...
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  • Help with some tricky JSON.  Having trouble getting elements out.

    Hi,   I am having issues getting the data out of the following JSON feed.  I am trying to capture specific attributes, but don't know how to get them short of a very ugly looping brute force type approach.&...
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  • FileMaker Go 16 on iPad: Turn Off Navigation Buttons

    I have tried out the new Card feature in FM16 and it is just great. However, what I noticed is that whenever the keyboard (internal or external) pops up on my iPad, I get enabled navigation keys and buttons to add/rem...
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