• can I do batch field-contents export in WebDirect?

    I've got a FileMaker custom app that contains a lot of files of different types in a container field. The app is accessed by users in their web browers (via WebDirect).   Sometimes a user wants to download one o...
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  • Case/If simple but not working

    I am clearly missing something:   Field Name: StartDate, field type date Field Name: StartedYN, field type calculation (to me this is obvious but they want this question answered)   So in StartedYN I hav...
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  • Filemaker 17 Server and Apache on same Mac

    I had been using FM 12 with WebDirect for data entry and movable type on the same Mac to run a website.  The computer is outdated and we have a new one now, so we needed a new version of Filemaker.  WebDirec...
    created by mls14
  • How to clear all the test data and reset Record IDs prior to releasing?

    I have created my first Application and am wanting to clear all the test data prior to releasing it.  How do I do that so that the Record IDs also are reset?
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  • Calculate daily average from sub-summaries

    I have subsummaries by year, half, quarter, month, week, etc.   The tricky part is that if it's summary by half, it summarizes trades taken (number field) from 1st and 2nd half, regardless of the year. So it ca...
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  • Review & manually omit unwanted records between script steps

    I have a nested script that combines several Perform Script steps. The script first "Performs a Date Range Search" and returns a set of records with votes due. I want to be able to review the found set and omit random...
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  • Runtime V17 vs v16 and Mojave

    According to the FM specs, FMPv16 is not qualified to run on OS X 10.14 Mojave. I built runtimes with both v16 and v17. The v16 runtime is way more responsive than the v17 runtime on Mojave and also on lower OS's. T...
    created by vcirilli
  • Different Card Window Behavior Mac vs Windows

    I'm encountering some pretty significant differences in card window behavior between Windows and Mac.  On the Mac, top level custom menus (File, Edit, etc) are still available and can be used to run scripts; in W...
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  • Confusion with SQL Count

    Hi   I've been going through SQL and whilst I understand, and can implement, most functions etc I struggle with Count.   In my last post, SQL Count on Portal Row I was kindly given direction on how to impl...
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  • Script for search and change status

    So I'm a super newbie so please forgive me if this is a lame question. I've tried searching for it but no results are helpful. I have a database for my school (that someone else made) that keeps records of all studen...
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  • Auto-complete field if data are entered in key field

    Hello! I have the following problem... I have a file with customer details table and another file for invoices. I managed to make a drop down list with customer names, but what I want to do is to auto-fill the add...
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  • why suddenly a script is stopped?

    When I click a button to generate the book of Mayor in accounting, certainly the script delay about 2 minutes, but is Ok, I guess that is because takes too many data. But the first time the script suddenly stops, and ...
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  • FMP URL, How to pass a JSON Parameter

    I've mostly converted to passing script parameters and results as JSON and it seems to work pretty well.  I have a mapping solution with Google Listener that needs to click on a URL that runs a FileMaker script.&...
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  • How to speed up a "typeahead" portal filter

    Hi Folks, I have created a clumsy portal Filter that I need to speed up. Its based on solutions posted on the forum - thanks to those contributors - the fault is mine not theirs. I have a portal where a user search...
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  • Change 15032019 to date

    Hi again FM world   I have a quick question   I have data supplied where the date format is 15032019 and i need to get it into a Filemaker date for a schedule and then also export it for upload to another ...
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  • FMPA 17 Layout mode detach inspector pallete

    Is there a way to detch the inspector palette from the main windows when in layout mode?   I dont know why they did that but I cant work with it. I have a few small windows and that mean that I would have to ma...
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  • Problem with data type check

    Hi All   I am looking for data type check, but unable to solve this. I have a format for   ID = "00-0000-0000000-00000-00000";   allowed Characters are numeric and '-' if i try with numeric, it gives...
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  • Trouble with Repeating Field

    I am having a bit of an issue with a script used to generate report data coming in part from a repeating field I am using.   This is the layout of the report, showing Repeating Fields for Framing PO Number, Fram...
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  • Using XML to Import Data, how do I -find only recently modified records

    I have been trying to limit my xml results to show only records that have been modified after my last XML import using the timestamp of my last import from the server to a tablet app. The tablet app is designed to wor...
    created by shadow0429
  • fp5 to fp7 conversion - Specific Questions

    I have 3 old fp5 solutions I created years ago consisting of 3, 5, and 8 related files.  One of the databases contains Contact Info - this database also has simple relationships to the other 2 databases.  Th...
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