• Value list contains a value but keep being told it doesn't.

    I had a very simple value list based on custom values shown as checkboxes, such as 'ordered', 'invoiced' 'paid' etc. It worked fine. I then removed one value which was no longer needed and now we can't check or unchec...
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  • UniqueValues adds a carriage return

    UniqueValues seems to add a carriage return to an array. Bug?   //calc Substitute ( UniqueValues ( List ( 111;222 ) ) ; "¶" ; "," ) //result 111,222,
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  • Email -Pilcrow fails to LF

    I have the following calculated field that returns the Line Items for an order. When I use the SEND MAIL script step with email client option if there is more than 1 line item in the result then the rest of the items ...
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  • Escaping slashes in JSON - seeming Catch 22

    In FileMaker 16, I need to generate JSON for a web service (MailChimp) to upload, among other things, some html.   The JSONSetElement takes care of a lot of the escaping, but in this html, there is an additional...
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  • How do I implement audit log using CWP(PHP)? Is it possible?

    Dear All,                I am logging Filemaker changes using MBS plug-in. As I must log all type of actions, I must log CWP changes too. So I am...
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  • Import Excel file FMGO no FM Cloud or Server / Workaround???

    As we all know FM Go "partially" supports the Import Records script step which I have found that they should be allowing us to import from Apple's "Files" application. I definitely put a product request out for this. ...
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  • deleting portal records using loop ... where's the error ?

    I am using a script to delete all related records in a portal called 'general'... It only deletes the first row ...   I think there is something wrong in the loop ....   Debugger shows the followin...
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  • not accessing to admin to project now ?

    Good Evening, in developing a order tracking application, I set up 2 users, Admin, and sales staff. I am somehow stuck in the sales staff login. Help. Its 95% developed and would like to tweak reports, yet i am stuck...
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  • Combining Filemaker Solutions

    askingforafriend   I have a current Filemaker CRM that has been built back in 2011 and am considering merging some starter solutions to the build... specifically the projects solution.    1. Is this ...
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  • Creating an image slideshow thru 1 window

    I have about 20 container fields externally storing photos.  Contents are in a child table to the layout that they will be displayed. Is there a way to have the images randomly show like a slideshow when the lay...
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  • Noob question here on Acos()

    I'm not sure of the terminology. I want to calculate Acos() from a formula, but it requires a number. I need to do this 40+  times so I don't want to create 40+ extra fields to store the result of the formula. I ...
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  • We export quickbooks data to ms sql or mysql and connect it to filemaker.

    which is a better connection to filemaker the ms sql express or the mysql. the export software out of quickbooks supports both. The tables will be connected to filemaker solutions. which is better & faster mysql o...
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  • How to set field a checkbox with multiple option?

    Hi I know this is basic to some but I have been searching for how to do this.   I have a checkbox set that has a value list of different sizes, The value list is: Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large.   How c...
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  • Question about data in portal linked to specific field

    Hi all!   I have started with the Basic Inventory example to manage my raw materials for production. The main table has the name,  general details and an id number. I have added a separate table for Recepti...
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  • Go To Object Bug?

    This sure seems like a bug to me but I'd like to get the community's opinion.   I have a tab control with two tabs, each tab has an object name. In a script (actually, a couple of scripts), I leave the layout, p...
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  • File loses ability to open EDS on startup

    I'm not happy with the wording of my question.   I have two files, A & B. (local, not hosted). B is an EDS of A. A sets a global variable in Startup script, referencing B and EDS looks to that variable. &#...
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  • Desktop Menu items do not work on Web Direct

    I am upgrading FMP12 to FMP16 and migrating from Mac to Windows.  I would also like to setup Web Direct for the users; however, after talking with FMP Technical Support I was told that the FMP application I am wo...
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  • apps for accrual bookkeeping for FM Pro 16 Advanced

    Any apps existing.
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  • Mail program with Gmail

    I have an email button setup on my layout.  On my work I use outlook and the button works as expected.  At home on my personal computer I have windows 10 and I use the mail program that came with it and use ...
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  • Can't get JSONListKeys to work for me

    Hi All,   I've been working on getting an automated result of records from an API that lists food recalls for products in the UK.   I've tried to follow the example to create new records based on JSON resu...
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