• Send Export As Excel script failing after recent update to FMPA17

    philmodjunk had a post somewhere with a example script on how to attach and send an Excel file via email. I used it to create the following script. I can't locate Phil's post because if I could I'd just delete and re-...
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  • Advantages on triggering Backup Scripts in Server Scheduler

    Dear All,   What is the advantage of running this backup script, where it will help, how can we utilise that in efficient way?     Thanks In Advance, Suresh
    created by Suresh
  • Is it possible to increase a field with a number by 1 upon the click of a button?

    Hi,   I'm currently working on a tool that helps me keep me track of a Trading Card Collection of me and a friend. The whole thing works pretty fine allready, but I'm new to FMP and so I'm constantly learning mo...
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  • FileMaker Cloud Admin Console Issues v1.17.0.77

    Hi, I did my first FileMaker Cloud setup (BYOL).   FM Cloud version AWS Instance t2.medium at Oregon region Ports opened 80, 443, 5003, 22, 2399 Baseelements plugin v4.0.3 installed   I got s...
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  • Position Windows on screen.

    Now I have the option to open the different layouts in a separate window, I feel it would be great to have window sets that open a combination of layout-windows at the same time. I can add these combinations as a sing...
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  • Mystery: can't click into field

    Suddenly FMP won't let me click into a time field.  I was working on creating a time-picker.  I designed it as a card window with two clock faces that appear to pick hours and minutes.  The two-clock gr...
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  • How to simply open the Mail client with an email address from FMP

    All the scripts I see are rather complex regarding queueing up content via STMP and connecting with some Windows client to send mail... I also see there are some big issues with 32 vs 64 bit Windows Outlook versions, ...
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  • Is a "universal exporter" script possible?

    As part of my backup strategy for 3 databases served by FMServer, I created scripts to export all records (all fields in all tables) to a Filemaker file for each database. The server for these databases is administere...
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  • Is there a way to auto enter an image in a container field?

    I have a placeholder image that I place into a container field when new records are added to a Person table.  This image is usually later replaced with a photo of the person, but sometimes I never get a photo and...
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  • Any way to globally format text?

    HI.  Just imported my Bento info into Filemaker 17.  All text in all fields are way too small.  Is there any way to globally increase the size of text in the entire database?  Thanks in advance and...
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  • How to have a Status field change to the default text if a related field is deleted

    Hello,   I am trying to write a database that is being used for transferring patients between hospitals. I am new to FileMaker but it has been surprisingly intuitive and easy-to-use so far!   I am getting ...
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  • Order of Operations When Opening A File

    Here is my specific question: Does anyone know the exact order in which operations are performed when a file is opened in FileMaker?   Clarification: I am specifically trying to figure out the order of the eve...
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  • Can I keep using past version with Perpetual Licensing?

    The title I think covers it. We have been maintaining a maintenance package for many years and I am wondering if I am braking my license agreement if I use all of the current version 17 licenses plus a version 16 lice...
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  • open multiple tables  simultaneously when tabbing between windows apps

    I use my Filemaker 17 for music.  I have 5 tables open simultaneously: disc, disc2, artist, title, album.  When I had Filemaker 13 I could tab to another windows app and then tab back to continue with my wor...
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  • Slow record creation mystery

    Hi,   I've a table were it's very slow to create records (In standalone local also same thing if on LAN server). To create 250 records with 2 populated fields (main keys) it take 1 min 30 seconds. To create th...
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  • WebDirect hosted database closes immediately unless using [Guest] account

    I run FileMaker Server 16 that hosts two databases.   Both are accessible without any issue with Filemaker Pro/Go. One is accessible without any issues via WebDirect. I recently have tried to make the second one...
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  • Question on parent/child relationship

    I'm looking for some guidance on an issue that I have been struggling with for a few hours. Perhaps someone can come up with something I haven't thought about.   I have a table (call it Inspection) and a related...
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  • Interactive PDF not working in v17 (Win7, Acrobat Pro)

    We recently upgraded from FileMaker v14 to v17. Our databases have PDFs stored in container fields that are set to "Interactive Content". In v14 they displayed inside of FileMaker. In v17 they only show the PDF icon i...
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  • Does FM17 merit a rethink?

    Hi,   I have a file that I’ve built for personal use, over many years.  I did a rewrite at FM7 to move away from a cumbersome scripted system, which had initially started life as a flatfile database at...
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  • A concern more than a Question ...

    I find it sad that FIleMaker has locked me out of my files simply because I've not been able updated to a current version of Filemaker.  I find that insulting and unprofessional.  IF I had a company, and I d...
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