• Next Service Date Formula

    Newbie needing assitance I am trying to work out the best way to calculate the next service date.   I have two main tables the Property table which has the service schedule eg every 3 weeks (set at value 21 for ...
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  • Displaying Related Records from a Tiered Relationship in a third Table layout

    Hi,   My query relates to displaying only related value list data determined by another relationship and this is something I have always struggled with and is driving me potty yet again.   I have a databas...
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  • "Unique" validation necessary for primary key?

    Hi Everyone,   I was just listening to the 2 Matts on FileMaker Talk, and they were discussing the validation options when you define a field. The gist of the conversation was that these are mostly unnecessary a...
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  • Chart Layout Reuse with a different found set

    Charting based on the current found set is a really nice FileMaker feature.  It takes a little work to get the chart just as you want it and that's expected.  I'd like to reuse the chart layout with a differ...
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  • Auto create a record in a related table?

    I have used FileMaker for over 25 years, however it has been on the user end.  However the solution was very simple, only one table, so I know how to make layouts and move fields around.  I don't know much a...
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  • How do I hide objects based on multiple fields

    I am feeling stuck despite having read several messages on the subject, so I am asking for my specific instance, as I could not understand whether the other similar question matched my situation or not.   I am t...
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  • Table won't display

    I have a FileMaker 17 table that will not display when I navigate to it. The table is included in the layouts list and the layout manager, is visible in the database manager, and scripts referencing it work properly. ...
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  • Sharing access across multiple FM files

    Is there a way to get one FM File to authenticate based on user in another FM File?
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  • Looking for someone to write a cURL request for us

    Hi There,   I'm not sure if this is the appropriate place to ask for this.   We have some databases here that I have developed and work fine. However, I need to download from Magento 2 using an insert from...
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  • Trying to filter a portal by two fields determining a date range

    I have been searching for an answer to my query on filtering data by a date range but cant find any clear guidance.  I am fairly new to Filemaker but a fair way through my app to manage students, their classes an...
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  • Visitors List & request to permission

    Please be informed that I am beginner in using FileMaker program and I created visitors management system. I wonder if you could help me please, I have two points, the first one is how can I make script to send approv...
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  • Create vars containing all possible input combinations

    Racking my brain over this one portion of a larger word game solver system. Utilizing a script, possibly in combination with a recursive custom function (minding the 50k limit): the desired output is a set of enumer...
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  • Script step isn't transferring data into variable on lower permission account

    I have an api integration that will allow users to submit a file into a folder on our cloud storage. The API works great on my full access account both on my fm17 client and through webdirect, so the medium of usage i...
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  • Global fields does not update

    I have a global field being used in a search thru a relationship.  The field is set up as a calculation stored globally as "Get (AccountName)".  The calculation does not update when signing on under alternat...
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  • How to print Grand summary

    I'm generating a report to print out and I can't get the leading grand summary to show up in preview mode. Is there a trick to this? Or do grand summaries not print?   Thanks Jack
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  • WebDirect WYSIWYG Editor Options

    Hi all,   I'm looking for a very simple WYSIWYG editor to use in WebDirect. The intent is to allow users to apply (and preserve) the following styles: Bold Italic Underline Uppercase The idea is that users ...
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  • One button to close Preview mode window

    Hello,   I'm trying to figure out what is the best way to let the user close this new floating window with a report in preview mode.   I'm talking about a 'friendly way' so that they would find out easily....
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  • FM Go 17 works but ...

    Posted an earlier piece about FM17 not working on AWS but as a test, I tried FMGo17 connecting to AWS even though FM17 says there are no files being hosted (not true, AWS console shows 3 are hosted) and it works thoug...
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  • Rename a File

    Hi, Good Night  RENAME A FILE   I have proove in Tools>Developer Utilities> Add a File, and rename file and choose only the file to rename It works fine, but scripts in related files, does not change...
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  • How to set a button to go to blank record

    I need assistant on how to set a Button that when clicked will go to a empty row in a table.   Thanks Charles
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