• Force Re-LookUp / Re-Calc

    Is there a way to force a "re-look up" or "re-calculation" when changing information in one table that affects a calculation in another table. I am using a standard CLIENT / INVENTORY / INVOICE / INVOICE LINE ITEM er...
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  • How do I find a single character value in a field

    I have data from a legacy system imported into filemaker.   A field has valid values C,CANS,CANB etc. I am running a scripted find where one criteria is the field value C.    I have tried vari...
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  • WebViewer blink

    Hi I have create a calendar with fullcallendar and I have implemented in my app. I have a problem when I am adding event to the calendar, the refreshing is blinking the calendar. I am using a recursive custom func...
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  • I am looking for a Filemaker expert in The Netherlands who can help me ..

    I am looking for a Filemaker expert in the Netherlands who can help me...
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  • Find name of next month

    Calculations & dates do not mix well with me... =)   Date question ... if I was wanting to determine the name of the month following a current date, what would need to be done. I'm able to extract the month...
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  • many global fields vs. many global variables

    Referencing to an other question recently posted Database structure   I think that the framework of the problem should be quite common for those who work on complex professional solutions: there is a need of ha...
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  • Best programming languages that work well with Filemaker

    This might be a silly question however, I've built (with lots of help) and am expanding a current filemaker solution. I don't have a programming background but am working on that. What are additional programming langu...
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  • Setting static ip address in server 16

    We have just moved from server 11 to server 16. New install on a new machine. We shut down and removed the old machine from the network. Followed the manual for the set-up of 16. However, I cannot find where to set my...
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  • choose 1 of 4 sequentially

    I'm trying to change textfield so that each change iteration chooses different color. I arbitrary selected 4 as a good number as I don' t expect a usual calling for more than three changes in a session   &...
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  • LookupNext with a Cartesian relationship

    I am attempting LookupNext from one table to another joined by a cartesian relationship. Specifically, I need to find the previous and next Weights and the previous and next Moments so that I can perform a weighted av...
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  • Obligatory Create, not populating Auto Enter Data

    Hey FM Folks,   I'm normalizing my database, splitting my Members table into (People --> (Staff,Volunteers,Vendors) Previously I was using an obligatory create to add Members from an 'Applicants' table, this...
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  • Exporting Found Set As Individual PDFs

    Hi everyone:   This is my first attempt at writing a script. I've looked around to find help on this question and was able to come up with this code:     I wasn't able to cut and paste the script from...
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  • The FMS 15 file named jwpc_prefs.xml

    Hi all,   in this tread XML: what is the URL to connect to a server I told I had an issue connecting to a database via XML. During the repair of the FMS installation, an option on Windows, I learned there was an...
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  • Insert from URL to access Xero API

    I currently use the BaseElements plugin and would prefer to access Xero natively using FM16.   I have a Xero private application set up in the API. With BaseElements I can access it as follows, which returns the...
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  • How do i keep track of a specific client Total purchases with a chart

    I have a PERSON-TABLE which is for my clients info, and FINANCIAL-TABLE for clients transactions, i developed a chart that shows the first 10 clients based on transactions made in DESC, only one clients took over the ...
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  • Repeating field cell count

    Missing for 30 years is a Get that says the max number of repetitions assigned to a field.  I can derive this number by an indirect method (I think) or using the define field tool.   Odd that hat there is ...
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  • Get Account List

    I know that I can get the current name of the logged-in filemaker user with Get (AccountName)   I am looking for a way to get a list of ALL accounts. It this even possible by script?   I am looking at tabu...
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  • Database of Monthly Bills

    Title Database of Monthly Bills Post I'm having trouble creating one database for my monthly finances. Do I use "LAYOUTS" for this or what? I would like ONE DATABASE to show how I pay my bills each month. In Bento it...
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  • Help With Global Fields

    I am having issues with global fields Example I have a child table with the customer # as the relationship.  The child table has only global records (other then the CUS#)  that are used for pricing calcula...
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  • iPhone 8 Problem file

    Here’s the menu button file that the text doesn’t center vertically (?). Per previous post.
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