• Help to find the Portal TO reassignment recipe

    I have stumbled several times on that thread. In fact I was on it 2 nights ago! I was sure I had bookmarked it but no!!! I have been googleing and searching here for half an hour and can't find it, now that I do need...
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  • Opening External DB File

    Hi there,   I am using a FileMaker Server 17 Server to host my databases and a FileMaker Pro Advanced to access and manage my databases locally. I am currently trying to link an external database with my FileMak...
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  • Disappearing Portal Records

    Having an issue with items in a portal disappearing. There doesn't seem to be any reason for it. The schema of the database hasn't changed. It's all Windows 10 clients with a mix of FileMaker 16 and FileMaker 17. Ther...
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  • upgrading from .fmp7 to .fmp12 loses relationships

    Back in 2015 (and previously) I had a set of 3 files which worked together to output pages of a dog pedigree book which comes out every 5 years. For 2010 and 2005 the original 2000 files worked perfectly but now that ...
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  • Configure Region Monitor - FileMaker Go 17

    Has anyone else had issues in FileMaker Go 17 with the Configure Region Monitor script step?   I have an existing solution that was working fine - detecting beacons and running a script as expected. Now that has...
    created by davidhead
  • Schema for Attending Classes

    Just checking I'm not missing anything here. I already have a fairly large/complex database tracking members of martial arts classes. It has a Members table, a Classes table and a Subscription join table between the t...
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  • Webdirect refreshes browser when another user commits a record

    When one user modifies a field and commits the record, other users that have that field/record in the current found set have their browsers suddenly and completely refreshed/redrawn.   This uniquely bothers the...
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  • Create related record in popover

    Hello!   I am trying to create a new related record from a popover.  Here is a little context: Contacts -- Enrollments -- Courses where enrollments is a join table between contacts and courses.  &...
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  • What's the best way to auto-login users to a Web-Direct page?

    I'm looking for an easy way to have users record comments after they Approve/Deny a Purchase Order thru a Slack integration. I'd like for them to be a given a link that they can click to then enter general comments or...
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  • User input of repetition: field set up

    In blue, I have 2 instances of the field, one defined to only take rep 1 and two only takes rep 2 In green I have 1 field defined to show rep 1 to 2.   Is there any best way to set up that field destined to use...
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  • FileMaker Server 17 Auto Update Feature

    Does anyone have any documentation on how to use the auto update feature in FileMaker Server 17 to push out   plug-ins to clients?
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  • OBDC tables are not accesible for ESS, although I am able to see  list of tables from mysql dataabase

    I am using mysql ODBC 8.0 Unicode driver I downloaded from mysql site. I am also using latest version of community edition of mysql on MAC and tried to configure ESS. I am able to authenticate into the System DSN th...
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  • Who has working FMP 13,14,15 on hand

    Hi, I'd like to test about performance regressions. I'm wondering if someone has who has already working setups with FMP 13,14,15,16,17 So he could benchmark a file on those for me Thanks
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  • ODBC: This action cannot be performed because the required table is missing

    I am working with FMPro14, FMServer 14 and would like to link in one or more tables from MS SQL Server 2014. (The FMServer runs on Windows Server 2008 R2. MS SQL Server runs on Windows Server 2012 R2. FMPro runs on Wi...
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  • Advice Needed

    Hello All,   At present I have a Material Table that I used to track our incoming materials and our Internal Lot Numbers, now we are going to use this materials for production.   My problem now is I need t...
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  • ExecuteSQL for finding sum between date range

    I am trying to use ExecuteSQL to find sum of items between two dates.  I got help from online experts but I don't seem to get the desired result when I change variables to my set of variables.  I am new to E...
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  • Filtering a portal by a number value between 2 numbers

    Hello, I am attempting to get a portal to filter out records that have a number field with a value between 10 and 15.  I am currently using a greater than or equal to 10 "and" Less than or equal to 15, but it do...
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  • cURL & Form Data

    I am charting myself into completely new territory and have gotten myself lost. I am trying to submit field data in a form way so I can also upload a signature image through binary to the server.   But for the l...
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  • Birthday Script not working instead of SSL

    Dear All,   I've scheduled a birthday script which runs automatically from FMServer everyday morning. Instead of I've SSL certification issue temporarily, that script won't working automatically.   If erro...
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  • Drop Down List question

    Hello all!   THANK YOU all for your help with my last question!  Portals were the perfect solution!   My new question is - I have a drop down list on my customer form to select the city from.  It...
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