• Auto filling fields based on another field

    Title Auto filling fields based on another field Post      Hi,      I have another question. Is it possible to have a field autofill based on a different field? Fo...
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  • Setting up FileMaker Server 16, PHP (CWP) on Windows Servers 2012 R2

    Trying to set up a two-machine deployment with FileMaker 16 and PHP (CWP) with no API or Web Direct.   I installed FileMaker Server on two Window Server 2012 R2 machines. The FileMaker Server (Master)...
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  • Does anyone know of any pre made solutions for a non profit org / contact list / donors / etc

    Does anyone know of any pre made solutions for a non profit org / contact list / donors / etc
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  • Database corruption

    Hello,   I have an issue where a database I have is getting corrupted. Basically there is an init script that runs to authenticate the user and allows them to log their time at work. What happens is that all the...
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  • Running a shell (bash) script, with multiple arguments

    Hello   This is infuriating me. I have a Mac shell script which uploads files to a server. The script works perfectly in testing, but I am unable to pass it any arguments from Filemaker. It needs two arguments f...
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  • Restructuring "People" in an inherited database

    Let's say I have a table called "People" and in that table is the data for each individual who interacts with our office. Each individual would have a "personnel type" assigned to him/her in this table of either "Stud...
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  • Filemaker Server 16 and PDF Container Fields Not Working

    My question is this: Is anyone else having problems with container fields not showing with inserted PDF? Almost as if it is not communicating with acrobat correctly?   Here is some background: First, we have a f...
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  • All Scripts DELETED

    So Thursday morning while at DevCon, I got a wake up call from my users on the east coast that no one could get into our database, that they were getting a message about script missing when they opened the file and th...
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  • Orange blocked ssl on internal lan

    hi all, from external connection by client Filemaker Win & Mac, Mobile GO and Webdirect i see my database SSL with green color. Only on internal lan with host Server.local i can connect from clients but in orange...
    Fulvio Di Rosa
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  • FM Server problem exporting field to Temp

    I'm having an issue attempting to export a container field to the Temporary directory on a file hosted on FMS 15.03.   This script works fine when I run it locally on OSX.   The script imports an image fil...
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  • 3 of a kind?

    This is specifically to TomHays the true expert that helped me much. I sent him a message but I was not able to attach a file. So I use Discussions to send the file to him.
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  • The Cost of Calculated Fields?

    I have yet to role out a complex design that would entail a large amount of data and sophistication.  I'm working on something larger and I'm concerned about the "cost" of calculated fields.   As an example...
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  • FQL0001/(2:10) Error meaning?

    Hello,   I'm using FMPro 16 on a Mac. Mac OS 10.12.5   I've written the following simple INSERT script which worked previously and is now giving the above error message.   INSERT into basictest (For...
  • WeekCalendar with drag and drop

    Triggered by this thread Week (not weekly) Schedule  I built a sample with a web viewer based calendar. My initial implementation of drag and drop with native html5 events worked fine on mac, but on windows ther...
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  • User unable to upload files larger than 30 mb

    Hello.   I am running FMP 11 We do have a FM Server I am new to FM.   Before my users was able to upload documents larger than 30 mb into filemaker. Now it is limiting them to 30 mb only.   My use...
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  • RESTfm PUT function

    I have been able to install RESTfm on my FileMaker Server, but when I send PUT commands to it for updating records, the response that I receive acts like it was a GET request. Is there something in IIS that needs to b...
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  • Question from a new user

    Hello everyone,   The company I work for has a department that uses Filemaker 11.  Unfortunately we don't have any documentation related to the application as this was purchased some years ago and it doesn'...
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  • industrial engineering

    Hello World!   Before starting developing a custom application for industry (planning, inventory & purchases management, etc.) I'd like to know if one of you have already done such a tough job or else if it...
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  • Calculation, ExecuteSQL CPU Usage

    Having been working on some fairly involved SQL for reports that I had to wait to complete, it allowed some time to compare the CPU usage of the FileMaker Server and the FileMaker Pro client. The FileMaker Pro client ...
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  • ODBC

    Hello,   I'm using for several years, an external data source in my company via odbc.     I don't remember the FMP version  I used to begin with this, but it works perfectly with FMP 14 clien...
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