• "Export Records" script step strips tabs, returns

    Ok, so I don't think "strips" is the right word. But...   I have a tab-delim block of text in a text field that I want to export to a .txt file via script on FMS. The only way I know to do this is by using the "...
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  • Twilio & FMPA 16 "Insert from URL" Syntax

    The text below is what I have in the "Insert form URL" 'Specify cURL Options' field (except for changing the phone numbers, SID & ACCOUNT).   It works fine when I hardcode the "To=" phone number.  I can...
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  • Value lists/relationships

    Hello again, I'm building a database for a law office to track customers, contacts, companies & projects.  The office practices various kinds of law, so eventually there will be many similar groupings of tab...
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  • Unstored Calculations Find Fails

    After running FileMaker Server 14 since its initial release we've just had a report from a client that finds on unstored calculations fail and that their customer could not work.   She has pointed us to Finds wh...
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  • Switching to new layout to enter a new record

    Dear friends, a new baby step in my application needed :-)   I have a Product layout with a pop-up menu field listing all known brands.   If I'm entering a new previously unknown brand I just placed a but...
    created by rjalex
  • FMS 16 installation, issue with Bonjour service

    Hi all,   I have an issue installing FMS 16 (FDS version) on Windows 10 Pro Full Patched.   The first part went fine, but things changed when the deployment procedure was started in Edge. This happens righ...
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  • Help needed!

    I'm trying to find nearest airport given a current location and I'm trying to use the scripts included in the following database, Input current location search database result:nearest airport.   I'm having di...
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  • Data Entry Problems

    My application has many data intensive screens. The user fills in many fields and most screens have a Comment field which is a large text field. She has no problems entering data into the smaller fields but when she g...
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  • Hiding a field based on a calculation

    I'm having a tough time figuring out how to hide a field with my current design   I'm working with a trivia dB that has 10 different categories. Depending on which "round" the user is on, five of these categorie...
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  • JSONSetElement

    Hi all, I have a problem configuring this JSON:   JSONSetElement ( "{}";      ["path"; DropboxFile::path & "/" & DropboxFile::fileName; JSONString];      ["mode...
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  • Using a layout as script parameter

    Origin   In our software, every time a patient is visited by a doctor, we create a new record in a table named “Clinical findings”. This table has 1250 fields; some are calculated but the vast majorit...
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  • insert from url

    Can I insert and image into a container field located in the background without the  container field coming to the foreground? I don't want to see the image container.
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  • FileMaker Go/Script help

    Hello,   I'm hoping that someone can point me in the right direction. I am using FileMaker Go to enter responses for an assessment. I will be the one entering the responses, as the testers are too young to do so...
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  • FileMaker data on Google Maps

    It's easy tot put a Google map with a link in web viewer but what I would like to do is connect a FileMaker database dynamically on a map where the data is showed on the right location. Would this be possible ?
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  • Delay when Open Directory user is added to file on FMS15

    Hi,   I have Open Directory running on OSX 10.10 and files on my FMS15 server successfully authenticate against it.   When I add a new OD user or group to allow access a file, sometimes the new user can lo...
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  • [FMP T-n-T] "Editable" FileMaker Pro Virtual Lists

    FMP tip developed by David Thorp, Article written by Andy Persons  *Tested in FileMaker Pro 14-16 Virtual ListsSince FileMaker Pro virtual lists were introduced more than five years go, they have seen wide use du...
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  • Counting Rows

    Hello, I am trying to figure out how to count rows in a table.  I have a file that has several tables. On one titled "Lessons", there are many lessons, that I would like to count.  There may be up to 120.&#...
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  • Filemaker server 16 and Barcode Basics

    I use Brian Dunning's Barcode Basics file to generate barcodes in my solution. I am testing Filemaker Server 16 and it will not open this file because it is not password protected. I can not add a password to the file...
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  • When I create a new table and place it on the Graph it adds the number 2 Why?

    When I create a new table and place it on the Graph it adds the number 2 Why? To my best knowledge I have not used this table name before.
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  • Calculate the difference between two records based on information in the same field

    I'm trying to build a calculation field that will calculate the difference between a new value and an old value the last time it was entered.   For example I have clips that vary in duration but have been catego...
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