• MDM Configuration settings

    Hello Are there any configuration settings available for Filemaker Go for MDM settings? I would like to deploy FmGo with MDM and also add the host in the configurations so I dont have to go to each user and add the...
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  • User input of repetition: field set up

    In blue, I have 2 instances of the field, one defined to only take rep 1 and two only takes rep 2 In green I have 1 field defined to show rep 1 to 2.   Is there any best way to set up that field destined to use...
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  • Disappearing Portal Records

    Having an issue with items in a portal disappearing. There doesn't seem to be any reason for it. The schema of the database hasn't changed. It's all Windows 10 clients with a mix of FileMaker 16 and FileMaker 17. Ther...
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  • Problem numbers

    I have a column of numbers which I am exporting to a spreadsheet (lets say it's A1:A100) and I need to find a subset of them that sum to a certain total.   I can do this in Excel using the solver function bu...
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  • Server 17 Error

    I am using filemaker developer version on MAC Server (3 GHz 8-Core Intel Xeon E5, 64 GB ram).   It has run perfectly but I restart the machine starting the error as follows from browser.   What should I do...
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  • Generating Age From Date Of Birth

    I would like to create an age field based on a users date of birth so that this age field can then be used to determine which fields they will then need to fill out. Does anyone have any ideas on the best way to do th...
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  • how to set same colour for header and footer for every layout

    Hello Every One. I develop a software containing 102 layout. now I want to customise colour for every user by giving a colour selection in a layout which can be apply on every layout header, footer and body uniformly ...
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  • What is the best way to calculate a total from a different table using the variable todays date?

    Can anyone help me.   I have a payment layout / table (customer payments table) where customers have paid in various formats which are inputted into a field - cash, cheque, credit card etc.   I would simpl...
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  • FileMaker Cloud Backup MissingParameter Error

    Hi,   I have setup a new FileMaker Cloud instance over the last couple of days. The 20 minute automatic backup/snapshots are not working. We're not seeing a value for the Next Backup either.     Whe...
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  • snapshot links

    I have several scripts the generate a snapshot link and send it as an email.   Changes in security in the entertainment industry broken this process.  User who connect to the production network must be isol...
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  • Filtered dropdown list across multiple records using multi-keys

    I took a great deal of time to study ISO Magazine tutorials provided by Matt Petrowsky. I would recommend them to every Filemaker aspirant. I am interested in the dropdown across multiple records that would eliminate ...
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  • Create a searchable table

    I have an inventory table, ID, make, model, description etc. I would like to display this table (I assume in a layout) as read-only, not changing any data but when a user clicks in a field that field becomes a search ...
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  • Portal with 100 records on a 90,000 records table

    Hello Community,   I have a 90,000 records table of clients. I do a ExecuteSQL() to fill up a multi-key field for relationship (only 100 records at a time). Takes 1 sec. Fields for relationship are numerical (...
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  • Button to Show/Hide text in a masked field

    Is there a way to create a button or 'eye' icon to show/hide text in a masked field?  I'm masking the field by using control style 'Concealed Edit Box'.
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  • Karbon & Party model

    Two questions concerning geist Karbon & Party model:   - What is your reason(s) behind having the different sub-types (sub-types of Party, Party role, Contact method, Activity and Event) in separate tables i...
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  • Child related record is not updating based on parent record

    Hello Community,   I have and quotation system.   So I have this table structure.   Customers--->Quotes-->QuotesLineItem.   I have added duplicated order feature so user can duplicated th...
  • Accidentally creating new record in multiple tables

    I am trying to record a result from my twilio implementation to ensure my project has actually sent the message and it was recieved. The First issue i need to solve, it i need it to create a new record for when the ...
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  • EC2 T2-medium to T3-Medium upgrade

    Hi, With FMS17 it was no longer possible to run FMS on a macMini with macOS Server installed. I did just that for 7 years on a Mac mini 2010 and it was a lot of bang for the buck for our 5 user team. In June I mov...
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  • To join or self-join, that is the question

    Apologies if I have posted this before. I don't see it in the history but I thought I posted it last week. Super new to filemaker.   I do not know whether I should be using join tables, self-join tables, or some...
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  • Who has working FMP 13,14,15 on hand

    Hi, I'd like to test about performance regressions. I'm wondering if someone has who has already working setups with FMP 13,14,15,16,17 So he could benchmark a file on those for me Thanks
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