• Decode Flags in DDR

    I've got a DDR that says <PortalObj portalFlags="152" numOfRows="12" initialRow="1">. Over in documentation it says Possible flag values and their meanings are: Show scroll bar on portal = 0x0001 Allow deleti...
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  • Wordpress Forms to FileMaker

    Good Morning,   What are some of the easiest and more advanced ways to integrate Wordpress forms hosted on our website to be pulled into FileMaker?   I'd like to explore a few different ways to see if ther...
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  • Portal Connection Broken??

    My database is a collection of structures visited, various info and dates of these visits. I am not very proficient with FM, but was able to follow an example and it was working just fine. Until it wasn’t.  ...
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  • How to calculate the remaining number of a specific day in a month

    I am relatively new to Filemaker and am building a class/course management solution in which students take classes weekly but are charged monthly.  When a student joins their first month's fee is pro-rated based ...
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  • iPhone, is it possible to set the orientation ?

    Hi,   I am creating an iPhone application where all Layouts will be used in Portrait orientation ... but one. I was wondering if it's possible to 'force' that particular Layout to display Landscape orientation ?...
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  • FieldRepetitions not working as expected

    I am trying to get the number of field repetitions for a particular field on the current layout.  The FieldRepetition command should return (in my case) 34 vertical.  (Although "34" is all I'm worried about)...
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  • Auto Resize/Remove Blank Space by Sliding Up

    Hi All! I am essentially trying to create a block calendar by having my fields slide up based on the objects above in a weekly view.  Here's my problem: when I do this each individual field resizes to what it's ...
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  • multiple hop related records oddity

    this is a bit hard to explain, but I'm experiencing a strange situation when trying to get data from a related record that is multiple hops away (multiple table occurrence's away)   I have a relationship setup l...
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  • FileMaker locked a record, can I unlock?

    I have a bug in my app and I do not know the cause of it or what kind of behaviour of my employees triggered this. But I might find out if I learn more about locked and unlocked records. Normally when you alter a re...
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  • Auto Enter using Case Function with multiple condition?

    I have a Product table with 3 fields that are in pop-up menu: Class, Category, and Type.   I am wondering if I can setup a field that can auto enter a value after the above 3 fields are selected?   If so...
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  • FileMaker Pro v 7 - export containers

    We have an old database that we need to export all of the content including containers.  Is there a way to do this?   Thank you
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  • How hackable is Filemaker?

    I have considered possibly keeping customer's credit card numbers in my database if they ask me to, and wonder just how secure Filemaker is.  If this information is kept in a password protected file, and presumin...
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  • Text Field that needs a Custom Function for a Calculation Result from a related Table

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  • Committing one record on a layout when there are multiple fields?

    I have a signature capture screen with two signature containers. Either one is hidden on entry based on $$OpenSigTab variable from a previous layout. If I fill out Sig1 and commit records the previous layout shows Sig...
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  • Double call - Same table

    Hi, Sorry for my english, I'm new to filemaker and I'm playing around trying to find a solution.   We are woodworkers. We produce taylor-made furniture. We'd like our customers to get the price/quote for the p...
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  • Sloppy Sliding

    I have one layout with a sliding panel which, unlike any of my other one, has a redraw issue.  While the panel slides the current fields remain in stationary during the slide.  Once the slide is completed ev...
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  • Adding a search box onto a layout in Lending Library??

    I'm a beginner to FileMaker Pro 15 and I'm using this template called Lending Library to scan bar codes to sign-out equipment to people. What I do first is go to the "Contacts" layout, click on the search box in the t...
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  • FileMaker Server Warning 30 messages and losing data

    Hi All, We're working with a customer who is reporting a number of a FileMaker Server Warning 30 messages that correlate with losing data (for example 8 records  where they are entering 1 record at a time)... ...
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  • problem of displaying a web viewer in webdirect on internet explorer

    I use a web viewer to draw graphs. All appear perfectly in FileMaker and in browsers on MAC and PC with Web Direct except with Internet Explorer 11. Anyone have an idea? thank you in advance
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  • What questions do *you* ask of a DDR?

    I've started playing with the full DDR xml and wanted to find out what kinds of questions users generally want to find a quick answer to.  If you've worked with fmXRaySpecs or fmXRayTables, you'll know that I gen...
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