• Changing Host Service

    Has anyone switched hosting services from WorldCloud to an alternative host? If so, please share thoughts on the transition, especially regarding  your ability to download a copy of your database from WorldCloud ...
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  • How do I create a parent table (with PrimaryKey) from an existing table that has some shared fields?

    Hi Folks,   I am looking for some help or general direction. Here is what I am trying to do:   I have an existing table that was exported from another database (Table 1) and includes student records by aca...
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  • Daily Community Summary is missing?

    I have not had an email with the daily community Summary since 7/12/2018.  I have gone into my preferences several times and updated them to be sure that the correct items were check. But still no email.   ...
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  • FileMaker Server 15 Install and ARR

    Hi Guys,   Trying to install FileMaker on Windows Server 2012 R2 and I'm getting the ARR is not installed and not able to download error:   Dropbox - 1518534570693.remmina-2018-3-5-16:24:40.7452...
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  • Is it possible to have Full Access priviledges without the ability to create User Accounts?

    I work for a small business that runs a bespoke Filemaker database for all of it's production needs and I have been tasked with looking into the access priviledges as the Company is working towards ISO 27001 accredita...
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  • Need basic help to create a list of unique values from a related table.

    I have 15+ years of experience with Filemaker, but no experience with SQL or the new UniqueValues function in FMP 16.  I have created a database of 7 related tables, with portals. etc., that contains thousands of...
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  • Auto-Sync FM17 Database to Dropbox

    I have been working at my current job for the past month. I am trying to get FM17 to auto-sync its databases to Dropbox. Apparently, this used to work but now it is not.
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  • Charts - Is there a way to create a clustered stacked column bar chart?

    I am trying to find out if a clustered stacked column bar chart can be duplicated in Filemaker.  I can create a stacked column bar chart.  I just haven't seen a way to adjust the gap width between the column...
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  • Unable to Upload a database to the new FileMaker 2017 server

    Trying to Upload a database to the new FileMaker 2017 server from FileMaker Pro 2017, I get to the Upload screen, but the Name and Password fields are disabled:
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  • anyone else miss the showcase on FM website?

    anyone else miss the showcase on FM website?   I really do miss looking at the showcase of solutions that FMI had on the main site. I like seeing others work and visualizing how to make my work better.   J...
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  • How to open url files in FileMaker Go

    I have a FileMaker 12/13 program that creates html files saved to the desktop, then upens the file using the open URL script step. Example: Open URL (file://HDrive/Users/myname/Desktop/samplefile.html)   Works ...
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  • Forcing the SSL Certificate dialogue to appear via script in 17?

    Hi All, I have a question regarding SSL Certificates in FileMaker 17, which kind of follows on from my earlier posting about disappearing Local Hosts, here;   https://community.filemaker.com/message/770966 ...
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  • Adjusted desktop icon & fonts size, now layout is too big

    After re-configuring our desk officers work station I set the (windows10) desktop to enlarge the icons & fonts to 125% since the monitors are now further away.  Now when we open FM (16 pro) it's huge and spil...
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  • Solved ("hacked") FMP17 Cloud Printing of Javascript-Intense-Webviewer

    ****INTRO***** This is a bit of a hack that worked for me, and temporarily solves what was a problem for me: Printing Images in the Webviewer that are BIG, downloaded externally, with a bit of added javascript comple...
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  • Converting RTF data to plain text

    Hello FM Community,   I have imported RTF data into an FM solution text field which is on a Windows system. How can I convert the RTF data into a plain text to be more readable? Would this require a script and u...
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  • Import from Excel Bug- not recognizing data?

    I am encountering an issue while using an import script referencing an Excel file, and I am not sure if this is a known issue or something unique     Background: Excel file is generated from an instrument w...
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  • FM Cloud Default URL Problem

    I'm sure everyone on FileMaker Cloud has run into this. The address that FileMaker provides for your own domain redirects to https://yourdomain.com/console#/login But that is the Admin Console.   We want visitor...
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  • Popover button mystery

    Hi all,   I have this funny problem, well, funny is not the right word. Anyway, I need your help.   I have a popover button in a portal row that just display information. The portal can have 1 to x rows. &...
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  • Basic Recursive (Custom) Function to count matching records

    I have a situation where I need to be able to count "next records" (in a sorted set), to determine how many are related based on two fields. I cannot use a relationship, as the two matching fields are only relevant if...
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  • FMS 17 Detect WebDirect on / off

    Is it possible to detect FM Server 17 WebDirect engine is down, in this case Windows Server 2012r2 The problem is sometimes WebDirect Engine goes down on Server for some reason and you the (ADMIN) detected too late t...
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