• What is the error code for . . . ?

    I'd lock to pop-up a dialogue box when a script of mine shows but I cannot find the error code. #810 isn't it.
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  • Certificates, Security and LAN only solutions

    I've read a lot of posts on the topic, but now it's my turn to start dealing with SSL certificates and FileMaker Server 16 as I move a solution from FileMaker 10 to 16.   I thought I knew what was what, but I'v...
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  • Where can I find Turkish Language Pack for FM Advanced 16?

    I am using FMA 16 and I need Turkish Language Packs. Where can I find it?
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  • selecting records at opening layout

    hi all have been searching through the posts for a while but all seems to get fairly complex and  i dont really understand most of it. what i am looking for is this: when opening a layout i want to perform a ...
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  • Importing Email into FileMaker,  Anti-Virus scaning?

    I'm working on a database that will pull company e-mail with attachments into a FileMaker database.  Once the e-mail is imported scripts scan the From, To e-mail addresses and the subject and connect the e-mails ...
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  • Unique Key Fields

    Is there a way to create a serial number generated On creation using the format   Account Name - + next value   ex.  4-1000   4-1001    4-1002  etc 3258-1000  ...
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  • How can I make my container interactive?

    I can put a pdf in my container. I specify pdf-interactive in the field inspector, but I still cannot click-on and see the pdf. (I must right-click it, export it and then view it.) I don't actually want to view the pd...
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  • iMac Pro available from Dec. 14

    The available date is announced as December 14. Rumor is the enterprise teams have already gathered pre-orders from their accounts so it might be another MacPro 2013 availability issue for the public. Hopefully not. ...
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  • Hide a button

    I'd like to hide a button when a form opens and then unhide it when the add new record button is pressed..  Can you help with the best way to do this?   Thank you
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  • Field validation question

    I have a solution that allows certain users to be designated as "Admin" via a checkbox (tied to a number field, "is_admin".  The first user to open the app is designated Admin and has the check, but designating a...
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  • cURL with MyGeodata.cloud

    Full disclosure: I’m a total n00b when it comes to cURL. However, I’ve been tasked with integrating our FileMaker systems with MyGeodata.cloud. I’m fairly certain I’m close at this point, but i...
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  • Is there a way to add a touch field to a page?

    I'd like a field that a user could write in using his fingertip or stylus. Is this possible?
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  • How can I remotely access Filemaker from another location?

    Hi and please go easy on me, I am very novice with FM but have used it for decades as my Invoice database.  I'll explain what I need to accomplish.  I work on multiple computers, around my home/office as wel...
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  • GDPR - Ostriches with our heads buried in the sand?

    I find it incredible that searching on GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) within this forum provides 3 results. These new regulations being introduced by the European Parliament will take effect on 25th May 201...
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  • Microsoft - not so bad

    I have to post this, for no other reason than being cheerful (Ian Dury variant). We've been testing Microsoft RDC for Mac for months now and have had nothing but great communication with them on a very informal basis ...
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  • How can I move my Bento files to Filemaker Pro 16 ?

    I have an iMac (Late 2015) operating macOS Sierra 10.12.6 and would like to move my Bento 4.1.2 to the new FileMaker Pro 16. From other discussions on this forum it would appear that their is a problem doing so. Can...
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  • Search Script WordCount

    Hi, I am trying to write a search script (i am not very good at it) and I need some help with it. I have a Title field  (artwork title) when searched always returns different titles containing the same words. ...
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  • FMA 16 Date Picker

    I have 2 tables in my stand-alone desktop app:   Members and VisitorMeetingJoin   (The two tables are no related)   I want to present a report to the user in Preview mode a report based on VMJoin but...
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  • Best way to categorize records

    Hi   I'm new to FileMaker and databases. Even after doing a lot of searching I can't find an answer to the following. (Assume it's relatively simple I'm just searching using the wrong terms or something).  ...
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  • Filemaker App on Iphone X

    Does anyone know when Filemaker 15 and 16 will be updated for the new iPhone X Screen So that we don't have those black bars on top and bottom of the screen? Really annoying
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