• New Tab in Web Browser

    Is there a way, to script opening a new tab in the browser, and keep the existing tab showing so a user can go back to it?   I read this: • In FileMaker WebDirect and Custom Web Publishing, this script ...
    created by tcwaters
  • Webviewer HTML+CSS+JQuery for Syntax Highlighting

    I am trying to learn the Webviewer based on Jeremy Brown's  Webviewer Integrations example files: Web Viewer Integrations Library - Soliant Consulting  I have created a new file with 5 text fields: HTML, CSS...
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  • FM Server 16: User Account Login Credentials Denied

    I've deployed FMS 16 and uploaded a FM database solution. All accounts/privilege sets are accepted for login to the served solution except the one Full Access (dev) account. The dialog presented is that "the account d...
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  • Exporting longitudunal data

    My research database has a few tables, but I wanted to ask about how to handle longitudinal data in an export to Excel (since it's the intermediary file format to my statistical package.)   Each subject in our s...
    created by bryanade
  • Stop pasting formatted text by default.

    It seems odd to me, that I can't find any discussion on this but here goes:   I dislike that Filemaker by default pastes formatted text that carries on into every related layout. Almost invariable when someone c...
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  • Run script automatically after Nth day?

    I have a ticketing system where each record (ticketID) has a status field.  What I would like to occur is when a record is placed in a "resolved" status, that after 5 consecutive days it will automatically run a ...
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  • Calculating Age Field:

    Hi I have a Date of Birth field and a Date of Death Field, both are "Date Fields" i need to put someones age into a number field, does anyone know the calculation for this please so it shows age?
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  • "Insert File" script step Webdirect on Firefox

    Filemaker WebDirect 16   I'm not sure if Firefox browser is officially supported with WebDirect.  It seems to be just behind Chrome for implementing WebDirect apps.  Unfortunately, I have to give my cl...
    last modified by fred@kca-inc.com
  • Window resizing between layouts

    I have a database with multiple layouts. In layout mode if you look at them with the inspector the body is set to 14" on all of them, but in browse mode 3 of them resize to about 13". What else may be causing the wind...
    last modified by kaotishe
  • Window positioning problems with FM16

    I seem to have found a bug regarding window positioning when using dual monitors, but maybe I've just missed something.   Using a New Window script step, I'm opening a new window and setting the position based o...
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  • Database Structure Overview Question

    I am a Beginning/Intermediate FileMaker User/developer. I have built some very simple invoicing databases that have the standard tables...   - Customer Table - Invoice Table (withy portal that holds Line Items)...
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  • Meaning/implications of Recovery log error `8474 Creating field '' to match record data`?

    Has anyone seen this error in a Recovery log before (`8474 Creating field '' to match record data`)? While I'm familiar with general recovery practices (e.g., corrupted layout objects), I’m not finding much info...
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  • Volunteer Spots for Women of FileMaker DevCon Booth

    Women of FileMaker is sponsoring a booth at FileMaker Devcon. It’s a one-stop shop for women (and men, too!) to learn about Women of FileMaker and how to get involved. We are requesting anyone to be a volunteer ...
    created by beverly
  • open a different webdirect file in same server?

    Hi All   I have a problem here. I have 2 files on filemaker server. let's say A and B. First I open A in a browser using webdirect. Then run a script from A to open B in webdirect using open url like "https://...
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  • Shift log database

    Hi, I'm completely new to FileMaker, I've been trying for the past couple weeks to create a "shift log database" for my shift to keep track of completed tasks and overall team productivity. I've been unsuccessful in ...
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  • FM Data API, How should it be licensed?

    Obviously FMI has some sort of vision in mind for licensing the Data API. I am also sure that FBA members are providing their feedback to FMI.   Where do you think this is headed and how would like to see it done?
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  • Sell a product using the Runtime

    Hello everyone,   ** This post is not intended to criticize FileMaker's decision to abandon the Runtime. I am looking for a viable solution.   This question is for those who create and sell a management so...
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  • Script Debug Questions

    Oh, I need help! Spent over 4 hours without any progress on the following issue   I'm struggling with my new v16 Advanced Debug pause without comprehending what that pause meant. Below are screenshots of my 2 s...
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  • Script to perform search from a drop down list

    Title Script to perform search from a drop down list Post      Dear Forum      This is a follow up from my post “How to "find matching records" from a portal...
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  • FM 15A - NULL Data Question

    FM 15A - I use MSSQL DB TABLE's via ODBC.  I'm trying to load a layout with records where a specific field is null (i.e. MSSQL equivalent: select [field list] from [table] where [specific field] is null).  I...
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