• Filtering Portal Records with Duplicate Values

    Title Filtering Portal Records with Duplicate Values Post Hi,  I am trying to set up a portal that filters out records that display duplicate values in a specific set of fields, displaying only one record per u...
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  • Email attachment in FilemakerGo

    I have created a very simple database for sending eChristmas cards. It consists of a simple message, plus a nice .jpg attachment. I thought it would be more convenient to have the file resident on my IOS device. It wo...
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  • FileMaker Go 16 "The file could not be opened (Not Found)"

    Hi,   I've recently been having an issue with FileMaker Go 16 (running on an iPad Pro 9.7 iOS 11) and my externally hosted FileMaker Server 16 (running on Server 2012R2).   When trying to open the latest ...
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  • Switching layouts based on client device type?

    Is there a way to add a script step that will switch to a layout based on the client device type? There's a get(Device) function, but that returns the device type for the system running the database. I'm looking for a...
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  • Fixing a bug in a script

    I'm working on student registration in a student database. The registrations come in by email. The email is cut and pasted into a field in the database. I've created calculation fields to extract the relevant data fro...
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  • finding unique values

    I have a simple DB with id Item Color (as each item comes in numerous colors) Size (each item/color comes in s, m, l & xl) Item_Color (calc of Item & "_" & Color) SKU (calc of Item_Color & "_" &...
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  • SMTP mail is no longer working

    We have been using SMTP email successfully for a while but now it is no longer working. We are using Exchange server and if I set up Outlook itself to send using the attached SMTP settings, the email sends successfull...
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  • .jpg logo Image does not show In global field in PDF iPad

    I have a .jpg logo in a global container field that shows on invoices and such. Works great. But when I print or save as a PDF the invoice the logo does not appear. I am using an iPad and FMGO. I have changed the lo...
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  • Problem with FIND

    If I copy a value (email address in this case) and FIND by pasting the copied value into the same field in the same file on the same layout, FMP returns "No records match this find criteria."   I've never run in...
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  • Import JSON file into FileMaker GO

    I am using an iPhone application that has "Save as JSON" as an option.  The file it outputs is a .tjf file which I can use "open in FileMaker Go" to copy the file to FileMaker Go.  After this I want to impor...
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  • Filemaker server without static ip

    Hi, Sorry for asking this again. I wanted to make small/non profitable online database with filemaker. I wanted to install filemaker server in a  MacMini and make that mac mini as a server only for this purpos...
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  • Conditional formatting slowing down my list.

    So.... I use conditional formatting to color code data all over my system.   The most common is for labor type: Graphics is Green Editorial is Blue Finish is Pink AE is Orange. This color code appears all o...
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  • I'm trying to find a formula to add to a Number Field

    I have a database that tracks my work hours and days, overtime is calculated from the 13th of the month to the 12th of the following month ie. overtime for December is hours worked overtime from 13/11/2018 to 12/12/20...
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  • DMT and the Target File Error

    I'm using the latest and greatest build of the DMT on Windows. Regardless of what actions I take, I get an error when the tool is trying to open the target file. (Note that we're not having any issues opening either t...
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  • Conditional Summary Field - Summary UI, Script or Table?

    Hi - I' very new to FileMaker and have tried to search for an answer, but I don't think I've found one.   I have a table of race results (Results).  It contains three fields: Racer No (Foreign Key from the...
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  • FM Cloud Backups/Restore

    In FMCloud I see "snapshots" which apparently is supposed to serve as a backup. 1) How do i restore? For example let's say a record was accidentally deleted and I need to access yesterday's (or last week's) backup t...
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  • Index damage from Migration Tool?

    Good day. I had heard some reports of index damage from the Migration Tool. Hadn't witnessed it until recently. We just did a very large migration (380+ tables), and I'm seeing a lot of key fields coming up with damag...
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  • The file "xxx.xx" could not be opened (not found).

    I am having a problem opening a file on a server running V17 (patched) using FM G0 17.  The file in question opens on using FileMaker Pro 17 client, but not on Go.  The actual error is:   'The file "OTO...
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  • Portal Sorting Viewing

    I've got a database that has a related record(s) shown in a portal.  Each record is unique but there is a case that I need to duplicate the record but only show a set amount of related records in the portal view ...
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  • SES vs MailChimp AND Plugin vs SelfCoded solution

    Hi there!  I'm not new to FM, but am new to coding in the sense I'm graduating from making an Arduino turn a motor to building a solution in FM.   I've currently taken it upon myself to code a CRM for m...
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