• What does FMI expect Developers to do regarding FileMaker Accounts in multi-file solutions?

    So I've worked on a few solutions that contain multiple files and CWP or WebDirect and have noticed that there is a general tendency among developers to use a shared login approach to related files.  That is, sto...
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  • Filemaker Diary/Appointment Layout

    Hi, I'm fairly new to filemaker and I am trying to create some form of calendar or diary within my data base. My company has mobile engineers who need to go to multiple appointments per day therefore I need away to bo...
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  • How to pass info into filemaker using webhooks

    Hi Guys,   I'm looking to connect FM to Quickbooks to receive updates from QBO. I'm already up and running getting info into QBO from FM, but not the other way around. Ideally I'd like to use QBOs webhooks to ...
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  • JSON list values of an array

    Can I list the values for a particular key from an array?  Using FileMaker example JSON data (posted below), can I use JSONListValues to produce the following list (i.e. all the values of "name" from the "product...
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  • Customize FMS16 Web Publish Homepage

    Dear All,   How to customize My FMS16 Web Publish Homepage professionally?   Suggestions & Solutions much appreciated!   Thanks, Suresh
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  • For a FM Developer why Windows Admin Account Privilege required?

    Dear Team,   Is it possible to develop FileMaker Application By Local Windows User? If No, Why?   Advantages of having Windows Administrator account to develop FileMaker with FM Server Administration! ...
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  • Email Script

    I have a script that sends an email to a list of contacts, but I want to eliminate emails going out to those individuals who have "opted out" of receiving them. I have a separate field that is basically a "yes" - "no"...
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  • Falsche Ergebnismenge

    Nach Upgrade auf Filemaker Pro Advanced 16 liefert im Suchmus keine oder ungültige Ergebnismenge. z.B eine Suche nach 'Ort' liefert eine 129 mal den gleichen Datensatz mit dem gesuchten Ort. Suche mit Auswahlfeld...
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  • Look-up / Find records from other table

    I try to make a new database, where certain fields can be found in an other external database. So I make a related database with table one: my new items, and table two: available items in other (exgernal) database. ...
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  • Web Publishing Engine IP Addresses Wrong

    We recently had a power cut and since then the web publishing engine IP address has changed and is saying it is a worker machine when it isn't, this has stopped our Mirrorsync working and also stopped web direct conne...
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  • Google Calendar File attachments for the event

    I am able to successfully create calendar events on Google Calendar thanks to the great demo file from DB Services FileMaker Google Calendar Integration | DB Services . I have added an element to also add the location...
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  • Setting issues

    I'm trying to figure out two issues (which are bugging me) that have come across since I began helping a friend update/upgrade his FMP database.  I hate not being able to figure things like this out.   He's...
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  • Container PDF file Export using embedded filenames

    Hello,  In one of my FM databases, I have a container field that I store PDF files.  I have bee trying to figure out a way to build a script to export those PDF files and not have to name them as part of the...
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  • executeSQL ... WHERE ID IN (?)

    Hello,   I have tried the following with no result :      ExecuterSQL ( "SELECT \"Nom\" FROM \"Employés\" WHERE ID IN (?)" ; ";" ; "¶" ; Substituer ( $$list ; "¶" ; "," ) ) ...
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  • Layout for printing issue

    Hello,   I have a created a layout that is a list since portals can't slide up. In the body there are a certain amount of records having a currency value and need to get the total of all values printed at the bo...
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  • Export FM Items for Magento 2 Import

    I have a client in the antiques business.  They are moving their online shopping cart to Magento.  I am working on an export from their FM database so that the Magento Admin tool will be able to upload the F...
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  • Need help with time calculation

    I need to take a timestamp field and add the number of minutes contained in 3 other fields to come up with a new timestamp.   Arrv Date_Time is a timestamp that contains date and time. The 3 other fields are cu...
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  • Projects Starter Solution -- Creating sub-tasks

    Hello! I want to modify the Projects starter solution so that I can somehow take it one step further in granularity. Right now it's set up as "Projects" --> "Tasks". I need one step further so that I can create "su...
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  • Resource-Calendar

    Here's a cleaned up and a bit enhanced version of my landscape-timeline web viewer-based calendar. Improved FM Go touch-handling   • double-click/long-touch into grid for new event • click on row-t...
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  • how do I substitute text strings for numeric field values?

    New to FM. I have a huge table of data with fields containing numeric values (e.g. 1="Yes", 2= "No" in one field , or 0="Two Lanes", 1="Four Lanes", 2="Six Lanes" in another field).   I currently view the data i...
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