• Dynamic Checkbox Filters with Value List

    Hello Guys,   I am implementing the dynamic filtering functions. Here is what I use for filtering a field: 1. Checkbox filter with trigger to filter. Filter selection field is a global field. Filter script is u...
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  • ExecuteSQL: constant with DECLARE and SET

    An arguments list with "?"s in the SQL statement in ExecuteSQL doesn't fit to what I need (I need more flexibility), so I'm looking for a way to define a constant in my SQL query that's used in ExecuteSQL. What I've f...
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  • Price change for concurrent connections

    A client contacted me the other day saying they were notified that the price for concurrent connections is going up in May by 3x. Have any of you heard this? It seems like quite a jump—so big in fact that I wond...
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  • Is it possible to use a literal dot in a JSON key with FileMaker's JSON parsing functions?

    I am trying to access a REST web service where the keys have dots in the name. FileMaker interprets a dot in a key name to indicate a sub-element. Is there any way to escape the dot so that FileMaker treats it literal...
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  • FileMaker won't import Emails addresses from Excel File

    I was sent an Excel File. I added Headers and Format file the saved. I decided it would work much better as FileMaker Database. I used these headers: Name Address City_State_Zip Email Phone Phone 2 I created t...
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  • Any 2 conditions TRUE . . .

    I need a function or calculation process for the following:   To determine if a school is “underserved” or not, there are 7 indicator conditions, each expressed as TRUE or FALSE in its own field. If ...
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  • Validate by calculation truthiness

    I am trying to do some validation by calculation and getting very odd and inconsistent results on FM16 and FM17. Here are a set of validation calculations I have tried in debugging, all work except the last one, which...
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  • Blank Status in Server 16 Admin Console

      I have a client who, when she checks her Server 16 Admin console, doesn't see anything in the status area that should be a log of access events and more.  It also show 0 user connections, although there a...
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  • Active Directory from a different domain

    My production server is hosted in a different domain, which I do not have control over. I have a different domain where I have set up groups and can authenticate against on my dev server.   I believe that in FM...
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  • calculations

    Hello...... I hope all is well. Question...I need a report of hours sorted by week, I figured out that part. However, I need to only bill for any hours over 15 hours per week.  i.e. Robert Smith 40 hours - 15 hou...
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  • Error 100 Insert from URL -PSOS File

    Hello everyone!   I know this topic has been exhausted on many forums, but i simply can't navigate my way around it.   I have a script that saves a pdf on the server using PSOS  which in turn attaches...
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  • Retrieving an SSL Certificate for FMS17

    Does anyone have advice on specifying a "server software" when retrieving the Certificate. Network Solutions is providing these choices. FMS17 is installed on a Microsoft Windows 2016 Standard.   When I have per...
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  • I have a Calculation that works great until I create a standalone

    I have a Summary field called "Serial Record List", it is a "list of" summary. I then have a calculation field called "Unit Count" which has this calculation,   "ValueCount ( UniqueValues ( Serial Record Lis...
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  • problem delay with mouseover in the rows portal

    in the portal design I activated the mouse over to highlight the line when the mouse passes over it My portal must show 15 fields and the problem I find is a long delay in highlighting the line when the mouse is moved...
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  • Users can't connect to server when on T-mobile LTE

    We have an offline database on iPhone that syncs with our live database on server.   When users press the "Sync" button on Wi-Fi or on Verizon cell phones, the sync works fine.   Users on T-mobile devices ...
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  • Google Maps API

    Using Filemaker Pro 16.  Had a developer create a Filemaker script that passes a zip code to google maps through the API and returns the lat and long coordinates so that we can calculate local time from the time ...
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  • Missing LSSupportsOpeningDocumentsInPlace for iOS Apps

    If you recently submitted a FileMaker iOS app to the App Store, you may have got the following message from Apple: Invalid Document Configuration - Document Based Apps should support either the Document Browser (UISup...
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  • How do I accept payments in FileMaker?

    I'm trying to add the ability to accept payments to my solution, and I've been told that using 360Works Plastic with PayPal Payflow Pro is the best way to accept payments in FileMaker. Is this the case? Are there any ...
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  • insert from URL - POST (Compare FM17 with FM14)

    I have a insert from Url script step in FM17 as follows;   Specify Url: "https://api.netgsm.com.tr/sms/edit/xml" " Specify cURL Option -X POST -H \"Content-Type: application/xml\" -d @$xml " $xml = &l...
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  • Can I use Unix/Linux-style symbolic home path in Insert File

    As I continue to construct ever more successful (thanks to help from this forum) scripts that use Unix shell commands to process video files, I am now here:   - A Unix (Mac Terminal) command (actually, the wonde...
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