• Reporting formating with a portal

    I have a few questions about a report layout. How can I get the vertical lines to show above the portal? I have done the move forward and back with the lines and the portal respectively. Do I need to use the portal ...
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  • Sum fields in a portal based on ID

    Hi everyone,   Lets get straight to it   I would like to sum the quantities of added products to an invoice of the same ID in the portal   To make it more clear, so it would be like Sum( Invoice::Pr...
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  • Script Parameter Passing: use JSON?

    FileMaker has always lacked an official way to pass multiple parameters to a script.   There are a few common solutions  such as passing parameters separated by the line-break or Paragraph symbol, passi...
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  • FM16 JSON as script parameter

    So I have always used the "List" function when passing multiple parameters.  It has served me well over the years and only occasionally been a problem.  An example being when a parameter is empty the ones af...
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  • DefaultFields.xml

    Some nice guy know if exist a syntax guide about the specs?   I'm looking for: - serial number with auto-increment (yes, I don't plan to use it as a KP) apparently, using something like: <AutoEnter type="S...
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  • Filemaker Go (camera most important) and Shopping cart integration?

    I am looking to design a solution where clients can fill in forms, take photos, and place orders. I have been able to easily make a solution for the first two parts with Filemaker Go, but for obvious large scale clien...
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  • Portal Question

    Hi all -   I have three tables (Riders, Horses, Results). I have created portals in layouts under Riders and Horses that show the data from Results with no problem. Now I want to create a portal in a layout unde...
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  • Filemaker Cloud is slow

    Hello,   I just moved my FileMaker Pro Advanced 17 database to FileMaker Cloud on AWS. It has about 175,000 records and I have a script that exports the most recent 75,000 records. When I run the script locally ...
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  • Qualification for Internships or Entry-Level Employment?

    If a college's students suddenly had free access to the FileMaker platform for at least a year for academic use, for learning, and for campus student-shared apps; what would you (or any FileMaker consultant) want them...
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  • How to 'Open URL' to a separate provider from WebDirect on tablet?

    Background Info - Foundation I have created a separate web page, programmed in Javascript, to capture signatures ( for use on Android tablets ). The Web Direct layout does not allow the "moving finger" to write on t...
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  • Get Upcoming date of Saturday and sunday!

    Hi,   I have 3 Date fields and 1 text field Category start_Date End_Date Celebration_Date. I entered current date in start_Date and inserted a date from december 2018 on End_Date. If Category field = "DJ" ...
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  • Portal calculation across multiple records

    I'm trying to create a portal which will display a total of each item ordered per day across multiple orders. Each order is a new record. Each item name is unique and there is also key for each item. I'm open on what ...
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  • Is it possible to have two boxes per value in a checkbox set?

    I'd like to have two columns of boxes for each value in a list of action items - "needed" and "completed". Not all items in  the list are needed for each customer (student), but we'd like to 1) keep track of what...
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  • Credit card processing

    I'm looking for opinions and/or suggestions for adding credit card processing to my program.  This is for a small automotive repair shop (mine) with just one "seat".  Right now FM takes care of my repair ord...
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  • Print Multiple Portal Pages

    Hi How to pring a portal which has more than one page. In the print preview appearing only first Page. I am using filemaker 16. Is there any option to make it print like multiple list page. The portal values are fil...
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  • FileMaker Cloud Not Upgrading To 17

    Hello All,   I am having problems upgrading to FileMaker Cloud 17. I hit the upgrade button and then wait. After around 15 mins or so the server is back online. When I login to the Admin console no upgrade has t...
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  • Web Sync Erro

    I have a table of client information with a portal to a list of therapists qualified to see the clients. A script uses the information to send a cell phone message to all therapists letting them know of the client. At...
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  • A method for iOS Device to use USB camera for container input?

    Am looking for a method of telling an iOS device to access a wired input device (USB camera) for container field input.   Anybody played in this sandbox?
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  • how to share files with coworkers

    I have a very small database in FMP 16, and have two people who will be doing data entry or editing layouts. I was thinking I might put the file in dropbox so they could both access it. Is that the best way to share t...
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  • File import 'issues'

    I am trying to update a set of customer records in my FM solution from a MYOB exported csv file.   I have a small customer table that has about 1025 records.  If I import from the csv file, no matter which ...
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