• Number of copies ?

    How to feed number of copies ?   How to automatically tell (without the intervention of the user)  FM the number of copies to be printed ?
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  • MS Sql ODBC not allow to build the index

    I connect the ODBC Database (MS SQL 2008r2). When I want to assign the index in the specific field (no matter "text" or "number"  type. The indexing option in the "Storage" tab is hidden. So anybody can teach me ...
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  • Creating basic navigation in File Maker

    I'm new to File Maker and looking to do what I assume is a relatively straightforward task. I have a table of Users and a table of Tasks. Each user can have multiple tasks associated with him/her but every task can ha...
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  • Layout for FileMaker Go

    I have created a layout specific for iPad based on the main layout.   But now, when I opened my database from my iPad using FileMaker Go, it will open in my main layout which is for desktop view only, so I need...
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  • script to send login user to specific layout specific to that user.

    Anyone have a simple script that when a user logs in to FM through a custom login in sends that User to a layout that specifies that specific User's files? As in, John logs in and I want to send him to a dashboard tha...
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  • The Host does not support this version of filemaker?

    We are running an application on Filemaker Server 14 on a dedicated server to only this application. Our users connect to the application using iPads. The issue begins with the latest update of IOS to 11.x. The iPads ...
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  • Datensätze in Ausschnittswerkzeug zeigen

    Hallo zusammen, ich möchte gerne mit dem Ausschnittswerkzeug Datensätze aus der aktuellen Datenbank anzeigen.   Wie man Datensätze aus einer Bezugstabelle anzeigt weiß ich und es bereitet mir...
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  • Running Multiple Instances of FileMaker.exe on Windows 10

    Is there a simple workaround to opening multiple instances of the FileMaker app itself under Windows?   I've looked around and the behavior on Mac is a bit different than Windows, where you can have multiple win...
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  • Unreadable Font FileMaker

    We noticed with a lot of customers of ours, that there was a Adobe update whereby the fonts in FileMaker became unreadable. I found the following link: FileMaker - Fonts Display Incorrectly - Knowledgebase - Michigan ...
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  • Java and FMP 15 and 16

    Hi   Just updated my MBPro from OS X 10.11 to 10.12.  When I opened FMPA16 I got a request to download legacy Java.  So I did.  Now, whenever I run FMPA16, I get a little Java icon in the dock....
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  • Exchanging encrypted content to web services

    I'm thinking about how to exchange some data (like a JSON object) to a server securely, and I'm not talking about SSL/TLS, but the impossibility to forge a fake request.   FM16 provides an encryption function, w...
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  • Master-detail view using a found set

    I have two tables: Users and Tasks. Each User can have many Tasks but every Task can have only one User.   If I click on John Smith in the first layout I'll be taken to a new layout that shows me only John's ta...
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  • Access FMS16 Question Part II

    OK. I have setup FMS16 and I can remote access it without any issue.   However, when come back home (hosting server at home), I will not be able to access FMS if my computer is connected to the internet via anot...
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  • Missing images in Filemaker

    Hi I have a database where I have a container field to drop in images for reference. The images were all there yesterday but today they all display an error message "missing image"   I normally just drop imag...
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  • WebDirect - go to object - bug report

    This may be specific but seems reproducible (FileMaker 16) Go to Object for a popover button or an object on it doesn't work if used after New record or Duplicate record. _________ Edited (added info) from here ____...
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  • Filemaker Server - What is the reaction when user enters incorrect authentication/password

    I am looking for information on how Filemaker Server responds in an invalid authentication situation. (A user enters a wrong password - how many wrong passwords are allowed before action is taken, and what action(s) a...
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  • Disappearing field in find mode

    I'm currently playing with the Content Management solution from the Starter Kit. I noticed when I'm in find mode, the Notes field would disappear.   Does this mean I can't find the content in the Notes field? Th...
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  • Background find

    Since v15 we are getting a lot of find dialogues, these can come in waves and prevent the users ( 20 + ) doing anything whilst the find dialogue runs.  None of the finds in the system are slow, the server is fast...
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  • Ungroup an object without destroying an embedded calculation

    I’m currently studying the layout of the Content Management from the Starter Solution.   Specifically I would like to know how the delete button for the file container works. However I’m unable to up...
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  • Does a Layout exist for a Table Occurrence

    G'day Does anyone have a method of identifying if a Layout exists in a file for a specific Table Occurrence? I'm trying to avoid scripting here and looking for a custom function where I can input the TABLE  and ...
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