• ANOTHER problem with IOS SDK 17.0.3

    Well, I'm frustrated AGAIN with IOS SDK 17.0.3.   I created a use for "Location Updates" in the program. It works well, and will pass the sniff test for Apple. Everything is fine.   I went to upload the bi...
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  • "This Version has expired..."

    My main computer is down for the count and is making a trip to Cupertino for a new logic board.  I am now attempting to use my wife's Mac for my filemaker needs until it gets back from vacay (3-5 days).  &#...
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  • remove first page of merged PDF

    hi all, I am working with a script to merge pdf containers into one file (not using the append script step). I'll attach the script below. The original is from a file on these forums. For the script to work it seems l...
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  • PHP Site Works on Apache, Various Errors on IIS

    Hi,   I'm moving from fms16 on Mac Apache to fms17 on Windows 2016. I have a php site using CWP I need to get working until I redo some stuff using WebDirect.   First issue is that, though I set date.timez...
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  • FMCalendar

    Has anyone ever worked with FMCalendar?   This one to be specific:   https://www.myfmbutler.com/en/products/fmcalendar/1
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  • open popover with a script?

    I've created an invisible button popover and am trying to script so that when the date in one field on the layout is over 30 days old, the popover opens on Layout Load.   I can create the 30 days script, but how...
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  • Filemaker and SIP

    Hello everyone,   I'm looking for upgrading my phone solutions in my company.   We have 25 phone and a central.   All vendors said you have to use IP Phone for getting data back like caller number fo...
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  • High Traffic Website using fms17 Data API causing slow speed

    Hello,   I recently completed a new project for a client in collaboration with a local web developer that displays event data from our database to the website for visitors to register against. A couple weeks hav...
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  • Making a very simple (?!) calendar.

    Hi,  I now have a working booking DB, thanks especially to Philmodjunk for several answers to my problems.   I used to use Numbers for this and had a calendar like the image here, which made it easy to see ...
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  • Solution that is Synchronized with a Website

    I would like to make a solution that is synchronized with a website. MySQL is the websites database. I want the FileMaker 17 solution to be able to update when a change is made on the website and vice-versa. I am very...
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  • Tracking shipment in webviewer

    Hi Everyone I made a simple solution to track our shipments (what we send out only) staff enter the carrier company i.e. Canada post or FedEx and scan the bar-code in the system. I made a script to see the status of ...
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  • Find dates previous week

    Title Find dates previous week Post  I would like to find dates from previous week.  I would like the week start on Sunday and end on Saturday.   I found this code on filemaker website, but this looks...
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  • FMS: sequence script for backup

    Hello,   I want to copy the backup that FMS server creates each hour to an external location. But I am struggling to find an easy trigger that starts after the backup process has finished.   The one I cur...
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  • Connecting to FEDEX over SOAP

    I have been tasked with trying to connect our Filemaker 16 database to Fedex via their API. The trouble is that the more I study the documentation out there...the more confused I get. I have successfully integrated ou...
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  • mySQL

    Hello, just looking for some general thoughts / being pointed in the right direction.   We are a music school and manage our student database via FileMaker. We have a local server and a number of  clients f...
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  • Google Maps API

    Using Filemaker Pro 16.  Had a developer create a Filemaker script that passes a zip code to google maps through the API and returns the lat and long coordinates so that we can calculate local time from the time ...
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  • UNIX timestamp to FMP date

    Hi folks, Another day, another question.   How can you calculate (convert) a UNIX timestamp "1537476113" to an FMP understandable timestamp without using any timezone conversion. The timestamp is from New York ...
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  • FileMaker Cloud on AWS GovCloud

    Anyone had a successful deployment of a Filemaker cloud database using the Amazon AWS GovCloud account? How to the regions work with GovCloud? I was going to setup the "Virginia" instance but not sure if the GovCloud ...
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  • Apple Wallet

    Doesn anyone know how, or if it is even possible, to create a Apple Wallet pass from FileMaker?   Our climbing gym has different type of membershipcards, and cards for 10, 15, and 20 visits and it would be reall...
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  • How to keep an optimal window size on PC ?

    Hi,   Since FileMaker PRO 16, it seem to be difficult to keep an optimal window size on PC's, because of the *smart* alternative display of scroll bars. In other words, the scroll bar is now only visible when ne...
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