• Number sequence in subsummary part

    Trying to number subsummary parts. I have records which belong to different sections. I have to make a report sorted by the sections and want to apply a number to each section. However, the report does not always incl...
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  • Unselect a segment from a button bar

    Hello,   FileMaker Pro Advanced 16 and 17. When I click on a segment of a button bar, this segment is active. Is it possible to set this segment inactive by script without clicking on an other segment of the b...
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  • WebDirect Cannot Run PSOS Scripts

    I'm getting unexpected behavior when using WebDirect.  I have an account setup with the extended privilege "fmwebdirect" selected.  I do NOT have the privilege "fmapp" selected.  (security reasons; thes...
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  • Having a problem adding portal rows

    I hope that someone can shed some light on this problem I am having with portals and adding portal rows.   First I have two tables, ‘customers’ and ‘products’.  In the customers tabl...
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  • Go to today's guest?

    I've set up a database for my vacation rental. It's now working very well, but I'm trying to put the icing on the cake. I would like to add a button that will take me to the current guest. I've tried scripting a loo...
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  • HostName Missmatch & WAN Access

    Hello Everyone,   I have installed ssl certificate by godaddy,  in my filemaker server 17 and it was successfully installed by i get the orange key icon saying Hostname missmatch. Now i purchased my ssl ...
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  • Subscription Renew

    I have renewed my subscription from winsoft with detailed as follows;   Order Number180611477cf8Order DateJune 11, 2018 12:54:14 PM GMT   I think this renewal does not reflect my subscription because of I ...
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  • Substitute not searching full phrase

    I am having a issue wit a Substitute function. Because Print appears in   2 different options it is causing the output to combine so instead of 40 or 60 its 40 and 60. Is there a way to have the substitute t...
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  • Filevault + FMPA

    Answer Number: 000024447 https://support.filemaker.com/s/answerview?language=en_US&anum=000024447  recommends not using Filevault with FileMaker Server and your FileMaker databases (emphasis is mine).  D...
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  • Adding to WooCommerce - cURL vs Insert from URL

    Hi Gang -   I have a question about running a command on the server machine using PSOS.   First, my environment - Windows Server 2016 running on an EC2 instance on AWS. FileMaker Server is version 16. ...
    Michael Frankel
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  • Qualification for Internships or Entry-Level Employment?

    If a college's students suddenly had free access to the FileMaker platform for at least a year for academic use, for learning, and for campus student-shared apps; what would you (or any FileMaker consultant) want them...
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  • Following on from the master-detail portal

    Following on from the new master detail portal, would it not be logical to develop it to work with detail portals as well.   I have modified a Sales Ledger to remove the script required to show the detail of...
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  • Cannot export fmp12 via PSOS

    Hi All - I have an error exporting records in fmp12 format via PSOS.   I have successfully been able to export records using PSOS, saving the an .xlsx file in the documents folder on the server and then import t...
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  • FM17 Speed?

    I'm finding FM17 a bit more sluggish than FM16, especially in Layout mode.  I think the new fixed tools on the side are imposing a bit more startup time building the object browser and field lists.  But I'm ...
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  • Disable script triggers when running a script

    There is a button in the script debugger to turn off script triggers. Is there an equivalent script step?
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  • Sub Summary calculation problem

    Hi, I'm having a problem with a sub summary calculation that I though should be pretty straight forward but apparently not. I have found set of records sorted by a field named L# (our job number). Each L# may have mul...
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  • v17 Strange Dropdown List behavior

    Regarding v17, Windows 10 PC.  Has anyone else experienced an issue with scrolling in drop down menus in files that were created in previous versions. I am seeing that some newer files are not affected and some t...
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  • Slow record creation mystery

    Hi,   I've a table were it's very slow to create records (In standalone local also same thing if on LAN server). To create 250 records with 2 populated fields (main keys) it take 1 min 30 seconds. To create th...
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  • Can't change formatting on a text field

    Not sure why I can't change formatting to plain text in a text field...any suggestions?   -Jay
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  • Need help with what should be a simple database

    It’s been a few years since I have build databases…  hoping to the best way to do this…   MAC OS 10.6.8     /    FM 10   The Database will only ...
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