• Color Schema Diagram

    Is it possible to color a diagram with our own colors or must we use the predefined color schemas provided by filemaker?
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  • Issue with updating a SQL Server ODBC record, cursor problem

    Hi - a FileMaker newbie here.   I'm using FileMaker Pro Advanced 12 (on Windows 7 Pro x64) and have added an ODBC connection to my project. I can see all of the tables from my local SQL Server Express install, ...
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  • Server 17 Setup Question

    Hello, Asking a question for our server admin. Does FileMaker look only in the domain that FileMaker app server is a member of when authenticating users that log in without a domain name preceding their login ID...
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  • delete my old FileMaker 16 from my Mac desktop?

    FileMaker doesn't seem to have an uninstaller, so If I just move it to the trash, does this also get rid of all the baggage it installed elsewhere on the hard drive?  If not, how do I get rid of all the other fil...
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  • FileMaker Cloud Costs in the real world

    Hi Everyone -   I'm putting together a bid on a project and am being asked to present both FileMaker Server on Amazon EC2 (something I've done several times) and FileMaker Cloud. In this case, it's for 5 users. ...
    Michael Frankel
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  • Email: Perform on Server with Attachments

    I am starting a new thread on this to be more specific and uptodate with my experience.     Users need to send emails with attachments. FileMaker is set to export fields contents to a  temp directory ...
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  • Find Particular Sub Summary Field While Retaining Subsummary Values

    I'm a newbie and have hit a problem that seems simple but I'm having trouble finding the solution. I have a simple sub summary Invoice table, below. I have sub summary sorted and displayed the values of the price$ in ...
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  • Index damage from Migration Tool?

    Good day. I had heard some reports of index damage from the Migration Tool. Hadn't witnessed it until recently. We just did a very large migration (380+ tables), and I'm seeing a lot of key fields coming up with damag...
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  • Connecting to FEDEX over SOAP

    I have been tasked with trying to connect our Filemaker 16 database to Fedex via their API. The trouble is that the more I study the documentation out there...the more confused I get. I have successfully integrated ou...
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  • New fonts does not work from the FM server

    Hello Community, I am generating some reports for customers and I send reports to customer every month. Recently I re-styled the report and installed new font (exo 2.0) on my computer. All seems to work fine.  ...
  • Want to build a categorizing and listing calculation

    Hi all,   Below are my tables. "OrderList" field in "Customers" table is a calculation field that I need help to build. For each customer, I want to have a long string value calculated in "OrderList" field 1...
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  • Find in progress delay and Topcall Statistics log

    Thanks to all who contribute to this forum! I have used this forum for a lot of help, tips and direction that has save much time. This is my first time creating a discussion.   I had a problem long wait times. ...
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  • Insert Pictures from a folder

    I'm using a MacMini as a server to serve only 4 other machines. I have a folder in MacMini with 1020 pictures What would be exactly the waY to import PICTURES?,   What do I'm doing wrong?
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  • Script behaves differently when activated with a script trigger

    I have a very simple script I want to activate "OnObjectExit" based on the value in that field. The script tests for a condition, and if that condition is True, then it should direct the user to a particular field. &#...
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  • Cannot Uninstall and Reinstall FileMaker Server

    I'm running High Sierra on a Mac.   The uninstaller says it completed the uninstall. Then I restart and attempt to install the same version or a newer version and it tells me a "newer version" is already install...
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  • Layout issues

    I have two problems with a layout. 1.First issue.....It's a standard list view layout. I have placed a rectangle shape that has no fill color, and no lines (so it's invisible) over the body of the list view. I have s...
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  • {{RecordNumber}} doesn't display 0

    How come {{RecordNumber}} doesn't display 0 at zero FoundCount ? Both {{FoundCount}} and {{TotalRecordCount}} can...
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  • Save Records as Excel with a naming standard?

    I'm currently using this small script in a button to save a record set as an Excel worksheet:   Save Records as Excel [With dialog:Off; Create directories:Off]   How could I modify this script to just inst...
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  • FileMaker developper server license on AWS

    Hi   I'm wondering if it is possible to install my developper server license on an AWS instance in order to setup tests ?
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  • Help with "find" requests in scripts

    I've been using Filemaker for 4 years now and being self-taught, I keep learning new elements but one thing that I've never gotten along with, is the very confusing way Filemaker uses its "find" methods in scripts. &#...
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