• How do you filtered records from one field and summing another

    Good Day,   I am building a budget database and have the following relationships.     As you can see the CY Table is linked to the Budget Table from ID_CY (1 to Many) FK_CY.  I have a field in ...
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  • Calculation Example Error in FileMaker's Help Website

    I'm just wondering if this is intentional or not: When you go online to FileMaker's website to look up examples for Position ( Position ) and Left ( Left ) where one of the examples extracts the first name, the exampl...
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  • Greater than (>) Problem

    Hi all   I'm having a weird problem!   I have a script that does a "Perform Find" on FieldA on all records that have a value over 500 FieldA is a text field The result I'm getting is: Showing records wh...
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  • Card Window's Parent Layout

    I'm wanting to know the parent of a card window that is entered from various layouts and it would be convenient while the Card window is open to know what the parent Window is.  Right now I'm doing this with glob...
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  • SQL with if-function instead of FM tools?

    Hi there,   I am looking for some SQL-help to substitute a FM only script. What I am trying to to is to get a simple mailing list like function into my database.   Table A contains personal information (i...
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  • FMP to MySQL

    Hi All. Hitting a wall getting FMP to talk to MySQL…   End Goal: To have select set of fields from my FMP DB pushed to my MySQL DB to drive data on my website. (Using a MySQL Stack for RapidWeaver)  ...
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  • Dropdown List where the Second Field is shown First?

    Hi - not hopeful about this but maybe someone has a clever way to do this?   I'm creating a date entry layout for sales orders, and the users would like to be able to add items three ways: From a search box pop...
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  • Script: Number value that triggers a text message

    Community,   I am sorry if this is a simple question.  I am a new user and still learning how to write scripts.   How do I write this script? - If a number field exceeds a certain value, I want an ad...
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  • Filemaker server + tableau

    Hello, I've been trying to connect tableau to filemaker using this guide FileMaker & Tableau | A Match Made in Data Heaven! – beezwax > blog   First part, all good, no problem a fm file running on...
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  • WebDirect Session Timeout

    It is being reported by my user community that they are being closed out of their sessions sooner than the 60 minutes I have the Web Direct (Web Publishing - FileMakerWebDirect -Session Time) timeout set.  Is the...
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  • Top call statistics

    Does it include perform script on server also? On what basis does it take the top 25 remote calls? please mention it
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  • macOS Runtime Error "the primary file xxx cannot be found and is required for this applications"

    I've created a runtime using FMPA 16.0.3 running under macOS 10.12.6 - I've made a .zip file of the runtime folder and downloaded this on another Mac also running macOS 10.12.6 . When I double click on the runtime .ap...
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  • FMPA16 crashes under high sierra

    Since installing OS X 10.13 including all updates, FMP16 is continually crashing on certain layouts containing portals that access remote databases through multiple related table occurrences. The database is hosted on...
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  • For a FM Developer why Windows Admin Account Privilege required?

    Dear Team,   Is it possible to develop FileMaker Application By Local Windows User? If No, Why?   Advantages of having Windows Administrator account to develop FileMaker with FM Server Administration! ...
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  • Set or Change ContainerAttribute

    I have a DB of over 100K PDF files that were imported by reference. It took 36 hours to import all those PDFs.   Now we are replacing the file server these PDFs are stored on and the path is going to change. (No...
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  • Privilege Sets - Access to related record

    Hi. I have a set of related records am trying to make make availeble for users with in a Privilege set. This users should see the records if they are assigned the Project. So I set the custom record privileges in view...
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  • Webdirect rendering issues with mobile browsers after rotation

    We use WebDirect extensively and are currently working on a mobile-specific interface for a particular solution.   We're finding that certain anchoring options are breaking WebDirect's ability to correctly fit o...
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  • local javascript library + webviewer not working

    Hello. Im using a javascript library (Highcharts) in combination with the webviewer as a charting function. The applications works fine as long as you reference your library http.... style. But since in this applica...
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  • create new record with new ID based on a single field value

    I hope you don't mind my asking what is probably a very basic question. Think absolute FM beginner and very slow learner.   I am trying to work out how to create new records based on an existing set. At the mome...
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  • folder 'FMI Runtime Resources' missing on windows

    Unable to find the Runtime resources needed to create a runtime. Please reinstall.  someone can help me?
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