• Automatic line item entry

    I have a solution from the invoice starter solution and my client would like to be able to enter items from the products table into the invoice using barcodes. The barcodes work in the add lone item pop up portal but ...
    created by silverbullit85
  • Convert Directory Path to Clickable Link

    Hey everyone -   Apologies in advance if this has been covered elsewhere... I just spent some time looking for something similar but didn't see anything on the forums.   Anyway, I'm trying to include a li...
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  • Filemaker 16 extremely slow and unstable on Win 10 and Win 8.1

    We upgraded from FM11 to FM16 about 6 months ago. Since then, Filemaker runs extremely slow and unstable on two of our Windows workstations (Win 10 and Win 8.1, FM Pro advanced With FM11, they both ran ve...
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  • Too Many Windows

    When it come to my users there are two kinds: Users that want to move directly to a layout Users that want to open a new window when moving to a layout.   For the latter is becomes a self-inflicted mess of win...
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  • Importing Excel data into FM fields

    I have a question about importing an excel document into FileMaker with the following goals…   There will be multiple excel files that will import client data into a main FileMaker database. Each of these...
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  • Activate script trigger on found set of records

    I have a script trigger that works fine on the active record... how do I make it activate all the records in a found set?
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  • Disable Type Ahead in Script Workplace

    Let me preface this by stating that I am not a touch typist.  I look at the keyboard, then the screen.  I have never been a fan of type ahead in any program, but find the function in the Script Workplace par...
    last modified by dvalley
  • Data Migrator 1.0.fmp12

    Hi all,   I put this little file together to assist with the new data migration tool. It has room for improvement but I figured I'd share it with everyone and see what happens. I've used this for updating my pro...
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  • How do you move the part-label in layout mode?

    Prior to FileMaker 16, there was a small button in layout mode on the bottom left that let you move the part-label from the side to the bottom (or vice-versa). That button is gone in 16. How do you change the part-lab...
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  • FM Cloud instance security

    I was wondering what the opinions are on the security of leaving a Port open on the Default Security Group for your EC2 Instance of FileMaker Server once you had defined it to only allow incoming traffic from your fix...
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  • GoCreate: A FileMaker DevCon Contest

    We at Geist Interactive are celebrating DevCon 2018 with a contest: GoCreate. Using the trial version of GoDraw, any DevCon attendee can put together a unique and clever implementation in FileMaker, and submit it. R...
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  • PDF's still not available to view in containers?

    It looks like there has been no resolution to viewing PDF's in container fields in either FM16 or 17.  Do we know if there will be a solution to this in future updates?  Or do we need to create alternative s...
    created by wavehawk
  • Filemaker Pro 16 - check if are users connected

    Hi I assume this is many times asked. But can't find any answer... I know that Filemaker Server as this kind of data, but I am using Filemaker Pro 16 that servers other 2 machines. I need to test on the mais file i...
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  • Disable, Bypass or Delete the FMP "Launch Center"?

    In my opinion the FMP "Launch center" just destroys some more FMP user friendlyness.   What could have been more friendly than being able to have the solution start file shortcut on the windows desktop.  Bu...
    last modified by jhh
  • failed to load the bootstrap javascript?

    Anyone else getting this with Safarie and chrome?       Thanks for sharing your knowledge.
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  • Idea for a filtered TO

    I just added a product idea to allow the concept of a filtered TO.   Please review here Filtered Table Occurence   Let me know if others think that this is a good idea of if there are easier ways to get t...
    created by flukey
  • Accessing FM Server Through VPN Tunnel

    I'm curious if others have experienced any intermittent accessibility issues when trying to connect to a FM server through a VPN connection. VPN we're using is "stunnel". Works fast and is reliable for everything else...
    Scott V
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  • Portal condition

      I am creating a payment transaction in this table.  When I fill in the VendorID I want to populate the portal with transactions that are not "matched" (paid).  I set the portal up so that the filter ...
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  • Cannot select any portal row other than the first row.

    I converted my app from FMP5 - 11 - 17.  There is a portal where i can get the ID Field of the selected row if it is the first row in the portal. All other rows get an empty ID.   All worked fine before the...
    last modified by crbardsley
  • File opening only in floating document window?

    I have never had this happen before. I have a file with the main layout in list view and was scripting for a new floating document window to sit over the top of the main layout. The document window doesn't have any me...
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