• Nur letzte Datensätz anzeigen

    Hallo liebes Forum   Für meine Belegverarbeitung und Auswertung möchte ich nach dem sortieren nach Text und Datum jeweils nur den letzten Datensatz angezeigt haben.   Jetzt gehts bei mir wie fo...
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  • Werteliste - Beschränkung Anzahl Zeichen

    Hallo zusammen In der von mir geführten Filemakerdatenbank arbeite ich mit Wertelisten. Ich habe zum Beispiel ein Feld, in welchem der Name eingegeben wird; ein anderes Feld, in dem ein Ort angegeben wird. Bei ...
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  • ics export error

    I have a calculation field and script that creates an ICS file and exports the field, creating a personal calendar entry. It works fine on the Mac desktop, but gives an error under FileMaker Go on the iPhone: "Alert: ...
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  • Portal filter for unique recored by latest date

    I am trying to filter my data to show only unique records with their latest dates   let's say this is a table I have. product date some extra text apple 1-1-2017 text 1 apple 4-4-2018 text 2 banana 2-2-2012 te...
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  • Text formatting

    I am currently evaluating a trial version of FM Pro 16 and have immediately run into a problem.  I have large slabs of text in my current non FM file.  I have successfully exported this to CSV and thence int...
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  • ERD Tools

    The purpose of an Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD) is to plan out the relationships between entities in your data model. An ERD uses special symbols to demonstrate a kind of relationship between two entities: one-to-...
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  • Login irregularities

    Here goes:- I have set up 6 x FM Pro users to access a common file on FM server. Five users have FM Pro13 on their PCs and one has Pro15 on his PC. All are 32-bit versions. I have both Pro13 (32-bit) and Pro14 (64-bit...
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  • All Records/Requests script step.

    I am using filemaker pro 16 script command "All Records/Requests" and the step works exactly as described. But, the resulting file, entered into a field using Paste, has paragraph separators that I have never seen and...
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  • Alternative Backup Solution?

    I’m interested in using CCC on a Mac hosting an active FileMaker server.   Are there any concern about data integrity issues under a scenario like this?
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  • Crash when playing video in full screen

    I have a database with brief (2-10 min) video clips stored externally in a container field shown in a portal. The container field is displayed as a popover that opens the video clip and allows it to be played by press...
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  • Repeating field question....

    Help, please...   I'm taking over the build of a database with an existing 1800 records.  My boss would like me to change the 'repeating field' into a separate table. We would then access the data via a por...
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  • Starting script

    The script that runs on my app/solution dosent discern between my desktop layouts and my tablet layouts. If I load the program from the server to one of our tablets, I get the desktop Title Page, which then follows a ...
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  • Recommendation for field history plug in

    Hi Folks, I am working on a project where I am duplicating Smartsheet in Filemaker.  I was wondering if anyone has recommendations for a plug in where you right click you can see who, when, and what was changed ...
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  • Any valid reasons not to upgrade from FileMaker Pro 8 v2 to 11?

    We have just started working with a new client who had been with their prior developer for 15 years. Their system went from FileMaker Pro 3 up through 8 v2, converting file formats along the way. They use both server ...
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  • Printing unstored calculations / global variable

    I  want to print (to PDF) a letter to multiple people.   The names of these people are calculated by "Title", "Initials", "middle name" and "last name"  into $$fullName, using the IF function. On my l...
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  • Conditional Formatting

    I have a date field (FIELD AAA) that needs to have conditional formatting applied to it. I can't see the forest for the trees anymore, and if anybody can help me I will be most  appreciative.   Three conditi...
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  • Portals slowing down the whole solution, found it! (bug?)

    Euforia and frustration, that was my moment last night... Short intro: I have taking over the care for our FM solution at the company (10 employees) where our boss sadly passed away end November last year. I have bee...
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  • Repeating Field

    Hi Can I select particular lines of data from a repeating field   I have a date repeating field (4 repeat) and I wish to use the data in line 2 and 3   Thanks Michael
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  • Value list not sorting properly

    My issue is that i want to sort the value list from the Products in the Orders_Line Portal of the Orders Table, not alphabetically, but according to completely custom ways. I am listing surfboards that are storted in ...
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  • Why would Error 800 occur for the first export each day?

    For the past 10 years we have run a script for creating a .csv file of invoice items in the MoneyWorks Custom Plugins Folder. Subsequent steps in the same script import the invoice items into our MoneyWorks Debtors fi...
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