• Auto-Enter Advice please...

    Hi, I have a very simple auto-enter requirement.   I have 2 fields, called "Q" and "Value". Then I have a 3rd field called "Subtotal". All 3 fields are number fields, in the same table.   The "Subtotal"...
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  • Troubleshooting importing of records

    Hello, I'm using FMPro Advanced to import records to a standalone FM database on my desktop.  I'm adding historical records that may be duplicated over the past decade.  I've been importing using "update mat...
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  • Portal filtering: "AND" not working?

    Hi there,   My problem is so simple, but I've been struggeling with it for hours. Either I really oversee something completely obvious, or I hit a Filemaker-Bug for mysterious reasons.   I want to filter a...
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  • Getting data into web direct via the following method.

    I have a user who needs to send me the following data string. The idea is to locate the file, create a record, and populate a field using the xml code below.  I can easily parse the data and create variables to p...
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  • possible to change Web Direct default URL?

    Dear All,   Is there any possibilities to change default Web Publish URL from, 192.168.xx.xx/fmi/webd to 192.168.xx.xx/fmi/MyFileMakerServerName   If possible and i changed means will it affect anything? ...
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  • Filemaker 16: Forced restart without asking on Windows 10 while installing

    I am too happy that Filemaker 16 now allows showing separate windows and not this awful ugly multi-document interface as before. It is the main and most outstanding point for Windows users. Great - great - great! (I w...
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  • FM16A Weird Behavior

    I access the file remotely using FM16A v4.   In layout, I click on an object and the inspector pallet does not see it until I click on the menu bar above. I have a screen shot a short video (no sound) Any one...
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  • How To open a folder on a shared drive

    Hello,   Newbie FM Pro 16 user. I need help figuring out how to click a button on a layout and have the action take me to a folder on a server from a client machine running FM Pro 16.   Mac only.   U...
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  • Adding a value to a value list

    I have a layout with a field for selecting a Job, therefore the field has a value list of all open jobs.   If this is a new job they need to select the NEW JOB button.   I was wondering if there was a way ...
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  • Open Portal row on top?

    Any trick to getting the next open line in a portal to be on top instead of on the bottom?   Some of the portal have an excessive number of record and scrolling to the bottom is a pain.  I added a button to...
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  • Filemaker error with Container Drag and Drop

    Hello all, I have a user that is having major issues with inserting files into Filemaker Pro. We are using 16 on Windows 10 and this user is getting the error message "The translator for this file format could not be ...
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  • Records blanking out

    Got an interesting issue that's turning out to be a real head scratcher for us here. We work out of several different solutions at the same time. Every few weeks when working the PO system then switching to our job tr...
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  • I need to use Conditional formatting on one field based on information from another.

    This challenge is based on UPC entry.   I have one field that is a pull down menu of UPC types (UPC-A, UPC-SCS...).   Then I have a field that the values for that UPC are entered into.   I am wanting...
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  • Sort Speed: Local Variables, Unstored Calculations, Daily Refresh

    Hello Everyone,   Like many people out there, I'm concerned about sort speed. Especially so since a decent amount of my users are connecting from an Island with slow internet speeds. Ideally the sorting would be...
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  • Graphics file changing size after cut and paste

    Let's make believe I have a 300W x 400H image file open in an image editing program.  I than do a simple "ctrl+c" to copy it and then proceed to a filemaker file and do a simple "ctrl+v" to paste it into a contai...
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  • Support for Applescript in Filemaker Cloud?

    Hi, was wondering if Applescript is/will be supported in files on Filemaker Cloud, and if so, to what extent? Is anyone using Applescript in Filemaker Cloud successfully yet? Thanks.
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  • Custom Function Section

    Seems like we might have lost fmfunctions.com  it has been down for couple of weeks.  Fmfunction and custom functions at briandunning.com are an important resource for the community, that might be wise to br...
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  • No logro instalar FileMaker 10 en ningun Windows

    Al momento de realizar la instalación en varios Windows (Xp, 7, Server 2003, Server 2008 y Win 10) me aparece una y otra vez el mismo error... Por favor ayudenme con esto que ya no se que hacer. Tengo Java 8 ...
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  • button in portal row to navigate to another slide panel

    Hi, I would like to know the script on how to get to the next slide panel when i press a button that is on a portal row. I have this as my script:   set variable [$$nextslide; value: getvalue( get (triggertar...
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  • Display data from unrelated table using executesql

    Hi,   I have a layout using table X, and I need a couple fields to display from table Y. The two tables are unrelated. I am using Executesql(Calculation), but when I debug it/run it, I run into "This operation c...
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