• Looping script not working

    Hello,   I am trying to create duplications of records in child tables that are nested. Meaning I have a costing table (parent) related to items in a "Costing Items Table", which is then related to items in 4 ot...
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  • Bento to FileMaker 15 migration difficulties

    Sorry for the wall of text...   Up until last week I was happily using Bento 4.1.2 to log and track orders at work. Then I experienced issues in the Finder and in troubleshooting those issues, I was advised to '...
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  • File upload via Webdirect not working

    I have a user that is unable to upload a file to a container via web direct.   I have verified that I can upload same file using Filemaker Pro Advanced to the same record using the same layout. I have verified ...
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  • Matrix Style Layouts

    Hello - I have a data set similar to this one (Table A): However, I need the display to look like this (Table B): I have tried crosstab setup, but this uses summary fields for display in which users cannot ente...
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  • Filemaker App on Iphone X

    Does anyone know when Filemaker 15 and 16 will be updated for the new iPhone X Screen So that we don't have those black bars on top and bottom of the screen? Really annoying
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  • Inspector button state issue

    For awhile I've noticed that the drop down on inspector to change button states has an issue where it stretches all of the options to the bottom of the page making it hard to choose.   Sometimes clicking and clo...
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  • Send mail broken since last windows 10 update (1709)

    Hello, It seems like the last windows 10 update broke the "send mail" function in filemaker.  It used to work perfectly fine and now my users get an unknown error -1   The setup on the computers is:  ...
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  • Google/OAuth setup error

    I and my team are trying to deploy FileMaker Server using OAuth with Google. But, something was wrong and we don't know why this happen. That is the problem's screenshot:   Could someone help us, please? Do you...
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  • Filling Fields in Find Mode

    On my layout I have a dropdown and a field beside it displaying the value from the dropdown. How do I replicate this behaviour in Find Mode? My dropdown is set as pick ID but show 2nd field (Site name) only with the s...
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  • My goal is to have a table which is the part of another one (contacts, customer). I tried it with a self join relation and created a calculated field (customer). Then I connected the relationfield (field in contact which could be customer, employee or oth

    One solution is to create a new table and to have a one to one relation but I´m sure that´s not necessary
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  • Round number to next whole number

    Hello Community, How can we round an decimal number to next whole number.   e.g. I have a number 292.2   Round (292.2; 0) returns 292 Round (292.2; 2) Returns 292. 2   What I want this to go to 2...
  • WebDirect doesn't honor "other" values

    I've setup a drop-down menu to allow other values. It works in Pro but where I need it to work, on the web, it doesn't show. I've checked Windows Chrome, Windows IE11, Mac FireFox and all fail. Help.
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  • Non-breaking spaces in calculations?

    So I determined that an issue I was having (Autofill in calculation editor doesn't work after a ≠ sign ) is because I type "≠ " too fast, and with "≠" being produce with the mac keycombo alt+=, I'm not releas...
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  • Export Records Not Working

    I no longer have the ability to export records as anything other than .tab.  I have upgrade to High Sierra but the article I read said it was okay for my version (16).  Any ideas?
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  • FMP 16 Adv -Portal Record Numbering

    I have a membership application.  Below, on the left is is the navigation portal TO=PortalNavFormLtr (Members) The Layout is based on TO=MembersFormLtr (Members) The problem is:  the checkbox uses 'on mo...
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  • Creating a Variable bug

    Hi all..   Am having the most annoying thing ever and i have it on every FM clients i install.   Clients: Filemaker Pro 15 Filemaker Pro 16 Filemaker Advanced 15 Filemaker Advanced 16   Systems:...
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  • Value Lists DELETED

    My multiuser solution that's been running for many years started acting funny towards the end of Friday. Scripts and sorting wasn't working all of a sudden, and after 30 minutes of checking the scripts, I found out th...
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  • Field's border is missing when not activate!!!?

    How come only the Active row (the one is being view) will show the fields' border and the white background???? How do I make the inactive row's fields' borders also visible?  
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  • Outlook error

    I have a simple script in my data base that automatically sends a file via email. It works some times, but usually, things hang up and I have to start "task manager" to close both Outlook and Filemaker before I can co...
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  • PHP class file for FileMaker 16 Data API (REST)

    FREE fmREST – Simplifies & manages PHP connections to FileMaker 16’s REST-based Data API.The newly released FileMaker Server 16 now offers REST access to your FileMaker databases. There’s more ab...
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