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Hi,   For a RS232 interface application I need to sent a string containing a number of null characters (char(0)). However in building up the string all characters can be concatenated except for the Null character. Has anyone here a solution?
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Any news if this happens again like last year? Many Devcon 2016 Sessions are available on Youtube.
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How do i get the app on my phone?  It is incompatible with my filemaker server 15.  I do have it running on my desktop with filemaker pro advanced 16.  I read that i can change the minimum required version, but i dont have permission to change that. Where is the barcode app?
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I thought I would share this iOS profile I just put together so you can open the DevCon2Go17 straight from your home screen on your iPhone or iPad, I have also included a second icon to link to this Community forum home page.   As this site is zipping the file as I upload it you will need to either download it and then email the .mobileconfig…
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I'll be going back and forth between my laptop, iphone and iPad, and thought that uploading DevCon2Go17.fmp12 to FM Cloud would be a convenient way to share one set of data.   I've got it encrypted and uploaded to Cloud, but for some reason I'm unable to open it in the admin panel. It will prompt me for the encryption password (which has the… (Show more)
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Thanks to the team at FMI Yoga is now a real item on the schedule.   I look forward to seeing those interested at 6:30 AM Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday on the Sunset Lawn.   PLEASE bring a mat if you have one as I am not sure if we will be able to borrow any from the hotel.
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My car is in the shop, and my mom won't let me drive her second car to DevCon...   If anyone has a room with two beds and wouldn't mind splitting the cost of their room from Sunday night to Thursday morning, please let me know.  Thanks!
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Did anybody use the DevCon2Go app for taking notes last year? If so, did everything go ok?   I ask because two years ago I did that but when I got home every single note I took was gone. I suspect that it happened during an update.   It is handy to take notes right in the app but I don't want to risk it if anybody else had a similar experience… (Show more)
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Anyone know if they are going to open up more rooms for Mon and Tue night of DevCon? Seems odd to be sold out so early in the year (April) for the  conference.
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Women of FileMaker is sponsoring a booth at FileMaker Devcon. It’s a one-stop shop for women (and men, too!) to learn about Women of FileMaker and how to get involved. We are requesting anyone to be a volunteer at the booth. There are still several time slots that need to be filled and people can volunteer for more than one spot. Not only will you… (Show more)
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