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Firstly, I'd like to say that when learning a new product it is difficult not to put expectations that one is used to from other products (like Excel, etc.). Given that - I think I'm close but… (Show more)
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Hi - new user with some limited past experience of relational databases (sql and access).   I am trying to create a simple (in theory) CRM system.  One of the things I want the system to do is show… (Show more)
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When I add an updated part to a field on one record it changes all the records that contain the same part. I want the old records to keep the original part info and the new record have the new info.… (Show more)
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Hello Newish user here. I send emails from my "Email client" default address, no problem But I now need to send them from a different address I have tried endlessly to persuade Filemaker / Gmail… (Show more)
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