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Hello,   I am using  Filemaker Rest API. I am Authenticate my account by server name, username and password then getting  "Invalid user account and/or password; please try again".  But When I am using same username and password for server login it is working fine.  (Like URL -  https://localhost/16000/admin-console/signin) Like server/hostname =… (Show more)
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Hi, I am new to this forum, I have passed filemaker certification and would like to add the certification number in my profile, but when I add the number to the edit profile and save, after few days later,  when I check again, the number I enter disappeared.   Also, I would like to change the username, but it is also not successful(same result).… (Show more)
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I have a table of Events.  The Event is either a Training/Checking event or a Pre-Employment event (something that needs to be done prior to hiring that person, i.e. Drug Test, Fingerprinting, etc).  Would like to set this up in a Tab Control using 2 Tabs with a portal on each tab.  However, filtering of the portals is not allowed for some… (Show more)
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After our FM Go16 App is Opened, The User Initiates a few scripts and Collects some data, and Generates a Few Global Variables that Will be Used throughout the Day. At the End of the Day, we export all Out Data collected and Email for Processing.   If Filemaker Go All of a Sudden Quits, but itself or Accidentally My Global Variables Are gone. To… (Show more)
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Hi everyone! I really need your help here. Since 2010 I was working in the Access, and built a database in order to store and access information easily and from every place with an internet connection. In the begging it was a custom website, afterwards I used SharePoint to access the information easily. At some point I left the project, and was… (Show more)
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I have a version of an application in use by a customer at this time.  I am working on updates to the application, some new layouts and some new data tables / fields.  It would be nice to be able to do a difference view between the production version of the application and the dev version, and simply copy the updates to the production version from… (Show more)
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Dear all   When I'm in List view layout I have a button which redirects me to Related Record in Form view (both Layouts based on the same Table), after moving back from Form View to List View, the row with active record shows not in the same position, but at the bottom of window (sorting keeps the same, it does not move anywhere), like the… (Show more)
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I have a portal which includes 2 buttons show daily recording and add daily recording.I want to hide the button add daily recording if recording exists and  if it doesn't hide the other button.   Can anyone help me?
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Hi, I am not all that new to FileMaker but only in the last year have we deployed FileMaker company wide. We have no pro "developers" or IT staff. We had a drawing for who would be the FileMaker admin and I lost so here I am...   Currently we are running FMS 16.03 On a Windows 2012 R2 Server and have around 25 clients (both Mac OS Sierra and… (Show more)
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