• Populate Field if Exists - Help!

    Hello all!  I have a field called IDNUM.  On this page, I have two fields as well:  fname and lname.   What I'd like it to do, is when the user enters an IDNUM, for it to check the existing record...
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  • Show records in Page 2 based on choice in Page 1

    Hi, I'm working on creating an app for author's. I'll add a picture so you can see what I'm talking about. I asked another question a little while ago and I got a lot of good help. So, the first picture will show the ...
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  • Automatically fill a field when creating a new record.

    Hi, I'm working on making an app for author's. I have a dropdown box to select the book in the top left corner. So, when they select that book, all characters with that in their book ID stay visible and those that don...
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  • Color Chooser Field

    Hi, I'm working on an app for writers. My app is basically a place for authors to keep all of the details that go into the book. So, I want to make a page for species and races. So, I want a color picker field where t...
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  • Merge Field Question - Multiple Data Points

    I am working on creating a layout (form letter).  I'm running into a bit of a block and hoping it's just an easy fix.   The letter displays the name of the person from the merge field without a problem....
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  • Server Script Error 101 - No Records Found - Workaround Solution??

    Hi All - previously got help from bigtom on getting this working but different query now!   So I have this script that runs on the server every couple of minutes that searches for records and updates if it fits ...
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  • Show related data from portal row

    I've a portal showing summarized sales figures for different cities (each portal row is another city) by a certain salesman in a certain month. Once I click on a city (portal row) I would like to see only the sales it...
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  • new to filemaker

    I need help with the most basic database facilitation. I have set up my list of clients and fields. Need to create a new list with only active clients and certain fields. Where can I get this information?
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  • Perform Find Not Returning Records

    Hi All,   Struggling on a simple task I've done a couple times before but just not sorting this one....   So I am setting up a Server Script to run every couple of minutes (done this fine). I need to basi...
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  • Question on Table Instances

    I hope I'm asking this question correctly, and I welcome any suggestions.  I am in the process of setting up my ER diagram.  I've reached a point where I'm not sure exactly the best way to construct a table(...
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  • File Maker Server SSL on Local Network

    Hi Everyone!   I'n new to FM and for the past few weeks i worked on a custom APP for our organization.  Everything works great and I'm ready to deploy it to our FM server which i just installed.   I ...
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  • Why isn't view as list or view as table available for my layout?

    Hi. I'm new to FMP 16 so maybe this is a dumb question but here goes .... I created a database and defined some fields. I see default Layout #1 and Layout #2, and for both of those I can select to view as form, list o...
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  • Hiding fields messes up at 10.

    I'm having trouble hiding objects. I have a field called "Number of Ranks" and ten fields labeled Rank 1, Rank 2 and so on. Basically, my app is for authors and I'm trying to allow them to set a large number of ranks ...
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  • Include/exclude record from calculation with checkbox

    Hello!   I have a portal showing a list of products and their prices and quantity. Below the portal I have a summary of the subtotal. I'd like to have a checkbox that includes/excludes products in the pricing su...
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  • Webviewer not working on Internet explorer

    Custom Webviewer is not working on Internet explorer (version 9 ) but its coming on google chrome.
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  • Carrying over information from one layout to another.

    Hello,   I have created a 'contact' layout and would like to be able to press a button (if the contact in question works for a venue), once that button is pressed it takes you to a 'venue' layout - in this venue...
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  • Help: how to retrieve data from another table

    Hi. I'm new to Filemaker and i'm having a hard time to do some things. I'm trying to do a software to help me managing my clients and repair orders in my shop.   I have two tables: CLIENTS and REPAIR ORDERS. At...
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  • Need help with setting up FM16

    I am fairly new to FileMaker. I have done some work with FileMaker 14 and 15.   FileMaker 16 is giving me a hard time. For one I don't seem to understand the certificate between the master and the worker. ...
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  • API Authentication

    I am trying to make a request to an API and I am having some trouble. I am not really familiar with APIs and so I am sure I am doing something wrong. Would anyone be able to give me a hand on this?   This is the...
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  • PSOS

    I created a script to send a PDF email of the current record and it works great. I ended up having to set up another script to "perform script on sever" for my web direct users which also worked, but I quickly realize...
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