• Help in script to know if there is a new record created

    Could someone be so kind to help me write a script to alert me when a new record is created. I want the alert to pop up in a button.   Thank you so much.
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  • How To Do Diff between Production Version and Recent Dev Version

    I have a version of an application in use by a customer at this time.  I am working on updates to the application, some new layouts and some new data tables / fields.  It would be nice to be able to do a dif...
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  • Is Using a main table to view all data in a multi-table db a good idea?

    I'm coming back to FMP after several years of life as an artist and photographer, and I'm trying very hard to knock the rust off this old DBer.   Here's my challenge:   I started a new part of my life in M...
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  • Address API

    I am using googles API to pull coordinates from customers addresses we have on file and I get api to work, but it requires the address to be formatted as"123+streetname+road+city+state+zip". I can set the city, stat...
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  • Kiosk mode setup

    Have created a solution that has all the menus necessary to navigate and exit.  Been working with the custom menus, but you can't seem to get rid of the Tools menu.  Found something on Kiosk mode that would ...
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  • Parsing Google maps API

    Hello, I am new to APIs so I don't fully understand why I am getting an error when I parse the json response. I am trying to get the latitude and longitude from customer's address in the DB and through Google maps AP...
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  • Help with limiting radio button selections

    I have two identical lists using radio buttons. My students need to make a selection in each box. I need to keep them making the same selection in each box and I am not sure how to go about it. Here is what I have: &...
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  • Login to DB get customer number into global variable from related table

    Hi FM community   After login with specific Account Name to DB, I would like to get Customer number from related Table. It look like this:     Parent:Customer_PK -> Child::CustomerEmployye::fk_Empl...
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  • Need ideas to start with !

    Hello,   I've been using Filemaker so 6 years and trying to improve myself watching FM videos and making some basic databases.   We have Quad bike rental company organising tours. We have walk-in clients,...
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  • Upgrading to Filemaker 17 & current 'buy one, give one' deal

    I'm not exactly new to Filemaker but I simply manage an app developed by someone years ago.   I'm in a position now where my team is using Filemaker Pro Advanced 11, and I'm reluctant to update any of our Macs b...
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  • Assigning documents to employees through employee groups?

    Morning all,   Long time lurker, first time poster. I'm still fairly new to FM and have taken on a project at work to build a database to track when employees have read and agreed to a company policy or procedur...
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  • Hi simple question : about calculation field

    trying to create a calculation for due dates : have created the calculation If ( due date < Get ( CurrentDate ); "LATE" ;"pendding" ) works great in the same calendar year . once cross over to 2019 reports status a...
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  • WebDirect accessibility?

    I'm working on creating a solution for departmental administration at a public university. The department admins want to access their solution via a web browser, so I'm planning to use WebDirect. I need to make sure t...
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  • Preventing modifications to Report data

    I have created a Report style layout to display my data.  How do I lock the data fields so that the data can't be edited?
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  • Looking for very basic training material

    I come from a MS Access world and I need to get into FileMaker at the very basic level; I'm talking about basic concepts such as purpose of "Layouts",  updating tables, doing calculations with table fields, learn...
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  • Save as PDF not showing all records that are on Filemaker Screen

    Hi,   I have a report layout, on the report layout I have 3 buttons, one for each of our customer service contacts so they can click it and get a pdf with items only they are working on. When I click on Shelley ...
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  • Join vs New TO

    Hello all,   I have a project that has the following tables.   Client Trades (Subcontractors) Projects Activities     I need to have a master list of Trades for each client.  So a client...
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  • Show Customer Dialog Box/Delete Record

    I have been able to create a button to add a new record to a drop down list, now I would like to figure out the reverse, my add script is-   But I am unsure which terms I should use to have the same result but...
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  • Setting up DB, Tables and Relationships

    Hi, I have created my own inventory app, but I still feel I am not getting the DB, tables, relationships, etc. etc. etc. right.   Here is a screen shot of my relationships, each have allow creation of records che...
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  • Why isn't view as list or view as table available for my layout?

    Hi. I'm new to FMP 16 so maybe this is a dumb question but here goes .... I created a database and defined some fields. I see default Layout #1 and Layout #2, and for both of those I can select to view as form, list o...
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