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Using FMP 12 / WIndows 10 We have been successfully displaying maps in the FM web viewer. It has suddenly stopped working and instead of displaying the map in the web viewer FM displays this text: "You are using a browser that is not supported by the Google Maps JavaScript API. Consider changing your browser.Learn moreDismiss"  When I click on… (Show more)
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I have a layout using a vertical button bar. In FileMaker Pro on my mac, all of the buttons have the text centred as intended. In FileMaker Go, some of the text is top aligned and some is centre aligned. There seems to be no pattern. I am using Helvetica for the font.   Has anyone run into this problem, or discovered a solution?   Here are… (Show more)
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I have a runtime. This problem only affects Windows. My user opens a second window via a button. It is done via script and it is a Window Style of "Document" and I do not include a menubar. Normally, I have the user hit a Done button and close down the second window. However, in this case, the user closes the first window (the one that has a… (Show more)
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What makes a file so big?  I have what I thought was a relatively small database with 3 tables. Table 1 has 18 fields and 950 records. Table 2 has 32 fields and 345 records. Table 3 has 31 fields and 362 records.   But the file size is 292 MB.   Yes, there are 3 container fields with photos in them.  Should these photos be removed and… (Show more)
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Just in case you did not notice this idea, here it is: FM Data API Multiple Record Create/Update/Delete   I think any ideas regarding the Data API are extremely important right now as FMI is willing to work with the product function based on feedback from developers/users. Please take the time to read and discuss anything in the Ideas section… (Show more)
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Using Particle Photon + Motion Sensor + LCD Display 1. Create a record and upload to Filemaker Server 2. write a firmware for motion sensor with Particle Could 3. setup Webhook to push information from Particle Photon to FileMaker 16 Server API 4. Put the Particle.Publish code into the firmware to trigger this integration 4. See the magic!  …
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I am looking to automate changing a field's fill color (or text color) when I change the value of that field. Based on my understanding of FM, I don't think conditional formatting would work, because once the field has been changed, I want to permanently lock in the fill color for that specific record.   Could a simple script trigger attached to… (Show more)
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Here's a Master-Detail-Example extracted from one of my solutions. It works by filtering the master- and the detail-table by generating dynamic SQL-queries. All calculation-fields, script-trigger-calculations and scripts are as much as possible generic, so it should be integrable to your own solutions. There's a HowTo and a integration-guide…
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Hi There, I have a button with a name of "Btn1" on a layout that the label says "Start". What I would like is when the button is clicked it changes the label to "Process 1" When that process finishes the program changes the label of the button to "Process 2".   I tried Set Field by Name but it didn't recognize the name. Then I tried Go to… (Show more)
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  In one address I have more values: city, street, civic number, postal code, province, common code. Many data. In a masterpiece how best to handle them? Some recommend putting all the caps in a separate table with id_cap, all the ways, and all the cities ... so many separate tables joined at a later time. It would be nice that by entering an… (Show more)
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