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Is it possible to trigger a FileMaker script on a hosted server file via HTML button?  If I send someone an HTML email (using a plugin) with a button can the following code be embedded in the hyperlink to run the FileMaker script?   FMP:// account:password@ netaddress/databasename ?script=scriptname ¶m=scriptparameter&… (Show more)
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I'm using the PHP API to retrieve records from a portal which is all working well. I would like to limit the records returned and get them in groups so I can display 20 records at a time on the page (users would click a Next button to get the next 20 and so on).   When I'm doing a PHP API find request I would use the setRange method to specify… (Show more)
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Hello,   In early 2017 I became interested in the question of whether I could write a FileMaker custom function which would allow me to return ExecuteSQL results in the form of JSON.  My typical use-case was grabbing data that I would then feed to code within a WebViewer.  Note that this was never an essential development requirement -- just… (Show more)
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I have a table with the field "Name" and another field "IDf_Name". The field "Name" is contains names and the "IDf_Name" is empty because it has just been created. In table view, I want to search all posts where the field "Name" equals a certain name, for instance "Jonas" and when such a post has been found, enter the number "1" in the field… (Show more)
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Hello everyone,   I got an email from my development team regarding the development of Filemaker and it's email functionalities. Here is the email in its entirety so perhaps someone may be able to answer this question, as I do not know the answer myself:   We have been running into an issue in Filemaker with regard to sending out emails. We were… (Show more)
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I am trying to show 3 numeric data fields to display in one. (example: size of part is 3.0x5.0x12.0). I have three separate data fields for each and I would like to show them in the description field. I am able to set it thru the options for Filed -> calculated value -> Specify  ( Mat_H & "x" & Mat_W  & "x" & Mat_L), problem is it only displays… (Show more)
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I have considered possibly keeping customer's credit card numbers in my database if they ask me to, and wonder just how secure Filemaker is.  If this information is kept in a password protected file, and presuming it's a very secure password, is there any way a hacker could get ahold of it's contents either by accessing it on my computer if, say,… (Show more)
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I have a half dozen files shared with a dozen users at various locations. I would like to have a record of which users were logged in to my FMP Host account (and which File if possible) each day. I currently have one account name & one password for all users for all files.
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I'm new to FM.  The data that I'm working with is being imported from an Excel spreadsheet that is created through a data export from an online listing service.  Number columns appear in Excel appropriately as a number aligned to the right side of the column.  If I import to a new table in FM, the field is identified as a number.  However, the… (Show more)
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