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When you trigger a script via Data API, the plugins are not available. Please have DAPI process load plugins for use in calculations and script triggers there. Thank you.
Chris Irvine
Some FileMaker shops run like the wild west, full of villains and vigilantes. The sherif should be able to set some basic rules to help everyone get along.   The current unregulated approach to server resources means that any one client/process can hammer the server with expensive work (disk or CPU). It is conceivable that an expensive task could…
Popup Menus should support typeahead on Windows the same way as it is supported on Mac. Arrow keys are supported but typeahead does not work on Windows. This applies to tools in native FileMaker Dialogs as well as to fields using Popup menus on FileMaker layouts.
FileMaker 17 on Windows - Value Lists have huge gaps between each value and also the roller wheel does not work on value lists, popup menu goes to top of screen into window header, so when you click on it, it adjusts the window size…. all very bad experience on windows. The Value List should behave like on the MAC.
Fabrice Nordmann
Snapshots are a fantastic feature, but its usage is too limited. In many situations, they could be a core component of our solutions if we could control how they open.   The following limitations are there for good reasons but they could be reconsidered in the context of a script step:   snapshots always open in a new window if the target file…
Summary   Since the Web is  becoming mobile, there is a need for websites that fit on the small screens of smartphones and tablets. The same is now happening to software and apps - see universal apps in Windows 10 and iOS apps that have to work on iPhone, iPad mini and iPad Pro.   Of course you can build versions, screens and layouts for every…
The Idea  It should be easier to create modular building blocks with FileMaker, that easily and loosely fit together.   This requires several extensions to FileMaker, which are all posted here as individual ideas :   Loose / modular / improved script calls Improved Script Calling DELIVERED in FM17 :-) Perform Script [by Name:...] - immediately…
Make the power of Filemaker Go available to Android users. Give FileMaker developers the opportunity to market their solutions to Android users. Increase FileMaker Marketshare with an Android native version.
The Idea is that  copy + paste is the most widely used + important function in FileMaker and it should just work and not be full of pot-holes and exceptions, and thus all the deficiencies in the copy+paste functionality in FileMaker should be straightened out.   Similarly the import.log file, which logs errors and warnings during some but not…
It would be great to be able to see the users' application version in the server console in FMS17 without having to hover over each connection. I regularly use this to make sure people are updating their apps to the latest security/stability patches. I've had for a while a tool in my on-open script where I set what the latest version is and a…
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