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a summary of your idea FileMaker 17 added the docked fields/object pane, which is a really compact and useful function.   I propose to extend the functionality of the fields pane to allow us to insert fields from the pane directly into selected text.   For example: we would enter a text field, double click a field in the 'Fields' pane and it…
Hi, similar to :  HIDE OBJECT WHEN  ... of inspector   avoids creating new screens, tab or scripts associated with fields to ensure certain workflows (quality of information). The cost would be one variable (IO) manageable from scripts
One of the common features we're seeing in many applications (including web applications) is auto-correct, where the app not only identifies misspelled words, but auto-corrects them. It would be great if we could apply auto-correct to text fields in FileMaker.   I've become so accustomed to auto-correct, I find myself being surprised when it…
a function: get ( windowID )   a script step: activate window; by ID [ $window_id ]
Allow the ability to Set Tab Order by assigning the numbers in the Objects Tab at the left rather than only directly in the layout. Especially now that, with hiding and popovers, layouts have so many layers.   (Also to have an option to assign tab order automatically based on the order of objects in the Objects Tab.)
Offer an HA (High Availability) Mirror for FileMaker Servers.   Even if it's an active / passive mirror, this would allow us to easily (and cheap) offer a high availability failover option.   Storage Clusters are the best option, but also the most expensive option, a software solution like in Postgresql, M$-Sql, Oracle, Informix and so on, would…
In FileMaker Pro help, under "Previewing and printing information", I get the reassuring message that "You can print: ... •definitions of scripts, tables, fields, and relationships to see the structure of your database"   Yay! But I'd also like to be able to print a simple list of my layouts. How hard can that be? Real hard, apparently!
Chris Irvine
The signature capture feature is very handy, but there are a few things that could make it even better.   When a signature is being captured, embed essential data into the file itself via EXIF or XMP: Timestamp of signature (already implemented) Timezone (offset from UTC so we can interpret the timestamp) Title Message Prompt Presentation  …
Idea  The current 10000 or 50000 absolute limit on custom function calls absolutely cripples their usefulness:   The absolute limit ruins the potential power of divide-and-conquer recursion methods, and makes it unfeasible to call custom functions within custom functions, as that leads to a rapidly diminishing limit of the actual values…
Perform Script [By name] is a little too brittle for my liking. Can we get a Perform Script [By scriptID]? Perform Script [From list] probably already does this behind the scenes but doesn't allow us to enter the ID ourselves like the way we can with Go to Layout number by calculation...   Of course this begs the question of how we find out…
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