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When you are using table view and you want to add fields, they get added to the bottom of the list. This is not intuitive. I'm choosing something which means that it has importance which means I'm going to want to see it readily, which if there are lots of fields, you are using a small screen etc mean that you have to manually move it to the top…
Idea  FileMaker supports exporting + importing of XML files using  XSLT Version 1.0. Using plugins (e.g. BaseElements) XSLT 1.0 transformation functions are also available in calculations.   XSLT Version 1.0 is great but it is now 16 17 years old and (much of) the world has moved on to XSLT Version 2.0 - and for VERY good reasons - the foremost…
I would like to see more graph styles, more granular control of formatting in native graphs, and more forms of graphing. It would also be nice to have interactive graphs. Although this is supported through use of web viewers and javascript, a native solution is always preferable. Filemaker should be at least on par with the graphing capabilities…
It would be handy if when a snapshot link gets activated that the trigger scripts opening the database could know who/what ignited the opening by returning the snapshot link name.   a lot of stuff could be possible - like suppressing triggers hiding files and windows and enable the layout the snapshot link aims at etc ..
It would be nice if there were corresponding script steps targeting FMGo Devices at a hardware level would behave as needed for the solution even at the expense of battery life of the device.   Screen Brightness force adjust the display brightness use case: when displaying a barcode for another individual to scan the barcode. Delay Auto…
Please release a version of FileMaker Cloud for Developers and include it as part of the FileMaker Developer Program.
Currently, when you are in Browse mode and have a Card Window open, you are unable to switch to Layout Mode in order to edit the Card Window layout...   Instead you have to close the card window, go to Layout Mode, and then locate the card layout in the Layouts menu in order to edit it, which is a bit of a long way round...   It would be great…
Summary   A complete overhaul of the old import dialogue and feature set is necessary. Importing data is one of the most important tasks of working with FileMaker, but 90% of our customers have trouble working with the import dialogue as it is.   Detail   The import dialogue should feature:   not showing fields in which you can´t import at…
It would be nice to have a function named GetSortOrder() that would return the sort order of the current found set. It's apparent that this information is available, as a user can sort a found set, and if they sort it again, the previous sort order appears. This function would return that sort order in a method that makes this useful for…
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