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Using FileMaker, your data, and a word processor such as Microsoft Word, you are able to reduce the amount of double data entry as well as human error by using Mail Merge.   In this article, we cover how you can achieve that goal using your FileMaker.   Be sure to check out the article! Mail Merge with FileMaker   Joseph Yeager… (Show more)
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New FileMaker 17 version lets you schedule the display of notifications on screen.   Alphen aan den Rijn, the Netherlands, November 14, 2018–Troi today announced the immediate availability of Troi Dialog Plug-in 7.5 for FileMaker Pro 17.     What is Troi Dialog Plug-in?   Troi Dialog Plug-in is a very powerful tool for displaying all sorts of… (Show more)
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This document is intended to provide a list of available packages/wrappers for use with FileMaker's Data API and Admin API interface. If you don't see a package in the lists below please let me know and I will add it.   Data API Language Package Author URL C# fmdata Nate Bross GitHub - fuzzzerd/fmdata: A simple .NET Standard client for the…
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Hello,   in this thread I want to post to you what's new in 8.5 prerelease plugins.   Download is available as usual here:   If you like our plugin, bookmark, like or forward this thread. If not, well you can ignore it.   Thanks for supporting our plugin.   For questions please do not… (Show more)
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San Diego, CA – November 9, 2018 - Productive Computing, Inc., a Platinum member of the FileMaker Business Alliance, is proud to announce a new Maintenance Support Program for FileMaker users. This program is intended to provide FileMaker customers a low-cost alternative to time and materials billing when performing “fix it” type programming and… (Show more)
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Most of us in the FileMaker Community are well aware of how to run FileMaker Server or FileMaker Cloud on Amazon Web Services (AWS), but we can do more! At 360Works, we believe in outside-the-box thinking to continually push the FileMaker platform to places it has not yet been. For this reason, Jesse Barnum, President of 360Works, spent time… (Show more)
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Hi there -   We just updated our free Zapier app, fmGateway, to work with FileMaker Server 17. If you haven't used Zapier, you should check it out. It's a really easy way to link together hundreds of apps across the web.   Now your custom apps hosted on FileMaker Server 17 can be among the apps you can connect to. Using the fmGateway, you can… (Show more)
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COMM-UNITY NETWORKING SYSTEMS, LLC. RELEASES AN UPDATE TO CNS BARCODE, A BARCODE SCANNING AND GENERATING APP.   Fort Worth, TX, November 6, 2018 -- Comm-Unity Networking Systems announces a major update for CNS Barcode, a Barcode Scanning and Generating App for iOS devices. Version 2.0 is a complete rewrite and redesign of the app to support all… (Show more)
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Click to view contentIf you're working offline on your iPhone or iPad, this may improve your data sync between FM Go and FM Server.     Many FM Go sync options try to sync too much data at once, and this can be problematic, even with a fast internet connection. Instead of connecting to the FileMaker server, this technique uses PHP scripts on a web server to push and…
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INTER-Mediator Directive Committee is happy to announce the immediate availability of INTER-Mediator 5.8.   INTER-Mediator is a web development framework supports PDO (MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server and SQLite) and FileMaker Server.   The… (Show more)
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