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Setup: FileMaker Server 16.0.1 or 16.0.2 (confirmed on both) Running on AWS windows 2016 instance (confirmed across multiple instances) With SSL certificate installed (Godaddy standard, listed as supported) Currently this has affected 4 servers that I either manage or indirectly support, all with similar configurations and the same issue.  … (Show more)
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PreparedStatements are designed to be stored and re-used with different parameters. However, the FileMaker 16 JDBC driver will give an error that "Cursor has been closed" if you attempt to re-use the same PreparedStatement. This is not an edge case, this is the normal way that you interact with JDBC. This is a show-stopping problem, making the FM… (Show more)
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Please use this space to report issues with any products on the FileMaker Platform. Be sure to follow this template:   Product and version - FM Pro Advanced OS and version - Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise   We are experiencing a FileMaker application crash each day around the same time. Seems about 8 hours after the FM program is… (Show more)
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Product and version: FileMaker Server OS and version: Windows Server 2012 R2 Datacenter Hardware: Intel Xeon E5-2698, 8 GB RAM, 512 MB for Filemaker Cache   Description: FileMaker Server is crashing randomly. We're using FileMaker Server since 2016 and this crash occured 70 times since then. I have attached some crash dump analysis… (Show more)
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Hi   Nearly every day at some time my FMP font changes to Gibberish.  The only way to get back to normal is to reboot my PC.  Closing and re-opening FMP does not fix it.   I have attached two images.   (1) FMP with the Gibberish font, and (2) the font menu showing the font.  The font menu is all grayed out.   Any ideas how to fix this?   Adam
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Manage Layouts - ordering layouts BUG. Filemaker 16 Advanced x64  You can't (as usual) grab layout order handle, after a delay (holding down mouse button) it highlights the layout and when you start dragging, it changes the layout you're are dragging to two layouts above or below.
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On my Windows 10 PC when I have 2 overlapping Script Workspace  windows I have a minor issue if you first click in an If or Else If script step and then click out of it. Then the focus shifts to the other Script Workspace window.   The issue appears only when directly editing a If or Else If condition in the blue box in the Script Workspace… (Show more)
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FileMaker Pro Advanced (but same issue on FM 15 Pro Adv) MacOS High Sierra 10.13 MacBook Pro 2016   Description: I'm having issues with some graphical elements of the FM user interface persisting when they should not. First, the transparent selection box that is shown when clicking and dragging to select with the mouse in layout mode… (Show more)
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Giving this calculated field with comments inside the calculation like :   Left ( MyField ; 1 )   /* this calculation gets the first character of the referenced field */   Copying this calculated field into another database with the missing reference to the field MyField gives me an empty calculation.   Expected result :   /* Left (… (Show more)
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Updated to latest FM16 Pro and now I can't open FM after uninstalling both version 15 and 16 and reinstalling. Have tried this a number of times including deleting caches and plugin folders and then reinstalling but it still won't work. FM16 seems to be trying to open a free PDF manipulator plugin that I have also deleted but there is still a… (Show more)
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