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Has anyone experienced issues with using FM16 in a RemoteApp setting? I have seen that since FM16 has given the ability to separate windows this had caused some strange behavior when opening different files. The initial click of the button scripted to open a file will flash the screen and it appears not to open but does so and is not visible on… (Show more)
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Johan Hedman
For some strange reason after updating to FMPA16v2 my Inspector turn completely grey . There is no way to get it back other then quit the application and start over again.     It does not matter what tab in the Inspector I click on, it is still grey. After restart of application it is back to normal again.   Mac OS 10.12.6
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Hi !   I wanna report a bug that seems to be known but still existent as I tested it on FM 14 and 16. Tested on Windows 10 last update on two different computers. When I select a google font, it switches to another font. Always the same font, but different per computer. To replicate it, just download some font on Google Font (I tested a lot, but… (Show more)
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My client uses a CRM solution with fmp12 file. He complains about the performance of FileMaker 16.   -It is shared by FMS16.0.3 Mac El Capitan 10.11.6 16GB RAM 256GB SSD. The server is located in the datacenter. -Server SSL is on. Digicert certificate authority SSL file installed. -Client computer is FMP 16.0.3 and 15.0.1 on Windows 10 16GB… (Show more)
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Product and version FMServer 15 OS and version FM Server = Yosemite 10.5.5 Clients = IOS 9.32, OSX 10.11.5, Windows Server 2012R2 (Uses as Terminal Server) Browser and version (for WebDirect only) IOS Safari and Chrome 51 on PC and Safari 9.1.1 Hardware iPAD Air 2, MacBook Pro and Windows Server 2012. Description When selecting a container for… (Show more)
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Installed latest version of FileMaker Server 16. However the Web Server will not start. Read through other forums and tried their solutions without success.   Any ideas. Please advise.   Thank you.
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Benjamin Fehr
Product and version:  FMPA 16.0.3 OS and version: macOS 10.13.3 beta 4 [17D34a] Hardware: MBP 13" Retina Late 2013 Description: In Layout Mode, using Tab-Key in Inspector to define Position used to jump from Left to Top to Right … Width Height. With current High Sierra Beta, it additionally jumps into field for unity (pt. / in / cm). How to… (Show more)
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Product and version: FMPA v16.03.302 OS and version: High Sierra, 10.13.2 Hardware: MacMini, 16GB RAM Description: Customize Toolbar reverts to its default setting when using New Window script step How to replicate: See attachment Workaround: See attachment   This issue was brought up in another thread here and I'm experiencing a similar problem… (Show more)
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Hi there,   So this might be one of the strangest problems that I have ever seen in FileMaker.   We have a FileMaker 15 file with 300 layouts. All of these layouts were created back in FileMaker 10, and all of the layouts are using the Classic theme. On all 300 layouts, the font for all the fields and field labels throughout the entire system… (Show more)
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