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Click to view contentHi Community,   The preview of my layout is displaying fine. When I do printing or PDF, it's wrong. It's printing things like in view mode. Bug in FMPa on MacOS 10.14.1?     Thank you.
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I was performing a Find/Replace on roughly 38,000 records which was taking roughly an hour before I finally aborted the process. Once aborted I got the spinning beachball which lasted another fifteen minutes before it finally cleared. I then closed the file which was local on my machine, and that took about another five minutes to close.   While… (Show more)
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I sometimes can't quit FileMaker 17.0.1 although there are no windows open. Under the Show window menu there's a '() - Reconnecting…' statement. Can't do anything then.
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Scanning barcode on iPad Pro 11” does not work. The same file and script works on iPad Pro 10.5”. The error message says that iPad FileMaker needs to be in full screen mode for the scanner to work. the camera doesn’t display on the screen, but if you move the iPad around, you may eventually get it to focus on the barcode and accept it.   i assume… (Show more)
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I'm wondering whether other people encounter the same problem. When I try to log into the FileMaker Cloud Admin Console I get an Invalid email address or password error. The workaround is to restart the instance on AWS, as a FileMaker support employee told me at the last DevCon. After that the login works again. But the next day it is not possible… (Show more)
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I was experimenting with Filemaker Go on my iPhone and iPad. I opened my database and a layout (I use for printing) which has three records with portals. I can see all three records on my iPhone (it looks the same as on my computer). If I chose to print or save to pdf, I only see the first record with the associated data in the portal window. I… (Show more)
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Click to view contentWhen I execute a script in FileMaker 15 that has been reliably working in FileMaker 14 and earlier versions, it writes a PDF file to my desktop.  If I then double-click it to open it, I get this Acrobat message.   Using Apple Preview, the result is the same.   Using the Print menu and the OS-X PDF option works fine in FileMaker 15 just like… (Show more)
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On my Windows 10 PC when I have 2 overlapping Script Workspace  windows I have a minor issue if you first click in an If or Else If script step and then click out of it. Then the focus shifts to the other Script Workspace window.   The issue appears only when directly editing a If or Else If condition in the blue box in the Script Workspace… (Show more)
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The product documentation mentions different versions for support of chrome for webdirect for FileMaker server 17. Please see: FileMakerPKB Technical Specifications | FileMaker Server 17   The first one mentions Chrome 64, the otherone mentions Chrome 65.   Please answer here for the correct one and update the documentation accordingly.  … (Show more)
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  Product and version 14.0.6 OS and version  Windows 10 64bit Hardware i7-8700 8G Ram Description  When I try to format a portal alternate row, when I select Portal: Row and Primary, I can adjust the primary row   (Fig 1). When I select the Primary dropdown menu, I get a full streak of blue (Fig 2).   Any thoughts as to why?   Thanks!   Bill… (Show more)
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