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I seem to get this error randomly (about weekly).  I am running FMS 16.0.2 WebDirect (only) on a high-end server.  If users are logged in, it shuts them down.  It appears to happen at random times whether users are on the system or not.  I have created a Windows script that restarts the WPE every minute if it has shut down, so it fixes itself. … (Show more)
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I have a server with v15 client and server installed. Clients have no issues with connectivity from remote workstations but when accessing the hosted file off the server via client I get frequent disconnects. The server does have a SSL certificate installed and I'm using the FQDN to access. IPv6 is disabled in Windows. Server log is showing a… (Show more)
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Benjamin Fehr
a FileMaker Pro 15 license is $330.- in the FMI US-Store.   same product is $500.- (CHF 485.-) in the Swiss FMI-Store!
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Summary Memory Leak in FMPA 14 (32 bit) on Windows 7 (64 bit) Product FileMaker Pro Version 14 Advanced  32 bit Operating system version Windows 7 64 bit Description of the issue Serious memory leak which caused FMPA 14 to bloat to over 3.2 Gb of memory used until it froze with an out of memory on Line 1 error message. … (Show more)
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Hi, we are facing a very critical situation with one of our customer's database. The production database has been corrupted, all backups are also corrupted and we have no way to open them anymore.   The error message displayed is : "The access privileges in this file have been corrupted or possibly tempered with, please contact FM technical… (Show more)
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FM Pro 16 Advanced 16.01.162 on Mac Os Sierra version 10.12.5 crashes every time I go to Manage-->Value lists,  in all different databases on my local computer, but not on files hosted on Remote server.   Any ideas why/how this happens?"   Seems to me the problem might be associated with the file trying to open related files, although I can't… (Show more)
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Context  FMPA 16.0.4 MacOS Sierra, 10.12.6 MacMini   Description Before a popover is opened the layout objects within it do not yet exist in the layout - as expected. However:   Problem 1 - Popover objects do not go away After opening and closing a popover the layout objects on the popover are not to be seen but continue to exist -… (Show more)
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Product and version FileMaker Server 16 ver16.0.1.184 OS and version Windows Server 2012R2 Hardware Virtual     Description: When scheduling a script using the Admin password for a file with full access. I hit the next button and get the error "No scripts are available for the specified account."   Workaround: Hit the next button again!… (Show more)
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Summary ERROR [HY000] [FileMaker][FileMaker] No cursor open for statement Product FileMaker Server Version 12 Operating system version Windows Server 2008 64 bit Description of the issue We have installed Fm12 on Windows Server 2008 64 bit. And I have Windows 7 64 bit installed on my local system and SSRS 2008 and FileMaker 12 new 64 bit drivers.… (Show more)
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This is quite possibly related to FMS 16v3 not able to import DigiCert's intermediate certificate   I upgraded to FileMaker Server 16 this morning, and used this as an opportunity to purchase a new SSL cert from GeoTrust.  I chose GeoTrust because they were recommended by FileMaker here, and because their pricing, while not the lowest, was… (Show more)
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