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"Find in Progress ..." dialog.  Was this REALLY fixed in FMS17?     From another thread, "Upgraded from FM12 to FM16, Find in Progress... Delays" started 7/9/2017 Upgraded from FM12 to FM16, Find in Progress... Delays  :     TSGal  May 15, 2018 7:16 AM All:   This "Find in progress..." issue has been addressed in FileMaker Server 17.   TSGal… (Show more)
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Product and version: 17.02 - Server and Clients all 64 bit. OS and version - Server Windows 16 Standard - Clients a mix of PC's mostly 10. ESS both MySQl and MS SQL. Hardware: PCs - some Macs, but used only for digital ingestion. Description: Clients go into a loop - showing Find in Progress - Processing Query - this results in the user having to… (Show more)
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I have a secondary web direct server set up running Filemaker 16.0.4 which has a memory leak on the fmshelper.exe process.  Restarting the Filemaker service seems to be the only thing that reduces the memory usage of this process until it fills up again.  I wanted to know if this is a known issue and if there is any fix to it.
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Product Version: FileMaker Pro Advanced (64-bit) OS: Windows 10 Pro Hardware: 2x Intel Xeon E5430 CPU's, 12GB RAM, GeForce GTX 460, dual monitors Description: When I open FMPA 16 and have A layout open on one monitor and then open the script workspace on my 2nd monitor and maximize the script workspace window, when I try to drag the… (Show more)
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FMP 16, latest release FMS 17, latest release PSOS->Windows Server 2012   ----------------------   In the script that's done on the server via PSOS, I have this simple example which fails:   Set Variable [ $fileList ; Value: List(layout1::ResponseText) ] // works Set Variable [ $counter ; Value: 1 ] Set Variable [ $fileToUse ; Value:… (Show more)
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Is this a known issue?  Will Get(LastError) return anything on the server side?  This is a time entry system that is now periodically failing on time transactions.  It uses an ExecuteSQL script step on the server and I was checking for LastExternalError to roll back failed SQL updates and that isn't returning anything.   Server 17.0.2 Windows… (Show more)
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FileMaker Pro 14 - 17 Filemaker Server 14, and 16  (with ESS) Server OS:  was Windows 2008 R2, is now  Windows 2012 R2   Did a test recovery of a large file (100+ tables, etc.)   I work with, for the first time in probably too long.   Noticed a few issues.  Some of them were the 8476 Theme issues that apparently are not something to worry about.… (Show more)
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I've had this happen for the same user twice now. She works remotely, and I'm wondering if that's the commonality, but I have other remote users who it doesn't happen to. What happens is she opens our FileMaker app, the interface loads but no field data loads. The solution is for me to go into her Users > username > Library > Caches > FileMaker… (Show more)
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macOS High Sierra 10.13 Safari FileMaker Server 17.02.203   Hi,   We were unable to locate the legacy frequency settings "each x minutes / x hours" on the schedules configuration within the FileMaker Server 17 Admin Console.   However, as a workaround, we were able to save and load the FMS16 settings which retained the legacy behaviour.
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Has anyone had any issues with Mac Pros running backups on a schedule when connected to an external raid on Server version 17.0.2. Backups were running fine until the 17.0.2 update then they stopped and 3 days ago at random have started back up again but they are not consistent so we have been running them manually.   Any thoughts?
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