• Bug: Mouse cursor stutters as it crosses text boundary, if it's larger than  "normal"

    Software versions    FileMaker Pro    FMPA 13 also fails (although FMPA 10 does not fail) macOS 10.12.6   Hardware * MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Mid 2015) * 2.2 GHz Intel Core i7 ...
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  • FileMaker Server 17 - CWP user

      I took a snapshot out of Clients in FMSAC for FMS17. A php-user running a script where the users IP is [:   This looks more to me like a smile face then some useful information. Is there a reason for the [...
    Johan Hedman
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  • Protecting against unwanted access from other files issue

    The FileMaker 17 help has the following text about protecting files:     I think the help description is insufficient, as there appears to be a way to work around this. I believe the help should link dire...
    created by sumware
  • First underscore disappears from folder path when upgrading multiple fp7 files to fmp12

    Product and version Filemaker Pro Advanced   OS and versionWindows 10 Version 1809   HardwareDell Latitude E6420   Description First underscore disappears from folder path when upgrading mult...
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  • Comments in calculated SQL fucntion

    Hi, Could you please make FileMaker accept comments in calculated SQL function? I just spent an hour trying to figure out why my 50 lines of SQL code was not working until I remove all comments. Thank you   (...
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  • Print misses Insert Text content

    OSX 10.13.6 FMPA 17.0.2   The new use of Insert Text helps a lot with not having to worry about escaping headers for use with Data API   This image shows an example script and its related printout As you...
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  • Localization error in GetAsNumber

    Product and version  FileMaker Advanced, Pro & Runtime 15 and 14 OS and version Windows 10   Description GetAsNumber() should always recognize the decimal delimiter in a given text, but fails to do so on...
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  • Import Records script step fails?

    Has anybody ever seen the "Import Records" script step sporadically fail in spectacular fashion?   I am experiencing a longstanding problem with a FileMaker solution. This problem goes back at least a year throu...
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  • ALTGR + 2 (or any other combination) not working under Windows 10 in Kiosk mode

    Hello   an AZERTY keyboard needs ALTGR+2 to type a "@" sign, it needs ALTGR+E to type a "€" sign etc.   this does not work in Kiosk mode, which is a little bit a pain if you generate a kiosk app to c...
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  • Label not using Default text style

    My Default text style is set to left-align - however, each time I generate a label (either by checking the label checkbox in the field selector, dragging a field via the tool bar or doing the same via the Field Picker...
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  • Using global variables in a record access privilege calculation doesn't work correctly

    Product and version: Database hosted on FileMaker Server 16.0.4 and accessed via FileMaker Pro 17.0.2, 16.0.5, 15.0.4.   OS and version: macOS High Sierra 10.13.6   Hardware: iMac (late 2015)   Descr...
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  • More than 1167 TO's are truncated after Windows Spring Update

    After a Windows Professional 64 bit machine receives the Windows 2018 Spring Update and its subsequent patches, FileMaker 15, 16, and 17 will no longer display TO's after the 1167th:   I've tested this issue on ...
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  • Missing Portal Data in FileMaker 17

    We are having a serious issue with FMP 17 that has me completely baffled.   We upgraded a solution this past weekend from FMS 14 to FMS 17.  The server is Windows Server 2012 R2, quad CPU, 16 GB RAM running...
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  • Fix Filemaker 16 Cache getting ultra-slow

    Hi, My solution slowly became very long to start, now it's 1 min 10 seconds to start. However there were no worthwhile change in the solution logic and size.   So I deleted the Filemaker cache :   First...
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  • {{CurrentTimestamp}} only displays the time

    Even when you format this symbol to show the date in the format you prefer, only the time is shown in browse mode.   I thought timestamps include both date and time.  To be clear, you can format the obj...
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  • New iPads Reserve Screen Space on Top/Bottom

    Anyone noticed that the new iPad Pros (12.9 / 11) running FM GO (and other apps) reserve additional screen space at the top of the screen to display date, time, wi-fi status, battery percentage, and at the bottom of t...
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  • FMGo Container Insertion

    Hi all, has anyone else encountered issues when using FMGO to add images to container fields?   Some images (not all but most) get rotated 90 degrees on insertion and the script trigger I have on modify to get ...
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  • Upgraded to v17, server crashes

    I have been running server v16 for some time without issue on Windows 2012R2.   I upgraded server to v17.0.2 yesterday and now it's continually crashing. Upgrade process used was as follows... - exported sched...
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  • Mojave crash with GTRR (FileMaker Pro 17.0.2)

    Tonight, FileMaker Pro 17.0.2 crashed on us in Mojave (macOS 10.14) when a script did a GTRR (Go To Related Record). The Go To Related Record was a valid script step that would have resulted in valid records on a vali...
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  • FM 17 window "() Reconnecting..." issue

    Product: FileMaker Pro Advanced OS: Mac 10.3.4 Hardware: MacBook Pro (15-inch, Late 2016) / 16GB RAM   Description: Under Window>ShowWindow I saw a phantom item "() Reconnecting..." which seemed ...
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