• FM17 Crashing In Script Workspace OnMouseOver Complex Set Variable Steps

    Problem Description I commonly run into a problem with Script Workspace crashing FileMaker Pro immediately. It typically happens when I hover my mouse over a complex Set Variable script step that is too large to dis...
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  • Missing Portal Data in FileMaker 17

    We are having a serious issue with FMP 17 that has me completely baffled.   We upgraded a solution this past weekend from FMS 14 to FMS 17.  The server is Windows Server 2012 R2, quad CPU, 16 GB RAM running...
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  • Updating FMPro 17 where FMserver is running restart the server without any warning

    I have a server with FMserver 17 with locally installed a copy of FMpro 17.   By automatically updating FMPro, the server has been shut down without any warning. But more importantly, not all files running on t...
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  • Issues with selecting and reordering lines in modules with double arrowed lists

    Ever since one of the recent FileMaker 16 updates (v3 I think), I've been having problems selecting and moving items in lists that have the up/down double arrow.   So far, I've only experienced this in FileMaker...
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  • Manage Layouts- reordering bug

    Product and version: FileMaker Pro 17 Advanced OS and version: Windows 7 Pro, SP1 Hardware: Dell Optiplex 3010   I've noticed a nasty bug when trying to reorder layouts using the Manage Layouts dialog....
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  • More than 1167 TO's are truncated after Windows Spring Update

    After a Windows Professional 64 bit machine receives the Windows 2018 Spring Update and its subsequent patches, FileMaker 15, 16, and 17 will no longer display TO's after the 1167th:   I've tested this issue on ...
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  • Corrupted Cache, File loads improperly

    I've had this happen for the same user twice now. She works remotely, and I'm wondering if that's the commonality, but I have other remote users who it doesn't happen to. What happens is she opens our FileMaker app, t...
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  • Client running on Server Disconnects

    I have a server with v15 client and server installed. Clients have no issues with connectivity from remote workstations but when accessing the hosted file off the server via client I get frequent disconnects. The serv...
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  • Mojave bug FMP17

    We still encounter problems with Mojave running latest version of FMP17v3   This movie that I recorded from one of hours Mac´s running Mojave and FMP17v3 is a strange behaviour for the cursor when you are ...
    Johan Hedman
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  • Problems with FM Go print layouts

    Here's my issue.  I have created a print layout for FM Go that is 767 pts high and 620 pts wide.  On FM Go when used in a print to pdf step, this prints to one standard letter size page.  On FM on my ma...
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  • FMSE Stuck Saving PDFs

    Hello, Our team has run into a issue with FileMaker Server 17. We continually have times when the script engine of FileMaker Server will become unresponsive. It is not crashing and there are no signs of any issue in ...
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  • BUG - Fields Dupplicated

    Today when I was working with the interface. I had the next issue:     Description: I selected (With Ctrl) some especific objects (Labels and fields) to move at the left, after selection, I use to move ...
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  • Field type change in MySQL: "numeric only" remains in FM

    Product and version: FileMaker Pro 17.0.4 OS and version: all Description: When working with ESS tables from a MySQL database, FileMaker will mark every field that has the type "integer" as "Numeric only". This can of...
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  • FileMaker Advanced quits unexpectedly during ordinary use of Data Viewer

    Tonight I am unable to use the Data Viewer. Every time I double-click on a watched calculation to try to modify it to try and figure out why it's not evaluating properly, the entire app unexpectedly quits. FM Advanced...
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  • Find Criteria Dialog Grammar Error

    Hi   With criteria being a plural noun, this should be 'The provided find criteria are not valid'       grammarPedant [Off]   cheers   Rob
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  • "Inverse" ghost connections

    Filemaker Server 17 Windows 2016   I've seen the issues posted about ghost connections.  I have a different issue, sort of the opposite.  Instead of single connections that show up more than once, I h...
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  • FM16 and ESS Issue

    I am able to reproduce this on multiple occasions now. I have a Filemaker 16 application that is primarily a front end of ESS tables. MS SQL server. Working with a simple users table throughout the day. Periodically i...
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  • Get(WindowLeft) and -top return wrong values

    Product and version: FileMaker 16 & 17 OS and version: Windows 10 Description: In FileMaker 17 and 16 the function Get( WindowLeft ) returns a value that is 8 points to low, leading to a value of -8 when the windo...
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  • Inspector keyboard shortcuts go dead

    FM16, Win7.    I have two doc windows open, both in layout mode.  On one window, I can use CTRL-3 to go to the 3rd tab of Inspector.  In the other, none of the CTRL keys work but I can still use ...
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  • FileMaker Server 17 - CWP user

      I took a snapshot out of Clients in FMSAC for FMS17. A php-user running a script where the users IP is [:   This looks more to me like a smile face then some useful information. Is there a reason for the [...
    Johan Hedman
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