• FMP17 fields width larger in browse mode

    Some fields are getting larger when switching to browse mode. This happen only when opening on FMP17, was perfectly aligned on FMP16. If I resize the body height to 58pt or more, it stay aligned. If zooming in, ali...
    created by David1060
  • FileMaker Application Crashes Daily - "Improper Argument" Error

    Please use this space to report issues with any products on the FileMaker Platform. Be sure to follow this template:   Product and version - FM Pro Advanced OS and version - Windows Server 2008 R2 Ente...
    last modified by dericr78
  • FMPA 16 Data Viewer Crashing on complicated calcs

    I have been running into several situations where I have longer data viewer calculations and it crashes FMPA.  Quite annoying.  For Example, this calculation crashes for me using FMPA on Mac OS X ...
    last modified by taylorsharpe
  • Value lists not functioning in FM17

    I just updated to FM17 Pro Advanced (version FM17.0.1.143). Mac OS Sierra 10.12.6   Great surprise: value lists are not functioning anymore, i.e. they do not display the value-to-display (text), but the value-t...
    last modified by edyas
  • DDR creation appears to hang Mac.  It doesn't hang, but appears to.

    Product and version FileMaker Pro 17.0.1 (with advanced tools turned on).   OS and version macOS 10.13.4   Hardware 2017 MacBook Pro 15"  3.1GHz / 16GB / 2TB.   Description & How to replic...
    last modified by DavidThorp
  • Table View Scrolling Issue - FM 17

    I am in a layout with a table view.  The first time I go to the layout, or whenever I go into and exit layout mode, scrolling via the mouse wheel or the scroll bar works fine. However, if I sort in ascending by ...
    created by CordegaSolutions
  • ExecuteSQL DateVal is buggy or french documentation is wrong

    Hi,   English SQL reference guide reads this  DATEVAL('2019-01-30') returns 2019-01-30 French SQL reference guide (https://fmhelp.filemaker.com/docs/16/fr/fm16_sql_reference.pdf ) reads that : DATEVAL('2...
    last modified by Vincent_L
  • Problem Exiting Layout Mode

    Product and version FileMaker Pro 16 Advanced   OS and version macOS Sierra 10.12.6   Hardware MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-ich, Mid 2014)  Model Identifier: MacBookPro11,3   Description: In a client's...
    last modified by ScottHoward
  • iOS App SDK 17 + Swift app delegate = crash

    Product and version Xcode 9.4   OS and version macOS 10.13.5, FileMaker iOS App SDK 17.0.2   Hardware Retina MacBook Pro 13"   Description The documentation for the iOS App SDK v17 states:   To add...
    last modified by bhamm@mac.com
  • FMS 15v3 huge issue : Client-Server Cache gets corrupt / out of sync, SQL Queries unreliable

    Hi,   Last week, when I installed 15v3, a query that always worked, failed. What was strange is that the backup, launched standalone (not hosted) worked. But  I spend a day rebuilding all my indexes, and ...
    last modified by Vincent_L
  • Checkbox frame is bigger when object lines are set to none

    Hi,   I've put valuelist checkboxes on  brand new layout. I tried to make the object frame as small as possible, to just let the actual checkbox frame visible. But if I toggle the checkbox object lines to ...
    last modified by Vincent_L
  • Blank pdf in container using FMPA 17 and FMS 16

    Product and version - FileMaker Pro 17.0.1 - Filemaker Server OS and version - macOS 10.13.5 Ports 80 and 443 opened and ok SSL enabled No Adobe tools installed whatsoever, and Safari is configured to ALWAY...
    last modified by marcocosta
  • Bottom navigation part on iPhone X doesn't fill

    Product and version: FM GO 17 OS and version: iOS 11.4 Hardware: iPhone X Description: When you have a bottom navigation part and your layout is a Form View the colour from the bottom navigation part doesn't fill in t...
    last modified by JaredHague
  • Problems running DDR

    FMPA 16, Mac   When I run the HTML DDR I get the SAXparse error dialog 3 times. If I let it run the DDR opens in browser with only basic file info. If I look for the line in the log file I am having trouble und...
    last modified by woytovich
  • FileMaker Server Find Algorithm, 2+ Simultaneous Users

    Product and version: FileMaker Server v14, v17, and most likely 15 & 16   OS and version: OS X 10.10 (FMS14) and OS X 10.13 (FMS17)   Hardware: Mac Mini, i7, 16GB RAM (FMS14) Mac Pro, Quad Core, 32GB RAM...
    last modified by user27087
  • FMP url script call blocked on Windows

    Product and version:- FileMaker Pro 14.0.6, and   OS and version:- Windows 10 Enterprise ver 1607 64 bit   Browser and version:- FileMaker Web viewer   Hardware:- Intel PC 2.50GH...
    last modified by paul_tuckey
  • Large Imports Lock Table. Completely.

    Product and version FileMaker Server 17 only   OS and version Mac OS 10.13   Hardware Mac Pro, Quad Core   Note: This is a difference starting with FMS17.   Description Server-side import of many r...
    last modified by user27087
  • Difference between FM16 & 17 web viewer behavior (self-reference)

    I have a Javascript running in some HTML in a web viewer that works in FM16 but breaks with fm17. Specifically, a self-reference seems to error out with a message: The file "Mercury.fmp12" could not be opened. Either ...
    last modified by srciaran
  • Distorted dialog in FMP 17

    Referring to the attached File Options screen images, the Version 17 dialog is distorted in Windows 7 when a Windows Classic theme is utilized. Dialog looks OK with Windows 7 theme. Probably other dialogs suffer simil...
    created by PecosFred
  • FM17 Field Picker

    OK I'm Blind, where did the Field Picker go in layout mode in FM 17, haha. To put multiple fields on a layout at once.
    last modified by chuckburr