• Is FM 16 having font issues on Windows 10 ?

    It s the second time that a customer of our reports font issues with FM16 and FM16 runtime on Windows 10. We use Arial and Verdana for our interfaces. While Verdana is not having a problem, Arial does have - see two ...
    created by intex
  • Bug in Find: anything containing @ symbol returns zero results

    When finding in a text field, searching for email addresses returns zero results, even when there are files containing those email addresses. Even being in the record, copying the email address and then entering Find ...
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  • RangeBeacons function has no timeout in FileMaker Go 16

    Product and version : FileMaker Go 16.0.3   OS and version : iOS 11.1.2  / 10.3.2   Hardware : iPad Pro / iPhone 7 Plus   Description : I has tried to use RangeBeacons function to collect nearby iB...
    Michael Leung
    created by Michael Leung
  • WebDirect Not Working

    As of today suddenly we cannot access any of our files on our FM Server (16) via WebDirect. We can get to the main web domain that shows all the files but clicking on any of them brings us to a blank screen. Tried on ...
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  • FMS 16 WebDirect and Firefox 57

    A strange bug I encountered while Filemaker Server 16 and Firefox 57. Both versions are installed in the same week, so I can't be sure if FM or FF is the wrongdoer.   scenario - Paste a text in a field - Swi...
    last modified by burned
  • Relationships based on unstored calculations fail in WebDirect

    Product and version     WebDirect 16 OS and version      FMcloud Browser and version     Safari 11.0.1 (13604.3.5) Hardware   &...
    Jonathan Jeffery
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  • ESS over WAN causing FMS "broadcasting" weirdness

    Product and version (e.g. FileMaker Pro 14.0.3) ---   FMP 15.0.4 clients, with Server 14.0.2 OS  ---  Server: Windows Server 2008 R2,  Clients: mostly Windows 7,  a couple of Macs.  ...
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  • WebDirect»popover»go to object: doesn't work after new record command

    Product and version: FileMaker Server - WebDirect OS and version: Server: Windows 2012 Server R2, Client: OS X 10.12.6 Browser and version: Safari Version 11.0.1 (12604. Hardware: Server: AWS Cloud ...
    last modified by serge.de.pauw
  • Script workspace keypress delayed / arriving in wrong order (Mac)

    Context   Mac Mini, El Capitan 10.11.4 FileMaker Pro Advanced   Issue   I am having problems typing script step abbreviations in long scripts, because the first keystroke after pressing r...
    last modified by mrwatson-gbs
  • FM16 bug: arrow keys fail in Manage Database

    FileMaker Pro Advanced 16.0.1 Windows 7   1. In the Fields tab of Manage Database, click a field. 2. Hit the up or down arrow key.   Expected behavior: the previous or next field in the list will be selected...
    last modified by fitch
  • Popover contents blurry at <100%

    I've added a popover to a large layout that is normally viewed at 75%. (It was already in existence when I came into this project.) Text on the layout is sharp, but all the text and lines inside the popover are quite ...
    last modified by paradisepartners
  • FMPA16 reports as "PipeChild" in OSX Energy Monitor

    System: mid-2012 macbook pro 15" 2.3ghz i7 16gb RAM SSD drive   OS: Sierra 10.12.5   Product FileMaker Pro Advanced   Product Issue: Under the energy monitor (clicking battery bar p...
    last modified by mikebeargie
  • Searching scripts leaves all folders expanded - now also on Mac OS

    Summary Searching scripts leaves all folders expanded - now also on Mac OS Product FileMaker Pro Version 14 Operating system version Mac OS, WIndows Description of the issue If you type something into the scripts sear...
    last modified by nilsw
  • ODBC Data Source Missing

    I am trying to import data via an ODBC connection to an external MySQL database into FileMaker.  I can set up an External Data Connection fine in FileMaker Pro, and I can see the System DNS fine.  However, I...
    last modified by slaman
  • Filemaker Crash - Acrobat pdf in a container

    Summary Filemaker Crash - Acrobat pdf in a container Product FileMaker Pro Version 13.0v5 Operating system version 10.10.2 Description of the issue Filemaker will crash completely if you have acrobat reader installed ...
    last modified by AlexReid
  • Interactive PDF containers

    Interactive PDF Containers are broken in High Sierra and FM 16.02.  Until High Sierra you could follow the detained needs.   1. Uninstall Adobe readers and app 2. Set finder file to always open with Previe...
    last modified by dbail22@comcast.net
  • FMA 16x64 Bug Manage Layout (Order)

    Manage Layouts - ordering layouts BUG. Filemaker 16 Advanced x64  You can't (as usual) grab layout order handle, after a delay (holding down mouse button) it highlights the layout and when you start d...
    last modified by eljefe574
  • FileMaker Pro 13 Database won't open

    FileMaker Pro 13 Advanced MAC OS High Sierra iMAC 27 inch 3.4 GHz i7, 8 GB Attempting to start my budget database, the FileMaker Pro crashes after entering login information. This occurred after upgrade to High Sie...
    last modified by goodwords
  • Scroll bars covering edges instead of shifting content....

    FMP 16.0.3 Windows 10 Using 3 monitors.   Horizontal Scroll bar appearing at bottom of list views which are covering the bottom line of the summay area....   When in list view, FM window maximized, and v...
    last modified by ipoint1008
  • WebDirect 16 - Could not initialize JavaScriptConnector + Cookies disabled

    Hello,   OS : Windows Sever 2012 R2 Filemaker : WebDirect 16   I already had this issue with just Chrome, issue that came and dissapeared. Today after a server reboot, the issue appears with any browser. ...
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