• Script WORKSPACE Bug FMPA 16

    FMPA 16, using latest update (v2) WINDOWS 10 HOME (1703 / 15063.483) Windows 10 PRO too No plug-ins Occurs in new files too Others report exact same issue; see my latest post, 8/3/17 __________________________________...
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  • Script Workspace window change crashes Filemaker

    Description: The script workspace crashes Filemaker when the 'restore down' button is clicked, or the top of the window is clicked and dragged (which automatically restores the window size down to it's previous size)....
    created by rbrindley
  • Apparent JDBC Issue with Dates

    Product and version (e.g. FileMaker Pro 14.0.3): 16.0.4   OS and version: Mac 10.13.2   Hardware: MBP 16 GB RAM, 500 GB free disk space   Description: JDBC query does not match FMP data for dates. &#...
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  • Webviewer image source on filesystem, picture not shown

    FileMaker Pro 16 (preview) macOS Sierra   Assuming this has not been resolved by the final version: A calculated web viewer-content with a "src"-tag to a picture on the filesystem does not display. It shows a...
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  • Blocked at every turn

    Confounded by pop up blocker message.   I have a solution running in Web direct. I'm using the open URL script step.  My Popup blocker is TURNED OFF!!!!!   When the file attempts to open a URL that...
    created by hankshrier
  • ExecuteSQL working sporadically with some T-SQL script triggers...

    FileMaker Server 16 Multiple ODBC driver versions (13.1 Latest attempt)   FM GO performs script on server that has ExecuteSQL statement "UPDATE tblAttendance SET dtLogout = '2018-02-15 15:00:00.000' WHERE ID = ...
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  • FMPA16 Crashes When Dragging Script Workspace

    Product Version: FileMaker Pro Advanced (64-bit) OS: Windows 10 Pro Hardware: 2x Intel Xeon E5430 CPU's, 12GB RAM, GeForce GTX 460, dual monitors Description: When I open FMPA 16 and have A layout open ...
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  • (Apple) Remote Desktop and Get( ActiveModifierKeys )

    Until (Apple) Remote Desktop version 3.9.1 or 3.9.2, this function was working on a remote computer in the same way as on the local computer. Since Remote Desktop 3.9.2 or 3.9.3, FileMaker on the remote computer stil...
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  • Web Direct + Slide Control = No tab order

    I'm just now running into this issue of tab order not being available: Web Direct FMS 16.03 Safari 11.0.3 OS X 10.13.3   Safari appears to simply not tab anywhere new - it leaves the current field (i.e. no f...
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  • What causes "Connection Failed" in FMP 16 Launch Center?

    We're moving all users and our server from FM 14 to 16.   For some users, the transition is seamless: they can launch FMP 16 and see the test file on the new FMS 16 host.   For other users—on the sam...
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  • Corner Radius Issue in FM Go 16

    Hi All, I looked for this Issue but did not find any related info.   Product and version:      Filemaker Go 16.0.4 OS and version:         ...
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  • FileMaker Pro 16.0.4 Crashing Frequently

    Is anyone else experiencing frequent crashes with this latest version?   Our computers are running latest version of MacOS.   Multiple people have reported this crash to me this morning, so it's not isolat...
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  • PDF in interactive container field on Mac - "Print" icon gone

    After upgrading to FMS 16, the "print" icon no longer appears for FMP 16 users when viewing a PDF in an interactive container field (e.g. optimized for PDFs). Same for Sierra and El Capitan users.   Our FMS serv...
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  • Issue with Helvetica Neue Font being cut off

    I have an Issue with the "Helvetica Neue LT Pro 45 Light" font being cut off on print layouts and while generating PDFs. It is a true type font, the issue is occuring on macOS High Sierra and different versions of Win...
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  • FileMaker 15/16 Save as PDF Crash

    Good afternoon   I am having an issue, where FileMaker 15/16 are crashing on a customers computer, upon trying to save a PDF and sending it as an E-Mail.   Here are the exact specs:   Windws 10 Pro 6...
    created by linste
  • FileMaker Cloud Admin Console login issue

    I'm wondering whether other people encounter the same problem. When I try to log into the FileMaker Cloud Admin Console I get an Invalid email address or password error. The workaround is to restart the instance on AW...
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  • FileMaker Advanced 16 not answering

    Hi. For some reason suddenly my filemaker pro advanced 16 (32bit) craches sometimes. This is a windows 10. There should be some scripts running while it happens. Is there reported som issues with some scriptsteps?
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  • ODBC import or Connection on FMS 16

    Hi All,   I'm experiencing a really annoying issue with my FMS.   I have a table that I want to populate via an ODBC import from a MS SQL Server. I have set up a 64bit ODBC SQL System DSN that works perf...
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  • WebDirect 16 - custom login form with homeurl bad redirect

    When trying to include a homeurl in a custom login form, using the newly available user and pwd submitted with POST, I get redirected to a malformed URL if the login was not successful.   Sample html form:  ...
    Mike Duncan
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  • FM 16 Pro Layout Mode Inspector not showing Style

    Hi,   With FM 16 Pro in Layout Mode, Inspector is not showing the style for an layout item which is not grouped. The Style sometimes pops up for a fraction of a second and then it is gone. Same with FM15 will s...
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