• FM 17 window "() Reconnecting..." issue

    Product: FileMaker Pro Advanced OS: Mac 10.3.4 Hardware: MacBook Pro (15-inch, Late 2016) / 16GB RAM   Description: Under Window>ShowWindow I saw a phantom item "() Reconnecting..." which seemed ...
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  • FMS16 Error 701 Web Publishing Engine process has terminated abnormally

    I seem to get this error randomly (about weekly).  I am running FMS 16.0.2 WebDirect (only) on a high-end server.  If users are logged in, it shuts them down.  It appears to happen at random times wheth...
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  • FMP/A MacOS 10.12.5 script cannot save duplex print option

    FMP MacOS 10.12.5 - we do not have PCs so I cannot speak to this issue on PC. I have brought this issue up before and was hoping it would be resolved with the new version.  macOS FMP print step won't...
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  • Table View Scrolling Issue - FM 17

    I am in a layout with a table view.  The first time I go to the layout, or whenever I go into and exit layout mode, scrolling via the mouse wheel or the scroll bar works fine. However, if I sort in ascending by ...
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  • Script Workspace hangs, when Set Variable [OK] clicked

    "In a cavern, in a canyon, excavating for a mine …"   MacOS Sierra 10.12.6 FM Pro Advanced 16   STRANGE Crash ... Just suffered several times in a row, trying to edit the following Set Variable sta...
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  • JDBC OFFSET and FETCH FIRST parameters binding causes a crash

    Product and version: FileMaker 16 JDBC driver   OS and version: Ubuntu 16.04   Description: Filemaker 16 JDBC driver (https://support.filemaker.com/s/answerview?language=en_US&anum=12921) crashes when tr...
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  • Slow left outer joins

    FMP 16 ( I did not test other versions)   Left outer joins with multiple criteria (in ExecuteSQL function) turn out to be extremely slow to the point of not being practical. Optimization would be most welcome. &...
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  • Large value lists in WebDirect

    in FMS 17, using WebDirect, value lists created from a table with large datasets and accessed via a popup or dropdown field hang indefinitely. The web interface becomes unresponsive, the client cannot be disconnected ...
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  • FM17: Inspector Positions are not preserved on second screen (since many years)

    Hello everyone,   On a second monitor the Inspector Positions and sizes change between session in FM17 Adv. on OSX. This behaviour exists since many years (FM13 and up I think). And.. the mostright Inspector W...
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  • Defects in Starter Solution "Content Management"

    FileMaker Pro MacOS High Sierra iMac 27" The particular file I refer to is the one with the Luminous theme, in the group called "Sample", not the group called "starter" however it could exist in both of th...
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  • It's impossible to use a literal dot in a JSON key with FileMaker's JSON parsing functions

    I am trying to access a REST web service where the keys have dots in the name. FileMaker interprets a dot in a key name to indicate a sub-element. Is there any way to escape the dot so that FileMaker treats it literal...
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  • Filemaker 17 crashing when changing from Layout mode to Browse mode

    Filemaker 17 Advanced 17.01 and 17.02 Windows Server 2012 R2 VM - 12.90Ghz, 16GB memory   Faulting application name: FileMaker Pro Advanced.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x5b3c09be Faulting module name:...
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  • FMP 16 on macOS 10.13.6 cannot save changes to .dmg file?

    FileMaker Pro macOS 10.13.6 The FMP app cannot save changes to a DB stored on a mac Disk Image (".dmg" file). The dmg file is writeable. Past versions of FMP had no problem with this. Work-around: copy ...
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  • FileMaker Cloud BYOL license expiration

    We have a client with a FileMaker Cloud BYOL instance that was set up using an AFLT license nearly a year ago. The Admin Console is now showing a notification that says, "Your license will expire within 30 days..." Th...
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  • FileMaker Server 16 alters ODBC connections on server

    Hi, everybody   I'm experiencing a serious issue trying to move a customer's Windows box from FileMaker Server 13 to version 16. The server runs on Windows 2008 R2 Standard with Service Pack 1 and there are 2 O...
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  • Import is Evaluating 10e mathematically

    Summary Import is Evaluating 10e mathematically Product FileMaker Pro Version Advanced 13.0v3 Operating system version Windows 7 Description of the issue The database I am using does an automatic import from an XLSX f...
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  • FileMaker 17 WebDirect CSS filesize, Windows vs OSX

    Our team has found what appears to be an issue in the OSX version of FileMaker Server 17 (and potentially earlier versions, untested).   We have taken a copy of our development file which is normally hosted on a...
    created by jnardozza
  • FMS 17 WPE Does Not Automatically Start

    I just updated two, identical Mac Minis from FMS 16.0.4 to FMS  (Mac Mini Late 2014, 10.12.6).  FMS seems good on the first installation, but not on the second.  Specifically, the WPE does no...
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  • FMS 16 WPE Issue

    Product: FMS OS: Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard version 6.3.9600 Build 9600 Description: FMS admin console says WPE is not running but it shows that it is and I am able to use WebDirect. Cannot modify an...
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  • 2 Errors not trapped

    My setup: fms17 hosting a db with table containing pictures in container fields.   File opened with fmpa17   a looping script  exports the field content to a local directory.   set var $$path ...
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