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Obviously I haven't fully done my homework on this yet but was hoping for some general guidance.   I did my first two machine install of FMS 15.0.3 and my expectation was that both web direct and FMP users would go to the same address of the master server to locate their solutions.  Instead what happened is that if you want to use web direct you… (Show more)
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Dear Community,   We are replacing some of our older computers w/ the newer 5K Retina iMacs and have noticed that some of our older objects/buttons no longer display properly.  This is also true for newer 3rd party non-Apple Hi-Def displays.   The objects appear black instead of in their original form.  When the same object is displayed on an… (Show more)
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Hi.   I’m having problems getting a script with multiple Else If statements to work. I’ve tried writing the script four different ways with no luck, can’t seem to figure it out. I have an app that has 5 container fields for storing images. On several of the layouts, I’ve put a button that triggers a script that inserts an image into one of the… (Show more)
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In an effort to get away from using robots, we have some batches of scripts are scheduled to run server side.  One batch is called Hourly Server Batch.  It is a script that has 34 lines of Perform Script ["script name"].    If I have a script step that sets $$SMTP to our current smtp server, will this $$variable persist through the scripts… (Show more)
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Now this may sound a little elitist but I have concerns over the direction FileMaker appear to be moving ie the current push for users to become solutions developers in their organisations.  I am all for empowering employees and for a select few this approach may well work well but having worked in IT for the past 27 years(gulp!) I am skeptical… (Show more)
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I'm trying to wrap my head around JSON and how I might put it to use. I'm trying to do what I believe is the most basic thing... grabbing data from a web page that is serving up JSON. To try and figure out this basic task using the "Import from URL" script step, I found a website called that apparently allows you to do… (Show more)
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I would love to create a plugin for use in a FileMaker Go solution. I downloaded the plugin SDK… and there is no documentation.   I searched for the documentation. FileMaker and many forums pointed me to the 24U plugin template. 24U is no longer making the template available.   Can someone point me to developer documentation and any other… (Show more)
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I have a user trying to log into our database and they are getting the error : "The action cannot be performed because the required table is missing."   This is only happening to one user, everyone else can connect.  He is connecting remotely via WAN.   He is on MacOS 10.12.6 and FileMaker 16.  They have already tried reinstalling FileMaker, but… (Show more)
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I am a compleet noob to databases - loving the process of learning though - sorry if this is a stupid question   I have created a database that contains several tables including the following . Children Observation Records I need to be able to track the observation records and compare them to a criteria that counts the  number of observations and… (Show more)
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When you write a script using the New Window script step with the Using Layout option in FM 16 you will not only create a new window but also end up in the right layout / table.   If you use this script in FM 15 it will stay in the original table, because the Using Layout option is not supported in 15. FM does not throw an error of course but… (Show more)
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