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Environment Mac OS High Sierra 10.12.6 Filemaker Pro Advanced   Goal 1. Webviewer using Javascript to run a stopwatch. 2. Grab the total time once complete.   Details When I link to a local text file, it works fine. When I paste the html below in webviewer, the javascript doesn't work.   Any ideas?   HTML   data:text/html,… (Show more)
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I have two tables. First LOCATION with fields: -Name -Аddress -CU serial number - communication unit:device type   Second COMMUNICATION UNIT with fields -manufacturer (ABB, SIEMENS,.........) -serial number (123, 432,.........) -device type (modem, router, converter)   Relationship between CU serial number and serial number . When type… (Show more)
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I have read numerous discussion threads on this, but cannot find anyone who has definitively gotten this to work.  I created my CSR in FM 16 admin console, I received my godaddy zip file that contains the signed cert and the intermediate file.  I go to import that certificate, and select my signed cert (.crt file) and intermediate cert (.p7b… (Show more)
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Unable to find the Runtime resources needed to create a runtime. Please reinstall.  someone can help me?
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こんにちは、LINE@との連携で質問をさせてください。   全国のあるサービス店舗(イメージはマッサージ屋さん)はFM16で顧客管理しています。それぞれの店舗の先にいるお客様に、様々なメッセージ(たとえば、お誕生日お祝い)を、LINEに送ろうと考えています。 FMファイルは、FMサーバにあり、サービス店舗からipad 経由して管理しています。 顧客もこのFMファイルにあるのですが、顧客メッセージは別サーバから行いたいと思っています。   案1) 顧客管理FMファイル on FM Server A(別サーバ)    || 顧客メッセージ管理FMファイルonFM Server B(別サーバ) ★顧客数x万人いると、毎日数百メッセージ送る理由から、2つのサーバにわけました。  … (Show more)
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Hello!   Part of what I'm building involves have a list of hotels that are used on a specific trip. Each hotel has a corresponding location. Each segment of a trip has a single corresponding location and hotel. Here are my table iterations to clarify:   Trips --> TripSegments --> Hotels --and-- Trips --> TripSegments --> Locations   With:… (Show more)
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Hello!   I need help. FM pro Newbie.   Goal: create a search function that returns all records within a 1000 feet from initial record using longitude and attitude only.   I have one location. I need to find all records within a 1000 feet of that location and display them.   Sounds easy right? I cannot seem to figure it out.   Please help Obi… (Show more)
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Title FileMaker ODBC Driver does not respect to command timeout parameter Your post I am using a C# application to access to FM Database served by FM Server Advanced v11.0.3 via ODBC. Necessary ODBC settings is done in the server side. And in the client appropriate FM ODBC Driver(v11.03.81.00) is installed. As a connection string a DSN, user and… (Show more)
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I had my computer lose power today. I don't remember if I had FMP 14 open.. but I think I did. I don't know if that would have caused issue.   When ever I try to edit a field calculation or create a script it freezes up and I have to force quit through task manager.   It spit our a recovery report (but I have no idea what to do with that info-… (Show more)
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Is there an easy way to create a temporary table from sort break fields?   For example, sort the weather for a month or year by type and at each break build a temporary table such as this five row table? Then when done processing, discard the table.   sunny partly cloudy cloudy rain snow
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