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Help, please!!!   Shot Table: Sequence Code First Scene in Act Shot count Act Shot number   Sequence Table: Sequence Code Sequence Budget Sequence ETC   Report (see attached): Part setup - Top Header Sub-summary when sorted by 'Episode' Sub-summary when sorted by 'Act' Sub-summary when sorted by 'First scene in Act'   Report… (Show more)
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Good Morning,   What are some of the easiest and more advanced ways to integrate Wordpress forms hosted on our website to be pulled into FileMaker?   I'd like to explore a few different ways to see if there is way to do this without buying a plugin, any advice would be great.   Kyler
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Hi, I have been following 2 courses by Guy Stevens his Complete invoice and two portals onto one invoice. The problem i am having is the everything works fine with the Products portal, having copied this portal and followed the instructions changed the fields etc. I now can input the services but when i click outside on the main invoice area am… (Show more)
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this is a bit hard to explain, but I'm experiencing a strange situation when trying to get data from a related record that is multiple hops away (multiple table occurrence's away)   I have a relationship setup like this ... table 1 -> table 2 -> table 3 where table 1 relates to table 2 via a "name" field.  In this relationship, there will almost… (Show more)
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Hi All, We're working with a customer who is reporting a number of a FileMaker Server Warning 30 messages that correlate with losing data (for example 8 records  where they are entering 1 record at a time)... The current deployment is: FileMaker Server 14.0.4 on Windows 2012 R2 (with the latest patches) FileMaker Pro (Advanced) 14.0.latest… (Show more)
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Hello,   In early 2017 I became interested in the question of whether I could write a FileMaker custom function which would allow me to return ExecuteSQL results in the form of JSON.  My typical use-case was grabbing data that I would then feed to code within a WebViewer.  Note that this was never an essential development requirement -- just… (Show more)
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A recent discussion in my user group centered around "Native FileMaker". There was quite a good discussion of it and different points of view. After the group was over, I talked it over with people here at Geist Interactive and ended up producing this post:   Native FileMaker: More than Meets the Eye - Geist Interactive   The point of the post… (Show more)
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I am relatively new to Filemaker and am building a class/course management solution in which students take classes weekly but are charged monthly.  When a student joins their first month's fee is pro-rated based on the number of classes remaining in that calendar month.   For example, if a student's first class is on Monday 12th March 2018, they… (Show more)
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I know that this is pretty straight forward, but I think I've been staring at this issue too long.    I know there are several threads on this & I have been browsing many of them, including the Adventures in CVL files posted by philmodjunk.   For some reason, I just can't seem to get the settings just right for this situation.   I have … (Show more)
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Hi folks, I am going nuts, because i don't understand... Could you please help me because i not understanding what i am  missing here. I have a A DNS record that points to my AWS FM cloud "fmcloud.xxxx". I have used at first try a wildcard certificate *.xxxxx and then when pronpted i introduced fmcloud.xxxxx, but at end web browser was ok, Fm… (Show more)
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