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I created a script to find contract renewal dates that are less than or equal to the current date and send an email notification to the responsible party.   I want the script to run daily.  If an email has been sent for that particular renewal contact date, I do not want to send another email notification.  What is best method to prevent this from… (Show more)
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Have been using the script below, it works in FMA 16, but not in FMA 17. Fails with the Insert from URL step, giving Error 1630, URL format is incorrect. Likely FMA17 handles the Insert from URL differently, have not been able to figure it out, how to correct this ??   Set Field [ Glbs::g_Text; "" ] Set Variable [ $newFile; Value:"File.txt" ] Set… (Show more)
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Hi,   i updated FMS on Windows 2012 R2 Server yesterday and tried to make the connection to ODBC in Admin Console. But everytime i try to enable it with the Switch, it turns back to disabled. I already checked the Event log to look if it is a graphical bug i have or if it´s just a logical mistake i made.   This is what the log said (Sorry,… (Show more)
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Hello   FMA 14 and 15   I don't know how to fully explained myself, I will try with some screen capture.   The portal is set to auto-resize right In the portal I have some field that can be seen and some that I have put on the right side of the normal layout size.     Then I reduce the size of the portal to fit into the page In browse… (Show more)
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I am having trouble creating a pdf with the current date in the title.     When I create a variable it works for the text I make---but not when I use text and the current date.   "Band Lesson Gradebook by date__ "  & Get ( CurrentDate )& ".pdf"     it will work this way---   "Band Lesson Gradebook by date__ "& ".pdf"     Is this possible?  … (Show more)
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I am moving my check registers to FileMaker Pro.  Currently these are in Excel.  I am trying to create the banking field for positive payment.  I am concatenating five fields as text.  I am stuck on the check amount.  Using GetAsText(CkAmt) the amount may be 99999.99 or 99999.9 or 99999.  The amount has to be text, but has to be formatted to two… (Show more)
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Hello Everyone,   New to the community and new to Filemaker/Programming in general. I searched the community and found a ton of mentions for Conditional Value Lists, but it really reads as greek to me. I think what I am trying to do is simple, or at least hope it is. In the screen shot, I have years that the user can press, which I would like to… (Show more)
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Regarding the new FMS 15 feature 'Top Call Statistics logging'   The 'Target' field can return <filename>::<tableID>::<fieldID>   How would I find out the table within my solution that the tableID represents?  I could use the function ‘TableIDs’ in the format: TableIDs(fileName). However this just returns a list of TableIDs and according to FM15… (Show more)
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HI,   I am very new to filemaker (and any program building) and tackling a project that is probably a bit to big for a starter What I currently need help with is getting a different price to show for the same item. I followed this One item with different price & cost ???? very helpful guide and can see that there are now different prices… (Show more)
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Happy Monday. For this year's DevCon, I'm doing a half-day training on JavaScript (and the web viewer) and our use of it in FileMaker. I wrote about the training session and the fact that we can all do JavaScript here: A FileMaker Developer Can Learn Javascript - Geist Interactive   I'm convinced everyone here can learn JS enough to use it in… (Show more)
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