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FM Perception's Report Card is great for viewing statistics of the tables in a database, but I would really like to know the amount of data each table occupy. 
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I have many records that have data in a field that I want to change the font of. So far I cannot find a batch-change option, even when they are listed in a spreadsheet-like table. Ideas?.....
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I recently started working with the FM iOS SDK (version 16.0.4) and am trying to use a launcher file to run the Open Remote script step to access a file hosted on FileMaker Server (version 15).   When building the app in Xcode (version 9.2) and running the script, I am prompted with the dialog "FileMaker Go cannot verify the identity of… (Show more)
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Perhaps I've missed it, but I don't see a simple way to specify the delimiter I want to use for importing fields from text files.   Since some text file fields could actually contain TABS or commas, I sometimes get files that are pipe-delimited.   So, in FileMaker, is my only way to deal with these non-tab and non-comma delimited files is that I… (Show more)
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Hello,   I made a database and it was hosted on a Mac desktop computer through the "Share with Filemaker Clients" option, and then I just made sure that my iPad was on the same wifi network. Everything was working fine.   So I ended up changing to a different wifi network, as not everyone using the file has access to the first wifi network.… (Show more)
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I have created a FMP14 database where users can store and share experiences about websites that they have found useful.  It relies on establishing that the URL is unique and not already entered in a table so that users don’t create a new record when one already exits .  I have used a perform find in the script that searches for matches .   This… (Show more)
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There's quite a good discussion going on in another thread (A Conversation About '2 Factor Authentication') regarding the dangers of attempting to use so-called "ersatz" security measures. Rather than derail that thread, I wanted to go off on a tangent and get the community's opinion on a particular situation I've run across a time or three.  … (Show more)
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I've been using FileMaker for many years (since version 7), and consider myself an intermediate-level user. I keep running into a problem for which there has to be a simple solution. I share my database "solution" with a number of my colleagues, many of whom are not very skilled with FileMaker. I want to be able to set some program parameters in a… (Show more)
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I'm not happy with the wording of my question.   I have two files, A & B. (local, not hosted). B is an EDS of A. A sets a global variable in Startup script, referencing B and EDS looks to that variable.   This works.   Except when it decides not to.   This is an application in full throes of development and so both files are being worked on… (Show more)
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I suspect it is not possible, given that FM is not a word processor. Nevertheless, it is worth asking: is there a way to force last records of a sub-summary displayed on a given page (body part) to move forward to the next page to accompany its immediate trailing sub-summary?    
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