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Today, when trying to log on to Web Direct, we get the message that Web Direct is not enabled. When I go to the admin panel, it shows that it is on. I turned it off, waited, and turned it back on, waited until it said it was enabled, and tried to log on again with Safari 10.1.2. FileMaker said to make sure the correct version of Java is installed… (Show more)
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Title How to display items of a value list on one line. Post                                                How can we show the items chosen from a value list in a line (after each other, separated by , or ;), instead of in a column (under each other).                     Quirijn (on Apple, FM pro 11 advanced)                        
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I have a strange situation. I have 6 different companies in different areas accessing a server (FMserver14) hosed in a Data centre. These clients have been accessing the same server without any problem for 1-6 years. Simultaneously (Monday last week), they have a problem connecting. In an office of 4 people, only one can connect. Some offices… (Show more)
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Hi Folks,   Testing on Mac 10.11.6 FMA 14.06   I need to Create, Name and Send pdf of a single record that is not not working. I am having several issues with this. I want to make this cross-platform.   )  I am able to create the PDF to a desired directory/folder but am not able to give the pdf the desired name. )  The script then will email… (Show more)
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Hi All,   I am currently trying to log into a website through a web viewer via POST calling using JSON.  The website's developers have submitted me the below information.    Request Headers Content-Type: application/json   Post Body/ Request { "Username": "<field contents>", "Password": "<field contents>", }   I have been able to create… (Show more)
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I have two different Windows 2012 servers running Filemaker Pro Server 16. They are virtual servers in two different data centers. Both are configured within the FMP console identically as far as Email Notifications are concerned.   Both servers are able to send server email alerts for things such as database backups and server script completion… (Show more)
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In MYSQL I have a table of Customers and a table of Addresses. I have imported these tables via ESS as shadow tables on my FM server.   A customer may have more than one address. The address table has a 'type' field contain values such as 'Billing', 'Shipping', etc.   Let's say I want to show only the billing address for a customer.   In native… (Show more)
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iOS SDK is a great tool to publish FM solutions to AppStore. We currently have two applications on the market (Okka, Uzman ).   Okka is like a calculator, it does need to store data but for the Uzman, users save some data (companies, photos, reports etc).   We want to publish new version for Uzman with some bug fixes and added new features. The… (Show more)
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Hi there,   I need to find out what I am doing wrong in my script when I try to encode a PDF that I get sent from a web server. The script works 100% on Mac but my Windows users are having trouble. They encode fine, but then the PDF is not viewable in the Container like it is when I run the same script on my Mac.   I get the PDF via a weblink… (Show more)
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Hi,   I have a lot of difficulty with the new FileMaker 16 and the connection (no problem with FileMaker 14). Sometimes when I run a script, FileMaker ask me to reconnect on some file (my database have multiple files) with a logging window. I write my user and password and click connect and it doesn't work. The window comes again and ask me again… (Show more)
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