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I have an individual license FMP version 11.  I used the program to create a family history book and currently use it to keep family history data and addresses.  Recently I upgraded to OS 10.13.1 and am finding that FMP quits when I try to add a field to a layout.  Is the upgrade in OS software going to cause a problem with my FMP data?  What… (Show more)
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I want to ensure that existing portal records cannot be edited. If I need to make changes to a record shown in the portal or add a new record, I want to be able to click a button which allows editing on a temporary basis and then prevents editing when the changes or new record have been committed. I am not sure if this can be done and, if it can,… (Show more)
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Hello,   I'm new to Filemaker, busy building a music-database, and I have some questions. Hopefully you can help me.   There is a table with Artists, each with a ArtistID_pk, and here is a table with Titles, each with a ArtistID_fk.   ArtistID_pk,  and ArtistID_fk are related in the Relationship Graph.   I would like to construct this: each… (Show more)
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Is there a way to make externally stored documents behave like referenced documents. What I mean is; referenced documents will open from the container, without having to export the contents of the container.   Since the ability to store referenced documents will be deprecated (apparently) in the next version of FM, that means all docs must be… (Show more)
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I have just resolved a recent nightmare where our server suddenly stopped accepting access to any http addresses. It suddenly started rerouting any traffic hitting our domain to https addresses.   Because FileMaker Server takes over control of the Apache webserver, we can no longer host PHP webpages and long ago resorted to routing non-secure… (Show more)
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Does anyone have a sample shellscript that is harmless to use but allows testing as a scheduled system script from FMSAT?   I have issues getting one to work on OSX 10.12.5 and FMSv16. It is a simple one to change a folder permission but it does not work as hoped, it just hangs in FMSAT untill the time limit is reached. Logs show nothng … (Show more)
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This may be specific but seems reproducible (FileMaker 16) Go to Object for a popover button or an object on it doesn't work if used after New record or Duplicate record.   PS: Not sure if there's a better place to report bugs?
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I'm in the middle of upgrading our licensed seats for FM Cloud.  We have a BYOL license and this requires terminating the current subscription and starting a new one with the license upgrade.    The automated instruction email they sent has a link that I believe terminates the subscription on Filemaker's side (step 6 of the email).  That link… (Show more)
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I've got a nicely running FileMaker Server 16 based, WebDirect-created web-app running on an iPhone (IOS v11.1.2) but I'd VERY much like to NOT display the URL bar in Safari when this runs so I have a bit more screen real estate.   I've searched here and in Google, I've made sure the file's "File Options" has "Hide All Toolbars" turned off, I've… (Show more)
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We were attempting to upgrade our FM server from 15 to 16 to see if it helped with ongoing, periodic Web Publishing Engine fails.   Tonight we tried this all together: me, our FM person, and our FM hosting service.   However, every call - all https GET requests -  from our server to FMS 15 result in good XML returned with error code 0, yet the… (Show more)
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