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Just found this    Apple-owned FileMaker debuts ad campaign starring ‘The Office’ cast | 9to5Mac
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Hi Can I select particular lines of data from a repeating field   I have a date repeating field (4 repeat) and I wish to use the data in line 2 and 3   Thanks Michael
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My issue is that i want to sort the value list from the Products in the Orders_Line Portal of the Orders Table, not alphabetically, but according to completely custom ways. I am listing surfboards that are storted in this way. - Surfing category - Wave Size - Volume Non of this is alphabetical and obviously its 3 different fields.   And of… (Show more)
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For the past 10 years we have run a script for creating a .csv file of invoice items in the MoneyWorks Custom Plugins Folder. Subsequent steps in the same script import the invoice items into our MoneyWorks Debtors file for entering Payments.   Last week the script stopped working properly, but only for the first batch of invoices each day.… (Show more)
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Hi Folks, I am working on a project where I am duplicating Smartsheet in Filemaker.  I was wondering if anyone has recommendations for a plug in where you right click you can see who, when, and what was changed in a field.  I watched a webinar on FMLog a while back.  Anyone have pros and cons of that?  Is it easy to implement. Thanks so much, RB… (Show more)
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I have a solution with a problem with the portal row hover. I cannot get it to turn off.   The portal has "Use alternate row state" turned on. The Portal: Row: Primary fill color is white The Portal: Row: Alternate fill color is gray   If I set the Portal: Row: Hover fill color to white, then the Alternate rows will change to white when… (Show more)
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Is there a way to mask/hide the password for an External Data Source (ODBC data) authentication using the option to specify the user name and password?    The password is visible, not masked, to all accounts with Full Access. For example, in a script to import records using an ODBC data source, the password is masked and you can select "save user… (Show more)
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I've never attended a DevCon before and would love to. Should I register Early Bird, what am I looking at for attendance cost?
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Hello everyone:   I have contacts who are qualified to receive up to 8 different types of pay. Which would be the best way to approach this? Should I create one Pay Qualifications field with 8 check boxes and check all that apply; or should I create a pop up menu (Yes/No) for each Pay Qualification? What are the pros and cons? Which would YOU… (Show more)
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I have a host that appears by default, and I just moved to FM 16. Manage favorites is no longer around (at least I can't find it.).   How to remove or otherwise reconfigure this?
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