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The Event Management Template links that I get are: Event Management — FileMaker Templates   When I try to follow them I get this: The requested URL was not found on this server. The link on the ">referring page seems to be wrong or outdated. Please inform the author of ">that page about the error. If you entered the URL manually please check… (Show more)
Jason Wood
Should duplicate posts be reported as "General Abuse" or would that be an abuse of the abuse reporting tool?
Click to view contentI used to be able to embed Community videos into other Community content, but that feature seems to be be missing for several weeks. I understand we should no longer upload video into the Community and use YouTube, which I can still do in a Video. However, I can no longer embed that Community video into other related Community content, and it… (Show more)
As the topic says, if I try to login on iOS it doesn Play well with LastPass. LastPass enters my username and password but the login button isn’t enabled until I add a character and delete it to either my username o password fields.   Its just an annoyance.
The ‘roadmap’ page gives sight on what lies ahead while the ‘in market features’ page informs about the available and achievements. However, ‘roadmap’ contains information about achievements while ‘in market features’ is not up to date. It would be great if the ‘in market features’ page would show up to date information about available features… (Show more)
where do I find FileMaker Server 17 Developer Subscription License? and my developer status ie that I have paid? Thanks Alistair
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