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How do I upgrade from Business Tracker fmp.12 to compatible version with mac os sierra (10.12.6)?  Currently have one license and that is all i need.
Buen día: Estoy creando un base de datos de cotizaciones con una secuencia numérica de los registros, pero necesito que cada número tenga un ID no numérico con el prefijo TG, ejemplo TG125 , TG126.....   Con esta opción, me genera la secuencia numérica, pero como hago para que parezca el prefijo "TG" antes del número? Agradezco si alguien me… (Show more)
Hi, I apologize in advance, I'm not very tech savvy and am fairly new to using the program. At work I input confidential client records into FM. We have one server that handles all the databases and it's a rather old Mac tower. Anticipating the worst to happen to this tower, what's something that can be done so all this data isn't lost forever,… (Show more)
iMac-High Sierra-FMA 16. I have a DB showing a local High School's football history going back 97 years. Year, game number, coach, opponent, scores, etc. fields. The games, wins, losses fields have summary fields that display the totals for each coach when I do a find for one of them and the historical totals when I show all. I want the total… (Show more)
I first posted about this back on Sep 26, 2016 and this still isn't fixed. I'm now using Safari version 11.0.2 and when I command click on one of the topics it's not opening in a new tab but rather in the current tab. Right clicking on a link and choosing "Open Link In New Tab" works but this is the only site I need to do this on - is it possible… (Show more)
I stopped receiving emails 2 days ago.  In the past, I would log in and update my profile preferences and the emails would continue.  Now they do not continue.   Assistance, please.   Mike
Hi,   Is there a way to not receive an email when some marks a comment as helpful? I like getting the emails with the original comments but would like to avoid getting the "Comment marked as helpful ..." emails everytime someone marks a comment as helpful - is this possible? I haven't been able to find a setting/preference for this so far.  … (Show more)
Whether you are considering joining the FileMaker Business Alliance (FBA) or have been an FBA partner for many years, this guide provides resources to ensure a strong and successful partnership.   Americas Team   FileMaker Business Alliance Julie Sigfrinius Email: Office: 612-889-9156   West FBA/SBA Stephen Day Email:…
The first thing that is causing me confusion is that you have two different levels of Discussions in the breadcrumbs navigation. The top level "Discussions" displays a page of Questions. The sub-level "Discussions" displays a page of Discussions. Both pages are formatted in very different ways. There is no apparent sense to this behaviour. To make… (Show more)
I need help fixing and expanding my DB I use for work. I'm willing to pay for help. Pay by the hour? What I'm looking for in this certified person: Knowledgable in FMP 14 Advanced Willing to explain/teach how fixes work. Be collaborative when working. References.   If you're out there, please reply ASAP. I need to meet next week: Monday,… (Show more)
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