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The likes and helpfuls today (maybe yesterday?) are not incrementing my points. I also have lost the Daily Gain. I don't require points, but I like to grant them to all the excellent posts by others (via the badges). So I'd like to get them. When the forum team returns from well deserved resting, that is soon enough! TY, Beverly
We are expanding the FileMaker Community MVP program this year. We have a group of 7 amazing MVPs right now, but to make the community even better we need many more.   About the program FileMaker MVPs help customers succeed by sharing their knowledge, leadership, and creativity within the FileMaker Community. FileMaker MVP status is awarded for a… (Show more)
Not sure where to direct this, exactly, but I have a Community support request.   Last month, I converted 2 of my standard posts into Documents. While this /did/ create the new Documents, I don't seem to be able to delete the original posts now, resulting in duplicates in the Community. Can someone in support delete these when you have a moment?… (Show more)
I've had my community account for a number of years - I haven't posted a whole lot, but there's some stuff I'd like to keep.  Anyway, I entered into a new partnership last year and we registered for DevCon under our new partnership email addresses...and I can't update my account to that new email address now, which I think means there's now a new… (Show more)
Can't find anymore the Filemaker Server 16 Developer software to download
Do you have questions? Call us.   Americas Team   North America West Stephen Day Email: Office: 408-987-3916   North America East Mia Roop Email: Office: 781-631-4858   Latin America Alan Melgarejo Email: Office: 408-455-4590   Outside the Americas? Contact…
Thank you again to everyone who completed the survey a few weeks ago.   As we dig into the results, one thing that came up over and over is that many people struggle with navigation in the FileMaker Community. It's a pretty big problem. In order to make it better, we need more details about what is not (and maybe is) working.   1) What… (Show more)
Displaying a warning and requiring an extra confirmation click before following a link is inconvenient.  It should be safe to assume that users know if they click something they'll go to a different page, and that they know how to use a back button if they went somewhere by mistake.     Respectfully submitted,     Mike
Report your FileMaker certifications so they appear in your profile in the FileMaker Community, or if you're an FBA member, get a higher listing on the FileMaker consultant web page.   For FileMaker Community Your FileMaker Community login must use the same email address as you used to register for the exam. Click the drop-down next to your…
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