Navigating in Discussions

Blog Post created by RosemaryTietge on Sep 15, 2017

The default page for discussions is now an activity page that shows a synopsis of recent and trending discussions and questions. If you want to see just the subjects for everything that is happening, click content in the banner.



To return to the Content list, click Discussions in the breadcrumbs.


On change in the new Community is that Questions and Discussions are two different content types. Clicking Discussions to get back to the content list, selects just the Discussions content type which is a little confusing since most of the content in the main Discussions space is questions.


To see Discussions and Questions, click on All Content.



My two favorite workarounds for this are to either

  1. Open a bunch of threads in new tabs and then close each tab after I've finished reading. Then I'm back on the Content list and can select additional threads to read.
  2. Use the back button (or the back keyboard shortcut) to return to the content list instead of the Discussions breadcrumb.


If you have any other questions about changes in the FileMaker Community, ask a question in Community Feedback and Information. Someone from the team will jump in and answer.