Welcome to the new FileMaker Community

Blog Post created by RosemaryTietge on Sep 14, 2017

"News" is the new "Home"

To streamline your experience, we have eliminated the static Home page and replaced it with the News page. The "News" link in the navigation bar and the FileMaker Community logo in the header now take you to the News page. All of the links that were available on the previous home page are be available in the "Explore the Community" section on the right. If you have a News stream or custom stream pinned, you will bypass the banner on the news page and be taken straight to the stream you've selected as your default view.




New Content Format

To provide a simplified and mobile-friendly user experience, all content is now in a responsive design format. The Actions menu, Edit, and Share links have been rolled up into a menu just below the main navigation, and the Like and Comment buttons are now just below the title. See below for examples of what each content type looks like now.

Discussions and Questions

Questions are now a separate content type than Discussions. Choose the type that best fits your post. On questions, you select "I have the same question." to be alerted when answers are posted.

old_discussion.png  new_question.png


old_document.png   new_document.png


You'll start to see FileMaker, Inc. publishing product news articles and other content using the new Blog content type. To start with, there are blogs associated with FileMaker, Inc. news and the Community Information and Feedback space.


New Place (Space or Group) Format

We've moved the most used Spaces and Groups to the new mobile-friendly Activity page layout. The biggest user experience change to note is that the Actions menu has moved from the right column to the upper right corner of the banner.


old_place.png  new_place.png


New Profile Design

We've made some improvements to user profiles as well and transitioned them to a responsive design format. The updated profiles

  • Provide the personal details you share in the left column
  • Highlight your top contributions and most popular content
  • Provide quicker access to other links within your profile, such as Rewards (badges/points)
  • Allow you to personalize with a banner image
  • Show your company name (if you have chosen to display it to other members) instead of department.


old_profile.png new_profile.png


Other changes

In addition, the updated FileMaker Community no longer requires Flash to play videos or preview other documents.

The points system is also changing. All your points and certification badges will move, and you will continue to accrue points for posting, replying, marking answers helpful and correct. We'll share more information about the new points system next week.