What else changed?

Blog Post created by RosemaryTietge on Sep 16, 2017


You may have noticed that the menus in the FileMaker Community changed a bit.




Platform replaced Resources and contains links to everything related to giving feedback on and learning about the FileMaker Platform -- it's the fastest way to get to the Ideas and Report an Issue spaces; App Innovations; the FileMaker Product Roadmap; and the Video, Tech Brief, and Training, Examples, and Tools collections. I'm still working on the final layout for that area; please pardon the dust while I complete it.


We moved DevCon up to the top menu to make it really easy to jump to the session materials and information about next year once it's available.


Finally, we combined the old Community Feedback and Community Information into one space. There's now one place to go to give feedback on and learn how to effectively use the Community and to get information about FileMaker's Developer Programs.


Content Streamlined

We also retired many unused spaces and out of date and duplicate content. If you have trouble finding anything, or I removed a still useful resource, please comment on this post and I will find it and pull it out of the archive.