Last week: FileMaker 17 launched (no surprise there)

Blog Post created by RosemaryTietge on May 23, 2018

In all the excitement last week about the FileMaker 17 launch, you may have missed a few other things FileMaker updated last week.


First, our team redesigned our website. We added new pages aimed at developers and IT professionals. Both of these pages answer the questions we hear most often from those audiences like "Is the FileMaker Platform robust enough for me?" "Does the FileMaker Platform meet my security requirements?" and many others.


Second, we updated all the Custom App Academy tutorials (aimed at developers building their first app with the FileMaker Platform) and a new tutorial about what's New in FileMaker 17 that goes into a little bit of detail about 5 new features.


Third, we updated our Events page to include the meetups, group meetings, and special events showcasing the FileMaker 17 Platform the community is presenting around the world during the next 2 months. If your event is not listed, please submit it here.


Finally, we announced some Meet FileMaker 17 webinars.

These English sessions are all on Tuesday, June 5:

• 8:00 am PDT, 11:00 am EDT, 3:00 pm GMT Learn more

• 11:00 am PDT, 2:00 pm EDT, 6:00 pm GMT Learn more

• 4:00pm PDT, 7:00pm EDT, (June 6) 10:00AM AEDT Learn more

I'll share details for webinars in other languages as they become available.


Last week in the Community was incredibly busy. You all made 500 posts (new discussions/questions or responses) every day last week; January to April 2018 averaged about 300 posts per day. Please keep that in mind if your question wasn't immediately addressed. If you're waiting for an answer, try replying to yourself with a bit more context or details to bump your question to the top of the list.


There was a lot posted about the FileMaker 17 release last week. I'm not going to highlight the things that already caught everyone's attention. Instead, here are three things you may have missed:


Insert From URL, FMA 17 Issue - highlights a change in the cURL libraries used on macOS and iOS.

Where to install FMS 17 license certificate - what to do with the license certificate file when installing FileMaker Server 17

Any good tutorials & tips for v17 Data API? - answers still needed here


Here are a two other discussions that caught my eye last week:

Record Locking Via Privilege Sets - Watch a group of experienced developers troubleshoot and resolve a complex scripting problem. It's a good read to see how to step through a problem and figure out why your code isn't doing what you expect it to.

Manually changing layout returns first record. Why? How to fix? - an explanation of a sometimes confusing behavior when using the Manage Layouts window to switch layouts


For everyone with a Monday holiday next week, enjoy your long weekend! I'm looking forward to mine.