New and Retiring MVPs

Blog Post created by RosemaryTietge on Oct 25, 2018

I am happy to announce that we have several new MVPs joining the team. Our MVPs are valued contributors to the FileMaker Community who have demonstrated leadership in our  FileMaker Community, social media, and by speaking at events and user groups. Thank you to everyone who applied or who nominated a community member. We had many outstanding candidates to choose from.


Before I announce the new MVPs, please join me in thanking wimdecorte. He is retiring from the MVP team—but not from the FileMaker Community.


Personally, I've admired and respected Wim's expertise in enterprise deployments and best practices for many years. I enjoyed working with him when he was a customer and I was his systems engineer. His disciplined approach to troubleshooting helps FileMaker release better products and helped me be a better systems engineer. His leadership in the FileMaker Community as an MVP, contributor, speaker, and author has helped many become better developers and advocates for the FileMaker Platform. He will always be a valued member of the FileMaker Community.


From eric_evers: I would also like to convey my thanks to Wim. When we started the MVP program we did not have any rules or guidance. Wim helped us set the foundation for what we hope is going to be a very successful program in the future. His hard work and dedication will be missed. Thanks Wim!


Today, we're announcing 7 new MVPs. We will announce a few more next month. I'm also planning a few get to know you posts to introduce the full group.


The expanded MVP team covers the globe. Every member exemplifies the traits of expertise, generosity, leadership, and advocacy we are looking for.


Without further ado, welcome and congratulations to our new FileMaker Community MVPs:









Who join our continuing MVPs:








All community members are welcome to bring questions or concerns directly to any MVP or to eric_evers, steveromig, TSGal, tsplatypus, or me.