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First, thank you to everyone who took a few minutes to complete the FileMaker Community Survey. We were flooded with responses. You shared thoughtful and helpful insights. Once we've analyzed the data, I'll share what we learned. As we develop our long term plan for the future of the FileMaker Community site, I will share that as well. We will be closing the survey on Tuesday, May 15, so if you haven't completed it yet please do.


Second, this post is a bit of an experiment.


Have you ever wondered what topics were hot recently in the FileMaker Community?

Does the automatic digest leave you wondering why certain topics showed up?

Would a weekly greatest hits column be helpful to you?


To answer those questions, I've started looking more closely at some of the data the FileMaker Community generates every week. One thing I'm looking at are what threads have the most replies and what threads are most viewed every week.


For the next month or so I'll publish a roundup highlighting a handful interesting threads from the previous week. If there's a good response over the next several weeks, this will become a regular feature.


Here are a few things that caught my eye during the past two weeks.


Learning the FileMaker Platform

Checking a check box based on whether or not a field has data in it.

Totals by month by department


Exploring best practices

Which font is best for Mac/Windows compatibility? This is an old thread with a bunch of helpful new material (link is directly to the new material).

How do you name key fields? And why? davidhead is looking for insights to bring to his session at DevCon in August.


Intersting discussions

The Extinction of IT I admit that this discussion caught my eye thanks to my 10 years as a Consulting Engineer working with FileMaker's biggest US customers.

Re: Should FM Become a Framework?

Wordpress to FM16  Since this is a frequent question, is anyone interested in writing blog post that pulls together the best tips and examples from within the FileMaker Community and outside of it? If you are, please send me a message.


Most viewed correct answer

SQL: How to GROUP BY one column when multiple are selected? This was one of the most viewed threads during the last 2 weeks. When you click "Mark as Correct" button on a response to questions you ask, then that question and answer are more easily found by the next person with the same question.