• Can we please improve the session-timeout?

    Hi folks,   I often find it very annoying that the community site logs me out while I am writing lengthy posts.   Often there is a good bit of work which gets lost each time this happens, …   ...
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  • How can stop following many old discussions?

    Is there a way to mark multiple discussions and then stop following them.  I have followed discussions in the past, and would like to clean-up the list of discussions that I am currently following.   Steven
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  • Filemaker growth…

    Hello,   I am looking for information on the growth of our favorite platform FileMaker. Let me explain: I am competing for a market where competitors claims FileMaker is losing momentum or markets every year. ...
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  • How do I move to Discussions?

    Click the ....
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  • Creating Content

    Choose a content type based on your goals. In most cases, you will choose discussion or question.   Click to draft a discussion, question, or another type of content in the FileMaker Community.   Most ac...
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  • Participate!

    Comment on content or join a discussion to engage with other users in the community.   This is your main activity in the FileMaker Community. When you look around and discover conversations, you'll want to take ...
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  • Shout Out to People, Places, and Content

    Using @mention, you can alert people, places, and groups that you're talking about them.   When you create, or comment on, content in your community, you have the ability to @mention a person, place, or piece of...
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  • Find Stuff You Need

    Here's a quick guide for learning how to find stuff you need.   You can make use of the following ways to keep track of, and find, everything that's important to you. And remember, as you develop behavior patter...
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  • Using Bookmarks

    Bookmarks help you keep track of your favorite content over long periods of time. You can bookmark content inside or outside of the FileMaker Community.   You can bookmark any content in the community, and even ...
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  • How to Report a Product Issue or Feature Request

    You can report a FileMaker issue or feature request via the FileMaker Community. By reporting the issue or feature request this way, you are guaranteed that it will be seen by the appropriate staff at FileMaker, Inc. ...
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