• What don't you like about navigating the FileMaker Community?

    Thank you again to everyone who completed the survey a few weeks ago.   As we dig into the results, one thing that came up over and over is that many people struggle with navigation in the FileMaker Community. I...
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  • Duplicating a Document Not Registering for Mission Fulfillment

    Not really a big deal to me, but I thought I'd report it anyway in case it's not expected behavior.   It looks like duplicating a document and modifying it (e.g. for the purpose of meeting announcements and othe...
    created by eric
  • Community Documents Not Showing in Search Results?

    I just did a search for "optimist", and it didn't include this document created a few days ago: DIGFM: Being an Optimist in a Pessimistic World! +Inspector 7.0 (12/13/2018; Santa Clara, CA)   But when I search ...
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  • Is there a way to prepare a document before publishing it?

    Hallo Rosemary,   I had a rather .. er ... unexpected ... experience this week whilst preparing a document (Advent of Code 2018 - Introduction) for publication on the community.   I had always assumed that...
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  • Offerta collaborazione

    In quale sezione posso inserire un'offerta di collaborazione per lo sviluppo?
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  • Thinker Mission Levels

    I know it's only fun and games, but it's kind of weird to see some of my favorite contributors level so lowly as Thinkers (0-3), especially when I know they contribute significantly to, if not practically live in, th...
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  • My Points not getting increase?

    My Activity for the last two weeks such as, 8+ Questions asked in Community 3+ Ideas given in Product Ideas 10+ comments i have advised to other people's questions   But There's No change in My Point, which s...
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  • Where is the daily Summary?

    I have not had a daily Summary since July 12, 2018.  I posted this as a question on the regular forum and did get an email from another community member with the same issue.   In attempts to resolve this I ...
    created by BruceHerbach
  • New series: Last week in the FileMaker Community

    First, thank you to everyone who took a few minutes to complete the FileMaker Community Survey. We were flooded with responses. You shared thoughtful and helpful insights. Once we've analyzed the data, I'll share what...
    created by RosemaryTietge
  • Relax warnings for external links

    I often see this warning when clicking links:   WarningThe following url is not an official site of FileMaker Community. You are about to leave FileMaker Community.https://support.filemaker.com/s/answerview?langu...
  • Cant see contents more than 11 pages (Detail View), Why?

    In our forum there are 91000+ content are there. Why i cant go more than 11 pages by Detail View and Thumbnails only have access to see more than 11 pages?   Should we know why? Only "search" is the way to find?...
    created by Suresh
  • Blurry Avatar Icons

    Dear Team,   Why profile avatar always looks blurry! Its not looks professional!       - Suresh
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  • Need help with resetting the FMS12 Admin Console?

    Hello everyone!   I am quite new around here, and I need slight help. I have inherited an FM12 Server and a couple databases. However, the person who handed these over to me does not remember the username and th...
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  • Links in Emails

    Hello,   when I get a notification email about a topic I follow and it contains links, all those links go though the community.   So when I click on the link, the browser first shows a message about leavin...
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  • WebDirect and Sliding - New Feature Request

    I have a biological inventory site built in web direct for multiple users. Scientists are able to have numerous inventories     like tabs in a spreadsheet; this has been accomplished by using flex ...
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  • Can we improve the menu labels and breadcrumb navigation?

    The first thing that is causing me confusion is that you have two different levels of Discussions in the breadcrumbs navigation. The top level "Discussions" displays a page of Questions. The sub-level "Discussions" di...
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  • Disappointment

    I am extremely disappointed with FileMaker Pro and FileMaker Server. FileMaker claims they are so "pro business" yet they provide little to no support to a small business that doesn't fit into their cookie cutter LAN ...
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  • FileMaker Community almost impossible to use

    I still find the FileMaker Community site almost impossible to use. I can't post a blog (as it requires a 'place', but doesn't list any 'places' to use). The navigation contains many dead or non-functioning links, and...
    Jonathan Jeffery
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  • Filemaker growth…

    Hello,   I am looking for information on the growth of our favorite platform FileMaker. Let me explain: I am competing for a market where competitors claims FileMaker is losing momentum or markets every year. ...
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  • Feature Requests

    Here are a couple of FileMaker Community feature requests. 1. Make the text size larger for the started-by line and the last-reply line. 2. In the list view, where we see all recent topics and where there is a last-...
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