• Blurry Avatar Icons

    Dear Team,   Why profile avatar always looks blurry! Its not looks professional!       - Suresh
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  • My Points not getting increase?

    My Activity for the last two weeks such as, 8+ Questions asked in Community 3+ Ideas given in Product Ideas 10+ comments i have advised to other people's questions   But There's No change in My Point, which s...
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  • Need help with resetting the FMS12 Admin Console?

    Hello everyone!   I am quite new around here, and I need slight help. I have inherited an FM12 Server and a couple databases. However, the person who handed these over to me does not remember the username and th...
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  • How To Report Your FileMaker Certification

    Report your FileMaker certifications so they appear in your profile in the FileMaker Community, or if you're an FBA member, get a higher listing on the FileMaker consultant web page.   For FileMaker Community Yo...
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  • Disappointment

    I am extremely disappointed with FileMaker Pro and FileMaker Server. FileMaker claims they are so "pro business" yet they provide little to no support to a small business that doesn't fit into their cookie cutter LAN ...
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  • Welcome to the new FileMaker Community

    "News" is the new "Home" To streamline your experience, we have eliminated the static Home page and replaced it with the News page. The "News" link in the navigation bar and the FileMaker Community logo in the header ...
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  • Filemaker growth…

    Hello,   I am looking for information on the growth of our favorite platform FileMaker. Let me explain: I am competing for a market where competitors claims FileMaker is losing momentum or markets every year. ...
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  • About the FileMaker Developer Subscription

    The FileMaker Developer Subscription (FDS) is a software subscription program for an annual fee of US$99.   Visit our web store to purchase a subscription. Here is what you get:   FileMaker Server Developm...
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  • Community Use Agreement

    (revised 30 August 2017)                                 ...
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  • How to Report a Product Issue or Feature Request

    You can report a FileMaker issue or feature request via the FileMaker Community. By reporting the issue or feature request this way, you are guaranteed that it will be seen by the appropriate staff at FileMaker, Inc. ...
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  • FileMaker Community FAQs

    How do I change my username for the FileMaker Community? Click the drop-down next to your name/avatar (in the header bar). Select Edit Profile from the Personal menu. Select the Your Profile tab on the resulting pag...
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