• I’m stuck in a quest …

    In my actual quest everything is marked as done except marking a document as helpfull. But I can mark as many documents as helpfull as I want—the status of the quest remains the same.
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  • Negative points?

    What gives?         I'm curating a lot of pages ... and have negative points?   What is going on?       MrWatson
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  • Page disapperaed ... deleted?

    The Advent of Code 2017 Day 3 page has .. er just disappeared! Where did it go?      
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  • Offerta collaborazione

    In quale sezione posso inserire un'offerta di collaborazione per lo sviluppo?
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  • Points going wonky again?

    The likes and helpfuls today (maybe yesterday?) are not incrementing my points. I also have lost the Daily Gain. I don't require points, but I like to grant them to all the excellent posts by others (via the badges). ...
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  • Points?

    I have not had a points update in a few weeks.  I was expecting a big jump when I passed and registered a FileMaker 17 certification.  This was done about a week ago.  The 17 badge has been added to my ...
    created by BruceHerbach
  • My Points not getting increase?

    My Activity for the last two weeks such as, 8+ Questions asked in Community 3+ Ideas given in Product Ideas 10+ comments i have advised to other people's questions   But There's No change in My Point, which s...
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  • Where is the daily Summary?

    I have not had a daily Summary since July 12, 2018.  I posted this as a question on the regular forum and did get an email from another community member with the same issue.   In attempts to resolve this I ...
    created by BruceHerbach
  • Daily summary

    Why did I suddenly stop receiving a daily summary ?
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  • Unable to subscribe to FileMaker Inc News

    In the "Preferences" section, where one can choose what email or text notifications to receive, under the section "News & Stream Notifications", I am able to check the "Email" box for "Following" and "News Digest"...
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  • Not able to edit posts/comments.

    So I had some issues with Jive and updating a File Resource. In the process I deleted the file. I had to create a new file resource which not has a new link. The original is now a broken link.   There is a Discu...
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  • Bookmark Sites Outside of FileMaker Community?

    How do you "Bookmark Sites Outside of FileMaker Community" now? When I follow the instructions here:Using Bookmarks , I get "This feature has been disabled."
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  • Replacement for the Jive App

    The FM Community mobile site has issues and is not very user friendly.   The Jive app ("Jive Mobile" on iOS) is a nicer way to browse the community on mobile. However, the Jive App has its own problems. These th...
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  • Cant see contents more than 11 pages (Detail View), Why?

    In our forum there are 91000+ content are there. Why i cant go more than 11 pages by Detail View and Thumbnails only have access to see more than 11 pages?   Should we know why? Only "search" is the way to find?...
    created by Suresh
  • Blurry Avatar Icons

    Dear Team,   Why profile avatar always looks blurry! Its not looks professional!       - Suresh
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  • Fix Generic Help Link Text

    The new HTML based FMP help pages for FM15 and FM16 all have the same title. It looks like the page Title issue was fixed for bookmarks by MRBS 05/28/2015, but it still exists for links. I think this might not be very...
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  • No Access to benefits or downloads / disabled by adminstrator

    Hi There I do not seem to have access to my benefits.  had followed the instructions as per e-mail   All FDS customers are automatically enrolled in the FREE FileMaker Community. In addition to your FDS so...
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  • Disappointment

    I am extremely disappointed with FileMaker Pro and FileMaker Server. FileMaker claims they are so "pro business" yet they provide little to no support to a small business that doesn't fit into their cookie cutter LAN ...
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  • Why have only about a third of emails been getting through to me since Sunday?

    Hello FileMaker Community Admins (RosemaryTietge. technet_admin),   Since Sunday, only about one third of FileMaker Community emails I subscribe to have been coming through to me. I have checked my mail's spam ...
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  • Why am I having so much difficulty finding and downloading FileMaker Go App Maker?  Does it require a special license?

    I have created a custom app for FileMaker Go and I would like o make it as simple as possible by having it load automatically and have its own icon.  This seems to be possible with Go App Maker.  Unfortunate...
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